The 15 Best Batting Gloves for Baseball & Softball 2021

In baseball, any small advantage can be the difference between a hit and an out.

At the plate, having the best batting gloves on your hands can be that small competitive edge that allows you to swat the long ball and tie up the game in those crucial spots.

But, there’s a lot of batting glove reviews out there, which can make it hard to find that perfect fit for your hands.

To alleviate this difficulty of finding the best batting gloves, we’ve compiled this helpful guide.

batting gloves buying guide

Not only do we include a wide, varied selection of batting glove reviews for the highest quality batting gloves we could find, we also include helpful buying guide information that answers important questions like: what are batting gloves for, how to size batting gloves, who makes the best batting gloves, and much more…

Our Top Picks For The Best Batting Gloves

We understand that not every player wants to read a ton of reviews or sift through a buying guide, especially when they already know a lot about what makes for good batting gloves.

So, we decided to put our recommendations front and center and get right to the point and answer that all important question: What are the best batting gloves?

Best Men’s Batting Gloves - Franklin CFX Pro

If you’re simply looking for the best, top-of-the-line batting gloves, your greatest option is likely the Franklin CFX Pro batting gloves.

These are the official batting gloves of Major League Baseball and for good reason.

They have a tremendously comfortable fit, premium leather materials and more.

The Easton Z10 HyperSkin gloves are a close runner-up for this category.

Best Gloves For Youth Baseball - Easton Youth HS VRS

Often, youth sporting equipment mirrors their adult counterparts, but with lower quality materials and fewer features.

The belief is that youth batting gloves don’t need these high-end qualities.

The Easton Youth HS VRS gloves, on the other hand, don’t fall into that trap.

They have more features than even some adult-model batting gloves!

They may be a little more expensive than other youth models, but have more than enough features to make that price worth it.

Best Softball Batting Gloves - Mizuno Finch

Whether you’re looking for the best slowpitch softball batting gloves or fastpitch batting gloves, your best option is likely the Mizuno Finch batting gloves.

With a design inspired by the renowned Jennie Finch, a legend in the fastpitch softball world, it’s hard to go wrong with these gloves.

They have all of the qualities and features important to softball athletes at the top of their game.

Best Gloves For The Money - Rawlings Workhorse

For players on a budget, finding the best equipment for the right price is crucial. For these players, we recommend the Rawlings Workhorse batting gloves.

These are some of the best Rawlings batting gloves available and arguably the most durable batting gloves on the market.

Thanks to this durability, these batting gloves will be sure to last a long time and continue to perform season after season, so you won’t have to keep investing in new batting gloves each year.

It is important to note that these are only our recommendations.

If these picks don’t sound like they fit your unique player profile, then we encourage you to read on into our top 15 review section and find a pair of batting gloves better suited to your needs.

On the other hand, if one of these gloves does fit your preferences, then you can find a more detailed review below with complete information.

Batting Gloves Buying Guide

If this is your first time researching and shopping the best men’s and women’s batting gloves, then you likely have some immediate questions.

This section aims to answer all of the most basic questions about batting gloves.

What Are Batting Gloves For?

Batting gloves give a hitter additional grip and hand protection at the plate.

Not every batter uses them, but the majority find them to be important pieces of baseball and softball equipment, as they help keep the hands from sliding or moving through the swing.

They also reduce the sting felt on a player’s hands that can sometimes result from a ball hit too low around the taper of the bat.

Batting gloves can even protect the hands from blisters and help wick sweat away.

How Should Batting Gloves Fit?

To ensure that batting gloves offer the added grip and other benefits that players look for, they need to fit correctly.

how should batting gloves fit

A batting glove that is too tight will not only be uncomfortable, but it will rip or tear more quickly.

If the gloves are too large and loose, extra material will bunch and cause discomfort and will compromise the grip on the bat handle.

How Do You Size Batting Gloves?

Batting gloves measure in size from the tip of the biggest finger to the base of the palm.

The difficult part of sizing a batting glove is, unlike baseball gloves, for instance, which are sized by inches, these products are sized less precisely, by small, medium, large, X-large and so on.

That said, batting glove brands typically use the same general sizing parameters, which looks something as follows:

batting gloves sizing chart

These are average sizes and not universal.

Before buying a pair of batting gloves, it is best to look at the company’s unique sizing chart and, if you can, try the products on.

Qualities To Look For In The Best Batting Gloves

There’s a number of qualities and features to consider when shopping for batting gloves.

The best batting glove features are largely dependent on what the player needs.

Some hitters look solely for grip, others want the best batting gloves to prevent blisters or to add wrist support and so.

1. Grip

Most players look for grip, as the primary quality from their batting gloves.

This characteristic gives hitters a competitive edge by offering more control over their bat and swing.

Batting gloves almost always have a tacky material across the palm (almost always some type of leather), which offers an enhanced grip to help the hitter keep a firm hold on the bat’s handle.

2. Protection

Batting gloves moderately shield a player’s hand from balls that come too inside on the hitter.

While most are only made from thin, breathable leather, it is still better protection than simply bare hands.

Plus, some of the best padded batting gloves take it a step further with plastic inserts (usually on the back of the hands), which offer another layer of shielding against wild pitches.

3. Shock Absorption

Similar to “Protection,” some players want to prevent any pain or discomfort on their hands by eliminating another common source of harm – bat sting.

When a player makes contact with a ball, it sends shockwaves across the entire bat.

If the ball is hit close to the bat’s handle or far away from the “sweet spot,” those vibrations can be really uncomfortable and even painful.

That’s because the bat is actually ringing inside the player’s grip and vibrating violently against their palms and fingers.

Some batting gloves offer shock absorbing materials that eliminate the threat of bat sting and allows a player to swing confidently and without any fear of a painful response.

4. Blister Prevent

Did you know that some of the first people to wear batting gloves were trying to prevent blisters?

In fact, Ken Harrelson, who is largely considered the first player to wear batting gloves during a live game, decided to wear his golf gloves during a game to protect a blister that had developed early in the day.

Harrelson had been told he would have the day off, so he decided to spend the afternoon golfing.

After 36 holes, he arrived at the ballpark and discovered he was batting third.

Yet, he had a large blister from his golfing exploits.

To try and reduce his discomfort and ensure the blister didn’t worsen, he dug his golfing gloves out of his bag and used them at the plate.

From there, batting gloves became a staple of the hitter’s equipment.

5. Wick Sweat

Whether it is the summer heat or sweaty palms from at-bat nerves, hitters often have to combat sweat on their hands and the negative impact it has on their grip.

Even with batting gloves, sweat can be a very real and very uncomfortable problem.

That’s why top rated batting gloves often implement sweat wicking materials that eliminate this issue and help keep the player’s hands dry and comfortable.

6. Wrist Support

Most batting gloves end at the base of the palm, but some extend further down the wrist.

These types of batting gloves are particularly favored by players that have injured their wrist in the past.

These hitters need the best batting gloves with wrist support to help ensure that their injury isn’t aggravated again.

7. Materials

The materials used in the construction of the batting gloves are the last thing to consider.

Not only will the materials often dictate the price (cheap batting gloves use cheaper materials and expensive gloves use high-quality, costly materials), they also add to durability, comfort, protection and much more.

Best Brands Of Batting Gloves

It is nice to have an idea of some of the best brands that make batting gloves.

This tells you what companies you can always trust to make high-quality products.

Some brands have been in the business for years and truly understand the features and traits that players look for from their batting gloves.


Easton is one of the most recognizable and reputable brands in the baseball world.

Their aluminum bats are often some of the best on the market each year.

Easton’s innovative technology development extends to their selection of batting gloves.

For instance, many of the best Easton batting gloves utilize the brand’s HyperSkin technology, which makes the item feel like a second skin!


Franklin is known for their handwear (and other sports equipment) across many different sports: golf, hockey, football and, of course, baseball.

Their deep expertise in sports gloves means they deliver batting gloves that hit on all of those important characteristics – comfort, grip, support, blister control, protection and so on.


Mizuno’s engineers are known for their inscrutable product designs.

White they may appear simple – Mizuno is not one for flashy designs – batting gloves are precisely made to give the wearer all of the features and qualities needed most.

Mizuno is active in both baseball and softball spaces, which means they offer some of the best batting gloves for girls and boys.


Nike is a familiar brand in all parts of the world, especially by athletes. Their footwear is the stuff of legends.

Yet, they’ve done a good job imparting what they’ve learned from their Nike shoes and other products into their batting gloves.

Not only are their gloves high quality, but they also have some of the most stylish designs and a vast array of color options to choose from.


Rawlings, similar to brands like Easton or Louisville Slugger, is particularly well known and highly respected in the baseball world.

They make all types of equipment, from mitts and bats, to baseball batting gloves.

Rawlings’ products really stand out for their low prices and simple designs.

Thus, they make some of the best batting gloves for kids and beginners.


Clutch is not nearly as familiar of a brand as the others to make the list.

However, what makes this brand and its batting gloves stand out, aside from the good materials and performance-enhancing features, is the incredible graphic design elements used in their appearance.

These batting gloves are like works of art; you’ll have no problem standing out on the field.

How Much Do Batting Gloves Cost?

On average, you can expect to spend between $20 to $30 for an average pair of adult batting gloves.

High-end batting gloves will cost closer to $40.

For younger players, you can find cheap youth batting gloves for as low as $10.

But, if you want the best youth batting gloves, you may be spending as much as $25 to $30.

The cost of batting gloves depends on all of the factors discussed in this buying guide.

The brand, materials, size, type and any other features included in a pair of batting gloves all contribute to its final price.

Top 15 Batting Glove Reviews

Now that we’ve detailed all of the frequently asked questions about shopping for the best batting gloves on the market, we can focus on batting glove reviews.

