BBCOR bats guide

11 Best BBCOR Bats: Reviews and Guide for 2019

Determining the best BBCOR bats is one of the hardest decisions that a high school or college baseball player has to make.

Part of this difficulty is the abundance of options, performance-enhancing features and types of BBCOR bats available.

It can very difficult to navigate the many BBCOR bat reviews available and come out with the best option that meets all of your desired criteria.

BBCOR bats guide

The purpose of this 2019 guide to buying BBCOR bats is to connect you to reviews for the best BBCOR certified bats and also answer key questions like:

Best BBCOR Bats for 2019: Reviews

If you’re buying a BBCOR bat, you’ve likely been playing baseball for most of your life, which means you don’t need to know a lot of the basics. You want to get right to the BBCOR bat reviews.

Thus, we’ve decided to put our selection of the best BBCOR 2019 bats in the very beginning of this guide.

If this is not your first time shopping for a BBCOR bat and you have questions about what materials and qualities determine the BBCOR bats with the best pop versus lowest MOI BBCOR bats, you can skip down to our buyer’s guide at the bottom of the reviews.

As all of these bats are BBCOR certified, it is worth pointing out that every bat on the list has a -3 length-to-weight ratio and a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches, unless otherwise mentioned.

Here are reviews of best BBCOR baseball bats for 2019:

  1. Best Overall: 2019 DeMarini CF Zen
  2. Best for Vibration Dampening: 2019 Louisville Slugger Prime 919
  3. Best Balanced: 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro
  4. Runner Up – Best Balanced: 2019 Marucci CAT8
  5. Best End Loaded: 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Insane
  6. Runner Up – Best End Loaded: 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719
  7. Most Versatile: 2019 Easton Project 3 Series
  8. Best for the Money: 2019 Rawlings VELO
  9. Best Cheap: 2019 Louisville Slugger Omaha 519
  10. Best Wooden: Marucci AP5 (Albert Pujols) Hybrid Wood
  11. Honorable Mention: 2019 Axe Avenge

Best Overall: 2019 DeMarini CF Zen BBCOR Baseball Bat

Just as players are always improving their game year-to-year, DeMarini aims to do the same with their bats. As their most used bat in college baseball, the CF Zen is constantly being revised and improve.

The 2019 DeMarini CF Zen is no exception to this continued dedication to always produce the very best bats.

This year, DeMarini looked to reimagine some of the bat’s existing features, while also adding some new ones.

For example, the 3Fusion System has been slightly modified to focus on producing a bigger sweet spot and better overall feel.

CF Zen Balanced 2019 DeMarini CF Zen Balanced BBCOR Bat (WTDXCBC)

The 3Fusion End Cap is now designed to fine-tune the compression inside the barrel. This helps create a powerfully active sweet spot that efficiently transfers each drop of energy into the ball when contact is made.

On the other end of the bat, the 3Fusion Taper creates a better distribution of weight throughout the bat.

Not only does this produce a superbly balanced swing, but it also generates a really solid feel when contact is made.

The DeMarini CF Zen’s composite material also got a review. The newly redesigned Paraflex Plus Composite material yields a substantial amount of pop and has a more optimized flex index.

This responsive barrel material is thanks to a meticulous forging process. The composite material is exposed to just the right amount of heat for the exact time it needs to be perfectly tempered.

This two-piece, composite BBCOR bat has a new, D-Tak Premium Grip. The tacky gripping locks the player’s hands in place and doesn’t allow them to slide or drift during their swing.

This allows for better swing and hand control, so the barrel of the bat gets to where you want it, when you want it.

DeMarini has a custom bat builder, where a player can choose the color scheme and other aesthetic options for their bat.

While this doesn’t improve the bat’s performance, it’s a notable feature that other bat manufacturers don’t offer.

If you really want a bat that matches your uniform colors or that can be an expression of your own personal flair, this is the choice for you.

  • 3Fusion System creates a better swing weight and powerful sweet spot.
  • Paraflex Plus Composite material produces a very responsive barrel.
  • D-Tak Grip secures the players hands in place for ultimate swing control.
  • A high-end bat with a very expensive price tag.
  • Custom bat design tool adds to that already high price.
  • Requires a short break-in period to truly reach maximum pop potential.

If you can afford it, the 2019 DeMarini CF Zen is an exceptionally BBCOR powerful bat. Every feature of this bat is engaged with either improving performance, comfort, swing control or a combination of these.

DeMarini’s new updates to the already-successful CF Zen bat are truly marvels. It is really a testament to the company’s expertise in bat making.

Plus, the ability to customize the color scheme of your CF Zen on Demarini’s website makes it one of the coolest BBCOR bats out there.

Best for Vibration Dampening: 2019 Louisville Slugger Prime 919 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger is the oldest bat company in the world. They were there practically from the start. And, they’ve never left.

