2021 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR review

If you’ve been following our reviews, you may have realized that DeMarini’s The Goods is a bat that keeps popping up. It was the most popular bat on the market last year and it’s come back to reclaim its crown. The Goods is a BBCOR model that can compete with any model on the market.

2021 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR review
2021 The Goods BBCOR / Image credit: DeMarini

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2021 The Goods: general impression

The 2021 model of The Goods is our favorite bat on the market. It is worth noting that The Goods has two different models. One is a single-piece composite model, known as The Goods One Piece. There is also a two-piece model that is simply The Goods. They’re both outstanding but this article is going to focus on the two-piece composite.

What have they changed?

There isn’t much to talk about in regards to significant changes. DeMarini is smart enough to know that they hit it out of the park with The Goods last year. Instead of trying to make changes to the best bat on the market, they maintained all of the key framework.

The only difference you’ll find is that the 2021 model is Army Green instead of the metallic red that you saw in 2020.

2021 The Goods BBCOR overview

Build 5.0

The most important thing to note with The Goods is that it’s an end-loaded model. That means this bat is designed for power hitters. DeMarini has maintained everything from the 2020 model. From the Seismic End Cap to the Direct Connection.

If you tried last year’s model, you know that this is a high-quality build. We really like the Direct Connection because it gives the bat a stiffer feel. With this bat being designed for power hitters, having a stiff feel on contact is an added bonus.

Comfort 5.0

The Goods doesn’t tout the grip tape that they use. Instead DeMarini focused on the quality of the bat itself. The Seismic End Cap maximizes energy transfer to the ball. Combining that end cap with the Direct Connection minimizes the sting and vibration in a batter’s hands.

Whether we’re talking to a 12-year-old in little league or a 21-year-old in college, we’ve heard positive reviews of this bat. That type of versatility in bat is outstanding. It’s great to know that it can handle a fastball that’s in the 90’s but is still built so that a younger player can benefit from the same quality bat.

Durability 5.0

The Goods lives up to its name. We haven’t found a single player that has had any issues with durability. The grip tape is holding up well. The barrel and the paint job can handle anything you throw at it. We have no doubt that this bat can last through the season for you.

Pricing 5.0

We’ve already reviewed several BBCOR bats and the price point is a sticking point in our reviews. It’s difficult to take issue with The Goods. It’s still $400, but it’s the best bat on the market. Knowing that the Meta is $500 makes us all the happier to buy The Goods. You won’t hear any complaints from us. After all, we do realize that you’ve got to pay to play.

Pop 5.0

This bat is designed with power hitters in mind and DeMarini nailed it. DeMarini opted for an end-loaded barrel that has a stiff feel to it. That means that this bat doesn’t offer much “trampoline effect”. So, it takes a bit more to get this bat going, but once it gets going it will drive the ball with authority.

Compared to other BBCOR bats

It’s pretty clear that this bat stands above the rest. The Goods is a bit of a different model because of its end-loaded swing weight. That means that its style doesn’t compare perfectly to the Meta or the Quatro Pro. It’s difficult to say that it has worthy comparisons.

The Goods vs. Marucci CAT9

The Marucci CAT9 is slightly end loaded. It’s sold as more balanced bat, but players are saying it has a bit of an end-loaded feel. Because of that, it doesn’t have the same pop. While its price point is much lower, its quality isn’t quite there. See our Marucci CAT9 BBCOR review

The Goods vs. Louisville Slugger Meta

If you’re willing to ignore the swing weight, the best comparison is the LS Meta. Its price point is about 25% higher at $500, but it’s going to give you an elite performance. The Meta is a more all-around bat that anyone can swing. We’d still take The Goods if given the choice. See our 2021 Meta BBCOR review

Final verdict on The Goods BBCOR

DeMarini is known for a high quality bat and they haven’t disappointed with The Goods. In a world where balanced bats are typically the bestsellers, The Goods still somehow reaches the pinnacle. In our opinion The Goods is the best bat on the market and the fact that it has a somewhat reasonable price tag makes us love it even more.

If you’re willing and able to use an end-loaded swing weight, there should be no hesitation in getting The Goods. Trust the DeMarini brand, ignore the bland paint job, and watch your game take off. This seems to be one of the best-selling bats among top-tier players at, both, the high school and college. The Goods easily tops our list of the best BBCOR bats on the market.