best fastpitch softball gloves guide

Top 10 Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves for 2019: Reviews

No matter what fastpitch softball position you play, having the right glove is important.

Each position player faces unique challenges; their glove needs to be carefully selected in order to assist in carrying out these duties successfully.

In other words, if you want to be a great defensive player, then you need the help of the best fastpitch softball gloves for your position.

This requires reading fastpitch softball gloves reviews and buying guides (like this one) to get a fuller understanding of what to look for in a glove.

best fastpitch softball gloves guide

That is the ultimate goal of this fastpitch softball glove buying guide: to give you the knowledge and ability to understand what you need from a good fastpitch softball glove, while also giving you thorough reviews of some of the top models.

This will give you a wide selection of some of the best fastpitch softball gloves for a variety of different positions and player preferences.

This buying guide will cover such topics as:

  • Where to buy a fastpitch softball glove?
  • What brands make the top fastpitch softball gloves?
  • How to size a fastpitch softball glove?
  • What type of fastpitch softball glove is best for each position?

As always, we’ll include a selection of fastpitch glove reviews that demonstrate some of our top picks for what is the best fastpitch softball glove.

Best Fastpitch Softball Glove 2019 Buying Guide

Before we delve into the fastpitch softball gloves reviews and other portions of this guide, it’s important to first identify the key qualities to look for when shopping for fastpitch softball gloves and mitts.


Largely, the price and quality of a glove is determined by the type, or grade, of leather used.

Expensive gloves will use more exotic leathers, which cost more, but are typically stronger and more durable.

Low-quality or youth gloves, on the other hand, will use cheaper leathers or synthetic materials.


Different players look for webbings that fit their position and personal preferences.

Some players like a glove that can open really wide, as this makes it easier to catch fly balls on the run.

Infielders, on the other hand, may prefer a glove with a shallower pocket/webbing, as this makes it easy to quickly transfer the ball and try and turn two.

Mitt Versus Glove

People often use these terms interchangeably, but there is actually a difference between a softball mitt and a softball glove.

Gloves have individual finger stalls, whereas mitts are one contiguous piece of leather.

Also, mitts are exclusively designed for first base and catcher positions.

The shovel-like design of a mitt is helpful for scooping balls in the dirt, which is a frequent occurrence at these posts.


Comfort is rarely a priority, when it comes to choosing a glove, but it is an important quality to consider.

During hot day games, having a glove that can wick moisture away and keep your hand from sweating is a big benefit.

Some gloves also use a softer leather, as certain players like the feel that this gives to their hand inside the glove.

Size & Fit

The right size can help ensure that you have a solid fitting glove. Different positions also call for bigger or smaller gloves.

Outfielders tend to like a large glove, while infielders (save for first base and some third base players) opt for a smaller, lighter glove.

How To Size A Fastpitch Softball Glove

Again, sizing is important and can depend on the physical size of your hand and also your position.

This is an average fastpitch softball glove size chart. That said, each measurement is just a recommendation.

The best way to know if a softball glove will provide that excellent fit that you want is to try it on before making a final purchasing decision.

Recommended Fastpitch Glove Size

(Note: These sizes are for players age 13+)

How To Find The Best, Affordable Fastpitch Gloves

Fastpitch softball gloves can be expensive, especially at the highest levels of the game.

No player wants to break the bank buying a new glove, which is why it’s important to know where to look and when to find the best money-saving opportunities.

Online Versus In-Store

This is a big debate when it comes to buying any type of sporting equipment.

Shopping online typically yields better prices and a wider selection of products/brands.

When you shop in-store, you’re limited to only what’s available and in stock by that vendor.

On the plus side, when you shop in person, you have the opportunity to physically try the product on, see how it fits and so on.

To get this best deal on the right fastpitch softball glove, you may want to consider conducting some research at your local sporting goods store and trying some gloves on, before ultimately making a purchase online, where the prices are lower.

When To Buy

To save the most money, it is recommended to shop for a glove during the offseason, as this is when sports stores will heavily discount these products.

You may be able to find better prices if you wait for a large sale in the offseason, such as around Christmas or Thanksgiving.

If you need a glove in the middle of a season, however, you can try and holdout for a Memorial Day or July 4th sale.

Online stores run sales and discounts all the time. It may just be a matter of waiting until the price on your favorite glove drops.

Best Brands For Fastpitch Softball Gloves

There’s a number of different manufacturers and brands within the space of fastpitch softball gloves.

Some of these companies have huge reputations that span multiple different sports and beyond, while others exist solely in the glove industry.


It’s hard to picture a world of baseball or softball without the Rawlings brand.

This is one of the most recognizable names in the sport, especially when it comes to manufacturing gloves.

Their Heart of the Hide series is one of the most popular, across both softball and baseball.


Wilson is right at the top of the list with Rawlings.

The Wilson A2000, in particular, is one of the most popular gloves on the market today.

One of the reasons that Wilson stands out in the market is through their glove customization tool.

This makes it possible for players to change the colors of their glove to match their team uniform or their own, personal preferences.


When it comes to performance, Mizuno is a top competitor.

They may not have the color options of a brand like Wilson, but they more than make up for this with their simplistic, yet effective designs to their products.

And, they have options for players of all ages and skill levels.


This brand may not carry as large of a reputation as Wilson or Rawlings, but Akadema’s niche focus on making high quality fastpitch gloves is nothing to be ignored.

While their products can get expensive, they feature only the best materials and every glove has a superb design to improve player performance.


Nokona may not be a household brand, but they’ve been in the glove-making industry for over 80 years.

They predominantly use USA leathers and their products are handmade in Nokona’s birthplace, a small Texas town.

An american product for America’s past time.

Shoeless Joe

It’s hard to talk about fastpitch softball glove brands without mentioning Shoeless Joe.

Their “Shoeless Jane” lineup are some of the best women’s softball gloves available.

The leathers of Shoeless Joe gloves are aged and rubbed to appear and feel vintage.

Their gloves are known for having very short break in periods.

Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves By Position

The final thing to consider, when shopping for a glove, is the webbing and how your position affects the type of glove you want to look for.

It’s more than just the size. You want to have a glove that helps you handle all of your position’s responsibilities.

Glove webbing is one of the tools that can help a player perform these duties.

First Base

As mentioned before, first base players use a specific, mitt-style glove.

These mitts are larger to create a bigger target and make it easier to pick and scoop balls out of the dirt.

For webbing, it’s common to see first base players with an H-shape webbing or single post design.

These webbing styles are sturdy and offer good visibility for the glove’s user.

Other first base mitts use a closed design because this helps the glove maintain its shape and structure for longer.


Catcher is another position that uses a speciality mitt.

As expected, these gloves are larger and have a lot more pocket padding to protect the catcher’s hand.

fastpitch softball catchers mitt

Most catcher’s mitts have a closed webbing, as this adds more strength to the glove and heightens the protection.

Other catcher’s prefer a webbing with some visibility, as it helps the player see the ball all the way into the pocket.

Middle Infielder

Second base and shortstop players face a lot of hard hit ground balls.

They need to be quick and nimble, which requires a smaller glove with a shallow pocket.

This design makes it easier to flash the leather and make those great stops or flawless double-play transfer.

Infielders like gloves with I-web designs. This is a good, lightweight webbing that has good durability.

Third Base

The hot corner, as it is appropriately named, has to face some of the hardest hit balls.

Just like middle infielders, third base players need a glove that they can move quickly.

Some players find that the best third base glove for fastpitch softball is the same, smaller I-web style as middle infielders.

Other third base players like a larger glove with a sturdier pocket, to ensure those sharp line drives don’t bend back the top of the glove and escape to the outfield.


Pitchers don’t rely on their gloves as much as other players.

However, their gloves do have an important role: to mask the grip on pitches.

fastpitch softball pitchers glove

You don’t want the batter to spot how you are holding the softball or what your grip may be, as this can give them information on what to look for.

Thus, pitchers always want to use a closed web design, to ensure they don’t tip their pitches or accidentally give the batter any information.


Unlike the infield that faces a lot of hard ground balls, the outfield is typically ranging to catch fly balls.

They need a glove that they can open wide and cover a lot of ground with.

For these reasons, this position likes an H-web or trapeze style webbing.

