2021 DeMarini The Goods One-Piece BBCOR review

If you’ve been following our reviews, you know that we absolutely love The Goods two-piece model. DeMarini is a great company, and that bat can compare to any other model that you bring its way. We’re incredibly satisfied with the one-piece as well. We think it’s one of the best you’ll find.

2021 DeMarini The Goods One-Piece BBCOR review
The Goods One-Piece BBCOR / Image credit: DeMarini
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The Goods One-Piece: General Impression

The Goods One-Piece is one of our favorite baseball bats on the market in 2021. It is worth re-enforcing that this review is for the one-piece model. It’s a great bat that lives up to its name. With a stiff barrel and a massive barrel, you’ll be happy to choose this bat.

2021 The Goods One-Piece BBCOR Overview

Build 5.0

DeMarini has maintained the build they used last year. The 2021 model brings back the X14 Alloy Barrel and the Seismic End Cap. They both offer a major focus on providing a stiff feel. With this being a one-piece model, it’s highly durable.

They’ve also chosen to add a little extra weight to the end of the barrel to make this bat more end-loaded. The swing profile is very similar to the profile of the two-piece model. Like most bats, the handle gets wider as you move toward the knob. We find that The Goods One-Piece seems to be a bit thicker at that point. It’s something that we really like.

Comfort 4.5

The Goods One-Piece doesn’t tout the grip tape that they use. Instead DeMarini focused on the quality of the bat itself. The Seismic End Cap maximizes energy transfer to the ball.

Somewhat surprisingly, the players that we’ve talked to have said that The Goods is surprisingly comfortable for a one-piece model. The vibration and sting doesn’t ring as much as you might expect. It obviously isn’t able to completely eliminate the vibration like the two-piece model, but players are consistently satisfied.

Durability 5.0

The Goods One-Piece lives up to its name. Durability has never been an issue when talking about DeMarini bats – they’re a company known for their quality. The grip tape is holding up well. The barrel and the paint job can handle anything you throw at it. We have no doubt that this bat can last through the season for you.

Pricing 4.5

This is a great bat with a somewhat middle-of-the-pack price. At $300, it comes in much cheaper than the B5, the CAT9, or the Bonesaber. Unfortunately, it’s significantly more expensive than the Nuke or the B21-Hot Metal.

With it being a true center for pricing, we can’t give it a full 5.0 rating. It has a reasonable price tag, but we can’t call it value when some of its best competition (the Stinger Nuke) is almost 30% cheaper.

Pop 5.0

This bat is designed with power hitters in mind. The end-loaded barrel has a stiff feel to it. It definitely takes a little more muscle to get an end-loaded bat through the strike zone, but when you make good contact, you’ll know it.

Compared to Other BBCOR Bats

The Goods One-Piece vs. Easton B5

When looking at our scores, both bats managed a 24/25. The B5 lost a point on comfort while The Goods lost 0.5 each on comfort and pricing. The B5 just barely gets the victory here. It has a slightly larger sweet spot which gives it a bit more power. With the B5 being $50 more expensive, we couldn’t blame you for going with The Goods. Ultimately, it’s going to be difficult to separate the two though.

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The Goods One-Piece vs. Stinger Nuke

The Stinger Nuke is one of our favorite BBCOR models on the market this year. What really sets it apart is its pricing. The Nuke is $70 cheaper than The Goods One-Piece and we love that. The Nuke seems to be even more end-loaded than The Goods. The Goods seems to offer a little more pop and we’re more impressed with the build of The Goods. We’ll take DeMarini’s The Goods over the Nuke, but man that price tag makes this a close contest.

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The Goods One-Piece vs. Rawlings 5150

The 5150 is another great option. It only scored a 22/25 on our metrics. Both bats are similar in that they are end-loaded. The 5150 comes in at a cheaper price ($250) but doesn’t offer the same comfort or build. We also found that The Goods has a bit more pop. We’ll take The Goods over the 5150 every time.

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Final Verdict on the Goods One-Piece BBCOR

DeMarini is known for a top-quality baseball bat and they haven’t disappointed with The Goods One-Piece. DeMarini has found a great sweet spot in mixing quality and pricing with this bat. It falls just short of the B5, but remember both received the same score.

In a world where we’re splitting hairs, we can’t call The Goods One-Piece the best bat on the market, but it’s not far off. Ignore the simple design and focus on the quality of the weapon in your hand. The Goods will deliver every time.

Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon