best baseball cleats for youth, kids and adults

15 Best Baseball Cleats for 2019: Reviews

“You have to keep running. I always believed I was going to be safe,” said Rickey Henderson, the greatest base stealer of all time.

Ricky wouldn’t admit it (and we’re afraid to even suggest it), but he needed the best baseball cleats to get the job done.

Unfortunately for Mr. Henderson, baseball cleat reviews weren’t what they are today during his playing years.

baseball cleats buying guide

Now, even the best youth baseball cleats have lots of reviews for players to study to determine the best fit for their feet.

In a way, this is as much a gift as it is a curse, right?

We have tons of information at our fingertips to determine what are the best cleats on the market, but the sheer volume of products and reviews for those products makes this a challenge.

This buying guide is designed to alleviate some of that struggle. Not only will we answer and discuss some key questions about baseball cleats, but we’ll also include some baseball cleats reviews of our own.

To make your task of picking the best baseball shoes for your individual needs even easier, we’ll also take a summarized look at our reviews and pick some of the best options for various categories, such as the best cleats for pitchers, best cleats for kids, best plastic baseball cleats and more.

By the end of this buying guide, we have no doubt that you will be informed about cleats and also have a pretty good idea what the best baseball cleats are for you, even if you need cheap baseball cleats or something specialized for your feet.

Brief History Of Baseball Cleats

Talking about Rickey Henderson has us nostalgic for some baseball history lessons. So, let’s take a look at who made the first baseball cleats.

The earliest form of a cleat has its origin in ancient Greek and Roman times, when soldiers wore spikes on their shoes to hold their front lines against opposing forces.

In the early 1500s, soccer became the first sport to take this battlefield innovation and bring it to the playing field.

History Of Baseball Cleats

Baseball would follow suit about three centuries and some change later.

Paul Butler is credited as the first player to use spikes on his baseball shoes in 1862. At this time, you’d purchase spikes separately from the shoe.

Once Butler’s idea took off, every sports equipment brand was looking at ways to create the best spike pattern for baseball shoes.

About twenty years after Butler first made cleats a staple piece of baseball equipment, Waldo Claflin created and began selling special baseball shoes that had fixed spikes.

The pattern of his fixed spikes remained largely unchanged and much of the innovations for baseball cleats over the next 80 or so years were largely focused on different styles, materials and player comfort.

Cleats got a small design change when the 1960s hit and fields began using artificial turf.

Turf brought back removable cleats because players wanted to be able to change the length of their cleats depending on the field surface.

Shorter cleats were ideal for these new turf fields, but longer cleats still reigned supreme on natural grass fields.

The last major change to baseball cleats came in 1976, when Major League Baseball banned the sharp metal spikes that many players were notorious for using.

This change was designed to protect infielders from getting slashed by rough sliding offensive players.

Outlawing metal spikes brought on a wave of non-metal baseball cleats made from plastic.

What Do Baseball Cleats Look Like?

Every field sport (baseball, soccer, lacrosse, football etc.) requires players to wear cleats.

There are sometimes subtle differences between the different styles of footwear designed for each sport.

Thus, your first lesson is to know how to properly identify a baseball cleat.

One major identifying factor of a baseball cleat is the front, toe cleat.

This is helpful for many aspects of baseball, as it helps you dig the front of your foot in and drive power, whether you are throwing, making a jump to steal a base or hitting.

This helps separate baseball cleats from soccer cleats, which don’t have the toe cleat.

best baseball cleats for youth, kids and adults

It’s harder to differentiate baseball cleats from lacrosse or football cleats, as these shoes do have a toe cleat.

Now, we have to look at cleat placement. Both lacrosse and football have cleats around the edge of the shoe.

This helps keep the player stable, especially when they are making quick cuts on the field. Baseball cleats have a more scattered cleat patterns.

You can also look at the weight of the shoe. Football cleats, for example, need to be a little thicker and more protective to the feet. So, they are often heavier than a baseball cleat.

A lot of people ask questions about cross-sport use when it comes to cleats. For example, ‘can I wear my football cleats for baseball?

The answer is it depends. In most cases, yes.

Your football cleats might be a little heavier and slow you down, but most leagues will allow it.

That said, you could run into an umpire that has an issue with it.

How Should Baseball Cleats Fit?

Fit is very important when it comes to baseball cleats for a number of reasons. The biggest are safety and comfort.

If your cleats are too tight, it is not only going to be uncomfortable, but it could increase your chance of getting a foot injury or a foot-related issue.

When sizing your baseball cleat, you should aim to have a quarter-inch pocket of space between the toe and the front of the cleat.

This will guarantee the snug fit that you want.

That said, it’s important to know that cleats will loosen up and break in as you wear them.

So, if you’re in between two sizes, it’s actually better to go with a tighter fitting cleat, because the shoe will expand as they get used to your foot.

Good baseball cleats will start off feeling a little too snug, but eventually wear down and become comfortable.

High Top Baseball Cleats vs Low Top

After the fit of the cleats, the next thing you have to think about is whether you want high top or low top baseball cleats.

There’s even mid top baseball cleats!

High Top Baseball Cleats

These cleats lace all the way from the foot to the ankle. While this restricts some of the player’s movement, they are the best baseball cleats for ankle support and some pro players will wear them to combat a sore ankle.

Low Top Baseball Cleats

On the other end of the spectrum, these are the best baseball cleats for running fast. Their low profile design means they use little material and are thereby the lightest baseball cleats. If you really need the best baseball cleats for speed and agility, then look no further.