As always, we pick our selection of products to include options for all types of players, budgets, levels of play and so on.

Mizuno Covert

These top batting gloves aim to successfully deliver fit, comfort, breathability and grip to every plate appearance.

Unlike many other batting gloves that have flashy features and style options, these products are true to their covert name and the Mizuno design philosophy of keeping it simple, yet high performing.

Mizuno Covert Batting Gloves

For grip, the Mizuno Covert batting gloves have a smooth, white leather palm.

This is a common design material for batting gloves because leather is very durable, yet sticky.

Thus, it adds to grip, but also withstands the friction created between the palm and bat handle during a player’s swing.

These gloves flex and breathe very naturally because of the Mizuno Air Mesh liner.

This material exists between the thicker materials to provide the necessary ventilation and flex at strategic points along the stitching, such as the knuckles, fingertips and other locations.

The stretchable nature of the material, coupled with the QuikAdjust wrist tab, delivers an exceptional, secure and customizable fit.

The compression molded, neoprene wristband offers moderate wrist support and has a personalized number plate, so no one will mistake them as their own.

The Mizuno Covert batting gloves have different color options that accent the white leather: navy, red, orange, green, royal blue and digital camo.

Each glove option is accented with chrome-colored Mizuno logos.

  • Mizuno Air Mesh creates flex and moisture wicking to control sweat.
  • Compression molded neoprene band for wrist support and custom fit.
  • Sleek, white leather and chrome elements for a simple, but professional design.
  • Very little protective, shock absorbing features.
  • Smooth nature of leather palm may not be the grippiest.

If you are after the best batting gloves for fit and comfort, then the Mizuno Covert gloves are a top pick.

They are arguably the best batting gloves for sweaty hands!

Their strategically placed ventilation holes and adjustable wrist strap are the keys to these gloves’ success.

Franklin Shok-Sorb NEO

As you may have guessed by the name, the Franklin Shok-Sorb NEO gloves are designed to be the best shock absorbing batting gloves.

Aside from just reducing bat sting, however, these batting gloves have other notable features.

Franklin Shok-Sorb NEO Batting Gloves

Before we get into these other features, let’s first discuss what makes these the best Franklin batting gloves for absorbing shock.

Gloves that are designed to reduce bat sting supply a thicker, padded palm, which is exactly what the Shok-Sorb NEO gloves do.

The difference, however, is that Franklin strategically shapes and places its shock absorbing padding to achieve the best results possible.

After this carefully engineered shock absorbing padding, the next highlightable feature is the Franklin Shok-Sorb NEO’s floating thumb design.

By creating a free and flexible thumb, the player’s grip is much more adaptable and this key digit can move fluently.

For even more comfort, these Franklin batting gloves feature an ultra-thin, see-through and breathable Lycra mesh material.

This is great for keeping the player’s hands cool, while simultaneously delivering a very lightweight glove.

The leather of the Shok-Sorb NEO batting gloves is designed to provide sufficient tactility in all weather conditions.

This is an important design element that suggests a good, all-weather pair of batting gloves.

These batting gloves have four color scheme options.

  • Super shock absorption to always maintain fearless swing confidence.
  • Lightweight, breathable Lycra mesh for supreme comfort.
  • Floating thumb creates a more natural, unrestricted grip on bat handle.
  • All weather leather for playing in any condition.
  • Ultra-thin Lycra may create durability issues.
  • Lack of color and design options.

With all-weather leather palm, top-notch shock absorption and other design features, the Franklin Shok-Sorb NEO gloves are versatile, affordable and great for any game occasion.

Mizuno Finch

Jennie Finch is a legendary softball player of the highest caliber.

She’s been in partnership with Mizuno’s fastpitch softball division for years now helping them develop pro-inspired fastpitch softball products.

The Mizuno Finch gloves and other equipment allows young girls to elevate their game to the next level.

Mizuno Finch Batting Gloves

The Jennie Finch softball batting gloves share a lot of similarities to the Mizuno Covert gloves.

For example, they both share the strategically placed Air Mesh backing that adds breathability and flexibility.

And, the QuikAdjust strap system for fast, customizable and secure fit.

The palm of the Jennie Finch batting gloves is made from durable leather.

It’s only reinforced with the padded Mizuno ShokPalm, which also adds comfort, bat sting reduction and feel.

Together, these two features create one of the best batting gloves to reduce sting and protect the palm.

These affordable, women’s batting gloves for fastpitch softball are available in four color accents that supplement the black-gray base color.

  • Designed specifically for fastpitch softball by a legendary player.
  • Mizuno Air Mesh makes for a very light, breathable pair of gloves.
  • Quickly adjustable on the go and for various sized hands.
  • Protective on the palm and have durable wear.
  • Only four color options, which may limit a player’s style.
  • May not be suited for cold weather play.

If you’re looking for the best fastpitch softball batting gloves, then it is hard to say no to a product inspired by a bonafide softball professional.

Easton HS3

Easton products are known for their innovative, performance-enhancing features and designs.