With over a century of bat making experience, they make some of the best baseball bats in the game and the king of their BBCOR bat lineup is the Prime 919.

From knob to end cap, this thing is stacked with some of the best performance-enhancing features that you’ll see in a modern bat.

Prime 919 2019 Louisville Slugger Prime 919 (-3) BBCOR Bat (WTLBBP919B3)

It starts with Louisville Slugger’s innovative, 100% composite Microform Barrel. This technology is designed to maximize the bat’s pop and allows it to achieve an overall lighter swing weight.

Thus, you’ll get the barrel of the bat around quicker and to greater effect, when contact is made.

However, some early 2019 Louisville Slugger BBCOR bat reviews suggest that the Prime 919 may lack the pop that this bat has been known for in previous years.

Enhancing the barrel of the best Louisville Slugger BBCOR bat is the RTX End Cap. Like all of Louisville Slugger’s bat technologies, this end cap pulls double duty.

First, it distributes the weight of the bat almost perfectly and allows the Prime 919 to have a very balanced swing.

Next, this bat technology extends the shape of the barrel. With this longer barrel end, you have a bigger sweet spot, which leads to more consistently hard hits.

To ensure that none of those hard hits cause too much unpleasant feedback, Louisville Slugger has implemented their VCX Technology inside the 2019 Prime 919.

This design elements allows the handle and barrel to actually move separately from one another.

When contact is made, this independent movement helps break up the negative vibrations and suppresses any bat sting felt by the player.

This means you can swing hard, fast and confidently knowing that you won’t receive the feedback that other bats produce.

The bow on the top of of this incredible gift of a BBCOR bat is Louisville Slugger’s new Pro Grip. This top 2019 BBCOR bat feature is seen in most of the newest bats by Louisville Slugger.

It has the ideal combination of cushiony comfort and tacky grip that the best high school and college players look for.

  • VCX Technology practically eliminates bat sting for a great feel on every hit.
  • RTX End Cap produces a longer barrel and incredibly balanced swing.
  • New Louisville Slugger Pro Grip has all the qualities a player needs.
  • A very high price point puts this bat out of the budget for many players.
  • Power hitters will have to look elsewhere, as this bat is too light swinging.
  • Early reviews suggest it may have some issues with pop, compared to other bats.

With the concerns about the pop of the 2019 Louisville Slugger Prime 919, we’re hesitant to call it one of the best BBCOR bats overall or even the best BBCOR bat for contact hitters.

Where this bat does standout, however, is in its ability to entirely eliminate negative vibrations in the handle.

Best Balanced: 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat

Compared to seasoned bat models, like the VELO or Louisville Slugger’s Prime series, the Quatro is a relative infant. It is only its third year.

That said, the Quatro’s third birthday was a big one. It’s gotten a lot of upgrades and new features that really elevate it to the next level.

If you’ve given the 2017 or 2018 Rawlings Quatro bats a try and passed, consider giving this bat a second look in 2019.

First, let’s clear up the basics. The 2019 Rawlings Quatro is a 4-piece (we’ll get into this in a second), composite bat with a balanced swing weight.

It has the typical qualities of a BBCOR bat (-3 drop, 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter, etc.)

Quatro Pro 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB9Q3)

Now, we can get into the new features of the Quatro Pro. Rawlings re-engineered many of the key features of this bat.

For example, the way that the composite materials in the barrel are layed has been altered. This “Longitudinal Flex” design is aimed at improving the trampoline effect of the bat’s barrel.

Also revised in the 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro is the bat’s collar. This new Focused Flex Collar delivers a stiffer feel that helps reduce vibrations.

It also adds bat speed by eliminating barrel drag during the swing. You’ll cut through the strike zone and swing firmly through each contacted pitch.

For even more speed, the bat features a new, suspended inner barrel. This eliminates unnecessary weight to produce higher velocity swings through the zone and an overall more balanced feel to each hack.

Finally, a lightweight end cap adds a final layer of weight reduction for ultimate swing control.

All of this fast swing acceleration makes the 2019 Quatro one of the best high school baseball bats.

At this level of play, players aren’t always as competent at fielding as they are at the collegiate level. This means that your fast, hard hit balls will be difficult for the average infielder to handle. You’ll poke more balls into the outfield for base hits.

This is not only the hottest Rawlings BBCOR bat, but it is also one of the safest to buy because of its 30-day performance guarantee.

This is much better than the normal 12-month, limited warranty that most top baseball bat brands offer.

  • Total design makeover compared to the 2018 model with added pop and swing speed.
  • Focused Flex Collar adds comfort by reducing vibration, while also increasing bat whip.
  • A 30-day performance guarantee means there is little-to-no risk in testing this BBCOR bat.
  • One of the most expensive BBCOR bats available.
  • A lot of consumer reviews suggest that the Quatro series has durability issues.
  • The redesigned 2019 Quatro may not produce the same feel as its predecessors.