Mid Top Baseball Cleats

These cleats are, as their name suggests, a middle ground between low and high top baseball shoes.

Thus, they have moderate speed and decent ankle support.

Some players choose these because they find that the low profile design leaves their foot a little too unprotected, but high top designs are uncomfortable to them.

Types Of Baseball Cleats

By types of baseball cleats, we’re really looking at the material used in the construction of the spike. Some cleats use a metal spike, while others opt for a molden plastic design. There are even cleats that are specifically used for training on indoor turf fields.

Metal Cleats

Metal cleats aren’t what they used to be, in terms of sharpness and pointedness, but they still deliver great traction and grip, especially on dirt infields or grass.

It’s this grip that gives players the explosive takeoff speed they need to quickly accelerate, while also providing the ability to promptly hit the brakes and slow down.

They also are great for hitting, as they allow the hitter to really dig that toe in.

This makes them great for all aspects of the game, whether you are hitting, fielding or running.

Molded Cleats

A lot of new baseball players wonder what are molded cleats made from. Molded cleats are made from hard plastic or rubber.

The cleats are affixed to the shoe, unlike metal cleats which are removable.

  • The upside is that these cleats last much longer and aren’t susceptible to wearing down like metal cleats.
  • The drawback is they don’t have that supreme grip.

That said, they are a great option for rainy games because they are good at gripping softer ground.

They are also less expensive, so if you need good, cheap baseball cleats, molded is great option.

Turf And Trainer Cleats

These are the best baseball spikes when you’re practicing, especially if you are on an indoor or turf field.

The spikes on these shoes are much less defined, so they are the best baseball cleats for turf because they can grip that harder, artificial turf surface.

And, they won’t ruin an indoor practice field.

If you’re practicing or playing on any turf field, then you need these cleats.

Molded cleats won’t grip effectively, so not only will your performance suffer, but you could also be setting yourself up for an increased risk of injury.

That said, if you’re looking for the best baseball cleats for youth play, you can pretty much ignore these shoes, as youth fields are almost never artificial, nor will you be practicing on a turf field anytime soon.

Best Baseball Cleats By Position

Now that we’ve discussed the types of cleats and the different styles (high, mid and low top), it’s time to look at what the best baseball cleats are for each position.

Best Cleats For Infielders

Infielders generally prefer metal cleats because even the best molded baseball cleats will collect dirt and gravel between the grooves of the cleats, which can negatively affect your traction and ability to grip the ground, unless you routinely clean the bottom of your cleats.

However, if your infield dirt is very fine and loose, this may not present a major problem.

Thus, you can save some money by shopping for the best rubber baseball cleats or plastic.

Best Cleats For Outfielders

Outfielders need to be able to trust their cleats to grip the ground and provide good support, but if those cleats grip too much, they’ll pull up large clumps of grass as the outfielder tracks down a fly ball.

Not only will this make the groundskeeper absolutely despise you, but it will also slow you down and make it difficult to make those tough plays.

Your cleats need to dig in and out with ease and lightweight metal baseball cleats are best for this.

Similar to infielders, however, outfielders can also choose their cleats based on the condition of the field.

If your outfield grass is very hard, it will be far less prone to tearing up in patches, so you can save some money with molded cleats.

Best Cleats For Pitchers

Pitchers are known for their arms, but a lot of their power and speed is generated from their trunk and, by extension, the feet.

Thus, they need the best baseball cleats to throw the best stuff.

Metal cleats are really the key, as the dirt on the mound is typically hard-packed.

The best metal baseball cleats for pitchers are able to effectively grip this harder ground and give the hurler the power, balance and stability that they need.

Also, pitchers generally opt for a low top cleat to avoid any part of the cleat from rubbing against their ankle and causing discomfort during their windup and delivery.

Best Cleats For Catchers

Generally, you can apply a lot of the same information for infielder cleats to catchers.

Metal cleats hold dirt better and offer more stability.

A lot of catchers opt for a high top cleat, as the ankle support helps them stay in their crouched position and better protects them from tipped balls or wild pitches in the dirt.

Some catchers even opt for a thicker football cleat for added protection.

Again, be careful when using another sport’s cleat in baseball, as you may find an umpire or league official that is against it.

Best Place To Buy Baseball Cleats

With certain baseball equipment, buying online is an appropriate option.

You can often find better deals from wholesale vendors online; many of them can manage to offer cheaper prices because they operate entirely online, which means they have very limited overhead costs.

When you’re shopping for cleats, however, the fit is very crucial.

Before you make any final purchasing decision, you should test how the baseball cleat feels on your feet in person, by visiting your local sporting goods store.

Once you’ve determined what the most comfortable baseball cleats are and the right size, then you can begin shopping online.

This combination of shopping in-store and online will allow you to make the most informed decision at the best price.

The last thing you want is to spend money on new baseball cleats only to find that they are too small or rub your ankle or foot the wrong way.

That’s why it is crucial to use every available resource when shopping and always test the fit first.

Best Baseball Cleats Brands

Now that we’ve discussed all of the different types of baseball cleats and which style are best for what positions, the last thing to look at is brands.

A lot of players develop a preference for one brand over their career. Thus, it is hard to determine the best baseball cleat brand.

Some years are better than others for some of these shoemakers!

Nike Baseball Cleats

Nike is almost always the first athletic brand that comes to mind when talking about shoes, no matter what sport you play.

So, it is no surprise that they make some of the most popular baseball cleats out there.

