Seth Brundage

Seth M Brundage is an avid sports fan first and professional writer second. When he isn't watching baseball (particularly the Miami Marlins), he enjoys reading the latest sports news, researching sports products, testing new gear and writing about his findings.

You can also find him camping, fishing, traveling or debating life’s most pressing questions, like how good would Ken Griffey Jr have been without any injuries, or whatever happened to Bobby Thomson’s home run ball?

Seth lives, works and plays in a house by the beach and wouldn't have it any other way.

best helmets for longboarding

The 7 Best Longboard Helmets in 2021

The best longboard helmets protect you from danger and accidents when you’re out riding.

As fun and freeing as longboarding can be, road hazards, weather, traffic, pedestrians, wheel bite and many other obstructions can cause unexpected events.