The 8 Best Fastpitch Softball Bats for 2021

The best fastpitch softball bats of 2021 include options from many of the top bat brands. If you’re familiar with fastpitch softball bats and reviews, you’ll notice some returning models from past years.

If you’re new to the fastpitch softball game, you’re in the perfect place to find the hottest fastpitch bat for 2021. This page is loaded with fastpitch softball bat reviews for top-rated models available for the new season. There are options for all types of players and budgets.

Within these 8 reviews, you should have no problem finding the perfect bat for you.

1. 2021 Louisville Slugger LXT

The overall best 2021 fastpitch softball bat

The 2021 Louisville Slugger LXT fastpitch softball bat is one of the most improved models in the new year. It’s packed with impressive features to improve your performance at the plate.

2021 Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch Softball Bat Image credit: Louisville Slugger Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The Louisville Slugger LXT is a returning model from previous years. It was one of the best-selling fastpitch softball bats. However, if you’ve used this fastpitch softball bat in the past, you’ll notice several new updates and features. The 2021 LXT fastpitch bat really is an entirely new product that is worth a second look!

First, let’s cover all the basics. This is a balanced softball bat made from all composite materials. Because of its unique design, Louisville Slugger considers the LXT a three-piece bat. It’s also worth mentioning that this softball bat carries certifications for USSSA, USA/ASA, NSA, WBSC and ISA.

Now we can cover the interesting parts. The 2021 Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch Softball Bat features an all-new Speed Composite Design. This system includes a number of features that are designed to achieve three goals: maximize pop, expand the sweet spot and produce an awesome sound on contact!

The biggest contributor to the design is easily the Single-Disc PBF Barrel Technology. This disc-like insert within the barrel expands the sweet spot and creates better performance down the taper of the bat and off the end of the bat. In other words, typical mishits on other bats will still be decent drives with the 2021 Louisville Slugger LXT.

The end cap is also new in this 2021 softball bat. The COPA End Cap works with the Single-Disc PBF Barrel system to add even more size to the sweet spot. It is seriously hard to miss making solid contact with this bat!

The VCX2 Connection System has also been updated this year. It moves independently from the barrel and the handle to better control negative vibrations and redirect energy back into the barrel. Contact feels great with this bat thanks to this connection piece.

  • Single-Disc PBF Barrel Technology creates one of the largest sweet spots out there.
  • VCX2 Connection System reduces negative vibrations and transfers energy to the barrel.
  • A returning model with lots of great features and tremendous pop.
  • Heavier drop weight may be too much for some players to swing comfortably.
  • May not have the same “feel” as past Louisville Slugger LXT models.

2. 2021 Mizuno F21-PWR CRBN

The best balanced fastpitch bat for contact hitters

The all-composite 2021 Mizuno F21-PWR CRBN fastpitch softball bat is light and powerful enough to help you shine at the plate.

2021 Mizuno F21-PWR CRBN Fastpitch Softball Bat Image credit: Mizuno Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The 2021 Mizuno F21-PWR CRBN fastpitch softball bat has a simple appearance, but a powerful lineup of features packed within its barrel. This is Mizuno’s classic approach to making top-rated fastpitch softball bats: performance over appearance.

The barrel’s performance comes from the awesomely-named Detonator Cor Technology. This optimizes compression within the barrel to produce a greater trampolining effect on batted balls. It’s also noteworthy because it creates a tremendous sound when the barrel meets the ball.

Thanks to the Detonator Cor Technology, the Black Onyx Carbon barrel is hot out of the wrapper. You may only need to take a few break-in pitches before the F21-PWR CRBN fastpitch bat is ready for gametime.

The bat’s handle is also made from this Black Onyx Carbon. This is a sturdy, lightweight material that helps to maintain a balanced swing weight.

Connecting the two pieces of this composite fastpitch bat is the Dual Frequency Dampener Connection Point. This collar between barrel and handle produces significant vibration canceling to eliminate pesky bat sting.

This bat is approved by USSSA, USA (ASA) and other major fastpitch softball league associations.