Nike baseball cleats are worn by some of the game’s top athletes. Mike Trout even has his own signature model.

They have men’s and boy’s baseball cleats in a number of different styles, colors and types.

Adidas Baseball Cleats

Next to Nike, Adidas is the next biggest titan when it comes to athletic cleats.

They focus on low cut shoes, which allows them to make some of the best lightweight baseball cleats around.

For speedy players that want some extra pep, Adidas is likely the best brand of baseball cleats.

New Balance Baseball Cleats

While New Balance might not have quite the reputation of Nike or Adidas, they make some of the coolest baseball cleats ever.

If you compared New Balance vs Nike baseball cleats, you’d find a pretty level playing field!

The two most popular New Balance cleats are the 3000V3 and the newer (and slightly improved) 4040V4.

Both of these shoes have a number of different colors and styles, which gives buyers a lot of options to choose from.

Under Armour Baseball Cleats

Under Armour has built a great reputation for their athletic clothes and they’ve successfully moved into the baseball cleat space.

Their products range from low to high top baseball cleats.

Baseball superstar Bryce Harper has his own lineup of Under Armour cleats that include rubber molded and metal cleat shoes.

Mizuno Baseball Cleats

Mizuno has less selection than the other major baseball cleat brands and they don’t offer the wide range of colors.

However, what they lack in selection and pizazz, they make up for with great design and top-notch materials, which, at the end of the day, is all you really need.

Top 15 Best Baseball Cleats Reviews

The next section of this buying guide will focus on reviews for the top rated baseball cleats.

As previously mentioned, at the conclusion of this baseball cleats review section, we’ll take a look at some of the best baseball cleats for various purposes.

These reviews are arranged in no particular order and our selection of baseball cleat reviews is designed to suit all players.

That said, reviews for trainer cleats and youth cleats are towards the end of the list.

You could be looking for good baseball cleats for flat feet, the best kids baseball cleats or just the overall best cleats for baseball and you’ll be able to find an option to suit you.

Nike Lunar Vapor Ultrafly Elite

The newest baseball cleats have one goal in mind: make the player faster.

The Nike Lunar Vapor Ultrafly Elite Baseball Cleats are built with a low top design, which cuts any unnecessary weight and keeps the player nimble on their feet.

For some players, that would be enough, but Nike also designed the shoe for swift multi-directional movement.

Nike Lunar Vapor Ultrafly Elite baseball cleats

This is great for any fielder, as it allows the player to quickly change directions on a moment’s notice, whether they are an outfielder ranging to catch a deep fly or a shortstop fielding to his right and looking to turn two to the left.

It’s also great for making the 90-degree turn around the bases when you’re trying for extra bases.

The cleat pattern of the Nike Lunar Vapor Ultrafly Elites implements both metal and molded cleats that are arranged for maximum traction, no matter what field surface you’re on.

Thanks to the lightweight Pebax plate and full-length Lunarlon midsole, these shoes are not only very comfortable, but also great baseball cleats for arch support.

That comfort is made even better by the mesh upper portion of the cleat, which feels almost like a sock when the cleat is worn.

And, the laces are enhanced with flywire cables for a tight fit, no matter what size feet you have.

These top baseball cleats are available in eight different color/designs and have a high-end price.

  • Amazing fit, even for wide feet, thanks to the flywire cables
  • Extreme traction and multi-directional movement thanks to cleat pattern design
  • Feels almost like a sock when you wear these Nike cleats
  • One of the most expensive baseball cleats on the market
  • Not as many color options as other new baseball cleats coming out
  • Doesn’t offer any ankle support because of the low profile design

According to one Nike Vapor Elite baseball cleats review, these shoes are comfortable, lightweight and built for speed.

While the price is high, you’ll be flying around the bases.

New Balance 3000V3 (Metal)

The New Balance 3000V3 metal baseball shoes are structured with comfort as the primary focus.

It starts with the FantomFit Upper, which holds the lower ankle snuggly.

This mesh-like material is breathable and helps keep foot sweat and odor at bay.

New Balance L3000V3 metal spikes

Next, the 360-degree Comfort Collar encircles the entire heel and ankle.

This offers a small amount of support, but is mostly designed for added comfort.

The last comfort feature of these New Balance cleats is the REVlite midsole, which spans the full length of the cleat.

This creates a soft, springy cushion for the feet to land on after every step.

While not directly a comfort feature, it is worth mentioning that these cleats have a debris-free tongue.

This design is meant to prevent dirt, sand and other debris from getting lodged inside the shoe.

Any baseball player knows how uncomfortable it is when this stuff inevitably finds its way into your cleats.

There’s no guarantee that this feature will totally prevent all dirt from getting in, but it should help keep the insides of your shoes mostly free from debris.

As metal cleats, these baseball shoes have ample amounts of grip and traction, especially on hard dirt and grass.

Thus, they are some of the best men’s baseball cleats for any infield or outfield position.

The New Balance Men’s 3000V3 Metal Baseball Cleats come in 23 different colors.

There’s a color option to match any uniform or team colors.

  • Metal cleats offer quality, long-lasting durability and superb grip
  • A number of comfort-focused features make for a comfortable and great fitting shoe
  • Lots of color options to match any uniform
  • Helps prevent sand, dirt and other debris from getting inside the shoe
  • Mid-to-high price point could be out of budget for some players
  • Metal cleats can be troublesome on wet, soggy fields
  • While the shoes are comfortable, they lack some of the performance-enhancing features of other top baseball cleats

The low-cut metal 3000v3’s are some of the best New Balance baseball cleats, especially for players that want a comfortable, protective and lightweight cleat.