While the Easton HS3 gloves are relatively basic, compared to the company’s other offerings, they still feature a great design with a fair selection of batting glove technologies.

Overall, these batting gloves are designed to be a good fit for a variety of players because they have durability, comfort and wrist support features.

Easton HS3 Batting Gloves

Despite being rather basic, they are designed to last a while and maintain a flexible and breathable fit.

First, the palm leather is notably made from goatskin. This type of leather is known to be very durable, yet soft to the touch.

This added durability helps ensure that the gloves keep their shape for a longer period of time.

What’s more impressive than the goatskin leather is the Zonal Flex Design.

Easton carefully and strategically sectioned these batting gloves to achieve optimal flex.

Every knuckle and joint is fitted with stretchable material that allows the player’s hands to act, move and feel as natural and unfettered as possible.

The Easton HS3 batting gloves are available in a couple basic patterns, like white, red/white, blue/white and black/white.

Compared to most performance batting gloves, they have a cheap price tag.

  • Zonal Flex Design ensures a comfortable and natural range of movement.
  • Goatskin leather construction is soft, yet durable.
  • Moderate wrist protection is particularly ideal for players with prior hand injuries.
  • Lacks protective and bat sting prevention features.
  • Uncertain how the durability of the more stretchable material fairs.

The Easton HS3 batting gloves, for the price, offer great flex, promising durability and moderate wrist support.

They may be the best batting gloves for the money.

Under Armour Clean Up IV

The Under Armour Clean Up IV batting gloves have a lot in common with the Easton HS3 gloves.

For instance, both pairs of top-rated batting gloves are made from the soft and durable goatskin leather.

Similar to Easton’s Zonal Flex Design, these Under Armour batting gloves use a similar, breathable, 4-way stretchable material.

Not only does this ultra-thin fabric help cut weight and allow the hands to flex more naturally, it also has excellent moisture management properties, which Under Armour deems their “HeatGear” technology.

Under Armour Clean Up IV Batting Gloves

Under Armour takes the flexibility of their batting gloves a step further with palm-side finger perforations.

These add another region to the moisture management system.

With an all-hand moisture wicking design, the Clean Up IV gloves are able to make sweat a problem of the past.

The Under Armour Clean Up IV batting gloves also have a contoured wrist strap that fits the natural curvature of a player’s back-of-hand.

This promotes a snugger overall fit.

These batting gloves are a great universal option because there are models for men, women and youth players.

All Under Armour batting gloves have internal locker tags that allow a player to personally identify their gloves with a name or uniform number.

The Clean Up IV gloves have very limited color options. Black is the most available.

However, there are a wide range of size options.

  • 4-way stretchable material is flexible, breathable and lightweight.
  • Naturally contoured wrist strap promises a snug, comfortable fit.
  • Options for men, women and youth players.
  • Limited color options, especially across the wide range of sizes.
  • Built for comfort and fit, not protection or padding.
  • Many similarities to the Easton HS3, but cost more.

The Under Armour Clean Up IV batting gloves are a very efficient, universal pair of gloves.

While they lack a lot of color options, they have excellent comfort and wrist support features.

Marucci Elite

Marucci is known for their pro-inspired products.

They have a deep advisory board of past and present all-star level players that offer input and MLB-level wisdom to influence their products.

This extends to the Marucci Elite batting gloves, which were the on-field glove of choice for Jose Bautista.

These adult batting gloves are made from a combination of digitally embossed cabretta sheepskin leather, mesh and Lycra.

The quality sheepskin leather delivers a superb grip for great swing control, while the Lycra and mesh components allow the Marucci Elite gloves to flex and breathe naturally.

The fingers of these batting gloves are pre-curved during manufacturing, which creates an awesome fit at the very first wear.

Marucci Elite Batting Gloves

The fit and comfort of these gloves is adjusted through an elongated neoprene strap closure.

This features also offers above-average wrist support.

The snug fit of the Marucci Elite is designed to ensure that the material does not bunch up at any critical points.

This helps the player maximize their grip and comfort during their time at the plate.

Similar to gloves like the Easton HS3 and their Zonal Flex Design, this Marucci option also has carefully plotted Lycra stretch points that allow the player to move their hands as normally as they would without the impediment of a glove.

The Marucci Elites are excellent batting gloves that any level of player can experience and enjoy.

Their only drawback is a lack of color options. These batting gloves are most commonly sold in all-white or black/yellow.

  • Pro-inspired design used by professional players like Jose Bautista.
  • Some of the most natural feeling and flexing batting gloves.
  • Adjustable wrist strap for customized fit and expanded wrist support.
  • Very few available color options.
  • Above average pricing.
  • Tight fitting batting gloves can have durability issues.

If you’re looking to find what batting gloves do the pros use, then the Marucci Elite gloves need to be on your radar.

They are also some of the best fitting batting gloves.

Easton Youth HS VRS

There’s a lot of similarities between Easton’s HS VRS youth batting gloves and the adult-sized HS3 gloves.