  • Detonator Cor Technology inside the Black Onyx Carbon Barrel gives peak performance.
  • Dual Frequency Dampener Connection Point helps reduce bat sting.
  • Balanced, light swing with enough power to get the ball to the deep parts of the field.
  • A newer fastpitch softball bat means minimal review data.
  • A high price point that may be too expensive for some players.

3. 2021 DeMarini CF (-11)

The best fastpitch bat for contact hitters runner-up

Overall, the 2021 DeMarini CF -11 fastpitch softball bat is built for hitters that want to maximize their swing speed for sharper, harder line drives.

2021 DeMarini CF (-11) Fastpitch Softball Bat (WTDXCFS) Image credit: DeMarini Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

DeMarini makes some of the most aesthetically pleasing bats in the game. The 2021 DeMarini CF -11 fastpitch softball bat is a model that you notice right from first glance because of its clean white, blue and orange color pattern. However, this bat is far more than just its looks.

Beneath the surface of the Paraflex Plus Composite barrel is a mammoth sweet spot. The lightweight composite material creates a fast swinging bat with a balanced feel that will be sure to drive performance at the plate.

The Reaction End Cap at the end of the 2 1/4-inch thick barrel is designed to be lightweight and further optimize the size and power of the sweet spot. Its lightweight design ensures that the -11 length-to-weight ratio bat doesn’t lose any of its fast swing speed.

Bringing the handle and barrel of this two-piece fastpitch bat together is the 3 Fusion Connection piece. Not only does this performance-enhancing feature reduce vibrations felt around the handle, but it also ensures that energy is redirected back into the barrel for even greater performance.

With USSSA, ASA, NSA and other certifications, this bat can be used in any fastpitch league. The 2021 CF fastpitch bat is also available with a -10 length-to-weight ratio.

  • Paraflex Plus Composite barrel has a huge sweet spot made larger by Reaction End Cap.
  • 3 Fusion Connection piece reduces bat sting and increases energy transfer.
  • Balanced swing and lighter length-to-weight ratio makes for a fast, easy to control swing.
  • Some hitters may want a heavier bat to generate more power.

4. 2021 DeMarini FNX (-8)

The best end-loaded fastpitch bat for power hitters

From looks to performance, the 2021 DeMarini FNX -8 fastpitch softball bat is arguably the best fastpitch softball bat for power hitters thanks to its end-loaded swing weight.

2021 DeMarini FNX (-8) Fastpitch Softball Bat (WTDXPH8) Image credit: DeMarini Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The market for fastpitch softball bats is flooded with balanced models. Finding an end-loaded fastpitch softball bat can be a challenge. If you’re searching for the best fastpitch softball bat for power hitters, take a look at the 2021 DeMarini FNX -8 bat.

With an end-loaded swing weight and drop 8 length-to-weight ratio, this is a heavy bat that only strong softball players can swing comfortably and easily. The Parastack Composite Barrel has ultra-strong composite fibers and an expansive sweet spot.

At the end of the barrel is a Seismic End Cap that completes the end load to produce colossal power. The added weight produces more momentum in the swing, thereby producing more explosive pop when contact is made. Balls will rocket off this barrel and have no problem clearing the fence and beyond.

Completing this all-composite fastpitch softball bat is the Direct Two-Piece Connection Technology. Similar to the 3 Fusion Connection featured in the 2021 DeMarini CF, this piece is designed to redirect energy back into the barrel when contact is made. All of your energy and force will drive straight to the ball.

The 2021 DeMarini FNX fastpitch bat has all of the major league certifications, including USSSA and USA/ASA. It is also available in -10 and -9 length-to-weight ratios.

  • A powerful end-loaded fastpitch softball bat for the power hitter on your team.
  • Parastack Composite material is durable and offers awesome performance.
  • Seismic End Cap offers the heavy, powerful end to produce explosive hits.
  • May be too heavy for smaller fastpitch softball players to control and swing comfortably.
  • As one of the newest fastpitch softball bats of 2021, there are limited reviews available.