Adidas AdiZero Afterburner 4

The Afterburner 4 is the latest version of the ever-popular AdiZero baseball cleats by Adidas.

As their name suggests, these cool baseball shoes are designed for speed and are the perfect product for anyone that needs to speed up their race around the bases.

They may even be the best lightweight baseball cleats out there.

Adidas AdiZero Afterburner 4 men's baseball cleats

These fast-moving cleats get their speed from a number of key features. The engineers at Adidas optimized every part of this shoe to focus on speed.

For example, the SPRINTSKIN upper is a synthetic material built to cut out any unnecessary weight, while still providing foot, heel and low ankle support.

The other powerful, speed-enhancing feature is the SPRINTFRAME structure of the cleats. Again, this eliminates any unnecessary weight.

Even the LITESTRIKE EVA midsole is lighter than that of many competing cleats and the Electroplated outsole plate is developed to be lightweight.

There’s no ounce of this shoe that isn’t meticulously crafted to reduce weight and thereby speed up the player. In total, the shoe weights only 9.5 ounces.

Similar to the Nike Lunar Vapor Elite shoes, Adidas didn’t just stop at making one of the best metal baseball cleats for speed; they also developed a seven cleat outsole pattern that is developed with a rotational traction zone.

This is specifically built so the player loses little-to-no speed when they round the base.

The other features of the Adidas AdiZero Afterburner 4 are the snug bootee construction with molded sockliner and toe cap guard.

The first feature delivers a very comfortable fit on the player’s foot, while the toe cap guard reduces toe drag and prevents against abrasions and injuries.

These shoes are available in 17 different colors.

  • Every drop of these shoes is built for speed; you won’t find a lighter, faster cleat
  • SPRINTSKIN material is not only lightweight, but also supportive to the foot
  • Specially engineered cleat pattern is great for making sharp turns around the bases
  • Lightweight shoes, like the Adidas AdiZero Afterburner 4, aren’t as protective as other cleats
  • High price tag could be too rich for the blood of some players
  • Based on an early Adidas AdiZero baseball cleats review, the lightweight SPRINTSKIN material could have issues with long-term durability

When it comes to baserunning, these are easily one of the best baseball cleats you can find.

The biggest drawback is that they lack the support and protection that you may want in the field.

Nike Alpha Huarache Elite

Nike shoes are known for their supreme comfort and that’s exactly what these shoes deliver.

The Nike Huarache uses the legendary Air Max Nike technology. This creates unmatched comfort through a cloud-like cushion that, based on a Nike Huarache review, feels very responsive on the bottom of the player’s feet.

Aside from comfort, these shoes also offer incredible support and fit.

Nike Alpha Huarache Elite baseball cleats

The high top design produces lots of ankle support, which is helped further by the ankle locking system.

There’s also an internal bootie and premium sockliner. This adds extra support and even more comfort and cushioning.

And, for the absolute tightest and snuggest fit, these Nike shoes have the same flywire technology as the Vapor Elite shoes.

This makes the laces even tighter and allows you to really lock your foot in place when the cleats are tied.

The bottom of these cleats feature nine metal spikes arranged for traction, especially when you need to make a quick and sudden stop or an explosive start.

At 16.5 ounces, these are not the lightest Nike baseball cleats, but they are more protective than the thinner, lighter cleats, which could make them a great option for a catcher.

These cleats come in nine different color options.

  • Air Max technology is legendarily comfortable and cushiony
  • High top design and ankle locking system provide great support
  • Metal spike pattern is designed for stop-and-go traction
  • These cleats are on the heavier side, which could hurt the player’s speed
  • Only nine color options, which is a lot less than other competing models
  • The Nike Huarache cleats are at the higher end of the price spectrum

This Nike Huarache baseball cleats review suggests that these shoes would be great for someone that wants a protective, high top shoe that is ultra comfortable and snug fitting.

Mizuno Dominant IC (Low cut)

The craftsman behind Mizuno’s Dominant IC baseball cleats wanted to create a shoe with an unmatched fit. They succeeded.

According to Mizuno’s website, these cleats are, “the most naturally fitting and comfortable baseball cleat ever designed.

Arguably, the biggest contributor to this amazing fit is the Anatomical Last Fit, which means the inside of the shoe is carefully sculpted to match the exact curvature and nature shape of the foot.

This inner bootie creates excellent comfort and that secure fit that players want from a cleat.

Mizuno Dominant IC low cut baseball shoes

If that wasn’t enough to provide a superb fit, Mizuno also developed the Dominant IC with their U4icX midsole.

This is made from a soft, cushioned material that is responsive to the player’s feet and built for durability.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about the inside of your cleats deteriorating after just one season of use.

Also impacting these cleats’ durability is the 3-layer no sew upper of the shoes.

Since there’s no sewing or stitching, the design is meant to last longer because it isn’t going to fray and fall apart like sewed cleats.

This upper also improves durability and stability by having medium support to the ankle, despite being a low cut cleat.

The cleats are metal, which helps grip better than most molded cleats.

The biggest drawback to these shoes is their lack of color options; Mizuno isn’t known for their style, but rather performance.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that these cleats are used on the professional level by players like Adam Wainwright.

  • 3-layer no sew upper helps enhance the shoes durability and ability to stay intact
  • U4icX midsole is responsive, comfortable and proven to last a long time
  • Used by one of the game’s best pitchers
  • Mizuno only offers their cleats in black, gray, red, royal blue or navy blue
  • High-end price is not easy for every player to afford

The Mizuno Dominant IC Men’s Baseball Cleats have superior fit and comfort qualities that make them one of the nicest baseball cleats out there.