These gloves offer moderate visibility, but lots of catching surface.

Top 10 Fastpitch Softball Glove Reviews

For any player looking to gain a competitive edge in their defenses in the field, having the right fastpitch softball glove on hand is a critical step.

With all of the brands, styles and other factors to consider when shopping for the best fastpitch softball gloves, we thought it necessary to breakdown some of the top products and discuss their pros, cons and what position each glove is best for.

We always try and include a range of products to cover different player needs.

We pay particular attention to price and try and showcase options at all levels of the price spectrum.

It’s practically guaranteed that you’ll find a glove suitable to your needs in our list.

Mizuno Prospect Youth Catcher’s Mitt

Catcher’s mitts, especially at the youth level of fastpitch softball, should make a player’s job behind the plate easier.

This means making it more comfortable to receive pitches and snap the mitt closed when needed.

Mizuno understands this very well and has built this glove to really help a youth player learn the fundamentals of catching.

The feature that exemplifies this quality the most is the Patented PowerClose Technology and V-Flex Notch.

What these features do is allow the glove to have a more flawless, almost automatic close.

This helps young fastpitch softball catchers by making it easier to slam that glove shut on each pitch, which improves timing and comfortability at the dish.

Mizuno Prospect Youth Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt (GXS101)

Many of the best fastpitch catcher’s mitts have a closed web, but the Mizuno Prospect has an H-shaped webbing.

For a young catcher, this is actually a very helpful feature because it provides better visibility as they watch the ball all the way into the glove.

For fit and comfort, the Mizuno Prospect offers a lot, like the Butter Soft Palm Lining inside the mitt or the PowerLock Adjustable Wrist Strap, which is a quick way to securely fasten the glove to any youth player’s hand.

The finger stalls and opening of the 32.5-inch youth catcher’s mitt are all sized appropriately for young hands/fingers.

Naturally, catchers also have to think about the protection and padding that their glove offers.

In this area, the Mizuno Prospect has you covered, thanks to the ParaShock Palm Pad.

Not only does this feature absorb impact, it also keeps the ball closer to the catcher on rebounds.

  • H webbing helps the player have clear eyesight of the ball all the way into the pocket
  • PowerClose and V-Flex Notch empower young catchers to snap the mitt shut
  • ParaShock Palm Pad limits rebounds and offers great protection
  • Some reviewers say that the pocket is too small, especially for 12-inch softballs
  • The glove openings may be too small for older players with larger hands

While this glove does have some issues with sizing, it may be the best youth fastpitch softball catcher’s mitt for players that are just starting to learn softball and are playing on a budget.

After all, the purpose of any of the best youth fastpitch softball gloves is to help beginners learn the game and improve – that’s exactly what this Mizuno youth catcher’s mitt does!

Shoeless Joe Shoeless Jane Gloves

As we mentioned in our breakdown of fastpitch softball glove brands, Shoeless Joe products are an awesome choice because they look, feel and even smell like vintage leather gloves.

Yet, the Shoeless Jane fastpitch softball gloves for women are anything but vintage.

They perform just like any of the other top rated fastpitch softball gloves, maybe even better.

It really is an experience to own and play with a Shoeless Joe-Jane glove.

What’s nice about these gloves is the variety they offer. In total, there are nine models.

You could argue that Shoeless Joe created a model for each position, as each model has unique characteristics that could help positional duties.

For example, the 11.75-inch, H-web Shoeless Jane fastpitch glove would be ideal for a third base infielder.

11.75″ (H-Web)Shoeless Joe Shoeless Jane fastpitch glove (1175FPHW)

Alternatively, the larger, 12-inch, weaved web model could be a great glove for a pitcher trying to mask the grip on their pitches.

12″ (Weaved Web)Shoeless Jane 12-inch fastpitch glove

There’s even a fastpitch first base mitt and catcher’s mitt made by the Shoeless Joe company.

The versatility of the Shoeless Jane series is mirrored by their unique qualities and structure.

Every glove is made individually by hand, which creates a truly distinct product every time.

No two Shoeless Jane gloves are exactly the same.

These gloves adjust with a velcro wrist strap to accommodate a range of different hand sizes.

  • Truly a one-of-a-kind glove and experience thanks to Shoeless Joe’s process
  • Lots of versatility and models for all different webbing preferences and positions
  • Hand cut and crafted to ensure top-notch quality and performance
  • Some glove styles may be too small for 12-inch softballs, based on certain consumer reviews
  • Velcro wrist strap can wear out easier than more traditional straps
  • Wide range of models may be confusing and overwhelming for certain players trying to make a decision

The Shoeless Joe Jane Fastpitch Softball Glove gives players a lot of of options to choose from.

And, their vintage look and feel is just an added bonus that buyers seem to adore.

Shoeless Joe Shoeless Jane First Base Mitts

Recapping what we’ve already discussed about the qualities that make Shoeless Joe/Jane gloves an incredible buy, these gloves stand out because they are made to look and feel like a glove used in baseball’s golden era.

Every glove is hand cut, sewn and constructed, which guarantees a unique fit each time.

There are two styles of first base mitt in the Shoeless Jane series.

The first measures 13 inches and has an H-web, while the other mitt is 12.5 inches and uses a single post webbing style.

13″ (H-Web)Shoeless Joe Jane 13-inch first base mitt (1300FPFB)
12.5″ (Single Post)Shoeless Joe Jane 12.5-inch fastpitch first base mitt (1250FPFB)

Both webbing styles offer good visibility and glove structure, so this first base mitt is sure to provide lasting performance.

Because first base has to receive a lot of throws, more than any other position, it’s important that the glove is well padded and protective of the player’s glove hand.

To achieve this, the Shoeless Joe Jane Fastpitch First Base Mitt utilizes XRD Extreme Impact Protection, which helps absorb shock and reduce sting.

These gloves have a velcro wrist strap and their fit is designed for the hands of female players.

  • The awesome Shoeless Joe look, feel and performance that players have come to love
  • XRD Impact Protection means very little sting felt on the player’s hand
  • Two different sizes and webbing styles to please more player preferences
  • Gloves are designed for female players, male fastpitch softball players may need to look for a glove with bigger hand opening
  • Mitt-style glove isn’t usable at other positions

If you want the best fastpitch first base mitt that also looks and feels incredible, then there is no better option than the Shoeless Joe Jane Fastpitch Softball First Base Mitt.

Fastpitch first base mitt reviews always have positive things to say about the amazing experience of playing with a Shoeless Joe Jane product.

Wilson A2000 12-Inch Sierra Romero Pro Model

Wilson is a major glove brand and their A2000 model, across both baseball and softball, is one of the most popular, top quality fastpitch gloves available.

What makes this glove so popular for all players is that it is packed with features and there are models for all different types of players.

For the purpose of this review, we’ll be focusing on the Sierra Romero Pro Model, which is best used by infielders.

Wilson A2000 12-Inch Sierra Romero glove (WTA20RF18SR32GM)

Romero was a record-setting shortstop and second baseman for the Michigan Wolverines, before being drafted second overall in the National Pro Fastpitch 2016 draft.

She is widely considered one of the greatest D1 softball players of all time.

Sierra Romero's fastpitch glove

The Sierra Romero Pro Model Wilson A2000 is built to perform at the same level as this amazing softball athlete.

It starts with the top-grade, Pro Stock Leather, which yields exceptional durability and a great game-long feel.

Next, the Rolled Dual Welting process that all Wilson A2000 gloves go through helps to create an appropriately optimized pocket that will retain its shape for much longer than other, competing models of best fastpitch gloves.

This special Wilson A2000 features the SuperSkin Technology.

This added bonus is an incredible outer coating that repels moisture and reinforces the glove by twice the integrity of the other best infield fastpitch softball gloves.

This innovative tech even removes excess weight!

This lightens the Wilson A2000 Sierra Romero glove, making it easier to flash the leather and make those Sportscenter-worthy plays that Romero was known for.

Inside the Wilson A2000 gloves is a Dri-Lex Wrist Liner.

This comfort-enriching feature is breathable, moisture wicking and helps keep a player’s hand cool and sweat-free.

You don’t have to worry about sweat harming your grip or control!

Overall, this glove has a 12-inch glove size and a dual post webbing with Wilson’s SR32GM pattern.

