The 10 Best BBCOR Baseball Bats 2020

Fall is coming which means the new models of baseball bats are slowly being introduced. We’d like to get ahead of the curve and offer you an early look at the best BBCOR baseball bats on the market. There aren’t many customer reviews, so it can be tough to know what you’re looking at, but we’re developing a good place to start.

Top 10 Best 2020 BBCOR Baseball Bat Reviews

It’s likely a struggle to find many 2020 BBCOR bat reviews, so we’d like to start early this season.

Here are the best BBCOR bats 2020:

  1. Rawlings Quatro Pro
  2. Louisville Slugger Meta
  3. Axe Elite
  4. Rawlings Velo ACP
  5. Louisville Slugger Solo
  6. Victus Vandal
  7. Louisville Slugger Omaha
  8. Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal
  9. DeMarini CF
  10. Marucci F5

1. 2020 Rawlings Quatro Pro

The 2020 Rawlings Quatro Pro continues Rawlings’ tradition of excellence. The bat offers a well-balanced swing and a sleek design. Players have said it seems hot out of the wrapper, but offers even better power after being broken in with about 200 swings.

Rawlings 2020 Quatro Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) BBZQ3

Players and coaches alike love the sound of this bat. It’s a soft ping rather than the harsh sound you get from some of the other BBCOR models. You’ll find that the Quatro swings lighter than you would expect because of the balance it offers.

Rawlings added what they call a “focused flex” by reconstructing the collar and creating a stiffer barrel head. They also changed the way they’ve layered the composite in hopes of increasing the trampoline effect when making contact. The bat still falls within the legal BBCOR coefficients, but does seem to be one of the hottest BBCOR bats we’ve reviewed.

What we like (and don’t like) about the 2020 Quatro Pro BBCOR:

  • The “cherry bomb” design is really eye catching.
  • The bat is really well-balanced.
  • Clean sound on contact.
  • Almost no vibration at all.
  • Redesigned inner barrel – longer barrel with larger sweet spot.
  • Same Lizard Skin Grip as always. Some have complained about this in the past.
  • Expensive.

The Quatro always seems to be one of the highest-rated in the business. It was our favorite bat in 2019 and, early on, it’s our favorite of the 2020 models. This bat is expensive, but it just might be worth the price. Early reports are that this bat is great for any hitter.

The Quatro is the best balanced BBCOR bat on the market. You can’t argue the quality that Rawlings provides. It’s also the best two-piece BBCOR bat you’ll find. The Quatro is well balanced. The two-piece system reduces vibration and the inner barrel offers a larger sweet spot than ever before.

2. 2020 Louisville Slugger Meta

Another favorite from 2019 is making an appearance at the top of our list. The LS Meta is a three-piece composite bat that offers good balance with a large sweet spot. The electric blue and black is eye-catching and will stand out against most of the competition on the shelf and in the dugout.

2020 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) WTLBBMTB320

The EKO composite allows for a faster break-in than previous models. The Meta has shown to have a stiffer connection point that most of the composite bats on the market. This means that a hitter is likely to have higher exit velocity using the Meta.

Some early tests have shown an average increase of about 15 feet by most batters. While this doesn’t sound like much, 15 feet is about 4% of the distance from home plate to the foul pole in a major league stadium.

What we like (and don’t like) about the 2020 Meta BBCOR:

  • Stiff barrel means higher exit velocity.
  • Large sweet spot.
  • Balanced swing.
  • Fast break in period.
  • Tacky grip tape ensures solid grip on bat.
  • Continues to be the most expensive bat on the market.

The Meta is going to perform as one of the best BBCOR bats, but I question if it (or any other bat) is worth $500. If you want a bat that catches the eye and can be easily identified, this bat will do the trick and you won’t be disappointed in its performance. It breaks in quickly and seems to increase exit velocity meaning you’ll get longer hits. If you’re willing to pay the price, this bat is great.

3. 2020 Axe Elite

If you’ve been following us for a while, you may remember that last year, we wrote about how much we love the Axe series of bats. That hasn’t changed in 2020.

The Axe Elite is a two-piece hybrid bat that is end-loaded. This means that it takes a bit more strength to move the barrel through the strike zone and that this bat is designed for power hitters.

2020 Axe Elite Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) L130H

The real change this year is in the focus on having a lower, lighter profile. The end cap is lighter and walls of the barrel are thinner than ever before. This decreases swing weight and increases a batter’s swing speed. Some estimates have shown that the new elite has an MOI improvement of over 200 points.

What we like (and don’t like) about the 2020 Elite BBCOR:

  • End-load for power hitters.
  • Thinner walls.
  • Decreased swing weight.
  • Same Axe handle design.
  • Hard to find.

The new Axe Elite has been hard for some to find. When it’s in stock, it’s definitely worth considering. It’s a two-piece hybrid with a handle designed for swing speed and only costs around $350. It offers the performance of a hybrid for the cost of a one-piece.

It has a built in vibration cancelling system built from Endogrid technology that is designed to absorb some of the shock. I’m a huge fan of the Axe brand and I assure you, this bat will not disappoint.

The Axe Elite is the best end-loaded BBCOR bat on the market. It’s is designed with power hitters in mind and the axe handle design helps hitters develop a smooth, natural swing.

4. 2020 Rawlings Velo ACP

The Velo is another model that has been around for ages. It consistently offers elite performance. Players at every level continue to show they trust the Velo. It can be found on a collegiate Division I field or a little league coach pitch field.

2020 Rawlings Velo ACP BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) BBZV3

The new end cap offers a slightly lighter swing weight. It’s a one-piece hybrid made from Ai909 alloy meaning that it has a stiff feel and increased exit velocity. The Velo comes with a urethane infusion to minimize the vibration felt on contact.

What we like (and don’t like) about the 2020 Velo ACP BBCOR:

  • Ai909 alloy offers great exit velocity.
  • One-piece function offers a stiff swing.
  • Decreased vibration from urethane infusion.
  • Decreased swing weight makes it useful for players of all ages.
  • Marketing is confusing – this isn’t a true “hybrid” bat. It’s aluminum with a composite end cap.

The Velo is a great option for any player. The Ai909 has proven to be high quality over the years. Rawlings was smart to maintain what has worked while trying to improve the handle and its vibration. Early reviews say that the urethane infusion helps, but we can’t be sure until we get more feedback.

The Velo is a one-piece alloy model meaning that it will be more reasonably priced than its hybrid, multi-piece competition. The price tag is reasonable for its high-end performance.

We believe that the Velo is the best one-piece BBCOR bat on the market. Some players have a strong preference for the natural feel of a one-piece design. If that’s what you prefer, you the Velo is the way to go.

5. 2020 Louisville Slugger Solo

The Louisville Slugger Solo is a lightweight bat designed for maximum swing speeds. Its SPD end cap reduces weight and the Hyper Alloy with thinner walls should make this one of the lightest swinging bats on the market.

2020 Louisville Slugger Solo BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) WTLBBS620B3

You’ll find that the single-piece alloy has a Pro Comfort grip that offers tackiness for better control of the bat. The Vibex handle will also help reduce vibration and negative feedback on mishits.

What we like (and don’t like) about the 2020 Solo BBCOR:

  • Great balance.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • One of the lowest swing weights on the market.
  • Boring design.

Louisville Slugger’s Solo is the modern version of last year’s Solo 619. You’ll find that it maintains its reputation as one of the lowest MOI (swing weights) in its class. That means that the Solo is one of the lightest BBCOR bats you’ll find.

I’ve been really impressed by how well this bat compares to the Rawlings Velo. The Solo is about $50 cheaper but tests out just as well. It comes down to whether you prefer to use Louisville or Rawlings. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Louisville Slugger models are the most used in college sports. Of the 8 teams that made it to the College World Series in 2019, 4 of them used Louisville sluggers. The 4 that didn’t seemed to be brand-loyal and every player on the team used a bat from the same company. You could find various models of the Solo on all 4 of those teams. That may be because it’s one of the best college bats on the market.

6. Victus Vandal

Victus is a brand that doesn’t get much love. They offer great quality but just aren’t as recognized. The Vandal is a great bat. It’s a one-piece alloy model that is “ultra balanced”. This is the first aluminum BBCOR bat that Victus has put out and I think they did a great job.

Victus Vandal BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) VCBV

Victus offers a micro-perforated grip that is among the most comfortable in the business. Some players have compared this to the top Louisville Slugger models and prefer the Vandal. We’re not ready to go quite that far, but it’s definitely among the best bats on the market.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Vandal BBCOR:

  • Great balance.
  • Flexible sweet spot.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Lack of history – some may be concerned that they don’t have a track record.
  • Boring design.

The Victus Vandal seems like a solid bat, but does lack a reputation. Victus has been known for their wood bats. We can understand where people may be scared away from the first aluminum BBCOR that the company has ever made.

That being said, we think this bat is worth consideration. Early input from players tells me that it lives up to the reputation the company has earned on the wood bat market. Like the other one-piece alloy bats, $350 is reasonable. This bat is probably best for contact hitters.

7. 2020 Louisville Slugger Omaha

The Omaha is another bat that makes our list for a second year in a row. They’ve added a new MX 7U1+ alloy which is designed to improve energy transfer. This new alloy is designed to improve durability and the swing weight.

2020 Louisville Slugger Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) WTLBBO520B3

The Omaha is, somewhat, comparable to the Solo but is designed with more end weight. This one-piece alloy bat offers a great feel as the Vibex handle minimizes negative feedback on mishits.

For players who are looking to transition from a balanced bat to an end-loaded model, the Omaha is a perfect option. It doesn’t quite fit in either category and makes the perfect in between for players trying to adjust.

What we like (and don’t like) about the 2020 Omaha BBCOR:

  • New alloy for improved energy transfer.
  • New alloy makes for a stiffer barrel.
  • Minimal negative feedback on bad hits.
  • Not quite balanced but not quite end-loaded.

I’m always a fan of the Omaha. For years, it’s been the standard of consistency, durability, and performance for one-piece bats. Because of its quality and reputation, it’s one of the most popular bats on the market.

In 2020, it’s definitely facing some competition, but I think that says more about other companies than it does Louisville. What really stands out is that this bat offers high performance while maintaining a price tag of around $200. It’s one of the best values on the market.

The Omaha may be the best high school bat on the market. We consider this a high school bat because of its lack of definition. It’s not quite an end-loaded bat, but it’s also not a fully balanced bat. Add in that the price point is around $200 and you’ve got the perfect option for a high school player who is still trying to figure things out.

8. Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal

We don’t usually opt for pro models, but the Posey28 is a minimalist bat that offers great quality. It’s a one-piece alloy meaning that it will be stiff. From a power standpoint, it will perform similarly to a wooden bat. The bat is designed to look like the bat that Buster Posey uses.

Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) MCBP28S

The AV2 knob and harmonic dampening significantly decrease vibration on bad hits. A number of players have said they like the grip tape as it is tackier than a lot of the competition. This ensures a better handle on the bat when swinging.

The Posey28 isn’t going to compete with the Quatro by any means, but it’s a great value bat. The around $300 price tag seems more reasonable. While this bat isn’t the best on the market, you’ll find that it has a deserving spot in the top 10.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Posey28 Pro Metal BBCOR:

  • Players like the extra tacky grip.
  • Expanded sweet spot.
  • Decreased vibration.
  • Thinner barrel walls means increased exit velocity.
  • It doesn’t have the same pop as the high-end bats on this list.
  • Some are put off by its simplicity – I’ve heard it’s “boring”.

The Posey28 is a perfect middle of the pack bat for anyone looking to buy something that’s a one-piece alloy model. Marucci decided this model doesn’t need the bells and whistles meaning they could offer a high-quality, affordable option. If you’re happy with something simple, this is a great option.

The Posey28 was one of two Marucci models used in the 2019 College World Series.

9. 2020 DeMarini CF

In 2019, the CF Zen was one of our favorite bats for high school players. Not much has changed with the newest model.

The Paraflex composite returns providing a responsive barrel that minimizes vibration. Its two-piece composite design allows for some flexibility in the barrel. The new ReAction end cap helps with bat speed by minimizing the end weight.

2020 DeMarini CF BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) WTDXCBC20

You’ll find that this bat continues to offer high quality, but isn’t significantly different from last year’s model. DeMarini was smart to stick with what works.

What we like (and don’t like) about the 2020 CF BBCOR:

  • Large sweet spot.
  • Track record of success.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Not much has changed.

The CF is one of the few bats that we don’t see enough change to update. It’s a great bat that offers great quality, but there weren’t many complaints about vibration from the 2019 model and that’s the only improvement that DeMarini made.

Just like the 2019 model, this bat is going to offer great performance. Given the durability and quality of the CF Zen in year’s past, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to look at last year’s model as an option.

DeMarini offers another one of the most used college bats on the market. While players use a variety of models, DeMarini tied Louisville Slugger for the most appearances in the 2019 College World Series. DeMarini’s were found on 4 different teams.

10. 2020 Marucci F5

I’ve always been a fan of Marucci. One thing that strikes me is that they keep their bats simple. From their structural design to the look of the paint, Marucci pushes for great quality more so than making things look pretty.

2020 Marucci F5 BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) MCBF52

The F5 is a one-piece alloy bat that offers a ring-free barrel. That means that you can expect great durability from the F5. You’ll find that this bat offers a balanced feel and a large sweet spot. The micro-perforated grip minimizes vibration on contact.

What we like (and don’t like) about the 2020 F5 BBCOR:

  • Seems highly durable.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • Comfortable grip minimizes vibration.
  • Bland looking.
  • Only cosmetics have changed.

The F5 is another example of a company deciding not to mess with their product. The F5 has been a quality model for years now, and Marucci didn’t want to mess that up. Based on some interaction with distributors, it seems like the 2020 model of the F5 is literally the same bat with an updated paint job. Early feedback says that the F5 is a high-quality bat.

The True Verdict

Buying a new bat can be tough, especially early in the season. We realize that most companies put a fancy name on their product and that only makes things more difficult.

We’ve looked at each bat style and had the opportunity to get some insight from players that have used the newest bats. These are our favorite options on the market right now.

best BBCOR baseball bats

As the season plays out, you may find that there are some issues (specifically durability) with some new models that we weren’t able to test out. At this point, all of the bats were able to perform well.

Our 2019 College World Series data doesn’t offer and update on the 2020 models as much as it shows the confidence that some of the best young athletes have in different brands.

We mentioned that Louisville and DeMarini each made it onto 4 different teams. Easton was used by 2 teams. An interesting note for Easton is that both teams that used Easton bats only used Easton bats. Marucci was found on 1 team.

Another interesting fact that we feel is worth pointing out is that there were models from 2014 to 2019 in the World Series this year. That goes to show you that some of the best players in the country don’t feel the need to update to the newest stock.

We hope you find this information interesting and helpful as you head out to the store to purchase a bat for yourself or your young ball players.

As always, we recommend going out to a brick-and-mortar store to test a bat in real life before purchasing it online. We would hate for you to find out that you bought the best end-loaded bat and you are someone that would benefit from using a more balanced option.