2021 DeMarini Voodoo USA review

The DeMarini Voodoo is the first of the 2021 USA model bats that we’re going to review. It is one of the best USA bats on the market. It’s worth noting that this review is for the two-piece hybrid model Voodoo. This is not a review of the Voodoo One.

2021 DeMarini Voodoo USA bat review
2021 Voodoo USA / Image credit: DeMarini

Table of contents:

Voodoo USA: general impression

The Voodoo is a two-piece hybrid bat that comes in -10 and -5 models. The -10 model is probably the best bat for 7-10 year old players. The -5 model is better for ages 10-13. It has a balanced swing weight. The sweet spot is a bit smaller than the CF Zen that DeMarini also makes, but it’s a great bat.

2021 Voodoo USA overview

Build 5.0

DeMarini is known for making high-quality bats in every model (USA, BBCOR, USSSA). They definitely maintain their reputation with this model. The Voodoo is made with X14 Alloy which is an incredibly strong aluminum. The 3Fusion Connection is also a great piece that reduces vibration in a hitter’s hands.

Comfort 4.5

The 3Fusion Connection that we mentioned in the build is the key here. The 3Fusion is the connection point that joins the alloy barrel to the composite handle. It really minimizes the vibration and negative feedback in the hitter’s hands. The tape on the handle isn’t anything special, but players tell us that it’s not an issue because of the connection point.

Durability 5.0

The X14 Alloy is an incredibly strong aluminum. With that, you can trust the durability of the bat. We haven’t found anyone who has had any issues. The bat lives up to the everyday grind of baseball games. It can also handle being a “team bat” where multiple players use the same bat.

Pricing 5.0

Pricing for USA models is a different world when compared to the BBCOR models that we’ve reviewed. You can find bats that range from, approximately, $80 to $350. The Voodoo comes in at $250. So, it’s bit higher than average cost, but you get what you pay for. Ultimately, we think the 2021 Voodoo is one of the best USA bats, so we’re extremely happy with the pricing.

Pop 5.0

The Voodoo offers great pop. Watching players during BP, it seems that the ball just comes off the bat harder. It doesn’t have the largest sweet spot on the market, but when a player makes good contact, you see the difference.

Compared to other USA baseball bats

When comparing different bats, we try to look at everything that matters to a hitter. We start with trying to find bats that are similar. So, we compare single-alloys with other single-alloys and two-piece models to other two-piece models. Our biggest focus is on pop, sweet spot, and pricing. If there’s anything else that stands out, we include that as well.

2021 Voodoo vs. Marucci CAT Connect

The CAT Connect is also a two-piece hybrid bat. So this is really comparing apples to apples so to speak. We prefer the Voodoo just a bit. With the CAT Connect being about $50 cheaper, we can’t blame you if you opt for the cost savings. But the Voodoo seems to offer a bit more pop.

2021 Voodoo vs. DeMarini CF

This is the most common comparison that people look for. Both are considered to be balanced models. The key difference is that the CF is a two-piece composite model while the Voodoo is a two-piece hybrid model. So, the CF has a composite barrel and a composite handle. The Voodoo has an aluminum barrel and a composite handle.

Both bats are great, but we prefer the Voodoo. We believe the Voodoo performs a bit better. It’s also about $100 less expensive.

Final verdict on the 2021 DeMarini Voodoo USA

DeMarini has done it again. They consistently put out some of the best youth baseball bats on the market. Whether you’re just starting out or this bat is for someone who has been playing for a few years, the Voodoo is one of the best USA bats available.

The X14 Alloy stands out as something that really makes the ball jump off the barrel. The 3Fusion Connection seems to do a great job of minimizing negative feedback. The $250 price tag is pretty reasonable. With the price and the performance, you’re getting one the best value bats of 2021.