Seth Brundage

Seth M Brundage is an avid sports fan first and professional writer second. When he isn't watching baseball (particularly the Miami Marlins), he enjoys reading the latest sports news, researching sports products, testing new gear and writing about his findings.

You can also find him camping, fishing, traveling or debating life’s most pressing questions, like how good would Ken Griffey Jr have been without any injuries, or whatever happened to Bobby Thomson’s home run ball?

Seth lives, works and plays in a house by the beach and wouldn't have it any other way.

best youth catcher's gear

The 10 Best Youth Catcher’s Gear Sets 2021: Reviews

Selecting the best youth catcher’s gear for your son or daughter is never an easy decision. Not only do you need to navigate hundreds of different products, but you also need to understand the jargon used in these reviews. In alone there are several new youth catcher’s sets. The purpose of this...

New Youth Baseball Bat Standard

New 2018 Youth Baseball Bat Standard

Bat standards are an ever-evolving way to measure bat performance and control the maximum power that these sticks are capable of producing. The most well-known of these standards is the NCAA and NFHS BBCOR Standard that regulates high school and college bats. The goal of this standard (and, to a...