Both gloves feature the Zonal Flex areas to maximize flex, fit and sweat management.

These products also both rely on soft, durable goatskin in the palm to deliver a long-lasting, comfortable pair of youth batting gloves.

Easton Youth HS VRS Batting Gloves

On top of the Zonal Flex pattern, these Easton youth batting gloves have four VRS (hence the name) palm pads.

This protective feature helps reduce vibrations felt in the bat handle to absorb shock; it even helps prevent blisters.

The Easton Youth HS VRS gloves produce an exceptional fit thanks to their HyperSkin (HS) technology.

This feature is designed to act like a second skin on the players’ hands to flex and move as naturally as they would without a glove on.

Wrist support is another important quality to batting gloves, which the Easton Youth HS VRS gloves have in spades.

Compared to other similar products, the wrist strap of these gloves is approximately 40% longer for added support and protection.

The fit and function of this wrist strap is helped by the hook and lock closure system.

Not only is this an adjustable fit for all young baseball or softball players, but it is also very secure.

The primary drawback to these youth batting gloves is a distinct lack of color choices to choose from.

They are comparatively expensive, but, with all of these features, the price is worth it.

  • Zonal Flex Design and VRS Palm Pads create a strategic layout for optimal protection and breathability.
  • 40% longer wrist strap adds support and protection to this area of the hand.
  • HyperSkin material flexes naturally like a second skin.
  • Durable goatskin leather means these batting gloves are built to last.
  • Very little style for an overall boring appearance.
  • Cost is high, especially for youth batting gloves.

While the Easton Youth HS VRS batting gloves may not be much to look at, they deliver on every important quality: fit, protection, shock absorption, blister prevention, wrist support, comfort, durability, movement and more.

They are easily the best batting gloves for boys and girls at the youth levels of play.

DeMarini Digi Camo II

The DeMarini Digi Camo II batting gloves are some of the coolest batting gloves out there because of their digital camouflage appearance.

Players can choose between ten colors with this great, modern graphic.

You’ll have no problem finding a color to match your team’s uniform.

The Digi Camo II batting gloves are available in men’s and youth sizes.

Men’s DeMarini Digi Camo II
Youth DeMarini Digi Camo II

Aside from the aesthetics, these gloves have a number of great, high-performance features.

First, a smooth leather palm constructed from sheepskin provides a comfortable wear and good grip on a bat handle.

Having a leather palm also helps enhance the lifespan of the gloves by bolstering durability.

The backhand of these gloves are carefully built with a 4-Way Stretch material and a Silicon Overlay.

The 4-Way Stretch feature is seen in a lot of batting gloves because it helps the gloves mirror the natural movements of the player’s hands.

The Silicon Overlay, on the other hand, is more unique to the DeMarini Digi Camo II gloves.

This allows the product to maintain its shape and structure for longer, while also giving a small amount of back-of-hand protection.

For wrist support, fit and comfort, these best DeMarini batting gloves have a Pro Grade Wrist Strap.

This strap is easily adjustable, so you can maintain and re-apply that snug fit after each swing.

And, it has a moisture-wicking quality to help keep you free from sweat.

  • Adjustable wrist strap keeps the gloves fitting snuggly.
  • 4-Way Stretch and Silicon Overlay offer up an impressive backhand.
  • Digital camo pattern and vast color options to match any style or uniform.
  • Moderate to high price may be out of budget for some players.
  • Not available in softball-specific model.
  • Soft leather isn’t always as durable as other types.

Aside from being some of the best looking batting gloves out there, the DeMarini Digi Camo II gloves also provide excellent back-of-hand features and a quick adjusting wrist strap that goes a step further by offering sweat control too.

Louisville Slugger Advanced Design

The standout feature of the Louisville Slugger Advanced Design batting gloves is, without question, the Advanced Impact Composite (AIC) material.

This is present around the wrist, back-of-hand and pinky finger.

The AIC is a padded grid of “impact-absorbing, intelligent material,” which is designed to protect the most at-risk parts of the player’s hands, without sacrificing flexibility, fit or performance.

Past the AIC material, much of the remaining pattern of these batting gloves is constructed from a combination of embossed premium sheepskin on the palm and perforated cabretta leather on the backside of the hand.

Together, these materials offer up an ultra-durable pair of batting gloves.

Louisville Slugger Youth Advanced Design Gloves

The cabretta leather pairs great with the Louisville Slugger Advanced Design Batting Gloves’ Lycra Stretch Zones.

The result is a breathable back-of-hand that stretches to better accommodate the player’s hands and achieve an always-snug fit.

The last feature of the Louisville Slugger Advanced Design batting gloves is the neoprene and TPR (thermoplastic rubber) wrist strap.

This easy-to-adjust band is moderately supportive and the rubberized material generates a little added protection.