From top to bottom, the 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro is loaded with features that are designed for performance and bat speed. This is exactly what a contact hitter wants from a balanced bat. For this reason, it is our pick for the best balanced BBCOR bat.

Unfortunately, it is on the higher end of the spectrum, as far as price is concerned. It’s also arguably one of the best baseball bats for high school because it is exceptionally comfortable to swing and make contact with, particularly in finding that expansive sweet spot of the Quatro.

Runner Up – Best Balanced: 2019 Marucci CAT8 BBCOR Baseball Bat

When it comes to the highest rated Marucci BBCOR bat, there is little choice beyond the 2019 CAT8. For its price, the bat is absolutely stacked with features.

Plus, as a Marucci bat, you know that it has been designed with partial help from the bat manufacturer’s advisory board, which includes legendary players like David Ortiz and Albert Pujols.

This bat is made from AZ105 Alloy, the strongest in the Marucci lineup. Because of this durable alloy material, the walls of the Marucci CAT8 are able to be built thinner, which yields a more responsive barrel.


The thin barrel walls creates Marucci’s famed Multivariable Wall Design. With each wall precisely calibrated in thickness, the bat is able to have a larger sweet spot and even moderately reduce bat sting.

This barrel is further enhanced with Marucci’s Ring-Free Technology. This produces zero dead spots for an overall more consistent barrel performance. And, it adds a little flex for improved bat speed through each cut at the plate.

The engineers at Marucci have utilized their years of bat-making experience to create a much more precisely crafted barrel than earlier years.

The goal of this careful and precise manufacturing process is to make a bat with a perfect balance for the lowest MOI possible. That’s just what they’ve achieved.

With a low MOI, or ‘moment-of-inertia,’ the bat has an incredibly light feel that contact hitters love. It may be the best BBCOR bat for smaller players looking to gain an edge.

At the handle of the bat are even more performance-enhancing features to gain that crucial competitive edge at the plate.

First, the handle itself has a pro-inspired design and a removable taper for more customization on the player’s end.

The ergonomic knob of the handle creates a comfortable feel for the player and helps provide a little extra swing control, particularly on the top hand.

The handle is wrapped in a micro-perforated Soft-Touch Grip that has the stickiness and comfort you want for your hands.

The final feature of the 2019 Marucci CAT8 BBCOR baseball bat is its innovation, second-generation AV2 Anti-Vibration Knob.

As a one-piece, alloy bat, the CAT8 is prone to producing unwanted bat sting that can be felt on the player’s hands, particularly on mishits.

This knob technology has a Harmonic Dampening System that aims to eliminate these unpleasant vibrations and allow the player to focus on hitting the ball, instead of what sort of feedback the contact may generate.

  • Despite all its features, it has a moderately low price point for one of the best 2019 BBCOR bats.
  • Multi-Variable Wall Design adds power, consistent performance and great durability.
  • One-piece design gives that traditional, stiff feel that some hitters desire and the Anti-Vibration Knob reduces most of the feedback felt by the player.
  • Even with an Anti-Vibration Knob, bat sting is a real concern with a one-piece bat.
  • A great, fast-swinging bat for contact hitters, but lacks the mass and power that true long ball hitters look for.

The 2019 Marucci CAT8 is an obvious choice for the runner up for balanced bats. It’s likely the best one-piece BBCOR bat for contact hitters. So, if you like the feel of alloy, one-piece bats over multi-piece composite sticks, then this is a perfect option.

The alloy design offers exceptional durability to stretch the lifespan of the bat. Plus, its features, like the Multi-Variable Walls and Anti-Vibration Knob, help enhance performance and player comfort at the plate.

Best End Loaded: 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Insane BBCOR Baseball Bat

End loaded BBCOR bats can be difficult to come by. Many hitters prefer the more balanced, two- or three-piece composite bats.

Luckily, the 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Insane helps fill this void with its full barrel end load. With this extra mass, you’ll have more momentum behind your swings to put a bigger charge into the ball and send more hits to the deep parts of the field and beyond.

Voodoo Insane 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Insane BBCOR Baseball Bat (WTDXVIC19)

Supporting this end load is a host of other features to help carry the ball even farther. The 3Fusion End Cap at the end of the barrel creates a more active sweet spot by pouring more energy into the barrel and ultimately the ball.

The X14 Alloy that the barrel is made from is a high-grade material that adds another layer to the bat’s pop. As an alloy barrel, durability is practically guaranteed.

The 3Fusion technology also finds its way into the taper of the bat. This carefully sculpted taper is engineered to optimize the bat’s weight distribution, which creates a really nice feel throughout the swing and on contact.

It lends a hand towards helping the bat enhance its flex index for more whip and ball carry.

The handle of the 2019 Voodoo Insane is made from DeMarini’s Paraflex Plus Composite, which makes this bat a hybrid.

The composite handle helps add to the flex and feel of this bat. It is truly a great experience to swing (and even better when contact is made).

This bat can be personalized, in terms of colors and aesthetics, with DeMarini’s Custom Bat Design tool on their website. Unfortunately, this service costs extra.

  • One of the only “true” end loaded bats in the 2019 lineup.
  • Hybrid design pairs a responsive alloy barrel with a composite handle.
  • 3Fusion End Cap creates an impressive sweet spot that catapults balls.
  • Custom DeMarini bat editor adds to the moderate-to-high price of the Voodoo Insane.
  • No features, beyond the composite handle, to cut down on bat sting.
  • White color of the bat dirties quickly and easily.

When you browse the 2019 BBCOR bat reviews, you may notice a lack of true, end loaded bats. The DeMarini Voodoo Insane helps fill that void.

The hybrid design really gives power hitters the best of both worlds by pairing the alloy barrel with the composite handle. And, it has a very large sweet spot that is easy to find and absolutely blasts baseballs.

Again, you have that option of creating a custom color scheme for your 2019 DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR bat, which is an added bonus.

Runner Up – Best End Loaded: 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719 BBCOR Baseball Bat

If you’ve read the BBCOR bat reviews for the 2019 Prime 919 and thought, ‘man, I wish that thing had an end load,’ then you’re in luck.

The 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719 is the beefier, end-loaded cousin of the Prime 919. The Select 719’s slight end load is something that a lot of power hitters covet.

Select 719 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719 BBCOR Baseball Bat (WTLBBS719B3)

The 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719 is a three-piece, hybrid BBCOR bat.

The handle is made from 100% composite materials. This gives the end-loaded bat the advantage of better flex and durability. Thus, you’ll generate a little more whip and power behind those already-massive hits.

The barrel of the bat is built with Louisville Slugger’s ST 7U1+ Alloy material. This is a responsive barrel with a very active and large sweet spot. With this giant power zone, you’ll find those big hits more often.

At the end of the barrel is the new SPC End Cap. This feature is focused on helping the player reach a faster swing speed, while still maintaining proper and precise control of the barrel.

To help prevent bat sting, the Select 719 utilizes Louisville Slugger’s VCX Technology. As we’ve witness in the 2019 Prime 919, this feature creates independent movement between the bat’s handle and barrel.

This achieves two key goals:

  1. First, it produces a feeling unlike any other bat, especially at the moment of contact.
  2. And secondly, it really cuts down on that unpleasant feedback when you catch a ball on the lower part of the barrel.

As one of the best end loaded BBCOR bats available, you know the features don’t stop there. The 2019 Select 719 includes Louisville Slugger’s new Pro Comfort Grip.

This cushiony and tacky grip makes it easier to negotiate the heavier, end load of the barrel and ensure that the bat’s sweet spot is exactly where you need it to be to drive the long ball.

  • One of the best BBCOR bats for power hitters thanks to the alloy barrel and slight end load.
  • VCX Technology eliminates any concern for painful bat sting.
  • Hybrid design allows hitters to take advantage of the responsive ST 7U1+ Alloy with a 100% composite handle.
  • Three-piece hybrid design is unusual for a bat with an end load because many power hitters prefer a one-piece, full alloy construction.
  • Only a little more affordable than the high-end 2019 Prime 919.
  • Slight end load may leave a little to be desired with true, strong power hitters.

Again, there aren’t a lot of options for end loaded BBCOR bats in the 2019 lineup. That said, this Louisville Slugger Select 719 has a lot of notable features and design elements that elevate a player’s game.

The reason it’s the runner up for this category is because it only has a slight end load. If you’re a big, true power hitter, you’ll likely want a heavier barrel mass.

However, this could be the perfect option for players that find themselves somewhere between the profile of a contact hitter and power hitter and need a middle-of-the-road bat to transition them into taking a more power-heavy role in the lineup.

Most Versatile: 2019 Easton Project 3 Series BBCOR Baseball Bats

Easton’s reputation in the world of composite and alloy BBCOR baseball bats is legendary. For 2019, Easton has introduced a new series of bats: Project 3.

This includes six very distinct and different models. There’s an option for all types of player preferences and hitting styles.

Because each model is so radically different from one another, we’re going to offer just a short description of each model and what unique features they bring to the table.

2019 Easton Project 3 ADV

2019 Easton Project 3 ADV BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB19ADV)

This is a two-piece bat with a pro balanced feel. It’s a great bat for both contact or power hitters, which makes it a very versatile option.

It has a number of performance-enhancing features that enhance flex and power loading. The drawback is that it is one of the most expensive 2019 BBCOR bats on the market and the priciest to make our list.

2019 Easton Project 3 Alpha Lock & Load

2019 Easton Project 3 Alpha Lock & Load BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB19LL)

The Lock & Load is a very interesting bat. It features Easton’s revolutionary Lock & Load Adjustable Swing Weight System.

