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2021 Warstic Bonesaber BBCOR Review

The 2021 Warstic Bonesaber may have the most unique appearance of any BBCOR model on the market. NCAA regulations don’t allow white bats in game play. The Warstic is as close as you’ll find to a true white color. They’ve also opted for a taper that runs to the end of the bat rather than having a traditional knob.

2021 Warstic Bonesaber BBCOR bat review
Bonesaber BBCOR bat / Image credit: Warstic
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2021 Bonesaber: General Impression

While the Bonesaber has a unique look, it’s not going to stand alone in its performance. It’s a one-piece alloy bat which puts some limitation on the pop. Something else we’ve noticed in our research is that Warstic only offers a 9-month warranty where most companies provide a full 12-month warranty.

Most of what makes this bat stand out is cosmetic. In fact, they’re so focused on what the bat looks like, you can get it in a natural maple wood color or the black cobra color. The taper runs all the way to the end of the bat. They added what they call a Tsuka Warrior’s Grip has an interesting look in that there’s a visible gold spiral that follows the tape down the handle. They also take pride in the “explosive & high-pitched ping” made on contact.

If we’re being completely honest, Warstic doesn’t do a good job of advertising the bat either. The Warstic site saysThe Bonesaber is not a forgiving bat. This hitting weapon is designed to be a precision tool…

2021 Warstic Bonesaber BBCOR Overview

Build 4.0

The Bonesaber is a one-piece alloy bat. One-piece bats are known for their durability. They’ve added the pommel precision knob that mirrors major league bats. It’s definitely a different feel when swinging the bat. The design of the bat also create a high-pitched ping on contact.

The visuals and the sound really stand out, but there’s nothing fancy about the bat itself. Warstic doesn’t boast any fancy variable wall thickness or ringless builds. They’ve created a simple bat. They claim that the “Bonesaber performs up to the hitter’s level..” which tells us that it’s not really adding much value to the hitter.

Comfort 3.5

The Bonesaber is lacking in comfort. Warstic boasts that they have an ultra-thin grip which means that it doesn’t cut the sting in a hitter’s hands very much. While the taper of this bat is becoming more popular, it’s definitely something that you should try out before you pay for it. The taper doesn’t offer the traditional end-knob that you’ll find with most bats.

Because of the difference in the taper, some hitters find it uncomfortable and say they have trouble getting the same grip. It’s not necessarily a bad feature, but it’s definitely an adjustment.

Several players have told us that you can really feel the vibration in your hands on a mishit. It provides a lot of negative feedback when you hit the ball near the end of the bat.

Durability 4.0

The Bonesaber has had some mixed reviews in regards to durability. Most of the players that we’ve talked to say that the bat holds up well. There have been a few who have mentioned some issues with their grip more than anything else.

We also find it an issue that Warstic offers a 9-month warranty which I about 25% shorter than the industry standard. That tells me that Warstic isn’t super confident in their product.

Pricing 4.0

At $350 the Bonesaber has a reasonable price tag. In general, the pricing is reasonable. The key here is looking at the value of the bat. Given that this bat doesn’t have the same quality as something like the B5 or the LS Solo.

This bat should have a lower price than the best bats in its class. We think it should be about $300.

Pop 4.0

Players tell us that this bat offers solid pop. The site states that the bat performs to the batter’s level. So, that tells me that it’s not an elite option. It helps players hit the ball deep, but it won’t create any power for you. Where a composite bat will increase a player’s power output, the Bonesaber needs the hitter to provide the power.

Compared to Other BBCOR Bats

The Bonesaber is built in the same style as the B5, the Vandal, and the CAT9.

Bonesaber vs. Easton B5

The B5 is the best one-piece model on the market this year in our opinion. With that in mind, there is no reason for the Bonesaber to have the same price tag. Given the B5’s quality and their pricing, the B5 is easily better than the Bonesaber.

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Bonesaber vs. Marucci CAT9

The CAT9 is another single-alloy design. We believe that the CAT9 outperforms the Bonesaber pretty consistently. The price point is right at $350 as well. Given the quality, we’d take the CAT9 over the Bonesaber unless you really like the feel of the handle.

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Our Verdict on the Warstic Bonesaber BBCOR

Warstic is trying to compete with the best baseball bats in their class and we just don’t think that they quite live up to the competition. They make a solid bat, but they’d be better off dropping their price and competing in a different group.

We don’t believe their quality quite deserves a $350 price tag. At a lower price point, their product would offer solid value for the families who don’t want to pay as much. Given the lack of stand-out science in their bat and that they market this as a bat that “performs to the hitter’s level”, we’re not overly impressed.

Ultimately there’s nothing wrong with this bat, but we don’t believe that it’s going to “wow” you and it doesn’t seem like this bat will elevate your game.

Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon