fastpitch softball bat guide

Top 15 Best Fastpitch Softball Bats for 2019: Reviews

The purpose of this 2019 Buyer’s Guide is to teach players the importance of buying only the best fastpitch softball bats.

Our selection of fastpitch softball bat reviews will not only teach you about the best bats out there, but also the top features and qualities to look for when shopping for this type of equipment.

fastpitch softball bat guide

These new fastpitch softball bats are the best and latest to hit the market, which ensures that they are some of hottest performing products.

This buyer’s guide will also answer a number of key questions pertaining to shopping for and buying the right 2019 fastpitch softball bat.

Some of the questions answered in this guide are:

Ultimately, this guide will help you determine what is the best fastpitch softball bat for your unique needs and player preferences.

Our Recommendations for the Best 2019 Fastpitch Bats

To save you time, we’ve decided to showcase our recommendations for the top fastpitch softball bats right in the beginning of this guide.

This will help you find the best softball bat for you, without having to dig through all fifteen of our reviews.

As always, these are simply our recommendations. Every hitter is different and may see, feel and experience different things when holding these bats.

But, we hope that our recommendations provide you with an initial selection of bats to start researching.

Best Overall: 2019 Mizuno Titanium

When it comes to pure pop and performance, the 2019 Mizuno Titanium sounds like the best bet.

Early reviews all rave about how far the ball travels off the barrel.

2019 Mizuno F19 Titanium (-10) Fastpitch Bat (FP19TITAN10)

The 2019 Easton Ghost Double Barrel could be a nice runner up.

2019 Easton Ghost Double Barrel (-9) USSSA Fastpitch Bat (FP19GHU9)

Both of these bats pack a lot of features but come at a big price tag. The Mizuno Titanium in particular is very expensive.

Best Non Composite: 2019 Anderson RockeTech

If you prefer the stiff, responsive feel of an alloy bat, we recommend the 2019 Anderson RockeTech Fastpitch Softball Bat.

2019 Anderson RockeTech (-12) Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat (FPRT1912) 2019 Anderson RockeTech (-9) Fastpitch Softball Bat (FPRT19)

It has an end loaded and balanced version to appease both styles of hitting and its AB-9000 aerospace-grade alloy is seriously durable.

Couple this with a multi-wall design and you’ve got a powerful bat in your hands.

If you want to save some money, the 2019 Axe Element is another great alloy bat.

2019 Axe Element (-12) Fastpitch Softball Bat (L151G)

Fastpitch Softball Bat With Biggest Sweet Spot: 2019 PXT X19

If you like a bat with a huge sweet spot to ensure consistently strong hits, then consider the 2019 Louisville Slugger PXT X19.

2019 Louisville Slugger PXT X19 (-8) Fastpitch Bat (WTLFPPX19A8)

It has a slightly elongated barrel for a bigger sweet spot that is further enlarged thanks to the lightweight end cap.

When you combine this with the PWR STAX, multi-layered barrel and power balanced swing weight, you’re going to be finding that sweet spot often and to great effect.

Best Cheap: 2019 Axe Element and Avenge Lite

If you’re on a tight budget, both the 2019 Axe Element and 2019 Axe Avenge Lite are inexpensive options that also have a no-risk 30-day trial.

2019 Axe Element (-12) Fastpitch Softball Bat (L151G)
2019 Axe Avenge Lite (-11) Fastpitch Softball Bat (L169G)

If you aren’t happy with the untraditional Axe handle, you could also look at the balanced version of the 2019 Anderson RockeTech bat.

The other alternative is to look at 2018-model bats, as many of these have been marked down in preparation for the latest 2019 lineups.

ASA Approved Bats vs. USSSA Approved Bats

There’s always a lot of confusion surrounding the different league stamps and which bats are approved for what leagues.

This brief rundown will hopefully help you pick the right, legal bat for your league.

There’s really not much difference between ASA and USSSA rules regarding bats:

Both leagues mandate that fastpitch softball bats cannot exceed 34 inches in length and must have a barrel diameter of 2 1/4 inches.

Wood bats are allowed in both leagues, but they are rarely seen or used.

Thus, most bats are approved by both leagues (and the other leagues like ISF, NSA, etc.)

If you’re looking for the best ASA fastpitch softball bats, you have a wide range of selection to choose from; the same goes for USSSA bats.

You want to look at the taper of the bat for the certification stamps. Most major league associations have their own stamp, which will instantly tell you that it is permitted in their league.

As these leagues create new standards, their stamps change. Sometimes, this creates an issue with older bats, as they may carry an outdated stamp.

Thus, our fastpitch softball bat reviews will only have 2019 (and a few 2018) models to ensure that each bat is usable by all or most of the popular competitive leagues.

Fastpitch Softball Bats Sizing

Before you can begin looking at bats, the first question to answer is what size should your bat be.

Here’s a fastpitch softball bat size chart, which uses the height and weight of the player to determine a comfortable swing weight:

softball bat sizing chart

From there, the player can look at different bat lengths within that weight class to find a perfect match.

Sizing charts are an excellent place to start, but don’t be afraid to try bats around the chart’s recommendation. Everyone is built differently.

The sizing chart offers a good benchmark to begin your search, but it isn’t the end-all-be-all authority.

Types of Fastpitch Softball Bats

Players always want to know what is the best fastpitch softball bat, but the answer is never a simple one.

With all of the different types of bats, league associations and other parameters, there is never going to be only one bat at the top.

girl swinging a youth fastpitch bat

Here’s a quick breakdown of the various types of fastpitch softball bats you’ll find:

Alloy Fastpitch Softball Bats

Made from a stiff alloy metal (almost always aluminum), these bats are commonly one-piece bats.