And, they are used by one of the game’s best pitchers, so you know they are great on the mound!

Under Armour Harper 2 RM

Bryce Harper has no short supply of accolades. In his rookie year, he won the 2012 NL Rookie of the Year award and was selected to the All-Star Game (youngest position player in history to be selected).

He was the 2015 NL MVP, ESPN Person of the Year in 2016 and a routine All-Star pick.

The Under Armour Harper RM cleats are designed to encapsulate this excellence and put it into a pair of shoes.

Under Armour Harper 2 RM baseball cleats

At the top of the cleats is a molded synthetic upper that is complete with an ankle strap.

This locks the shoe in place around the entire ankle and adds great support to this area of the foot.

The synthetic material is comfortable and lightweight. While these cleats are not specifically designed to be light and speedy, like some shoes, every little bit helps!

Inside these Under Armour baseball cleats is a full-length EVA midsole. This rubber-like material is as much tough and durable as it is comfortable and cushiony.

This midsole is designed to disperse the pressure of every footstep, so you’ll feel lighter and more agile.

With all of this cushioning, these may just be the best baseball cleats for heel pain.

Under Armour baseball cleats reviews for the Harper RM Men’s enjoy the mid-to-high top style because it is a good mix of support with a fair amount of lightweight speed.

After all, the cleats weigh 12.5 ounces, which is far less than the Nike Huarache cleats.

As molded cleats, they are great on wet days and softer fields.

These shoes come in only five color styles.

  • Inspired by one of the greatest players in baseball today
  • Medium range price with high-quality features and materials
  • EVA midsole cradles the foot comfortably and produces a nice, cushiony sponge every time the player steps
  • Lack of color options
  • Not as lightweight and speedy as other models, which could hamper a player’s ability to tear up the basepaths

Bryce Harper is one of the greatest baseball players alive; it is hard to say if these cleats match that reputation, but they have exceptional support and comfort.

And, with the molded cleats, you can save some money.

New Balance 4040V4 (Metal)

The New Balance 4040V4 Baseball Cleats are the next evolution beyond the 3000V3.

So, you can expect many similar features, but elevated to the next level.

New Balance L4040V4 metal baseball shoes

For example, these cleats feature that REVlite midsole seen in the New Balance 3000V3 review for responsive, cushioned comfort that will last all season.

But, they also have a brand new 8-spike configuration to increase a player’s ability to gain traction and have that explosive, almost unexpected speed that you need to take the defense by surprise as you steal a bag or turn a single into a double.

NB 4040V4 new 8-spike configuration

The low profile 4040V4 cleats are inspired by Boston Red Sox second baseman, Dustin Pedroia.

This model is slightly unique because it has a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) mesh material.

Not only is this material lightweight and durable, but it helps keep the shoe extra breathable.

In other words, the mesh allows cool air to easily pass through the shoe, which helps keep your feet dry.

The PROMOTION plate on the shoes outsole helps support your feet and it actually flexes as your feet do, which means you won’t lose any of that immediate slow down or fast take off that you want from your cleats.

Every step will be powerfully fast.

For even more support and stability, the lace cage and gusseted tongue of these cleats are specially engineered and even remove some more unneeded weight.

In total, the New Balance 4040V4 baseball cleats are almost a whole ounce lighter than other top New Balance cleats.

And, you have 28(!) different colors to choose from.

There’s also a wider model, which could be the best baseball cleats for wide feet. It’s hard to go wrong!

  • An improvement on an already high-end men’s baseball cleat
  • New 8-spike configuration and PROMOTION outsole plate produce unheard of explosive potential
  • Inspired by all-star second baseman Dustin Pedroia, of the Boston Red Sox
  • Available in 28 different color/style options to be the best looking baseball cleats on the field
  • As a brand new baseball cleat, you’re looking at a higher price than previous models
  • Low top design is great for speed, but lacks the ankle support of other shoes
  • Metal cleats can wear down and don’t grip as well in wet conditions or on softer fields

If there’s one thing that this New Balance cleats review demonstrates about the 4040V3 shoes, it is that these are some of the nicest baseball cleats that you can find, especially if you want explosive speed!

Nike Force Zoom Trout 4

Mike Trout has five Silver Slugger awards under his belt and is a yearly consideration (and two-time winner) of the AL MVP award.

It’s no wonder that Nike approached Trout about designing an exclusive lineup of cleats for the mega-star player.

Trout is considered a five-tool player and his cleats are packed with five tools also.

Nike Force Zoom 4 Mike Trout baseball cleats

The first tool is the hexagonal Nike Zoom units inside the midsole.

This unique pattern is specially engineered to better absorb the impact of each step, so your feet will practically feel nothing, even as you jump, run and slide all over the field.

The end result is unmatched comfort.

Next, the flexible TPU plate on the bottom of the cleats is both firm and flexible, so your natural range of motion isn’t hampered.

And, the spikes of the Mike Trout baseball cleats are precisely angled to give the player better traction on the field, as well as the ability to change directions in a moment’s notice.

The next tool of these best Nike baseball cleats is the mesh upper with a polyurethane overlay.

As we’ve seen in previous cleats, this material creates airflow to help the shoes (and the player’s feet) breathe. It’s also very durable.

That upper is helped by the 5/8 Waterfall Collar, which uses high-quality foam to cushion and support the player’s ankle.