  • Professional inspiration from one of fastpitch softball’s greatest athletes
  • Dri-Lex inside lining is a great comfort feature that combats sweat and discomfort
  • SuperSkin Technology means a stronger, lighter and water-repellant glove
  • Pro Stock Leather is top quality and creates an even higher quality fastpitch softball glove
  • Wilson A2000 gloves are not cheap
  • Because this Wilson A2000 glove is a special, pro-inspired model, you can’t change its size, colors or webbing style

No matter how you dice it, Wilson makes some of the best fastpitch softball gloves around and this Sierra Romero pro model elevates that already-amazing quality to the next level.

This is easily one of the best fastpitch softball gloves for infielders.

Wilson A2000 12.25-Inch Monica Abbott Pro Model

Not impressed with the Sierra Romero model? Not an infielder?

Well, the Wilson A2000 pro model glove is inspired by softball pitcher Monica Abbott.

Abbott was a routine Player of the Year award recipient when she played for the University of Tennessee.

She also went to Beijing for the 2010 Olympics with Team USA.

As a pitcher, Abbott knows the importance of having an enclosed glove that hides your grip on the softball.

You don’t want to give any edge to the batter, after all! That’s why her 12.25-inch glove has a 2-Piece Closed Web style.

Wilson A2000 Monica Abbott Pitcher's Fastpitch Glove (WTA20RF18MA14GM)

Otherwise, many of the features in this Wilson A2000 fastpitch softball glove mirror last year’s Sierra Romero pro model.

This fastpitch softball glove for pitchers has the same Dri-Lex lining for comfort and moisture wicking, the same hyper-durable Pro Stock Leather and the same SuperSkin Technology to produce a lighter, stronger and water-resistant glove.

It also undergoes the same Rolled Dual Welting Process to produce an appropriately sized pocket that will hold up for seasons to come.

As with many of the fastpitch softball gloves on our list, this best women’s softball glove for pitchers is made with openings and finger stalls sized for female athletes.

  • Very durable and long-lasting glove structure thanks to high-quality leather and many glove features
  • Never have to worry about sweat thanks to the Dri-Lex Liner
  • Inspired by one of softball’s best pitchers
  • Newest Wilson A2000 model
  • One of the most expensive fastpitch softball gloves for pitchers on the market
  • The glove could be used at other positions, but is really only designed for pitchers
  • You can’t customize any elements of the glove, as this is a pro model

For players that price is no bother and they want simply the best fastpitch softball glove for pitchers, then it is hard to argue with this Wilson A2000 inspired by a softball pitching phenom like Monica Abbott.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced 13-Inch Glove

Should you ever try on the Rawlings Liberty Advanced glove, you’ll immediately recognize the exceptional fit provided by this glove.

Not only are the glove’s opening and fingers stalls carefully sized to match a woman’s hand, but the non-slip pull back strap also creates an adjustable, customizable fit.

It is easy to tighten or loosen the fit of the glove, to meet the player’s unique needs or preferences.

Plus, Rawlings makes the Liberty Advanced gloves with an 80% factory break-in.

So, it is practically ready for game use right out of the box.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced 13-Inch fastpitch glove (RLA130-6W)

Aside from the fit, the Rawlings Liberty Advanced also delivers on performance and long-lasting durability.

The strength of these gloves comes from the all-leather lacings that help hold the glove together and the full-grain oil treatment that every Rawlings Liberty Advanced undergoes.

For performance, this 13-inch outfield glove utilizes Poron XRD Padding in the palm and finger pads.

This decreases any sting felt on the player’s glove hand, but doesn’t limit the glove’s ability to snap close.

The pocket of this top fastpitch softball glove for outfielders is extra deep, so you can securely catch every pop fly or line drive hit to your territory.

This glove has a large, H-shape webbing.

This is great for tracking balls in the air, as the player can see through the webbing to find the ball.

This is especially nice when you’re battling the sun.

  • Great fit that can easily be adjusted on the go
  • Very little break in time needed
  • H-shaped webbing offers great visibility
  • All-leather lacings provide ample durability and strong glove structure
  • These gloves are not cheap and may be out of the price range for some players
  • Some outfielders prefer a trapeze or modified trapeze webbing style
  • Deeper pocket is great for catching, but can make transfering the ball to your throwing hand difficult

This is arguably the best fastpitch softball glove for playing in the outfield because of its large size and deep pocket.

