The 10 Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves for 2021

This guide will discuss how to select the best fastpitch softball gloves in 2021. If you want to be a defensive player, then you need the very best fastpitch glove for your position. This requires reading fastpitch softball gloves reviews and guides to gain a fuller understanding of what to look for in a glove.

For any player looking to gain a competitive edge in their defense on the field, having the right fastpitch softball glove on your hand is a critical step. With all of the brands, styles and other factors to consider when shopping for the best fastpitch softball gloves, we thought it necessary to breakdown some of the top fastpitch softball gloves and discuss their pros, cons and what position each glove is best for.

We always try and include a range of products to cover different player needs. We pay particular attention to prices and try and showcase options at all levels of play and across the pricing spectrum. It’s practically guaranteed that you’ll find a glove suitable to your needs in our list.

Here are the best fastpitch softball gloves 2021:

  1. Mizuno Prospect GXS102 Catcher’s Mitt
  2. Shoeless Jane 1175FPHW 11.75-Inch Glove
  3. Shoeless Jane 1300FPFB First Base Mitt
  4. Rawlings Liberty Advanced 13-Inch Glove
  5. Mizuno Franchise 13-Inch Glove
  6. Wilson A2000 V125 12.5-Inch Glove
  7. Wilson A1000 12-Inch Glove
  8. Mizuno MVP Prime Glove
  9. Nokona Walnut 12.5-Inch Glove
  10. Nokona X2 Elite 12-Inch Glove

1. Mizuno Prospect GXS102 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

Catcher’s mitts, especially at the youth level of fastpitch softball, should make a player’s job behind the plate easier. Mizuno understands this very well and has built this glove to really help a youth player learn the fundamentals of catching.

Mizuno Prospect GXS102 Youth Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt Image credit: Mizuno Check Price on Amazon

The Thumb Cut Hinge feature makes it easier for young fastpitch softball catchers to slam the glove shut on each pitch, which improves timing and comfortability at the dish. It also promotes flexibility in the mitt.

Meanwhile, the ButterSoft Palm Liner and Full Grain Leather Shell help add durability and comfort, two qualities that are must-haves in a top-rated youth fastpitch catcher’s mitt.

The MZO Lining adds another layer of comfort behind the plate by effectively wicking away sweat and maintaining a great fit all game long.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Mizuno Prospect GXS102:

  • Thumb Cut Hing empowers young catchers to snap the mitt shut.
  • MZO Lining eliminates problems caused by sweat inside the mitt.
  • ButterSoft Palm Liner has an exceptional feel that young players will love.
  • The glove openings may be too small for older players with larger hands.
  • Some catcher’s prefer a closed webbing, but the Mizuno Prospect Select has an H-web.

This may be the best youth fastpitch softball catcher’s mitt for players that are just starting to learn softball and are playing on a budget. After all, the purpose of any of the best youth fastpitch softball gloves is to help beginners learn the game and improve!

2. Shoeless Jane 1175FPHW 11.75-Inch Glove

Shoeless Jane fastpitch softball gloves may look vintage, but they are anything but. They perform just like any of the other top-rated fastpitch softball gloves, maybe even better.

Shoeless Jane 11.75-Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove (1175FPHW) Image credit: Shoeless Joe Check Price on Amazon

What’s nice about these gloves is the variety they offer. There are a few different sizes and webbing options to choose from. For example, the 11.75-inch, H-web Shoeless Jane fastpitch glove would be ideal for a third base infielder. A larger size, however, would be great in the outfield.

The versatility of the Shoeless Jane series is mirrored by their unique qualities and structure. Every glove is made individually by hand, which creates a truly distinct product every time. No two Shoeless Jane gloves are exactly the same.

These gloves adjust with a velcro wrist strap to accommodate a range of different hand sizes.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Shoeless Jane 11.75-inch glove:

  • Lots of versatility and models for all different webbing preferences and positions.
  • Hand cut and crafted to ensure top-notch quality and performance.
  • Some glove styles may be too small for 12-inch softballs.
  • Velcro wrist strap can wear out easier than more traditional straps.

The Shoeless Jane fastpitch softball glove gives players a lot of options to choose from. And, their vintage look and feel is just an added bonus that buyers seem to adore.

3. Shoeless Jane 1300FPFB First Base Mitt

Recap what we’ve already discussed about the qualities that make Shoeless Joe/Jane gloves an incredible buy, these gloves stand out because they are made to look and feel like a glove used in baseball’s golden era. And, every glove is hand cut, sewn and constructed, which guarantees a unique fit each time.