Keeping dirt and debris out is the goal of the fourth tool in the Nike Force Zoom 4 Mike Trout Baseball Cleats.

The gusseted tongue effectively blocks dirt and other unwanted materials from getting inside the cleat’s internal bootie and sockliner, so you can continue enjoying that sock-like feel without experiencing any discomfort.

The final tool in the Force Zoom 4’s arsenal is a no-sew gloss toe.

This protective overlay provides sufficient protection to this key part of the foot, which is helpful while batting or playing the field.

It also elevates the toes so that they are slightly angled upwards.

You’ll barely notice this minor upwards turn, but it will prevent your toes from dragging and creating unwanted friction when you run.

Overall, the shoe weighs 16.6 ounces, which is heavier than most cleats.

These are built for stability and protection, not speed.

The Mike Trout baseball cleats are available in nine different colors.

  • Inspired by one of the game’s greatest five tool players, Mike Trout
  • Hexagonal midsole pattern creates a pillowy, soft cushion at every step
  • Angled cleats grip the ground with superior traction, while also allowing the player to quickly change directions
  • Tons of ankle support and comfort thanks to the mesh upper and 5/8 Waterfall Collar
  • You’d be hard pressed to find a more expensive pair of baseball cleats
  • A heavier cleat that might slow players down just a hair

These are the most expensive baseball cleats you can find, but they are also probably the best metal cleats for baseball.

They are packed with features that improve performance and player comfort.

Adidas Poweralley 5 TPU

If you want the best molded baseball cleats for batting, then look to the Adidas Poweralley 5 TPU Men’s Baseball Cleats.

These things are designed specifically for generating power and performance inside the batter’s box by creating a stable, comfortable foundation to support your batting stance.

Adidas PowerAlley 5 TPU molded baseball cleats

It starts at the very bottom of these cleats. The Protrax metal plate and TPU studs produce a stable trunk to begin creating the power your swing needs.

And, you’ll experience little-to-no underfoot pressure, even with the biggest front leg kick.

The studs and molded heel and heel clip are designed to allow your feet to pivot smoothly as you swing and turn into the pitch.

In this same motion, as you are stepping and turning your body to generate power at the plate, the seamless IRONSKIN toe cap reduces discomfort and abrasion felt as your toe drags through your step and swing motion.

This also moderately protects the top and front of your toes from any tipped balls.

In fact, much of these cleats is shielded by lightweight and flexible overlays that increase durability and protection.

For comfort, the air mesh upper and LITESTRIKE EVA midsole combine to create a bottom-of-the-feet cushion and slight ankle support.

The mesh material of the upper is breathable and helps keep sweat away and the midsole is lightweight for quick movement out of the box once you’ve made contact.

These molded cleats come in five different colors.

  • There’s no better pair of cleats when it comes time to step into the batter’s box
  • Superior stability and rotational power created during the player’s swing
  • LITESTRIKE EVA midsole helps pad the player’s foot during each step
  • IRONSKIN toe cap is both protective and functional
  • While they are great for batting, they don’t offer performance-enhancing features for other aspects of the game
  • Only available in five colors

When it’s your turn to bat, you want a pair of cleats like the Adidas Poweralley 5 TPU cleats on your feet.

They can help you generate more rotational power behind your swings.

New Balance 3000V3 Trainers

True students of the game of baseball know that there’s no such thing as an off-season or a day off.

Trainer cleats are the best baseball cleats for indoor turf fields.

They are specially designed for these indoor fields and are designed differently from traditional baseball cleats.

New Balance 3000v3 baseball trainers turf shoes

The New Balance 3000V3 Trainers are some of the best baseball cleats for practice on turf fields.

They are constructed with a mesh synthetic upper that delivers a nice breathable shoe that puts support and player comfort at the top of the list.

The collar of the shoe produces full, 360-degree support around the player’s ankle.

NB 3000V3 - good cleats for turf

At the bottom of the inside of these shoes is the REVlite midsole featured in other New Balance cleats.

This creates ample amounts of stability, as well as cushioning.

And, this midsole is lightweight, so you don’t have to lose any speed or baserunning aggression.

The outsole of these top trainer baseball cleats have “trail inspired traction” that is designed to grip the hard, unforgiving surface of indoor turf.

This helps you stay speedy and light on your feet while you practice. These shoes weight only 10 ounces.

They also feature the same debris-free tongue. As trainer shoes, this tongue doesn’t have to keep out dirt and other debris like other cleats, but they are good at keeping dust and other junk from finding their way into the cleats.

These turf trainers come in 11 different colors, so there’s a lot of style options, even with your practice shoes.

  • REVlite midsole is made from a stable, cushiony material for comfort and performance
  • Lightweight design keeps these trainer cleats at only 10 ounces in total weight, so you don’t lose any speed
  • Trail inspired traction design of these indoor cleats are great for gripping turf surfaces
  • Price is not particularly high, especially compared to metal baseball cleats, but may be too much for some players to want to spend on a trainer shoe
  • Not usable on real baseball fields, as they don’t grip actual dirt and grass well

When it comes time to practice on the off-season, you want a reliable pair of trainer baseball cleats that are designed for indoor turf and that is exactly what the New Balance 3000V3 Trainer Baseball Cleats offers.

Under Armour Yard Trainers

You may only use trainer cleats for practice, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t demand (and get) maximum performance from your turf baseball cleats.

Under Armour understands this and has made sure to deliver a trainer cleat that is packed with performance-enhancing features so that you can get the most from your practices.