This includes three different weight options (Pure Speed, Pro Balanced and Power Loaded) that can be alternated on-the-go, even in between at bats.

This gives the player a lot of freedom and customization with their swing weight. The one-piece, alloy bat has a number of other features too.

2019 Easton Project 3 13.6 Hybrid

2019 Easton Project 3 13.6 Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB19136)

With a power balanced swing weight that has a little extra mass in the barrel, this two-piece, hybrid bat is a great option for power hitting sluggers.

It’s slammed with features, like the C-Core Technology and SPEED CAP end cap, that enhance the powerful, end loaded barrel.

The alloy barrel is durable and should last through your full season.

Price wise, it is on the higher end for this bat series, but a little more affordable than some of the other highest rated Easton BBCOR bats.

2019 Easton Project 3 Alpha

2019 Easton Project 3 Alpha BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB19AL)

This is a slightly less expensive model in the Project 3 series. It has a Power Balanced Swing and durable alloy barrel, similar to the 13.6 Hybrid. However, it lacks some of the performance features. It is built to last, rather than for pure performance.

When you couple this durability with its price, you get one of the best value BBCOR bats available.

2019 Easton Project 3 Alpha XL

2019 Easton Project 3 Alpha XL BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB19ALX)

The Alpha XL is another Project 3 option that has a slight end load. Its barrel is designed with a number of speed options in mind that are slated to improve bat whip for extra pop on contact.

It’s a one-piece, alloy bat, which a lot of power hitters look for because of the stiff, responsive feel.

2019 Easton Project 3 FUZE

2019 Easton Project 3 FUZE BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB19FZ)

Most of the Project 3 bats discussed this far have some form of end load or “power balanced” swing weight. The FUZE, on the other hand, is all about speed and being the lightest swinging BBCOR bat in the lineup.

It has a Forged Composite End Cap, thin barrel walls and other features that aim to eliminate excess weight and get that swing velocity as high as possible.

  • An incredibly versatile bat series with lots of different options and prices available.
  • Lock & Load model has adjustable swing weights that can be changed quickly between at bats.
  • Power Balanced swing weight found in many of these models offers a great middle ground between balanced and fully end loaded.
  • With six unique models, choosing the right one can be a little challenging.
  • The 2019 Easton Project 3 ADV is one of the most expensive BBCOR bats.

It’s easy to see why the Project 3 Series would get our award for most versatile BBCOR bat. There’s tons of different bat options to choose from and, if you really can’t decide, you can always go with the Lock & Load model with its adjustable swing weight technology.

These bats also range in price, which is helpful for players of varying budgets.

Best for the Money: 2019 Rawlings VELO BBCOR Baseball Bat

Look inside the Tru-View window of the 2019 Rawlings VELO and you’ll catch a glimpse of the powerful aluminum alloy fibers that help fuel this bat (and its user) to victory.

Each year, the VELO is one of the best Rawlings BBCOR bats available; 2019 looks to be another accomplished year for this top rated BBCOR bat.

VELO 2019 Rawlings VELO BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB9V3)

Part of the Velo’s head-turning appeal is its Acoustic Performance (AP) alloy. While wooden baseball bats produce that sweet crack on contact, metal bats produce a pinging noise. The ping of the Rawlings VELO is the loudest in the game.

At first glance, you might not see this as a particularly impressive bat feature. However, greeting each of your hits with such a noise is sure to help you build confidence at the plate, while simultaneously intimidating the opposing pitcher each time you return to the plate for another at bat.

Plus, the AP alloy offers great durability to help make the VELO last deeper into the season and beyond.

With the 2019 VELO, your hits won’t just sound great, they are going to look great too.

The sweet spot of the bat features the company’s pOp 2.0 Technology. This vastly improves the flex index at this critical point in the barrel and allows the bat produce more whip through the zone to really launch baseballs.

The Comp-Lite End Cap further promotes bat speed and balance to make this one of the best aluminum BBCOR bats for contact hitters.

The other interesting quirk of the Rawlings VELO is that they sell the bat in half-inch and half-ounce increments.

Most bats only manufacturers only sell bats in full ounce/inch differences. This means that VELO hitters can get a bat that is much better optimized for their height, weight and ability.

Lastly, the 2019 Rawlings VELO BBCOR bat has a tacky, synthetic grip. This helps provide better bat control by preventing the players hands from accidentally drifting during their swing.

  • The loudest and most impressive ping sound of any new BBCOR bat.
  • Very balanced swing thanks to the Comp-Lite End Cap.
  • More affordable price point compared to other high-end bats.
  • Synthetic grips, like the one featured on this bat, are usually not the best quality and may need to be replaced.
  • As impressive as a loud ping is, you may want to grab a pair of earplugs if you’re in the cage with this one.
  • Stiff, one-piece bats like the VELO can create a lot of bat sting.