They are favored by power hitters because they are more responsive and have more mass/weight than composite bats.

Composite Fastpitch Softball Bats

Made from composite materials (carbon fiber, metal matrix composites etc.), this type of fastpitch bat is often lightweight and very durable.

Some composite bats flex for increased bat whip. Composite bats are better at negating bat sting and are favored by contact hitters because of their fast swings.

Hybrid Fastpitch Softball Bats

For years, a hybrid bat was nearly always a composite handle with an alloy barrel.

This allowed the bat to utilize the best of both worlds and meant that all hybrid bats were two-piece designs.

Now, bat companies have been producing “100%” alloy bats that have a composite end cap.

Technically, these are hybrid bats, but because the handle and barrel are the same, they are still considered one-piece bats.

End Loaded Fastpitch Softball Bats

When a bat has an end load, it means there is extra weight and mass at the end of the barrel.

Power hitters look for the best end loaded fastpitch softball bats because the extra weight gives the hitter extra power and produces more carry.

It takes a beefy player to comfortably swing and end loaded bat, which is why these are generally reserved for power hitters.

Balanced Fastpitch Softball Bats

A balanced bat has its weight evenly (or as evenly as possible) distributed throughout the bat.

This makes for a lighter, more comfortable swing that is easier to control.

If you aren’t a power hitter, you want a balanced bat.

Best Fastpitch Softball Bat Brands

Fastpitch softball bats are produced by a wide range of companies.

Some are names you probably recognize, like Louisville Slugger and Rawlings, but others aren’t typical household names.

Understanding the competitive differences that these different companies bring to the table is important towards finding the best fastpitch softball bat.


Easton is a titan in the world of sporting equipment, particularly baseball and softball bats.

The company has focused its expertise on creating the best alloy and composite bats and have been an industry leader for decades.

They routinely engineer new bat technologies that alter the entire bat making world. Easton bats are among the very best in the game.

Louisville Slugger

This bat company has been around for over a century and while the wealth of that time was spent crafting wooden baseball bats, they’ve certainly learned a thing or two over the years.

Their top fastpitch softball bats are among some of the best in the game and their bats are proven to perform year in and year out.


Another well-known baseball company that produces top-of-the-line fastpitch softball bats is Rawlings.

Their bats have even beenused by championship NCAA teams in the past.

One thing that is nice about Rawlings is that their bats are generally more affordable than competitor’s models, but they still have great features and design elements.

If you’re looking for great fastpitch softball bats made in the USA, Rawlings is a great choice.


Mizuno is a Japanese company that has been in existence since 1906 and they supply equipment for a wide range of sports.

Their fastpitch softball bats are carefully engineered with precision and quality in mind.

Mizuno’s lineup of softball bats spans the price spectrum, so there is always a Mizuno product in anyone’s budget.


DeMarini might not be a popular household name outside of the baseball/softball world.

On the field, however, DeMarini bats gets a lot of notice. This is partly because of their performance; DeMarini is a top choice by many of the game’s best teams.

But, these bats also get a lot of attention because of their look. DeMarini allows buyers to completely customize the colors of their bat and truly personalize them.

Axe Bat

Axe Bat is the new kid on the block, but this company has already made a big impact with its revolutionary re-design of the traditional bat handle.

Axe Bats have a handle that is shaped like a woodcutter’s axe.

This design has a number of benefits: it’s more comfortable to hold, doesn’t impinge on the hand (thereby reducing the risk of hand injuries) and it is easier to swing at inside pitches.

Because of their unique design, most of their bats have a 30-day trial period, which is the only of its kind.

Top 15 Best Fastpitch Softball Bats for the 2019 Season

All of the bats included in this list are new, 2019 models (plus a few 2018 models). As such, all of them are approved for all major softball league associations unless otherwise mentioned.

These bats are listed in no particular order.

The list includes options for all different ages, price ranges and batting preferences.

No matter what fastpitch softball bat is the best for you and your needs, you’ll find it in this list.

Here’re our picks for the best fastpitch softball bats for 2019:

  1. 2019 Anderson Supernova Fastpitch Softball Bat
  2. 2019 Mizuno F19 Titanium Fastpitch Softball Bat
  3. 2018 Rawlings Aspire Fastpitch Softball Bat
  4. 2019 Louisville Slugger PXT X19 Fastpitch Softball Bat
  5. 2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno X19 Fastpitch Softball Bat
  6. 2019 Anderson RockeTech Fastpitch Softball Bat
  7. 2019 Rawlings Velo Fastpitch Softball Bat
  8. 2019 Rawlings Quatro Fastpitch Softball Bat
  9. 2019 Easton Wonderlite Fastpitch Softball Bat
  10. 2019 DeMarini CF Zen Fastpitch Softball Bat
  11. 2019 Axe Element Fastpitch Softball Bat
  12. 2019 Axe Avenge Lite Fastpitch Softball Bat
  13. 2018 Louisville Slugger Proven Fastpitch Softball Bat
  14. 2018 Mizuno Silhouette Fastpitch Softball Bat
  15. 2019 Easton Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Softball Bat

2019 Anderson Supernova Fastpitch Softball Bat

In space, a supernova is a massive explosion caused by a large star reaching the end of its life cycle.

This huge, colorful explosion is exactly what the engineers at Anderson had in mind when they developed the two-piece composite Supernova Fastpitch Softball Bat.

With a lightweight design and specialized end cap technology to produce an even faster swing, the 2019 Supernova explodes through the strike zone and sends batted balls scorching at interstellar speeds (exaggeration, of course).

The Anderson Supernova has a freshly designed composite material that is new for the 2019 season.

This further amplifies the overall lightweight design to produce an ultra-balanced swing capable of even faster swings compared to prior years. And, where there’s speed, there’s power.

Not to mention, the bat’s composite construction means you can expect a long-lasting stick.

With a -10 drop weight, the product has a pretty average heft for a fastpitch softball bat.

2019 Anderson Supernova (-10) 2 1/4″ 2019 Anderson Supernova (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat (FPSN1910)

As a composite bat, the handle naturally reduces potential bat sting. However, bat sting was an issue in last year’s model, despite this composite handle.

As a result, Anderson introduced a new Sting Reduction Technology with the 2019 Supernova, which does a better job at controlling that nasty feedback than last year’s model.

Thus, players can swing comfortably and without fear of poor control or negative feedback caused by mishits.

The look of this newest Anderson Supernova is pretty eye-catching too!

It is approved for ASA, USSSA and most other fastpitch softball league associations.

  • New composite material delivers on performance and durability.
  • Anderson’s latest Sting Reduction Technology means less concern about bat feedback.
  • Possibly the fastest swinging bat for contact hitters.
  • High price point of this bat may be too much for some players to afford.
  • Only available as a -10 drop weight.

The 2019 Anderson Supernova is one of the best composite fastpitch softball bats thanks to its ultra-balanced swing weight and new Sting Reduction Technology.

Players can swing as fast as they want and with zero worry of feedback.

2019 Mizuno F19 Titanium Fastpitch Softball Bat

Immediately, if you’re a player on a tight budget, you should know that this is the most expensive bat on the list (by roughly $100).

Yet, the Mizuno fastpitch bat reviews can’t stop talking about this bat’s amazing pop.

While the bat is not end loaded or expressly for power hitting, this insane performance may make it the best bat for power hitters.

The performance of this bat is attributed to a number of features. Most importantly is Mizuno’s Hot Metal Titanium Barrel (where the bat gets its name from).

This incredibly responsive sweet spot generates maximum performance on each hit. You’ll noticeably hit the ball harder and farther.

F19 Titanium (-10) 2 1/4″ 2019 Mizuno F19 Titanium (-10) Fastpitch Bat (FP19TITAN10)

The barrel has a half and half design with the Hot Metal Titanium being mixed with Black Onyx Carbon.

This material is used throughout the bat to help reduce weight. Yet, it is strategically placed to not weaken the performance or durability of the barrel.

This carbon material is used more liberally in the handle to create a stiff feel. The carbon handle is not only stiff, it also generates excellent energy transfer.

When contact is made, the vibrations that hit this handle are promptly redirected back into the barrel and then into the batted ball. This aids the Hot Metal Titanium Barrel in its mission to maximize pop.

This level of energy transfer helps remedy bat sting. But, just to be sure that the user of the 2019 Mizuno Titanium does not experience any unpleasant feedback, the engineers equipped it with Dynamic Damper Technology. This adds another level of bat sting protection.

Finally, this handle is encased in a Speed-Helix Grip. This feature reinforces the handle for longer lasting strength and supreme comfort.

The Mizuno Titanium is approved for ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF.

It is only available in a -10 drop weight, as this is the most popular length-to-weight ratio. And, its sleek, black color design is nothing to overlook.

  • Easily the most powerful, best Mizuno fastpitch bat.
  • Hot Metal Titanium Barrel and Black Onyx Carbon creates a fast swinging bat with excellent pop.
  • Carbon handle redirects energy back into the barrel upon contact for even greater pop.
  • Extremely expensive bat – the most expensive bat in the lineup.
  • Only available in a -10 length-to-weight ratio.
  • As a new model bat, it is still early to tell how long the bat’s durability will last.

Given the incredible power of the 2019 Mizuno Titanium, this could easily be the best women’s fastpitch softball bat available.

2018 Rawlings Aspire Fastpitch Softball Bat

The majority of youth-specific fastpitch softball bats have a -13 or -12 length-to-weight ratio. Riding the fence between the two is the 2018 Rawlings Aspire.

Its -12.5 drop is unique and could make it the best fastpitch softball bat for 10u players that find themselves in between the typical youth bat sizes.

Rawlings Aspire (-12.5) 2 1/4″ 2018 Rawlings Aspire Fastpitch Softball Bat

Aside from its drop weight, the 2018 Rawlings Aspire is a good, one-piece composite bat with a balanced swing weight.

The barrel sleeve has no seams or weak points, so the bat has 360-degrees of durable hitting surface. You’ll never get that dead spot in the barrel like other bats.

The bat has a synthetic grip that is comfortable on the hands and does help reduce sting by a small amount.

It’s worth mentioning that the 2018 Rawlings Aspire was designed with influence from National Pro Fastpitch players Lauren Chamberlain and Keilani Ricketts.

Their expertise and knowledge of the game helped create a valuable learning tool for young, aspiring softball players.

  • -12.5 length-to-weight ratio is very unique and offers a nice alternative to other youth bats.
  • Designed by two professional fastpitch softball players, Lauren Chamberlain and Keilani Ricketts.
  • Durable barrel with no weak spots for consistent hitting.
  • One of the most expensive youth fastpitch softball bats on the market.
  • Synthetic grip leaves something to be desired.

With its unique -12.5 drop weight and pro-inspired design, the 2018 Rawlings Aspire definitely makes a case as one of the best youth fastpitch softball bats out there.

2019 Louisville Slugger PXT X19 Fastpitch Softball Bat

The PXT is a newer addition to Louisville Slugger’s lineup of fastpitch softball bats, but it made big waves in 2018 and has ascended to one of the premier Louisville Slugger bats of choice.