You’ll catch practically anything that you’re able to get to and never have to worry about your glove failing you or receiving that painful sting of a line drive.

Mizuno Franchise 13-Inch Glove

The Mizuno Franchise glove is packed with features and a top-level design that make it a must-include on any list of the top fastpitch softball gloves.

For example, the Double Hinge Heel and V-Flex Notch make the glove easier to close and offer an overall wider pocket.

The lacings are also a marvel. There are two different types: QuickForm and HiLo.

The QuickForm lacings help tighten the form of the glove, while the HiLo laces provide stellar flexibility.

This 13-inch glove has a ton of form-fitting features that give the player a great feel.

Mizuno Franchise 13-Inch fastpitch glove (GFN1300F2)

The PowerLock Adjustable Wrist Strap snaps the glove in place and generates a secure, customizable fit.

And, the female fastpitch specific design means the glove is built perfectly for the hands of women athletes.

Each Mizuno Franchise is made from Java Leather material. This leather is reportedly good at giving players an easy break-in and seasons-long durability.

These gloves also feature the Parashock Plus Palm Pad for less sting and better rebound control, when necessary.

The Tartan C web is very unique and showcases the high engineering that Mizuno incorporates into their products.

Because this webbing is closed, it is a great choice for a pitcher, as it conceals the grip.

The Mizuno Franchise is also a popular option for outfielders because of the very wide pocket.

  • Wide pocket and easy to close glove with Tartan C web is good for pitchers or outfielders
  • Two styles of lacings for a well structured, flexible glove
  • PowerLock Adjustable Strap across the wrist means you can wear the glove how you want
  • A feature-rich, cheap fastpitch softball glove
  • Fully closed web style limits visibility, especially in the outfield
  • 13-inch glove pattern may be too big for some players
  • Sized for female players only

When it comes to shopping for good, cheap fastpitch softball gloves, a lot of players find themselves buying the Mizuno Franchise because they pack so many features and design elements into a low price.

Akadema Praying Mantis Catcher’s Mitt

Catchers need to worry about the protection of their glove more than other positions.

With softball pitches reaching as high as 80MPH on average, catchers need to make sure that their glove hand is well padded to absorb this heat.

The craftsmen at Akadema behind the Praying Mantis mitt really considered the protective qualities of their mitt.

Akadema Praying Mantis fastpitch catcher’s mitt (APM66)

There’s double-sided padding across the deep, large catcher’s mitt pocket.

The Stress Wedge Technology only adds to this protection by reinforcing the thumb’s shielding.

The strength of the Akadema Praying Mantis originates from its reinforced, closed webbing and large 34-inch pattern.

These features create a deep pocket that holds together well and retains the glove’s shape for longer.

To improve performance, this option for the best fastpitch softball catcher’s mitt has a Double Flex Hinge design.

This makes it much easier for the catcher to snap that glove closed on the incoming pitch and helps to ensure that the ball doesn’t pop out or bounce away.

Also, that same deep pocket is a great performance feature, as it gives ample space between it and the triple hammock webbing to receive each pitch.

The final concern of the Akadema engineers behind this glove was fit and comfort.

The Praying Mantis design is notably, according to fastpitch catcher’s mitt reviews, comfortable, especially in the finger stalls.

The fit secures with a Grasp-Clasp strap across the wrist and every opening is smaller than a traditional glove to accommodate a female athletes hands.

So, if you need the best fastpitch softball glove for small hands, you can find that with this product.

  • Large catcher’s mitt with plenty of protection and catching surface
  • Fits comfortably on a female catcher’s hand and the Grasp-Clasp further secures that fit
  • Added protection in the sensitive thumb region with the Stress Wedge Technology
  • Medium-to-high price may be too expensive for some players
  • There is no model for male fastpitch softball catchers
  • Some consumer reviews point to issues with the long-term durability of this mitt

Catchers want to be protected and comfortable behind the plate and that’s exactly the type of qualities that the Akadema Praying Mantis mitt provides.