  • AIC technology is very protective and absorbs heavy impact.
  • Combination of cabretta leather and sheepskin for durability and comfort.
  • Stretchable, breathable backhand construction of Cabretta and Lycra.
  • Mid-to-high price hurts the affordability of these gloves.
  • AIC creates a raised structure on the back of the gloves that may be uncomfortable at first.

The Louisville Slugger Advanced Design gloves are innovatively designed to be some of the most protective batting gloves on the market.

This smart design delivers some of the best baseball batting gloves you can buy.

Rawlings Workhorse

Rawlings appropriately named these batting gloves “Workhorse” because they are built to withstand a heavy workload and still maintain their performance and integrity.

Achieving this crazy level of strength is no easy task.

The Rawlings Workhorse batting gloves have multiple features dedicated to increasing and reinforcing their durability.

For example, the elastic wrist closure isn’t just notable because it provides an adjustable fit and some added wrist support, it is also reinforced for even more strength.

However, the true source of the Rawlings Workhorse batting gloves’ durability is in the leather.

The extra-strong material is practically guaranteed to last multiple seasons.

Adult Rawlings Workhorse Gloves
Youth Rawlings Workhorse Gloves

For more strength and protection, the palm is fixed with Dura-Plus pads to reduce any sting or discomfort otherwise felt by the player’s hands.

The palm leather undergoes an Oiltac 2 Treatment, which creates an almost adhesive-like grip in this key area.

In short, this is arguably the most feature-rich palm of any pair of batting gloves out there.

For comfort, Rawlings brings their Dynamic Fit System to the table.

This allows a player to really personalize the fit of the gloves to meet their own preferences.

The “dynamic” nature of this feature means it changes and reacts to the player’s movements for superb flex.

These batting gloves have six different color options, but a higher price point.

  • Perhaps the most durable, long-lasting pair of batting gloves out there.
  • Oiltac 2 Treatment helps create a very sticky grip on the palm of these gloves.
  • Dura-Plus padding aims to eliminate sting and protect the inside of the player’s hands.
  • High price is definitely an area of concern.
  • Gloves lack the mesh-like, breathable materials that many other products have.

While the Rawlings Workhorse batting gloves may be on the high end of the price spectrum, they are built to last an exceptionally long time, which justifies that price.

Not to mention, they have a host of great features.

Franklin CFX Pro

Franklin’s CFX Pro batting gloves have routinely been a favorite amongst top players and it is easy to see why.

From top-notch performance-enhancing features to quality materials and even better craftsmanship, these are not just the best Franklin batting gloves, they may just be the best batting gloves period.

The 2018 model Franklin CFX Pro only further the company’s yearly conquest of the batting glove space.

Much of the credit is thanks to the unique way that these gloves are designed.

Franklin CFX Pro Batting Gloves

Franklin uses premium Pittards Digital sheepskin leather, which has a perfect balance of softness and grip, no matter what weather condition you’re playing in.

The palm leather is particularly noteworthy. It is designed with a single, reinforced piece of leather.

Not only does this enhance the durability in this critical area, but it also eliminates any awkward seams or material bunches that can compromise the great grip of the leather.

Franklin calls this their Quad-Flex Creasing design.

Aside from quality leather, the next huge benefit of these gloves is found in their fit and flexibility.

Each glove undergoes a TRI-CURVE process that sculpts the interior of the gloves to match the real, anatomical details of the fingers.

This takes that glove-like fit to a whole new plateau.

Then, a Dual-Layered Lycra-Flex Bridge creates a flexible ridge behind each knuckle to allow them to move as naturally as possible.

Top it off with an adjustable hook and loop wrist closure and you have a truly form fitting and customizable comfort experience.

Last on the list of features for the Franklin CFX Pro batting gloves is the Tectonic Fit inserts.

This flexes alongside the back of the hand and doesn’t create any unnecessary bulk or discomfort.

The insert adds a small layer of extra protection to this at-risk area of the hand.

These are the official batting gloves of Major League Baseball and are available in a number of different styles.

  • Premium leather ensures one of the best batting gloves out there for performance.
  • Dual-Layered Lycra-Flex Bridge and TRI-Curve process create a phenomenal fit.
  • The signature batting gloves of the MLB.
  • Price is always an issue when you are buying top-of-the-line sports equipment.
  • Color options may vary based on vendor stock.
  • Available as a youth model but with lower quality materials and design.

It is hard to argue with the batting gloves of choice of the MLB; the Franklin CFX Pro gloves are truly at the top of the game.

Easton Z10 HyperSkin

The Z-series of batting gloves has been a favorite among Easton brand lovers for years.

In 2016, the then-Z7 batting gloves took home the crown as the favorite at the 2016 Men’s College World Series and 2016 Little League Baseball World Series.

For 2021, Easton has unveiled their Z10 HyperSkin batting gloves, the next in the series.

Easton Z HyperSkin Batting Gloves have always been noted for two major qualities: grip and fit.

The Easton Z10’s are no exception to this reputation.

Easton Z10 HyperSkin Batting Gloves

They feature the same ultra-flexible HyperSkin technology and Lycra back-of-hand to produce a comfy pair of batting gloves with excellent range of motion.

And, the one-piece Pittards laser Cabretta Sheepskin leather on the palm produces that legendary grip that these best Easton batting gloves are known for.

This top-quality leather also enhances durability and overall player comfort.

Because the palm leather is a single piece, there is no concern of material bunching and hurting performance or grip.

Z10 Hyperskin Baseball Batting Gloves

The Easton Z10 HyperSkin batting gloves also excel when it comes to sweat control and player comfort.

The 37.5 Active Particle Technology attracts sweat and moisture and expels it away from the player’s hands and wrists.

Thus, they remain dry, comfortable and forever focused on their job at the plate.

These batting gloves have a Lock Down strap for added support that tightens the neoprene wrist band.

They are available in all sizes and with five color options: white, black, white/red, white/navy and white/royal blue.

  • Premium Pittards laser Cabretta Sheepskin leather guarantees long-lasting performance.
  • 5 Active Particle Technology is superb at managing sweat and moisture.
  • HyperSkin feature allows the Z10 batting gloves to feel like a second skin on the hands.
  • New, high-quality batting gloves can carry an expensive price tag compared to other products.
  • Limited color options to choose from.
  • Some reviewers cite a squeaking noise when the palm rubs against the bat handle.

The Easton Z10 HyperSkin gloves are some of the best batting gloves out there and they have the reputation to prove it.

When it comes to performance, fit and comfort, these batting gloves really deliver!

Nike MVP Elite Pro

The MVP Elite Pro gloves are the best Nike batting gloves in the company’s lineup.

These gloves utilize the same quality sheepskin leather that we’ve seen from notable competitor models, like the Easton Z10 or Franklin CFX Pro gloves.

This material provides grip and durability.

Nike MVP Elite Pro Batting Gloves

The pattern and seams of the glove are meticulously laid out to ensure that there isn’t any wear issues in the key palm area.

And, a thumb gusset creates a more naturally moving thumb that produces a tighter, concrete grip on the bat handle.

To create an adjustable, but snug fit, the Nike MVP Elite Pro gloves use a hook-and-loop wrist closure that tightens easily.

The wristband has a stylish, chrome-colored “MVP” logo.

For a Nike product, these batting gloves lack the countless color and customization options that are normally seen from this company’s sporting equipment.

There are only a handful of color options and none of them are exceedingly unique.

Despite the sheepskin leather and a design that takes durability to heart, there are a lot of reviews for these Nike batting gloves that suggest they tear easily, particularly around the seams and other key flex areas.

  • Quality sheepskin leather generates grip, performance and moderate durability.
  • Lightweight wristband with hook-and-loop closure makes a tight, adjustable fit.
  • Carefully designed to avoid material bunches and other issues.
  • A healthy number of reviews complain about the gloves’ durability.
  • Lack of color options, especially for a Nike product.
  • Very expensive considering their reported lack of durability.

It’s hard to know why some of the Nike MVP Elite Pro batting gloves reportedly tear easily.

Some reviewers cite a long lifespan. However, for the price, you may not be willing to take that gamble.

Clutch Sports Batting Gloves

As mentioned before, Clutch Sports is not as well-known of a brand, especially compared to Nike, Easton and others.

But, they easily make some of the coolest-looking batting gloves.

The designs of their gloves interlock, so when the gloves are put together, they complete a full picture or pattern.

Clutch Sports American Flag Batting Gloves

Some of their designs include American Flag, Bear Down, Bam! Pow!, Camo Flag, Black Flag, White Flag, Softball and others.

American Flag Gloves

Apart from looking cool, the Clutch Sports batting gloves also have performance-enhancing features that make them worth a second look.

First, the fingers are pre-curved.

As we’ve seen with other products, this helps create a more natural fit, because the gloves are shaped to match the subtle intricacies of the fingers.

Mesh is added in strategic areas to allow the gloves to “breathe.”

Not only does this help enhance comfort by allowing cool air to pass through the gloves, but it also helps manage sweat better.

By cooling down the hands, less sweat is produced.

When sweat does occur, it is wicked through the mesh and doesn’t remain a bother for the batter.

For even more air flow and moisture control, the one-piece, sheepskin palm leather is perforated.

This material is also known to create excellent tactility, so players don’t have to worry about losing their grip on the bat.

youth players with Bear Down gloves

Clutch Sports batting gloves are available for baseball and softball, with sizes ranging from youth to adult.

  • Lots of interlocking patterns to choose from for really unique batting glove patterns.
  • Pre-curved fingers produce a natural, easy-on fit that feels more natural on the hands.
  • Mesh material in key areas helps keep the hands cool and free from sweat.
  • Clutch Sports doesn’t offer any “plain” batting gloves to match a uniform.
  • Sacrifices quality for appearance in some areas.
  • Moderate-to-high price, especially in the youth sizes.

Some players like to come to the field with a little extra swagger and style from their gear.

