2021 Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR review

The 2021 Quatro Pro BBCOR is a one of the best baseball bats on the market. Rawlings is one of the most well-known names in the industry. They’re constantly finding ways to improve their product. If you can handle the $450 price point, you will not be disappointed by this year’s model.

2021 Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR bat review
2021 Quatro Pro BBCOR / Image credit: Rawlings

2021 Quatro Pro: general impression

The 2021 model of the Rawlings Quatro Pro is another solid bat from one of the most trusted names in the industry. Rawlings has kept most of metrics from last year. The bat still has the certification to play at the high school and college levels. The 2021 model is still a two-piece, all-composite bat.

They claim that the longitudinal Flex Technology has be “re-engineered” again, but it seems like the same technology as the 2020 model. This model is still using a suspended barrel to improve swing speeds.

What have they changed?

The 2021 model is essentially the same thing that they put out for 2020. They’ve changed the cosmetics (making the bat black instead of red), but everything else is a returning feature. Don’t be fooled by the change in terminology. Some sites will say that the Quatro Pro has an F2 technology in the handle. That’s the same thing as a Force Flex collar from the 2020 model.

2021 Quatro Pro BBCOR overview

Build 5.0

Rawlings consistently offers a high quality product. The F2 Collar and Lizard Skin Grip are among the best in the business. Adding an ultra-light weight end cap and suspended barrel should improve swing speed. Rawlings does a great job of including technology without losing quality.

Comfort 5.0

The Lizard Skin grip has been a favorite for a lot of players over the years. The 2021 model offers the same comfort in your hand. With the F2 collar, there weren’t any issues with vibration, even when we didn’t square the ball up perfectly. It’s a great bat that feels really good in your hands.

Durability 4.0

It’s always difficult to rate durability early on. When we test one bat out, it could be a great model or it could be a dud. What we can say is that the bat that we got tested out pretty well. We should warn you that durability is typically one of the most common complaints for the Quatro Pro year in and year out.

Pricing 3.5

Rawlings knows they have a good product. Unfortunately for the buyer, they price it that way. At $450, the only BBCOR model that is more expensive is the LS Meta.

Pop 4.0

There have been some mixed reviews from early customers with regards to the pop. Some hitters believe that this bat is hot out of the wrapper while others have said it takes some time to warm up (about 250 hits). I’ve talked to a few people who just don’t feel that the pop is there at all.

Compared to other BBCOR bats

When we took the bat out, we found that the Quatro Pro is competitive with the other high-end models. Remember, BBCOR has a strict requirement that all bats have to follow.

Quatro Pro vs. DeMarini The Goods

The Quatro Pro is a great bat. It’s doesn’t quite reach number one though. Given the price point and the quality, we’d take DeMarini’s “The Goods” over the Quatro Pro without hesitation. After that, the market is pretty similar. See our 2021 The Goods BBCOR review

Quatro Pro vs. Marucci CAT9

The Quatro Pro is comparable to the CAT9. The CAT9 is a bit more end-loaded than the Quatro Pro. With the CAT9 being about $100 less, I’d take the CAT9. It may be worth visiting a store so that you can get a feel for the difference in swing weight. See our Marucci CAT9 BBCOR review

Quatro Pro vs. LS Meta

I like the Meta a bit more than the Quatro. On a lot of metrics (durability, sweet spot, balance), the Meta and the Quatro are almost identical. The Meta is $50 more expensive though. Based on it’s reputation over the last two or three seasons, I’d lean toward the Meta. See our 2021 LS Meta BBCOR review

Final verdict on the 2021 Quatro Pro BBCOR

The 2021 Quatro Pro BBCOR model is one of the premier bats in the industry. Without any significant changes and its price point being at the peak of the market, it doesn’t quite reach the top of our list. If you’re a big fan of the Quatro Pro from the past few years, it’s worth trying again.

The Quatro Pro makes our top five list, but it doesn’t quite reach the top of that list. If you’re willing to pay $450 for a BBCOR model, this belongs on your list of possibilities. You won’t be disappointed in the performance you get.