The 2019 Rawlings VELO is not the cheapest bat on the market, but it is more much affordable than the highest tier of bats. It is easily the best BBCOR bat for under $300. You get a lot of performance-enhancing features for a fair, modest price.

If you’re on a budget, but don’t want to sacrifice having a quality bat, this is definitely a great option. Plus, its one-piece, alloy design means it’s built to last longer than a composite stick.

Best Cheap: 2019 Louisville Slugger Omaha 519 BBCOR Baseball Bat

If you can’t shell out the money for the Prime 919, you can still enjoy a top-quality Louisville Slugger bat.

The Omaha 519 is less than half the price of its 919 cousin and has a number of features to make it a top performing bat.

Similar to the Prime 919, the Omaha 519 has also been in the Louisville Slugger lineup for awhile. This means you know you are getting a bat that has proven to perform year after year.

Omaha 519 2019 Louisville Slugger Omaha 519 BBCOR Baseball Bat (WTLBBO519B3)

Instead of the composite, two-piece design featured in the Prime 919, this stick is a one-piece aluminum alloy bat that is made from ST 7U1+ Alloy.

This material produces a mammoth sweet spot that is truly hard to miss. And, it provides that solid, traditional feel that alloy bats are known for.

While alloy bats are notorious for the added bat sting they produce, Louisville Slugger combats this with their new Vibex Premium Vibration Dampening Handle Technology.

This innovative technology drastically reduces any feedback felt on mishits, which allows players to swing with more confidence.

A newer feature in the Louisville Slugger Omaha BBCOR series is the 6-Star Premium Performance End Cap.

This bat technology helps elongate the barrel of the bat ever so slightly, while continuing to ensure the bat’s weight distribution remains balanced.

Thus, you get a larger sweet spot, but no unbalanced swing load.

The 2019 Omaha 519 features the same LS Pro Comfort Grip that the Prime 919 uses. This grip is both comfortable and tacky, which helps keep the player’s hands secure and in control of their swing.

As a one-piece alloy bat, the Omaha 519 is one of the best drop 3 bats when it comes to durability. This thing is built solid and will consistently deliver high performance, even after several games worth of play.

Considering its affordable price, this amount of durability means you are getting a lot of value and play time for your money.

  • With a low price and high durability, this bat provides some of the best value for your money.
  • ST 7UI+ Alloy offers big sweet spot and the responsive feel that one-piece bat lovers demand.
  • Newly designed end cap will help keep the weight distributed evenly, while also delivering a longer barrel.
  • Alloy bats have more feedback on mishits, even with the Vibex Technology.
  • A cheaper substitute to the Prime 919, but a radically different bat.

Louisville Slugger’s Omaha series is annually one of the most successful, inexpensive BBCOR bats. It’s built to last too, which only adds more value to the bat. You truly get a lot of bang for your buck.

That said, the 2019 Louisville Slugger Omaha 519 isn’t just about lasting long; it also has a number of performance features that produce a bat with an active barrel. These features help produce one of the best BBCOR bat for under $200.

Best Wooden: Marucci Albert Pujols Hybrid BBCOR Wood Baseball Bat

Let’s start by saying that this is not a “true” wooden bat, as you may have already guessed by “Hybrid” in the bat’s name.

While the bat has a maple wood shell on the exterior, the inside of the bat is actually made from a two-piece composite core. This is a really interesting design that has a number of benefits.

AP5 (Albert Pujols) Hybrid Wood Marucci AP5 Albert Pujols Hybrid BBCOR Wood Baseball Bat (MHCBAP5)

On the outside, you get that hard, durable maple wood material. The grain and pore structure of maple is very dense, which creates a stiffer hitting surface.

This also adds a little weight to the bat for a slight end load that a power hitter could really take advantage of.

Next, the composite tube helps elevate the performance of the wood to resemble other composite-style BBCOR bats.

The two-piece design helps slightly dampen vibrations for a more smooth feel upon contact.

Overall, the bat is designed to have that authentic wood feel, sound and heft, but with a slightly more performance-focused core that also helps extend the bat’s lifespan.

Marucci is known for their player advisory board that offers input into the design and shape of the bats. This wooden bat is modeled after Albert Pujols’ preferred bat style. Everything down to the tapered knob and handle are to Pujols’ preference.

When you consider the Hall Of Fame worthy career and numbers that this slugger has produced thus far, you know that he just understands hitting and what a player needs from a bat to get the job done. This pro-inspired design should not be overlooked!

The Marucci Albert Pujols Hybrid bat has a BBCOR certification, like the rest of the bats on the list. It is approved for play in NCAA, NFHS and Perfect Game leagues, as well as college and high school.

  • You just can’t beat the feel and sound of a wood bat.
  • Composite tube helps extend the life and performance of the bat.
  • Design inspired by one of the game’s current greats, Albert Pujols.
  • Wooden bats can still break, composite core or not.
  • A higher price compared to other wooden baseball bats.
  • End load weight may be too much for younger or smaller players.