Plus, there’s so much catching surface!

Nokona Walnut 12.5-Inch Glove

The walnut series of gloves by Nokona has been a favorite by fastpitch softball and baseball players for years.

One of the big reasons that people love these gloves is Nokona’s Walnut Crunch Leather.

If you’re looking for a fastpitch softball glove that will last the longest, then you’re in the right part of our fastpitch softball gloves reviews!

Nokona Walnut 12.5-inch fastpitch glove (WF-V1250)

This special walnut leather is incredibly durable and stable. You practically never have to worry about it failing you!

That said, this high-strength leather does take some time to break-in.

While the durability of these gloves may be their most praiseworthy quality, there’s really a lot more going on for these gloves.

Each Nokona Walnut is made by hand in the USA. They are meticulously crafted to be the appropriate size for the women athletes that mostly play fastpitch softball.

From there, the player can adjust her fit with the velcro wrist strap; you can wear the glove extra tight, loose or however you’re comfortable playing.

The softball pattern used by Nokona to create the Walnut 12.5-Inch Fastpitch Glove means that it has a pocket that’s deep enough to effectively catch and field the larger softballs.

The glove is also designed to be versatile and usable by players at almost every position.

Unless you’re looking for the best fastpitch softball glove for pitchers, catchers or first base, any outfielder or infielder can use this glove to their advantage.

This is largely thanks to the 12.5 inches of size and the H-web because these qualities are some of the most popular and highly sought after by players at all of these positions.

  • Walnut Crunch Leather allows this Nokona fastpitch softball glove to last for many seasons
  • Customizable fit that is made for female softball player hands
  • Versatile design that can be used effectively in the infield or outfield
  • Deep pocket appropriate for softballs
  • Not a true infield or outfield glove
  • Glove is proven to last, but the price may not be manageable by all players
  • Will be incredibly tight fitting on a male fastpitch softball player’s hand

The Nokona Walnut 12.5-Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove is not cheap, but its incredible durability means you won’t have to replace it for many seasons.

So, that added price could be a smart, long-term investment in a great fastpitch softball glove for almost all positions.

Nokona X2 Elite Neon Series Glove

If you were impressed by the Nokona Walnut, then you’re in for a serious treat with this even-better Nokona fastpitch softball glove.

And, if you weren’t impressed by the Walnut, this glove may better suit your needs, as the X2 is one of Nokona’s top quality fastpitch softball glove lines.

Nokona is known for their use of exotic kangaroo leather in the construction of many of their gloves, including the X2 Elite.

Kangaroo leather is incredibly tough, but also lightweight. That is really the best of both worlds when it comes to softball gloves.

Nokona X2 Elite Neon fastpitch softball glove (X2F-1250)

Other parts of the glove are made from Stampede Steerhide Leather.

Stampede Leather is Nokona’s latest generation of leathers and is a full-grain, full oil design that is meant to give players a game-ready feel right from the box.

This is a 12.5-inch glove with a fully closed web. As discussed earlier, closed webbed gloves are popular with pitchers.

However, the quality and performance of this glove could really be used in other positions, even though you’ll sacrifice some visibility in the webbing.

At 12.5 inches, it’d be really great at third base or the outfield.

There’s also a Nolera Composite Padding System, so if you have to snag a sharp line drive, your hand will be moderately protected for that dreaded sting.

What’s nice about the Neon Series, compared to the normal X2 Elites, is that you can actually find these gloves for cheaper, even though they are basically an exact copy.

As long as you can deal with the neon yellow laces, you can save some money.

  • Made from some of the highest quality leathers out there, including kangaroo leather
  • Can be used effectively at multiple positions, but is especially good on the mound
  • Nolera Composite Padding System helps to eliminate any sting felt on the player’s hand
  • Even with a slightly reduced price, this Nokona glove is still an expensive buy
  • Nokona boasts that this is an all-position glove, but some positions will find the closed web to be a hindrance
  • Neon laces are not the most attractive thing to look at, even if they may help to reduce the price

With a kangaroo and stampede leather construction, innovative technologies, like the Nolera Composite Padding System, and a versatile design, it is impossible to leave the Nokona X2 Elite out of the conversation of best fastpitch softball gloves.


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