Under Armour Men's Yard Trainers

At the bottom of these indoor trainers is a series of triangle-shaped cleats designed to grip indoor turf and many other surfaces.

The lightweight rubber used in the construction of these cleats is created to not leave any marks on surfaces, which means you can even use these trainer cleats on hardwood.

UA Yard training shoes - triangle-shaped cleats

The next layer, the midsole, is crafted by Under Armour’s engineers to properly transfer the energy of step into explosive speed.

It also cushions these steps to reduce pressure felt on the bottom of your feet.

Also helping the player’s comfort is the high-rebound insole, which absorbs more of this shock that would otherwise be felt on the underside of the feet.

These trainer cleats are meant for speed. That’s why they have the low top style and use synthetic leather and lightweight textiles.

Under Armour understands that any amount of weight reductions translates into lighter, quicker feet.

The trainer cleats weigh just 11.4 ounces.

The only drawback to these cleats is their lack of color options. The Under Armour Yard Trainer Cleats are only available in black, white, navy, red and royal blue.

  • Lightweight materials and low-cut design makes for a speedy training cleat
  • Special, rubber, triangle cleats are good for all surfaces, especially indoor turf fields
  • The midsole properly transfers energy to produce quick take-off speeds
  • Only available in five colors, so there’s not a lot of style options
  • The price is lower than high-end metal cleats, but might be too much for some players to want to spend on a pair of practice cleats
  • Low top design doesn’t offer a lot of ankle support

When it comes to training cleats, the Under Armour Yard Trainers are a great option because they offer speed on any non-grass or non-dirt surface.

Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Youth Franchise

If you read other Mizuno baseball cleats reviews for these youth shoes, you’ll see three common themes: comfort, performance and speed, which is really all you could ask for when it comes to finding the best children’s baseball cleats, especially if your child is fast and wanting to be even faster.

Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Franchise youth baseball cleats

For comfort, the full-length midsole cradles the entire foot with cushioning. Every step is echoed with a soft, pillow-like cloud.

On top of the midsole’s comfortable cushion, the Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Youth Franchise Baseball Cleats are also built from soft, non-abrasive materials.

These cleats get their performance from the molded rubber spikes (nine in total).

This number of cleats gives plenty of grip on any outdoor surface, whether you’re batting, fielding or pitching.

9(nine) molded rubber spikes on Mizuno cleat

All of this traction ensures that your feet plant in the ground firmly when you need them to and quickly lets go when you need to take off.

Right around the corner from performance is speed. At only 6.6 ounces, these are some of the lightest molded baseball cleats for youth players available.

Much of this weight-reduction is thanks to their low top style and lightweight materials.

Without the extra weight, a youth player is able to fly around the bases or quickly cover lots of ground to make that tough play in the gap.

These Mizuno youth shoes are only available in four color options.

The lack of color options is the biggest drawback to these cleats.

  • Lightweight design promotes both speed and performance that if further helped by the 9-spike pattern
  • Affordable price, even for youth baseball cleats
  • Very comfortable, full-length midsole that helps keep feet happy
  • Lacks a lot of color/style options for young players to choose from
  • Low top style lacks ankle support that some of the other best youth baseball cleats offer

If you’re looking for cheap youth baseball cleats that will still empower you to perform better and be quicker on the field, then the Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Youth Franchise Baseball Cleats is your answer.

Under Armour Harper 2 RM JR

Kids everywhere idolize Bryce Harper and his all-star-caliber level of play.

So, it’s no wonder that Under Armour also developed their Harper RM baseball cleats for youth players.

These shoes have many of the same features of the adult version, but modified into one of the best youth baseball cleats on the market.

Under Armour Harper RM JR boys’ baseball cleats

These youth cleats have the same molded synthetic upper and adjustable ankle locking system.

The upper is comfortable, but it is really this ankle strap that provides protective support to the ankle.

The total stability that these features offer means your child will be more protective from ankle-related injuries, like sprains.

Thus, you can rest easy, no matter how hard they play!

The EVA midsole is the exact same as the adult model of these cleats, so you’re guaranteed top-quality.

This cushioned midsole disperses the pressure of each step across the entire foot, which helps combat sore feet and discomfort.

Even if your child has a long game or a double-header in a tournament, they won’t complain about foot pain at the end of the long day.

The Harper RM JR baseball shoes use rubber molded cleats.

This is perfect for youth players because fields are often softer and less maintained, which means you don’t need to invest in more expensive metal cleats. Plus, metal cleats can be more dangerous!

These cleats weigh nine ounces and come in five different color options.

  • Lots of ankle support and stability, thanks to the locking strap, which helps prevent injuries
  • EVA midsole is cushioned and disperses pressure to fend of sore feet
  • Inspired by the highly idolized Bryce Harper
  • Only five color options, so you may not be able to find your favorite color
  • High top style shoes can be difficult to remove
  • Ankle strap velcro can lose its hold over time

These pro-inspired shoes are the best Under Armour baseball cleats for youth players that want support and stability on their ankles, as well as a cushioned midsole.

New Balance Junior 4040V4

The New Balance 4040V4 is the top-of-the-line model of baseball shoes for adults and the junior version packs a lot of the same features in a kid-sized pair of cleats.

These are low top baseball shoes with molded cleats that provide support, cushioning and durability.

New Balance Junior 4040v4 rubber molded cleats

The upper of these youth baseball cleats has a similar design to the adult version and implements durable synthetic and mesh materials for comfort, breathability and sweat prevention.