Shoeless Jane 13-Inch Fastpitch Softball First Base Mitt (1300FPFB) Image credit: Shoeless Joe Check Price on Amazon

According to fastpitch first base mitt reviews, this glove measures 13 inches and has an H-web. This is a great webbing style for first base because it offers good visibility and a strong glove structure to rein in those fast throws to first or a screaming drive down the line. These gloves have a velcro wrist strap and their fit is designed for the hands of female players.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Shoeless Jane 13-inch first base mitt:

  • The awesome Shoeless Joe look, feel and performance that players have come to love.
  • Strong glove structure for stellar, long-lasting performance.
  • Gloves are designed for female players, male fastpitch softball players may need to look for a glove with a bigger hand opening.
  • Mitt-style glove isn’t usable at other positions.

If you want the best fastpitch first base mitt that also looks and feels incredible, then there is no better option than the Shoeless Jane 13-inch first base mitt.

4. Rawlings Liberty Advanced 13-Inch Glove

The Rawlings Liberty Advanced glove has an exceptional fit. Not only are the glove’s opening and fingers stalls carefully sized to match a woman’s hand, but the non-slip pull back strap also creates an adjustable, customizable fit.

And, the Rawlings Liberty Advanced glove has a 70% factory fit, so the glove is ready for the big game almost immediately.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced 13-Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove (RLA130-6W) Image credit: Rawlings Check Price on Amazon

Aside from the fit, the Rawlings Liberty Advanced also delivers on long-lasting performance. The strength of these gloves comes from the oil-treated leather and resilient lacings.

For protection, this 13-inch outfield glove utilizes Poron XRD Padding in the palm and finger pads. The pocket of this top fastpitch softball glove for outfielders is extra deep, so you can securely catch every pop fly or line drive hit to your territory.

This glove has a large, H-shape webbing. This is great for tracking balls in the air, especially when you need to battle the sun.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Rawlings Liberty Advanced 13-inch glove:

  • Very little break-in time needed.
  • H-shaped webbing offers great visibility.
  • All-leather lacings provide ample durability and strong glove structure.
  • Deeper pocket is great for catching, but can make transferring the ball to your throwing hand difficult.

This is arguably the best fastpitch softball glove for playing in the outfield because of its large size and deep pocket. You’ll catch practically anything that you’re able to get to.

5. Mizuno Franchise 13-Inch Glove

The Mizuno Franchise glove is packed with features and a top-level design that make it a must-include on any list of the top fastpitch softball gloves. For example, the Double Hinge Heel make the glove easier to close.

Mizuno Franchise 13-Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove (GFN1300F3) Image credit: Mizuno Check Price on Amazon

The lacings are also a marvel. There are two different types: QuickForm and HiLo. The QuickForm lacings help tighten the form of the glove, while the HiLo laces provide stellar flexibility.

Each Mizuno Franchise is made from Java Leather material. This leather is reportedly good at giving players an easy break-in and seasons-long durability. These gloves also feature the Parashock Plus Palm Pad for less sting and better rebound control, when necessary.

These are some of the best fastpitch gloves for pitchers and outfielders.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Mizuno Franchise 13-inch glove:

  • Wide pocket and easy to close glove.
  • Two styles of lacings for a well structured, flexible glove.
  • Fully closed web style limits visibility, especially in the outfield.
  • 13-inch glove pattern may be too big for some players.

When it comes to shopping for good, cheap fastpitch softball gloves, a lot of players find themselves buying the Mizuno Franchise because they pack so many features and design elements into a low price.

6. Wilson A2000 V125 12.5-Inch Glove

You can’t have a conversation about the best softball gloves or the best baseball gloves without eventually coming around to the Wilson A2000. These gloves have dominated the games at all levels.

The Wilson A2000 has fastpitch glove models available for all positions and preferences. The 12.5-inch model is great for outfielders, while infielders may prefer smaller sizes.

Wilson A2000 V125 12.5-Inch Outfield Fastpitch Glove (WTA20RF19V125SS) Image credit: Wilson Check Price on Amazon

The White SuperSkin and Pro Stock leather materials produce a glove that is comfortable, strong and lightweight, all at the same time!

For added comfort, the velcro wrist closure creates a firm and secure grip, so the glove is always where it needs to be. And, to eliminate potential glove sting, the Honeycomb cell padding offers a no-sting zone.