The PXT X19 model may be the best yet. It’s available in a -8, -9 or -10 length-to-weight and is a 100% composite bat.

PXT X19 (-8) 2 1/4″ 2019 Louisville Slugger PXT X19 (-8) Fastpitch Bat (WTLFPPX19A8)
PXT X19 (-9) 2 1/4″ 2019 Louisville Slugger PXT X19 (-9) Fastpitch Bat (WTLFPPX19A9)
PXT X19 (-10) 2 1/4″ 2019 Louisville Slugger PXT X19 (-10) Fastpitch Bat (WTLFPPX19A10)

The bat’s primary source of power is the PWR STAX Technology. Upon contact with an incoming softball, this feature ensures that the load is evenly dispersed across the entire surface of the barrel.

This vastly improves performance because it utilizes all parts of the barrel to generate the most energy transfer possible.

The multi-layered construction of the barrel also helps performance by further enhancing the player’s ability to put all of their energy into batted balls.

The 2019 Louisville Slugger PXT X19 has a “power-balanced” swing weight. This is thanks to the bat’s MASS FX loaded sweet spot feature.

With more weight and mass in the barrel’s sweet spot, each hit has more power behind it.

And, with a power-balanced swing, the bat is still relatively easy to swing, which means bat speed is reduced by only a small margin.

This feature makes the PXT X19 the best Louisville Slugger fastpitch bat for players that feel they are in between being a power or contact hitter.

To help the power-balanced design and combat some of the added weight in the swing, Louisville Slugger’s engineers equipped the PXT X19 with a lightweight X-Cap end cap.

This feature also elongates the barrel for a bigger sweet spot and more consistent hitting.

This bat also feels great on contact thanks to Louisville’s innovative three-piece design. In previous years, this manifested itself as the TRU3 Connection Technology.

New in 2019 is VCX Technology. This feature yields a really unique feel by creating independent movement between the bat’s handle and barrel.

It also helps kill bat sting before it reaches the player’s hands.

The bat’s handle is 7/8 inch thick and gripped with Louisville Slugger’s newest LS Pro Comfort Grip for proper handling and swing control.

  • Arguably the best Louisville Slugger fastpitch bat, especially for competitive players.
  • Versatile range of length-to-weight ratios means more players can swing this bat comfortably.
  • Power-balanced swing weight pairs control and power effectively together.
  • One of the most expensive fastpitch softball bats on the market.
  • There is some swing speed lost because of the MASS FX loaded sweet spot.

If you have the money, the 2019 Louisville Slugger PXT X19 is destined to be one of the hottest fastpitch softball bats on the market this year.

2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno X19 Fastpitch Softball Bat

If the PXT X19 series is outside your budget, you may find that the 2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno is a more affordable option.

It’s still in the higher end of the spectrum, but nowhere near as expensive as the PXT X19.

Despite the difference in price, the Xeno has a number of cutting-edge features that make it comparable to its more expensive relative.

The bat is available with a -8, -9, -10 or -11 length-to-weight ratio.

Xeno X19 (-8) 2 1/4″ 2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno X19 (-8) Fastpitch Bat (WTLFPXN19A8)
Xeno X19 (-9) 2 1/4″ 2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno X19 (-9) Fastpitch Bat (WTLFPXN19A9)
Xeno X19 (-10) 2 1/4″ 2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno X19 (-10) Fastpitch Bat (WTLFPXN19A10)
Xeno X19 (-11) 2 1/4″ 2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno X19 (-11) Fastpitch Bat (WTLFPXN19A11)

The barrel of the Xeno series features Louisville Slugger’s patented S1ID Barrel Technology. This small disc resides inside the barrel and helps control its compression for more consistent hitting.

Plus, it gives the 2019 Xeno X19 Fastpitch Softball Bat out-of-the-wrapper performance. So, the bat is ready the moment you get it.

For vibration control, Louisville Slugger implemented their IST Technology. This bat tech helps direct energy back into the barrel and then into the ball at contact.

This keeps any of those negative shockwaves away from the hands, while ensuring that no energy is wasted.

Topping off this bat is the Ultra Lightweight X-Cap. This elongates the barrel of the Xeno X19 just slightly.

It also results in faster swing speeds for this two-piece, composite softball bat.

  • More affordable alternative to the 2019 Louisville Slugger PXT X19 fastpitch bats.
  • Long, powerful barrel will boost any player’s hitting capabilities at the plate.
  • Very fast swinging bat; one of the best balanced fastpitch softball bats.
  • Still an expensive bat, despite being cheaper than the PXT X19.
  • Super lightweight design and fast swing may be too light for even some contact hitters.
  • Grip lacks quality and may not provide the swing control hoped for.

Due to its wide range of available length-to-weight ratios, the 2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno X19 may be one of the best fastpitch softball bats for 14u players looking for a lightweight, fast-swinging bat.

2019 Anderson RockeTech Fastpitch Softball Bat

The 2019 Anderson RockeTech Fastpitch Softball Bat has two models. Each has unique traits that really distinguish them from one another and thereby make the RockeTech bat a very versatile lineup that appeases a lot of different player preferences.

The first model has a -12 length-to-weight ratio and an ultra-balanced swing weight. Based on its weight and swing, it is ideal for younger contact hitters.

2019 RockeTech (-12) 2 1/4″ 2019 Anderson RockeTech (-12) Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat (FPRT1912)

It also has a thinner handle to remove excess weight and enhance that swing speed even further.

The second version has a heavier -9 length-to-weight ratio with an end loaded swing that is designed for power hitters.

