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2019 Marucci CAT6 GEN 2 Review: Bringing Back A Classic

Working with Marucci decided to bring back one of their most popular bats. The CAT6 GEN 2 is literally a remake of the 2016 model that was produced.

The only difference in the 2019 model is that the bat is red instead of white. The balance, material, and design are all identical to the original.

The 10 Best Wood Baseball Bats 2020: Reviews

This 2020 guide for the best wood baseball bats, we’ll share our picks for the best wood bats on the market.

We’ll also take a look at some wood bat reviews to better understand which top wooden bats are the best buys, especially if you’re looking for a bat to serve a certain purpose, like best bat for high school or the best bat for a contact hitter and so on.