Technically the Marucci Albert Pujols wood baseball bat is only partially wood, but that actually ends up being an advantage, rather than a drawback.

You get that classic sound when contact is made that only wood can produce, but you also get to experience the slight performance increase from the composite core.

Ultimately, it is hard to turn down any bat that a player like Albert Pujols has helped inspire.

Honorable Mention: 2019 Axe Avenge BBCOR Baseball Bat

The 2019 Axe Avenge BBCOR Baseball Bat is designed for serious players and has the price tag to prove it.

That said, this 100% composite bat is an engineering marvel that is slammed with features from top to bottom.

Starting at the bottom, you have the innovative Axe knob and handle. Not only is this more comfortable to swing, players report that it’s easier to square up inside pitches because of the curvature of the handle.

Avenge 2019 Axe Avenge BBCOR Baseball Bat (L140G)

The handle of this 2019 Axe Avenge has a flex index to power the bat through the strike zone with top acceleration.

Due to the one-directional hitting surface of Axe Bats, they need a durable barrel design. That’s where Axe’s Endogrid Technology comes into play.

This grid-like matrix of fibers is designed to bolster the integrity of the bat’s hitting surface.

The barrel isn’t just built for durability; it has ample amounts of performance and comfort too. The Endogrid Technology creates a slightly larger sweet spot and cuts down vibrative feedback.

That enlarged sweet spot enables the Charged Composite Barrel to put, well, a charge into each hit. Together, these two technologies create a durable and performance-enhancing bat.

At the very end of the barrel is the HyperWhip Composite End Cap. This continues to aid the Axe Avenge in achieving some incredible bat speed and whip, which further adds distance and power to batted balls.

This is arguably the best Axe BBCOR bat available.

New to the 2019 Axe Avenge is the Vibration Cancelling System. This works in tandem with the Endogrid Technology to reduce any potential bat sting felt by the player.

It is actually a small connective piece between the barrel and the handle. For fans of the old TRU3 technology by Louisville Slugger, this bat features works in a very similar manner.

Because of the untraditional handle and knob of Axe Bats and their one-directional hitting surface, the company offers a 30-day, no-risk challenge.

If you don’t like the bat during the first 30 days of owning it, you can return it for a full refund.

  • Multiple features of this bat are aimed at improving bat speed and pop.
  • Revolutionary handle design improves performance and limits injuries.
  • 30-day trial period means you can get this bat with no risk, if you return it within those 30 days.
  • Nontraditional handle, knob and one-side hitting surface may take some time to adjust to.
  • If you’re playing on a budget, the 2019 Axe Avenge is likely out of your price range.

The 2019 Axe Avenge is our pick for an honorable mention. It’s a contender for being the best composite BBCOR bat, especially if you like the shape and design of the Axe Handle and knob.

It doesn’t quite have the features to edge out bats like the DeMarini CF Zen or Rawlings Quatro Pro, but it is definitely in the conversation.

Plus, the 30-day trial period means anyone can at least give this bat a shot and see what they think.

What Is a BBCOR Bat?

BBCOR stands for “Batted Ball Coefficient Of Restitution.” This is a standard of measurement designed to dampen the amount of energy that an alloy or composite bat is capable of transferring into a batted ball.

Traditional metal bats would flex a lot at the point-of-contact and allow the ball to retain more energy and travel farther and faster. This is known as the trampoline effect of batted balls.

The BBCOR standard is meant to measure (and limit) the amount of trampoline effect that alloy and composite bats are capable of producing. This serves two purposes:

  1. First, it makes the game safer. Without this standard, hitters could smack balls at dangerous, and even deadly, speeds, especially for the opposing pitcher or even an infielder.
  2. The second purpose is to make these bats perform more like a wooden baseball bat, which don’t have nearly as much flex or give to them. Thus, they produce a lot more modest trampoline effect.

By creating alloy and composite bats that perform like the best wood bats the pros use, it becomes easier to measure players’ potential.

It also helps these players get accustomed to the performance of a wood bat before they graduate to a league where only wood bats are permitted. This makes the transition much smoother.

The BBCOR standard essentially puts a ceiling on how much pop the bat can achieve.

While there are plenty of bat features that promise to increase the amount of pop that a particular bat has, it is important to realize that this change is subtle, at best.

How to Know If a Bat Is BBCOR Certified?

BBCOR bats are identifiable because they have a special “BBCOR Certified .50” stamp clearly visible on the bat.

BBCOR Certified .50 stamp

It’s usually found on the taper of the bat, between the handle and the barrel. However, some bat manufacturers place the stamp on the barrel itself.

The other requirements for a bat to be BBCOR Certified are a barrel diameter that does not exceed 2 5/8 inches and a length-to-weight ratio, also known as a drop, of -3 or heavier.

What League Associations Require BBCOR Certification?

