2021 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR Review

The 2021 Meta is a one of the best baseball bats on the market. Year in and year out, Louisville puts out elite bats. The Meta has become a favorite among elite high school hitters. The Meta is the most expensive bat on the market, but it might just be worth it.

2021 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR bat review
2021 Meta BBCOR / Image credit: Louisville Slugger
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2021 Meta: General Impression

The 2021 model of the LS Meta is another gem in a long line of Louisville’s quality production. Louisville Slugger has kept most of metrics from last year. The bat has renewed its certification to play at the high school and college levels. The Meta is a three-piece, all composite bat. LS decided to keep the EKO composite and 3FX Connection System.

What Have They Changed?

The biggest change in 2021 is that, at the time of writing this article, all lengths are qualified for high school and college play. If you’ve used the Meta before, you may remember that the 33 inch model was banned last year. It looks like Louisville took care of the issue.

There’s a new GT1 end cap that is designed to help with swing speed. They claim to have improved the LS grip on the handle as well. We’ve heard mixed reviews on the grip. The grip is probably the most consistent complaint we’ve heard.

2021 LS Meta BBCOR Overview

Build 5.0

Louisville has offered the same, quality build for years. Their durability and precision tuning has never been questioned. Its design is intended to maximize energy and minimize vibration. Having a three-piece composite has been proven successful in both.

Comfort 5.0

The LS grip often gets mixed reviews. They’ve revamped it and claim that it offers a bit more cushion than previous grip tape that Louisville has offered. Some players dislike the feel of the tape all together. There does seem to be some variation in manufacturing. Some bats seem to have almost no vibration at all. Others have led to a lot of complaints.

The bat offers a great blend of balance and barrel size making it something any hitter can feel comfortable (and confident) using.

Durability 5.0

Players have been able to use this in cages for days on end without any issues. Whether it’s soft toss, facing a machine, or seeing live pitching, this bat seems to hold up without any issue.

We will note, we’ve noticed that the grip tape can get worn down. But it’s worth pointing out that we haven’t actually seen the tape break down at all.

Pricing 2.0

Pricing is the only weakness you’ll find with the LS Meta. Louisville knows that they’ve got a quality product and they charge for it. The Meta is the highest priced BBCOR on the market at $500. If you’re looking at the high-end of the market, then know that you can trust this purchase.

Pop 4.5

Like most of the new bats, there are mixed reviews on pop. The Meta seems to need some time to warm up, but it has a great sweet spot and a quality barrel. We’re not sure that there’s a perfect bat when it comes to pop, but the Meta is close. Several players have told us that they feel like the ball jumps off the bat.

Compared To Other BBCOR Bats

The Meta can compete with any bat on the market. It has been one of the most popular models each of the last three years. We find that it performs just as well as The Goods from DeMarini. The Goods is definitely more end-loaded than the Meta is.

Meta vs. DeMarini The Goods

Trying to choose between these two bats ultimately comes down to price and batting style. For our team, The Goods has the edge because of its pricing. From a quality and durability standpoint, both could be considered the best BBCOR bat on the market. With the Meta being $100 more expensive, we’d probably opt for The Goods.

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Meta vs. Marucci CAT9

Like The Goods, the CAT9 is more end-loaded than the Meta. While the CAT9 is in the same class as the Meta, it just can’t quite compete. The Meta offers more balance, more pop, and a much larger sweet spot.

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Meta vs. Rawlings Quatro Pro

The Meta has a very similar swing weight to the Rawlings Quatro Pro. Given their profile, we’d say they’re cut from the same cloth. That being said, the Meta outperforms the Quatro Pro consistently. At this price point, it may be worth pushing for the Meta as the Quatro only offers $50 in savings.

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Our Verdict On The 2021 LS Meta BBCOR

The Meta is a premier product. You could easily argue it’s the best bat on the market. It seems like we’re splitting hairs here, but we’d call the Meta the second best option. Louisville’s reputation makes it a little easier to trust that the Meta will be accepted at all levels again this year.

Louisville has heard the complaints and tried to fix any issues with their design. While the new tape doesn’t seem to be a significant upgrade, we like the new end cap. It seems that the end cap really has made the swing weight a bit lighter which should allow for a better trampoline effect and, in turn, better bat speed.

Ultimately, the 2021 LS Meta is one of the best BBCOR bats on the market. Its only shortcoming is its price point. Because of that, we give it a full stamp of approval. If you can afford this bat, it is absolutely a weapon worth adding.

Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon