Author: Bako

The 8 Best Longboards for Cruising 2020

Longboards have become synonyms with freedom. Cruising down your local streets as you own them is an unbeatable feeling, and longboards are the main culprit for causing such a feeling.

This article looks at the best longboards for cruising, giving you a review of each board. Helping you find the perfect feeling of freedom with a high-quality longboard.

Baseball Drills for Youth: Becoming a Better Ball Player

We’ve recently started a series of drills to help improve every players skillset. Our first article was directed towards players who are just learning the game. The drills use tennis balls most of the time and focus on developing the fundamentals of the game.

Today’s article will focus on the next step. How can we help players that are 8-12 years old take that next step?

The 8 Best Turf Shoes for Baseball and Softball 2020

If you’re a serious, dedicated player, then you need the best turf shoes for baseball or softball. Read any baseball turf shoes reviews and you’ll see that these products champion the “No Days Off” mentality that has been inspired by many of the game’s top sluggers.

With good turf shoes for baseball or softball, there’s never an excuse to take a day off because of snow, storms or anything else. If you can find an indoor field, you’ve got a pair of top baseball turf shoes ready to go.

Baseball Drills for Kids: Early Development

Baseball and softball aren’t sports that are naturally easy for most children. Even Ted Williams said that making good contacting with a round ball and a round bat is one of the hardest things to do in sports.

Today, we’re going to look at some great drills to improve the skills of a young ball player. Some of these will be true drills while others will be games to help practice certain skills. After all, young players won’t have any interest if they’re not having fun.