Initially, the BBCOR certificate was required by high school and college leagues. This is still true today; if a bat does not carry this official stamp, it will not be useable on a high school or college field.

However, Little League Baseball has started to require the BBCOR certification stamp on bats at certain levels of play.

At the Intermediate (50/70) level, players are required to have either a BBCOR bat certification or a USABat Standard Bat.

At the Senior League Baseball Division, all bats are required to meet the criteria of the BBCOR standard.

This is a relatively new change that took effect in 2018. However, it is already having an impact on the BBCOR bat market.

Companies that produce these products are looking at ways to develop the best BBCOR bat for 13 year old players and younger that have not yet reached the high school level.

How to Choose the Best BBCOR Baseball Bats?

Buying a BBCOR bat is one of the most expensive purchases that you’ll make as a baseball player. This means you have to make a well-informed purchasing decision that gives you the exact bat you need to succeed.

This requires a deep understanding of who you are as a hitter. Are you a power hitter that is looking to drive the ball to the deepest parts of the yard?

Alternatively, you may be a speedy contact hitter that needs a fast swinging bat to swat balls through the gaps.

buying the best BBCOR bat

Aside from just the type of hitter you are, you also have to consider whether you want a one- or two-piece bat, alloy or composite and many other options.

All of these have benefits and drawbacks that need to be understood to effectively make the right decision for your best BBCOR bat.

For example, many power hitters prefer a one-piece bat because it has a stiffer and more responsive feel that serves their needs better.

Best BBCOR Bat Materials

The materials used in the construction of your bat will affect the feel and performance of the bat.

Alloy BBCOR Bats

An alloy bat (almost always going to be a one-piece bat) is made from aluminum or a similar metal. Each bat manufacturer has their own alloys that are formed with different properties.

These bats are almost always more durable and longer lasting than their composite counterparts. However, alloy particularly creates a little more bat sting, so if this is a concern of yours, look for alloy bats that also have vibration dampening features.

Almost all of the best college baseball bats are alloy-based because these bats are the most responsive.

Composite BBCOR Bats

Bats made from composite materials, like carbon fiber, are typically lighter and have longer barrels, which thereby produces bigger sweet spots.

However, the barrel is a little less active than an alloy counterpart. The trade off is that composite bats are a little better at managing bat sting.

Hybrid BBCOR Bats

Hybrid bats are a combination of alloy and composite. This means they are almost always going to be (at least) a two-piece bat.

Generally, the best hybrid BBCOR bats use an alloy barrel with a composite handle. This allows you to get that nice contact that alloy is known for, with the ability to flex and dampen vibrations in the composite handle.

Sometimes, a one-piece bat will be referred to as a hybrid bat because it has a composite end cap.

While the end cap is separate from the rest of the bat and technically a second piece, these bats are still considered one-piece because the handle and barrel are one, solid piece.

Thus, calling it a one-piece hybrid is able to demonstrate that the bat has this added feature made from another material, but retains all of the qualities of a one-piece alloy bat.

Types of BBCOR Baseball Bats

One-Piece BBCOR Bats

One-piece bats are made from one, single metal piece, while two-piece bats are a handle and barrel fused together.

One-piece bats are stiffer, create more ringing in the hands and are typically favored by power hitters.

Two-Piece BBCOR Bats

Two-piece bats have more flex to them. They are typically made from composite materials or a combination of alloy and composite materials, as would be the case in a hybrid bat.

They also help dampen vibrations more effectively than one piece bats.

Three-Piece BBCOR Bats

Three-piece (or four-piece) bats don’t differ greatly from two-piece bats. However, some manufacturers include an end cap or another feature as an additional piece in their descriptions.

With all of these different options and variations, it is important to understand that you aren’t looking to ask ‘What is the best BBCOR baseball bat?’ Rather, you want to know ‘What is the best BBCOR bat for me?

While some bats are better than others, there is not a one, true bat that is better than all the others.

The best strategy towards understanding what BBCOR bat is best for you and which products you should be looking at is first-hand experience.

If you’re buying a BBCOR bat for the first time, it is not recommended that you purchase online. Instead, go to your local batting cage and visit the pro shop.

Many of these stores will have test models that you can try out in the cages. This will give you a fuller understanding of how the bat feels, sounds and swings in your hands.

Once you’ve done your first-hand testing, then you can make an online purchase of your BBCOR bat, if you choose.


Shopping for BBCOR bats can be stressful. Because these bats cost so much, you really have to invest some time into researching new models to fully understand which sticks have the potential to be the best BBCOR bat for you, without breaking your bank.

Hopefully, this buyer’s guide and selection of top BBCOR bat reviews has made your journey towards finding that perfect bat a little easier.

Now, it is time for you to take the knowledge you’ve gained and begin testing out some of the bats you’re most interested in firsthand.

In no time, you’ll be standing at the plate with your new BBCOR baseball bat ready to mash balls.