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2019 Marucci CAT6 GEN 2 Review: Bringing Back A Classic

Working with Marucci decided to bring back one of their most popular bats. The CAT6 GEN 2 is literally a remake of the 2016 model that was produced.

The only difference in the 2019 model is that the bat is red instead of white. The balance, material, and design are all identical to the original.

Louisville Slugger Prime 919 Review: Is The 919 The Best Slugger?

In 2019, Louisville Slugger continues to push the envelope with the Prime 919.
Louisville surprised the market last year when they didn’t offer the 918 in a USA format.
The company fixed that this year, and their key addition is adding a USA model.
That means you can find the 919 in BBCOR, USA, and USSSA formats this year.

2020 Rawlings 5150 Review: For the Value Batter

In this review, we’ll look at the 2020 remake of the Rawlings 5150. Rawlings has limited the release to the BBCOR and Youth Big Barrel Models. The Youth Big Barrel is only a USSSA model, so if you’re in a USA league, you won’t be able to use the 5150.

2019 Marucci CAT8 Review: The Great Trio

As we continue to look at some of the best equipment in the game, we wanted dive into the 2019 models.
Today, we’re going to do a Marucci CAT8 review.
We’ll look at the CAT8, the CAT8 Connect, and the CAT Composite bats.

2018 Easton S150 USA Bat Review: A Discounted Barrel

As we continue our series looking at bats, we’ll move on to an Easton S150 review. This economy bat is only made for little league, so if you’re looking for the best BBCOR bat for the new season, then you should look elsewhere. This bat was built for families who have a child playing in little league. Its price point is made for families who...

Axe Bat Reviews: The Best Models For 2022

Each year, baseball companies get a jump on their newest models. Axe is the first company to produce their 2022 models and they’ve continued their tradition of putting out some of the highest quality bats you’ll find on the market.

The 10 best baseball gloves and mitts for 2022

Every year, baseball players at all levels ask the all-important question, “What are the best baseball gloves and mitts?” In 2022, there is no shortage of baseball glove reviews available for players to read and analyze. It takes a lot of time to find that perfect baseball glove or mitt. Luckily, we’ve made the job a little easier with this guide...