5. 2021 Anderson RockeTech (-9)

The best fastpitch bat for power hitters runner-up

The 2021 Anderson RockeTech -9 fastpitch bat is a one-piece, alloy bat with an end-loaded swing. This design is not easy to come by, which makes this one of the best fastpitch softball bats for women that want a stiff, heavy bat.

2021 Anderson RockeTech (-9) Double-Wall Fastpitch Bat (FPRT21) Image credit: Anderson Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The 2021 Anderson RockeTech -9 fastpitch bat has a straightforward design that yields a potent end-result. This is a rare, one-piece, alloy bat in a sea of two-piece composite options. Add in the heavier drop weight and end-loaded swing and you have a truly unique and one-of-a-kind softball bat.

Anderson’s M1 Alloy is an aerospace-grade material that guarantees to stand the test of time, even with the heavy output of a power hitter. Further supplying durability and performance is the barrel’s Double-Wall Design. This is a 12-inch alloy sleeve along the outside of the barrel’s inner core.

When contact is made, the space between the inner and outer barrel walls compresses and then releases, sending energy back into the ball in a trampoline-like effect. This produces tremendous pop for an all-alloy bat.

The USSSA- and ASA-approved fastpitch bat carries Anderson’s 30-day “Proof is at the plate” warranty. It’s also worth mentioning that the red-white-and-blue color scheme of this bat gives it a really patriotic look.

  • All-alloy, end-loaded softball bat is a unique and hard-to-find design.
  • M1 Alloy is sure to last for all of 2021 and beyond.
  • Double-Wall Design produces excellent pop to help you excel at the plate.
  • Only available as a -9 length-to-weight ratio, which may be too heavy for some players.
  • The end-loaded swing weight caters primarily to power hitters.

6. 2021 Mizuno F21-CRBN1 (-10)

The best value fastpitch softball bat for the money

The 2021 Mizuno F21-CRBN1 -10 fastpitch softball bat is a more budget-friendly fastpitch bat than many of the other models on this list. And, it still has plenty of performance-enhancing features to help you at the plate.

2021 Mizuno F21-CRBN1 (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat Image credit: Mizuno Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The 2021 Mizuno F21-CRBN 1 fastpitch bat offers an affordable, one-piece alternative to the Mizuno F21-PWR CRBN. While these two bats look very similar, the CRBN1 has its own unique lineup of features that make it one of the best fastpitch softball bats for the money.

One of the coolest performance features of this model is the XZone Technology. This system works by angling the composite fibers of the barrel at such angles that it creates direct hot zones across the barrel. Not only does this create a huge sweet spot, but it also optimizes pop across the barrel.

XZone Technology has some help in expanding the sweet spot from Mizuno’s Optimized End Cap. This end cap also gives the F21-CRBN1 fastpitch bat a booming ping sound when contact is made on the sweet spot. Your ears will know when you got a piece of it even before your hands do.

Speaking of what your hands will be feeling, one-piece bats like this one will typically create more bat sting, especially on mishits. To combat this, Mizuno designed the 2021 CRBN1 with Anti-Shock Construction. Set at the taper of the bat, this system is designed to dampen vibrations before they reach the hands. Overall, this creates a more positive experience at the plate because you don’t need to worry about the possibility of painful feedback from the barrel.

This fastpitch softball bat is available with USSSA, USA/ASA, NSA and ISA certifications. There is a -13 model that is also a cheap fastpitch bat.

  • XZone Technology optimizes the entire barrel with varying sweet spots.
  • Optimized End Cap results in an even larger sweet spot and a great sound on contact.
  • Anti-Shock Construction reduces potential bat sting that is common for a one-piece bat.
  • While cheaper than high-end bats, the Mizuno F21-CRBN1 still has a moderate price.
  • Some bat sting may still be felt, despite the Anti-Shock Construction.

7. 2021 Anderson RockeTech Flash (-12)

The best cheap fastpitch softball bat

Again, when you want a cheap yet effective 2021 fastpitch softball bat, then the 2021 Anderson RockeTech Flash -12 fastpitch bat is a very viable option!

2021 Anderson RockeTech Flash (-12) Fastpitch Softball Bat (FPRTF21) Image credit: Anderson Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

If you’re after a budget-friendly softball bat that will still bring performance at the plate, consider the 2021 Anderson RockeTech Flash -12 fastpitch softball bat. With a -12 length-to-weight ratio and a balanced swing, this bat is easy to swing and control, no matter your size.

The AB-9000 Aerospace Alloy is built to be durable. You won’t have to worry about replacing your bat part way through the season! It also comes with Anderson’s 30-day “Proof is at the plate” warranty program. If the bat doesn’t perform or feel right in your hands, you have one month to return it! That’s a great offer that not a lot of other bat companies provide.

As a one-piece, all-alloy fastpitch bat, the 2021 Anderson RockeTech Flash -12 fastpitch bat has a stiff feel all the way down to the handle. Some hitters like this because they know when they’ve made solid contact. The drawback, however, is your hands will get a painful sting when you catch a ball lower on the barrel.

This top girls’ slowpitch softball bat is approved for both USSSA and ASA leagues. It also carries the NSA and ISA certifications. The Anderson RockeTech Flash’s pink and black color pattern is also something a lot of players enjoy.

  • A simple, yet effective design at a low price for players on a budget.
  • AB-9000 Aerospace Alloy is extremely durable and will withstand rough play.
  • Balanced swing and -12 drop weight is very easy for girls of all ages to control comfortably.
  • Bat sting may become a problem if you’re making a lot of bad contact.
  • No noteworthy barrel technologies to boost the bat’s performance.
  • -12 drop weight may be too lightweight for some older, stronger players.

8. 2021 Mizuno F21-Titanium (-10)

The best high-end fastpitch softball bat

If you want the very best 2021 fastpitch softball bat that money can buy, then the 2021 Mizuno F21-Titanium -10 fastpitch bat is a powerful option with high-end materials.

2021 Mizuno F21-Titanium (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat Image credit: Mizuno Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The first thing to mention about the Mizuno F21-Titanium bat is its price. This is by far the most expensive softball bat on the market in 2021. It is close to $100 more expensive than the other high-end models to make the list.

Why is the F21-Titanium fastpitch bat so expensive? A lot of it has to do with its materials. Titanium is incredibly strong and weighs about half as much as a material like steel. It’s so strong that less material is required to construct a sturdy softball bat, thereby reducing weight even further. However, titanium is a very expensive material.

Moving beyond the Mizuno Hot Metal Titanium Barrel, the rest of the bat also features high-quality materials. The Black Onyx Carbon Composite material is used in the handle, taper and other key spots to give this fast-swinging softball bat even more speed through the zone.

Beyond just its fast swing, the 2021 Mizuno Titanium -10 fastpitch softball bat also has some excellent pop. This is largely thanks to the energy transferring capabilities of the Carbon Composite Handle. This handle also has a nice stiff feel to help hitters recognize when solid contact is made.

To help remove any potential bat sting, Mizuno equipped this bat with the Dynamic Dampener Connection Point feature that we’ve seen in earlier fastpitch softball bat reviews. This helps reduce the vibrations that your hands experience. You’ll still have that stiff feel, but with far less threat of painful bat sting.

Between the handle, barrel and this Dynamic Dampener Connection Point, Mizuno markets the Titanium bat as a three-piece, hybrid bat (titanium alloy barrel / composite handle). It is approved for all USSSA, ASA (USA softball), NSA and ISA leagues.

  • Hot Metal Titanium Barrel delivers an extremely strong, yet lightweight swing.
  • Three-piece hybrid design covers all the bases when it comes to performance features.
  • Carbon Composite Handle redirects energy back into the barrel for more pop.
  • This is an extremely expensive fastpitch softball bat.
  • Only available as a -10 length-to-weight ratio.

Thanks to these reviews for the 8 best fastpitch softball bats in 2021, you should have no problem finding the perfect product to help you excel at the plate. Each fastpitch softball bat on this list has features and design elements that will raise your performance to the next level, whether you’re a contact hitter or a power hitter.

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