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2018 Easton S650 review

2018 Easton S650 Review: The Lowest Bidder

We’re continuing our series of examining bats by moving on to the 2018 Easton S650 review. If you’re interested in this bat, it’s going to be for the price, not the quality. It’s been somewhat difficult to get player feedback on this bat as it’s...

Marucci Cat 7 review

Marucci CAT7 Review: Solid, Durable, Powerful

As the weather gets warmer and the season quickly approaches, we are going to start a series of analyzing some of the most popular bats on the market. We’re going to start with a Marucci CAT7 review. The Marucci CAT7 is one of the most popular bats...

Best Pitching Machine Buying Guide

Best Pitching Machine: The Complete Guide

While not a necessity, like a baseball bat or glove, pitching machines are a great tool to have, but also some of the most expensive equipment you can buy for baseball or softball. You can easily spend thousands on the best pitching machine. And...