That’s exactly what the Clutch Sports baseball and softball batting gloves offer.

Franklin Cold Weather Pro

For players in colder regions, when fall-ball shoulders up against some seriously cold weather, having batting gloves that help combat the issues caused by low temperatures is important.

Two major things happen to batters in the cold weather:

  1. First, the vibrations caused by bats, whether wood or aluminum, are heightened because the cold weather stiffens the bat drastically.
  2. Secondly, lower temperatures stiffen muscles and joints.

For batting, this is really detrimental because, when the hand and fingers are stiff, they can’t move as naturally as they would in normal, warmer conditions.

Thus, players need batting gloves that don’t get stiff in the cold weather and help keep the hands warm and nimble.

Franklin Cold Weather Pro batting gloves

The Franklin Cold Weather Pro gloves combat the cold weather and the resulting issues with a number of features.

The thermoregulation technology in these batting gloves is really a marvel.

One of the key heat-related features is the insulated neoprene backing, which helps trap the heat in.

It also helps contribute to the gloves’ fit.

Aside from cold weather technology, these batting gloves also have other features that make them a top contender.

They are made from the premium Pittards digital sheepskin leather for extreme grip and a longer lifespan.

And, they have that one-piece palm to eliminate bunching around the bat handle.

batting gloves that don’t get stiff

The Franklin Cold Weather Pro batting gloves are also very flexible.

They feature the Quad-Flex pattern that is also present in Franklin’s top gloves, like the CFX Pros.

This works by creating four zones in key places where flexibility is most important.

By targeting these areas with lightweight material that creases easily, the player can maneuver and use their hands without issue.

The Cold Weather batting gloves are competitively priced, but they are only available in one color option – black.

  • Thermoregulation features for comfortable, high-performance play in cold weather.
  • Quad-Flex pattern creates optimal flex in the areas that need it the most.
  • Pittards digital sheepskin leather delivers quality, durability and tactility.
  • Trapping heat in may be a detriment when the weather gets warmer.
  • Only one color option available.
  • Limited application because they are designed for use on cold days.

The Franklin Cold Weather Pro gloves are unsurprisingly the best batting gloves for cold weather.

Their thermoregulation technology is cutting edge and greatly improves play in low temperatures.

Our Recommendations (Again)

For those of you that read through each review and have reached the end of the 2021 batting gloves buying guide, we thought it was a good idea to review the top recommendations that we shared at the beginning of the buying guide:

Bonus Tips On Batting Gloves

How To Clean Batting Gloves?

You can extend the lifespan of your batting gloves (and every other piece of baseball or softball equipment) by taking good care of them, which includes routine cleaning.

Since batting gloves are primarily made from leather, you can generally use most leather cleaning products.

That said, the more serious leather cleaners should be slightly watered down.

In a pinch, you can even use regular dish soap (also should be very watered down).

To get ready to clean your batting gloves, the first thing you want to do is remove any dirt caked on.

You can remove a lot just by giving the gloves a good shaking.

For the really fine dirt particles stuck in the creases and crevices of the gloves, try using a leather brush.

Alternatively, a regular toothbrush works well.

Once the majority of the dirt has been removed, you want to use your dishwashing liquid or leather cleaner with a sponge.

You should ring most of the liquid out of the sponge before applying it to the batting gloves; it does not take a lot of cleaner and you don’t want to saturate the leather with too much water!

Last, dry the gloves with a paper towel or rag and hang them up to dry.

For even better care, you can apply leather conditioner to the gloves once they are dry.

Leather conditioner helps revitalized the fibers of the leather and keep the gloves flexible and comfortable to wear.

This is a really important step for cleaning batting gloves!

Batting Gloves On The Basepaths

If you watch a lot of baseball, you may have seen players wearing batting gloves when they get on base.

Some of these “sliding gloves” look almost like an oven mitt.

These gloves are designed to fully protect the hands, especially the fingers, when entering a head-first slide.

In the heat of a play, fielders aren’t always cognizant of where a sliding players hands will be.

Thus, it is common for them to accidentally step on fingers or hands with their cleats as they are trying to make a play.

This can be excruciatingly painful and cause injury, especially at levels of play where metal cleats are permitted.

Some of the best batting gloves for sliding (and other protective sliding equipment, like elbow pads, knee guards and so on) are made by companies like EvoShield and Benik.


Batting gloves may not be as important as your bat or baseball glove, but they provide a really important edge at the plate that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in a sport where the smallest margin determines success and failure.

With batting gloves, you are better protected from injury and discomfort.

You also experience better grip and swing control, which can make a huge difference at the plate.

Batting gloves are also a style choice that can be a unique opportunity to showcase your own personal flair.

In short, batting gloves are so much more than just gloves.

We hope that this 2021 Best Batting Gloves For Baseball And Softball Guide and the top 15 batting glove reviews included have helped you find the right pair of batting gloves.

As always, we encourage you to visit this space again in the future for your other baseball equipment concerns and questions!