These materials have some good flex to them, which allows the cleat to move more naturally as your young player’s feet do.

Inside these low profile baseball shoes is a midsole that helps support the arch of the foot by giving it a soft cushion to land on after each step.

This means any young player can run, jump and slide hard, without the fear of feeling it on the bottom of their feet.

Lastly, the molded cleats on the bottoms of these shoes provide sufficient grip on dirt and grass.

molded cleats for sufficient grip on dirt and grass

Because they are molded, instead of metal, they are not only safer but longer lasting and won’t wear down.

The New Balance Junior 4040V4 Baseball Cleats are available in five color options, but some of the style choices have a digital camo pattern on the side and inside of the shoes, which is a pretty cool looking touch!

You can also choose the width of the shoes, which makes this a great option if you’re looking for the best youth baseball cleats for wide feet. These cleats weight 9.3 ounces.

  • The upper of the cleats is built from quality, durable materials for comfort and airflow
  • Midsole cushioning in key spots for less pressure felt on the bottom of the player’s feet
  • While only available in four colors, the digital camo produces some added style flair
  • Doesn’t provide a lot of ankle support, which some young players may want
  • Heavier than some competing cleats, like the Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced
  • Midsole doesn’t cushion the entire foot, just key areas

The New Balance Junior 4040V4 Baseball Cleats are a good option for any young player because they provide a fair amount of support, comfort and performance.

Adidas Kids’ Rundown

If you’re looking for no-thrills baseball cleats for toddlers or very young players that are just beginning to learn the game, then the Adidas Kids’ Rundown Baseball Cleats are great because they are very basic cleats at a very affordable price.

You don’t have to break the bank just to put a pair of cleats on your young child.

Adidas Kids' Rundown baseball cleats

These youth baseball shoes are built with synthetic materials and rubber cleats.

The upper is durable and comfortable, so they’ll be sure to last until the child inevitably grows out of them and they won’t cause any pain or discomfort while the young player is wearing them.

The rubber cleats are safe and will adequately grip the grass and dirt of the field.

This helps keep the player running and performing.

The cleats are available in just one color, black, and can run as small as size 10K.

  • Very affordable cleat for young players
  • Built to last all season long (or until your child grows out of them)
  • Rubber cleats are safe and provide good traction on dirt and grass
  • It’s a very basic cleat that lacks any performance-enhancing features
  • Only available in one color

This cleat makes the list for parents that just want a basic, inexpensive pair of cleats for their young child or toddler.

Our Recommendations For The Best Baseball Cleats

Now that our baseball cleats reviews are done, it’s time to quickly reflect on some of the models that we feel are really the best-of-the-best for certain situations or categories.

Overall Best Baseball Cleats

If we had to choose only one option, it would have to be the Nike Lunar Vapor Ultrafly Elite.

These cleats have a great fit for extreme comfort, even on wider feet, and the blend of metal and molded cleats really provides the best universal grip for extreme speed and performance.

The Nike Force Zoom Trout 4 Baseball Cleats are a close runner up and could be the best overall if you’re looking for a cleat that is much more stable and supportive.

Best Baseball Cleats For The Money

If money is a concern and you don’t want to shell out for the most expensive pairs, your best bet is a toss-up between the New Balance 3000V3 Metal Cleats or the Under Armour Harper 2 RM Baseball Cleats.

Both shoes have their distinct advantages, but their best quality is being a high performing shoe at a slightly more affordable price.

Most Supportive Baseball Cleats

This is hands down the Under Armour Harper 2 RM.

The ankle locking system is really great at keeping a stable fit that doesn’t loosen during play.

And, the midsole correctly disperses pressure to reduce heel and foot soreness.

Best Baseball Cleats For Speed

Another hands down winner, this time it goes to the Adidas Adizero Afterburner 4.

There is not a feature or detail of these cleats that isn’t optimized for speed.

Just look at the names of the individual features within the cleat: SPRINTSKIN, LITESTRIKE, SPRINTFRAME.

These things are just built to be fast and light!

Best Baseball Cleats For Batting

The Adizero Afterburner 4 cleats may be built for speed, but when it comes to hitting, nothing matches the Adidas Poweralley 5 TPU Baseball Cleats.

Not only do these provide a stable base as you step into the box, but they also help the players feet pivot as they turn their body into the pitch.

This creates more power behind your swings!

Best Baseball Cleats For Pitching

It’s hard to say no to the expertise of an all-star player like Adam Wainwright.

For that reason, this category has to go to the Mizuno Dominant IC because these are the exact shoes he wears when he’s on the mound!

Best Youth Baseball Cleats

This winner is a toss up between the Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Youth Franchise and the Under Armour Harper 2 RM JR.

In terms of sheer performance and quality, the Mizuno pair has the slight edge and is likely the better cleat.

However, in a kid’s mind, it is hard to beat having a pair of cleats inspired by the great Bryce Harper!


Congratulations on reaching the end of this buyer’s guide for the best baseball cleats for 2019.

You now have all of the knowledge and expertise that you need to make an informed purchase of a new pair of baseball cleats, whether they are for yourself or someone else or you need the fastest baseball cleats or the most supportive.

That said, don’t be afraid to do some extra research beyond this guide and look at choices that we didn’t include in our selection of baseball cleats reviews!

It is also important to remember that our choices for the best baseball cleats are just suggestions and you should still try multiple pairs out at your local sporting goods store.

Everyone’s feet are different! What feels great to us might not feel so good to you and your feet.