2019 RockeTech (-9) 2 1/4″ 2019 Anderson RockeTech (-9) Fastpitch Softball Bat (FPRT19)

The Power Arch Technology produces a ton of exit velocity for exceptionally hard hit balls.

The grip of this bat is vibration dampening so players can slug the long ball with complete confidence.

Both models of the 2019 RockeTech Fastpitch Softball Bat are built from AB-9000 Aerospace Alloy.

This durable material helps protect the bat from cracks and breakages, which extends its lifespan and protects your investment for longer.

Both barrels feature multi-wall technology for maximum trampolining on batted balls. This also creates another layer of durability.

Finally, these bats finish with a lightweight end cap.

The -12 drop model is much cheaper than the end loaded model, but both bats are relatively inexpensive, compared to the high-end models.

These bats have a rare, 30-day, no-risk guarantee.

  • Two diverse bat models that cover both contact and power hitting needs.
  • AB-9000 Aerospace Alloy is durable enough to ensure the bat lasts.
  • Arguably the best value fastpitch softball bat you can find.
  • There’s no balanced option for older players that have outgrown a -12 drop weight.
  • The balanced model is less expensive but lacks certain features.
  • Each model has only a single color option.

The 2019 Anderson RockeTech is a top rated girls softball bat. The heavier model may be the best end loaded fastpitch softball bat.

2019 Rawlings Velo Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Rawlings Velo bats have existed in baseball leagues for a number of years, but they are relatively new in the fastpitch softball world.

That has not stopped these bats from becoming some of the top ranked fastpitch softball bats in the game.

The 2019 Rawlings Velo Fastpitch Softball Bat is the third generation of this model.

Where the Rawlings Velo really stands out is in bat speed. It is arguably the best rated fastpitch softball bat, when it comes to swing speed.

Some players keep one in their bag just in case they face a particularly fast throwing pitcher and need a little extra bat speed.

This bat is available in a -11, -10 or -9 length-to-weight ratio.

2019 Velo (-11) 2 1/4″ 2019 Rawlings Velo (-11) Fastpitch Softball Bat (FP9V11)
2019 Velo (-10) 2 1/4″ 2019 Rawlings Velo (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat (FP9V10)
2019 Velo (-9) 2 1/4″ 2019 Rawlings Velo (-9) Fastpitch Softball Bat (FP9V9)

The bat gets a lot of its quickness from its ultralight carbon fiber material. This cuts down on unnecessary weight across the bat’s entire construction.

Yet, the material is resilient enough that the Rawlings Velo is sure to last a long time.

Also helping the bat achieve its fast swing speeds is its Comp-Lite End Cap, which removes extra weight in the bat’s barrel end.

The two-piece design of the 2019 Rawlings Velo Fastpitch Softball Bat allows it to combine a flexible barrel with a stiff, reactive handle.

The flex index of the bat’s barrel creates additional whip as the player swings the bat. There won’t be any balls you can’t catch up to.

The -11 and -10 drop weights, coupled with the immensely fast swings, gives this a strong case as the best bat for a 12u player that is having trouble keeping up with fastballs.

It is approved for ASA, USSSA and other major softball league standards.

  • One of the best fastpitch softball bats when it comes to fast swing speeds.
  • Great tool to have in anyone’s dugout because it can catch up to fastballs with ease.
  • Durable material ensures that this fastpitch softball bat is built to last.
  • Too light for most power hitters to utilize properly, even in situations with a fast throwing pitcher.
  • Mid-to-high price may not be affordable for all players, especially those looking to keep it as a secondary bat.

The 2019 Rawlings Velo Fastpitch Softball Bat is a valuable tool for players that are having trouble catching up to fastball pitchers.

It is possibly the best Rawlings fastpitch softball bat for contact hitters.

2019 Rawlings Quatro Fastpitch Softball Bat

In 2016, the Oklahoma Sooners took the National Championship for fastpitch softball with the Rawlings Quatro as their bat of choice.

Three years later, this bat has only improved on its championship caliber performance.

Its list of performance-enhancing features give this bat both power and speed, which means it is one of the best fastpitch softball bats for any player.

Before getting under the hood of the 2019 Rawlings Quatro, let’s first discuss the basics.

This is a two-piece, full composite softball bat. It is available in either a -10 or -9 drop weight.

2019 Quatro (-10) 2 1/4″ 2019 Rawlings Quatro (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat (FP9Q10)
2019 Quatro (-9) 2 1/4″ 2019 Rawlings Quatro (-9) Fastpitch Softball Bat (FP9Q9)

In terms of size and weight, it’s one of the best fastpitch bats for high school players. It has a balanced swing.

Past the basics, the 2019 Quatro generates a lot of its power because of Rawlings’ Ultimate Flex Connection Technology.

This creates a hinge-like system that produces a great deal of flex in the barrel that is focused right on the bat’s sweet spot.

What this does is create extra whip and more pop exactly where it is needed most.

When you hit the sweet zone on this bat, balls are going to jump.

Aside from the Flex Connection Tech, the barrel is also made from an “ultra-high performance” composite material that is meant to be responsive and ready to hit the moment you take it out of the box.

The Quatro gets its name from the silicone-infused Quatro Collar near the bat’s handle.

The silicone material absorbs and redirects potentially painful feedback from mishits back into the barrel.

Thus, players can swing with pure confidence and zero fear of those nasty ringing vibrations.

This superb vibration dampening technology also produces a really smooth feel on contact that a lot of hitters have come to love.

The 2019 Rawlings Quatro has a padded, textured gripping. The cushiony padding helps elevate player comfort, while the texturization improves grip.

  • Incredible bat whip that produces immense amounts of pop on batted balls.
  • Great feel on contact and almost no ringing felt down on the player’s hands.
  • Proven to be a bat worthy of a championship.
  • Lower price compared to the 2018 model.
  • Doesn’t have a lighter drop weight to please smaller, lead off hitters.
  • Rawlings fastpitch bat reviews of the 2018 model were not overly positive.
  • Lacks the true power that comes from an end loaded barrel.

It’s hard to find any fault with the 2019 Rawlings Quatro Fastpitch Softball Bat; you’ve got moderate power, excellent bat speed, a championship and so much more brewing inside this bat.

And, with a lower price than last year, it could be the best fastpitch softball bat for the money.

2019 Easton Wonderlite Fastpitch Softball Bat

For young, beginning fastpitch softball players, there are few options as good as the 2019 Easton Wonderlite.

While it may lack the performance-enhancing features of the more advanced (and more expensive) fastpitch bats, the supreme advantage of the Easton Wonderlite is in its simplicity.

It is available in a single drop weight of -13, which is the perfect length-to-weight ratio for the best fastpitch bat for 9-year-old players.

Wonderlite (-13) 2 1/4″ 2019 Easton Wonderlite (-13) Fastpitch Softball Bat (FP19WL13)

This ultra-light weight is easy to swing and control by even the smallest of players.

The bat has a full, 100% composite design, which helps further promote that fast, lightweight swing.

Plus, the HYPERLITE Barrel is specially optimized to produce more powerful hits and a more evenly balanced swing.

The very thin (29/32 inch) handle is wrapped in Easton’s 1.2mm HYPERSKIN Grip, which is the same kind used in the best Easton fastpitch bats.

It is cushiony for comfort and sticky enough to keep the young player’s hands from moving during their swing.

The 2019 Easton Wonderlite fastpitch bat is useable in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISF and ISA leagues.

It has a very affordable price, even for a youth bat.

  • A lightweight, balanced bat that any player can swing with total comfort.
  • One of the best fastpitch bats around $100.
  • HYPERSKIN Grip is great for swing control and comfort.
  • A very basic bat without many features.
  • Only available in a -13 drop weight.
  • Not recommended for older, larger players.

If you are looking for the best fastpitch bat for youth beginners and don’t want to spend a lot of money, the 2019 Easton Wonderlite is a great pick.

It even has features, like the HYPERSKIN Grip, that are used in Easton’s top fastpitch bats.

2019 DeMarini CF Zen Fastpitch Softball Bat

Last year’s DeMarini CFX series was notable because of its seven different models. While this made the bats very versatile, the vast selection was confusing.

This year, the comparable CF Zen eliminates a lot of that confusion by narrowing the selection to just two models: a -11 and-10 length-to-weight ratios.

2019 CF Zen (-11) 2 1/4″ 2019 DeMarini CF Zen (-11) Fastpitch Softball Bat (WTDXCFS19)
2019 CF Zen (-10) 2 1/4″ 2019 DeMarini CF Zen (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat (WTDXCFP19)

The 2019 DeMarini CF Zen Fastpitch Softball Bat is a balanced, two-piece hybrid bat that is ready the moment you take it out of the box. It is easily the best hybrid fastpitch softball bat on our list.

It is approved for all major league associations, including USSSA and ASA.

Looking under the hood, the engine of this bat is DeMarini’s newest Paraflex+ Composite barrel. This design creates a very balanced bat with an even swing.

It has superb consistency, both in performance and feel upon contact, so hitters can become very comfortable and familiar with their hits and swing.

This helps improve a player’s ability to control the ball and find those gaps in the field.

Each barrel is engineered carefully and with precise temperature to absolutely guarantee durability and the aforementioned performance.

Plus, they feature the Half + Half Design that DeMarini has implemented in other successful bat models, which excellently blends together vibration dampening with barrel pop.

If that wasn’t enough power to pack into the barrel, the 3-Fusion End Cap adds another layer of performance with a larger sweet spot.

It also gives the barrel some extra durability and a tremendous sound upon contact.

The 3-Fusion Technology is also found in the 2019 DeMarini CF Zen’s handle. Here, it produces additional flex for improved bat whip and overall smoother feel when contact is made.

Below this 3-Fusion Handle is DeMarini’s RCK Knob. This feature reinforces the bat’s protection against bat sting. Not to mention, it is more comfortable to grip.

The bat has a silver and blue color scheme. If you’re looking for the best fastpitch softball bat for men, this is a great option because so many softball bats have colors designed for girls.

There’s also a limited edition “Neon Pop” model with a bright, retro pink-green color combination.

CF Zen “Neon Pop” (-11) 2 1/4″ 2019 Limited Edition CF Zen (-11) Neon Pop Fastpitch Bat (WTDXCFS-NP)
CF Zen “Neon Pop” (-10) 2 1/4″ 2019 Limited Edition CF Zen (-10) Neon Pop Fastpitch Bat (WTDXCFP-NP)

DeMarini also has a custom color editor, so you can completely customize the look of your bat for an added cost.

  • One of the best single wall fastpitch softball bat barrels out there.
  • Multiple features protect against bat sting, like the RCK Knob.
  • Great fastpitch softball bat for a 10-year-old player.
  • High price is a big cost for a younger player’s fastpitch bat.
  • Doesn’t have the many versatile options of the 2018 DeMarini CFX lineup.
  • Lacks features focused on power hitting.

With its many features, the 2019 DeMarini CF Zen is possibly the best DeMarini fastpitch bat for contact hitters that want an incredibly potent barrel.

Plus, the various color options make it really stand out on the field!

2019 Axe Element Fastpitch Softball Bat

If you’re looking for the best fastpitch softball bat under $200, then look no further than the Axe Bat company.

Their bats are not only reasonably priced, but they are one of the few companies with a no risk, 30-day trial period.

You can even use the bat during games and, if you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund.

The reason that Axe Bat offers this deal is their unique handle design. Instead of a traditional knob, Axe Bats are crafted in the shape of an axe handle (hence the name).

According to Axe fastpitch bat reviews, this handle is more comfortable, allows for better control, allows you to square up on inside pitches and even reduces the risk for injury.

The 2019 model is available in a -12 length-to-weight ratio. This lighter drop makes it the best fastpitch softball bat for 8-year-old players on a budget.

2019 Element (-12) 2 1/4″ 2019 Axe Element (-12) Fastpitch Softball Bat (L151G)

The 2019 Axe Element is a one-piece alloy stick that utilizes this axe handle technology. It’s built from Axe’s latest MX8 Alloy.

Axe materials are always incredibly durable, because of the one-directional hitting surface of their bats.

The Axe Element Fastpitch Softball Bat has 270 degrees of hitting surface for more consistent hitting.

The alloy also has delivers on the stiff, responsive feel that many hitters like from a one-piece, aluminum bat.

Together with Axe’s engineered hitting surface, these features help produce a longer barrel that covers more of the plate. So, players can dominate the inside and outside of the plate.

The Axe Element is balanced with a fast swing. This quick bat gets its speed from the HyperWhip Composite End Cap, which removes excess weight from the end of the bat.

Technically, this composite end cap makes the bat a hybrid bat, but it still performs like an alloy bat.

  • Axe Handle has a number of key benefits, in terms of both comfort and performance.
  • Affordable price range makes the 2019 Axe Element one of the best cheap fastpitch softball bats.
  • MX8 Alloy has the durability that Axe bat’s need, plus the performance that players want.
  • Only available as a -12 length-to-weight ratio bat.
  • Unique handle and one-sided hitting surface may take some getting used to and not everyone will like it.
  • Lacks any features to reduce bat sting.

If you’re a player on a budget that needs to shop for cheap fastpitch softball bats, then look no further than the 2019 Axe Element.

Thanks to its low price and high-quality design this is the best alloy fastpitch softball bat in its price bracket.

2019 Axe Avenge Lite Fastpitch Softball Bat

Since Axe bats have a 30-day, no-risk trial, you may want to test out the slightly more expensive Avenge Lite Fastpitch Softball Bat.

The Avenge Lite features all of the same ergonomic benefits that Axe bats are famous for.

It has a -11 length-to-weight ratio with a balanced swing weight and two-piece construction. This permits it for ASA, USSSA and all other top fastpitch leagues.

2019 Avenge Lite (-11) 2 1/4″ 2019 Axe Avenge Lite (-11) Fastpitch Softball Bat (L169G)

The one-directional barrel is precisely engineered with a high strength-to-weight ratio to achieve a supremely balanced swing and ultimate durability.

The hitting surface is fine tuned to be optimized for pop and performance, so the batter experiences consistently hard hit balls on every contact.

To cut out vibration and build confidence at the plate, Axe implemented its well-known Endogrid Technology in the 2019 Avenge Lite.

This grid-like structure weakens any vibrations caused by mishits before they reach the hands and helps control that energy back into the performance-enabled, Charged Carbon Composite Barrel.

The Endogrid Technology also enlarges the sweet spot of the bat.

Axe bats are known for their axe-like handles, but the Avenge Lite’s handle has a little extra performance because of its flex index.

The Flex Handle is capable of the maximum allowable bat whip for incredible swing speeds to add even more pop to hits.

Overall, each performance feature of this bat is carefully optimized for peak performance. If this bat performed any better, it would be illegal.

  • EndoGrid Technology reduces bat sting, while simultaneously enlarging the sweet spot.
  • All of the comfort, injury prevention and performance benefits of the Axe handle.
  • Charged Carbon Composite Barrel is durable and has superb strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Only available in one drop weight, which will exclude some players’ needs.
  • Still a new bat that has yet to be fully tested for durability issues.
  • Comes in a single color option (white and sky blue).

If you’re intrigued by Axe’s innovative style of handle, the 2019 Axe Avenge Lite is a nice alternative to the Element with slightly better performance-enhancing features.

2018 Louisville Slugger Proven Fastpitch Softball Bat

The 2018 Louisville Slugger Proven has a -13 length-to-weight ratio and a 100% composite, one-piece design.

With its light drop weight it is an ideal bat for a youth player developing the foundation of their skills.

LS Proven (-13) 2 1/4″ Louisville Slugger 2018 Proven (-13) Fastpitch Bat (WTLFPPR18A13)

The lightweight design allows any young player to swing the bat comfortably and with complete control.

This is especially important at the youth levels of play, where players are still learning how to hit.

According to fastpitch softball bat reviews, the 2018 Louisville Slugger Proven has great pop, which is nice to see in a youth bat for under $100.

It is obvious that the company took the time to really design a great learning tool for young players, rather than just offering a basic, no-thrills bat.

The other impressive quality of this bat is its look. While this may not improve a young player’s ability at the plate, there is certainly something to be said about how the appearance of the bat and its “coolness” plays into a batter’s confidence. Look great, play great.

Even the synthetic grip on the Proven Fastpitch Softball Bat has a neat design to it.

  • Bat reviews suggest that this youth bat has really good pop.
  • Looks awesome, which helps get a young player get excited about playing the game.
  • Lightweight enough for any young player to swing comfortably and with complete control.
  • Great price-to-performance value.
  • Synthetic grips tend to deteriorate quickly.

It’s always tough to find the best softball bat for a youth player that don’t break the bank.

Finally, there is a middle ground between the cheap youth bats and the high-quality, expensive ones.

2018 Mizuno Silhouette Fastpitch Softball Bat

This Mizuno fastpitch bat uses the same BlackOnyx Carbon Handle and Speed-Helix Grip that we’ve discussed in previous Mizuno bats.

Thus, you know that this bat has a nice, stiff feel that is comfortable to hold.

The 2018 Mizuno Silhouette comes in a -10 or -13 (youth) models.

The -13 drop is a nice, high-quality youth bat, but is pricier than most other youth softball bats, while the -10 is a nice, cheaper alternative to some of the newer 2019 Mizuno bats designed for older players.

Youth Silhouette (-13) 2 1/4″ 2018 Mizuno Silhouette (-13) Youth Fastpitch Bat
Silhouette (-10) 2 1/4″ 2018 Mizuno Silhouette (-10) Fastpitch Bat

What sets this one-piece, composite softball bat apart from its other Mizuno counterparts is the Double Wall Barrel fitted with X-Zone Barrel adjustments, which angles the composite material for a much larger sweet spot.

The balls fly off this barrel with the increased trampoline effect of the two barrel walls.

Also differentiating this model from the other bats in the Mizuno lineup is its Anti-Shock Construction.

The bat is built to reduce sting and ensure that the player can swing with total confidence, even when they are getting jammed on the lower part of the bat.

This performance-enhancing feature also helps give the bat improved durability.

The end of the bat is fitted with an end cap. This extends the barrel of the bat for an even larger sweet spot and the ability to reach the farthest parts of the plate. No outside pitches will be out of reach.

  • A lot of top-quality Mizuno features that are proven to be effective in their roles.
  • Anti-Shock Construction means no more painful bat sting.
  • Double Wall, X-Zone Barrel produces a lot of pop for bigger hits.
  • Youth version of the Mizuno Silhouette is pricey.
  • Has a lot of the same features as other Mizuno bats.

Mizuno’s products are always good softball bats and the Silhouette is no exception. It’s a great, high-quality youth bat, or an affordable alternative to some of the other Mizuno bats.

2019 Easton Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Softball Bat

It’s possible that we saved the best bat for fastpitch softball for last. The 2019 Easton Ghost Double Barrel is a prime example of what money can buy.

Easton has made a strong effort to make the Easton Ghost Double Barrel lineup more versatile by adding more drop weights. It is available as a -9, -10 or -11.

2019 Ghost (-9) 2 1/4″ 2019 Easton Ghost Double Barrel (-9) USSSA Fastpitch Bat (FP19GHU9)
2019 Ghost (-10) 2 1/4″ 2019 Easton Ghost Double Barrel (-10) USSSA Fastpitch Bat (FP19GHU10)
2019 Ghost (-11) 2 1/4″ 2019 Easton Ghost Double Barrel (-11) USSSA Fastpitch Bat (FP19GHU11)

Each version has an evenly balanced swing for smooth strokes and above-average bat speed.

Even with its high-end price, this two-piece, composite bat still feels worth every cent. It is jammed with features and cutting-edge technology.

Starting with the barrel, the bat is designed with two barrel walls. The inner barrel generates the power (along with an awesome sounding ping noise on contact!), while the outer and softer barrel allows for immediate, out-of-the-box performance.

As with any double-wall design, there’s added carry thanks to an enhanced trampoline effect.

The barrel is made from Xtra Tough Resin Matrix Composite; there’s very few top rated fastpitch softball bats as durable as this one.

The 2019 Ghost Double Barrel features Easton’s CONNEXION+ Technology.

This eliminates any vibrations that would otherwise be felt in the player’s hands and thereby delivers total comfort and peace of mind at the plate.

Also supporting the hitter’s comfort is a 1.2mm HYPERSKIN Diamond Grip. This strategic pattern is designed to better enhance player grip thanother shapes to produce ultimate swing control.

According to early Easton fastpitch bat reviews, this model does not possess dual approval for both USSSA and ASA leagues. It is only approved for USSSA, NSA and ISA play.

This can be a big obstacle for players that participate in multiple leagues and need the best ASA approved fastpitch softball bat.

  • Absolute powerhouse of a bat; balls explode off the double barrel wall design.
  • Zero bat sting thanks to CONNEXION+ Technology.
  • Extreme durability with the Xtra Tough Resin Matrix Composite construction.
  • The bat is not approved for play in ASA leagues.
  • Very high-end price means it is a big investment.
  • According to 2019 fastpitch bat reviews, the new Easton Ghost Double Barrel doesn’t have the same amount of pop as the previous model.

If you’re strictly looking for the best USSSA-approved fastpitch softball bat and have the budget for this bat, then the 2019 Easton Ghost Double Barrel bat is the answer.

It has the features, the performance, the durability to last and so much more.


Buying a new piece of equipment, in any sport, is a stressful experience. Sports equipment is expensive and fastpitch softball bats are no exception.

In fact, they are some of the most expensive pieces of equipment out there.

Any investment of this caliber should be made carefully; the last thing you want is to be swinging a bat that you don’t feel delivers at the plate or having to ask a teammate to borrow their bat because yours wasn’t durable enough to last a season.

By reading this buyer’s guide, you have equipped yourself with the necessary knowledge to tackle the task of buying a new fastpitch softball bat head on.

The list of reviews included in this 2019 guide should help get your search for the best fastpitch softball bat started.

As always, it is a good idea to test any bats before buying.