What we like (and don’t like) about the A2000 V125 12.5-inch glove:

  • A very versatile glove that suits all players.
  • High quality materials ensure a comfortable, light and durable glove.
  • Honeycomb padding for reduced glove sting.
  • On the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • White and light gray leathers dirty quickly.

You don’t need us to tell you that the Wilson A2000 is a good fastpitch softball glove. These are one of the most popular gloves on the market for a reason.

7. Wilson A1000 12-Inch Glove

The Wilson A2000 is a favorite glove for players at all positions, but it is a little expensive. This Wilson A1000 model appears to carry that same legacy, but at a cheaper price point. With models and sizes for all player positions, anyone can use the Wilson A1000 fastpitch softball glove.

Wilson A1000 12-Inch Infield Fastpitch Glove (WTA10RF19INF12) Image credit: Wilson Check Price on Amazon

Each model fits its position perfectly. For example, the 12-inch model is an ideal size for infielders. And, the Dual Post webbing offers a shallow pocket for easier transfers and good visibility when battling the sun. Alternatively, the larger 12.5-inch Wilson A1000 is better suited for outfielders and has a deeper pocket.

The gloves feature the same Pro Stock design as the A2000’s and are constructed from soft leather for supreme comfort and quick break-in. And, that soft leather will mold to your hand for a totally unique fit. For even more comfort, the glove adjusts with a custom lacing system.

What we like (and don’t like) about the A1000 12-inch glove:

  • Designed for excellent comfort and fit.
  • Various models to suit all positions and player preferences.
  • Limited color options to choose from.
  • Soft leather isn’t always the most durable.

Wilson is a leader in baseball and softball gloves. The Wilson A1000 carries on the tradition by being of the most comfortable gloves for players at all positions, and at an affordable price.

8. Mizuno MVP Prime Glove

The Mizuno MVP Prime is one of the most popular, and most affordable fastpitch gloves available. At almost half the price of options like the Wilson A2000, the MVP Prime still maintains a pro-level quality, particularly in the lacings.

Similar to other models listed, the Mizuno MVP Prime has various sizing and webbing options to appeal to players at different positions.

Mizuno MVP Prime 11.5-Inch Fastpitch Glove (GMVP1150PF3W) Image credit: Mizuno Check Price on Amazon

This glove features Bio Soft leather for a smooth, comfortable feel. You won’t want to take the glove off! Despite the soft, oiled texture, the glove remains firm and will only elevate a player’s performance in the field. The center pocket design creatures a unique break-in point that improves ball control inside the glove.

To guarantee fit, Mizuno designed the MVP Prime with gender-engineered sizing. This ensures that the gloves fit perfectly on a female player’s hands; it is arguably the best fastpitch softball glove for small hands.

  • Pro-quality features for an affordable price.
  • Smooth, firm Bio Soft leather creates superb feel, comfort and performance.
  • Versatile sizing and webbing options.
  • May not suit a player with large hands.
  • Soft, white leather can have durability issues and be hard to keep clean.

The Mizuno MVP Prime may be the best softball glove for the money. It has a lot of pro-level features, but at an affordable price point.

9. Nokona Walnut 12.5-Inch Glove

If you’re looking for high-quality fastpitch softball gloves that will last the longest, then you’re in the right part of our fastpitch glove reviews! One of the big reasons that people love these gloves is Nokona’s Walnut Crunch leather. This special walnut leather is incredibly durable and stable.

Nokona Walnut 12.5-Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove (W-V1250C) Image credit: Nokona Check Price on Amazon

Each Nokona Walnut glove is made by hand in the USA. They are meticulously crafted to be the appropriate size for the women athletes that play fastpitch softball. From there, the player can adjust her fit with the velcro wrist strap.

The softball pattern used by Nokona to create the Walnut 12.5-inch fastpitch glove has a deep pocket to effectively catch and field the larger softballs. The glove is also designed to be versatile and usable by players at almost every position.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Nokona Walnut 12.5-inch glove:

  • Walnut Crunch Leather allows this Nokona fastpitch softball glove to last for many seasons.
  • Customizable fit that is made for female softball player hands.
  • Versatile design that can be used effectively in the infield or outfield.
  • Deep pocket appropriate for softballs.
  • Not a true infield or outfield glove.
  • Glove is proven to last, but the price may not be manageable by all players.
  • Will be incredibly tight fitting on a male fastpitch softball player’s hand.

The Nokona Walnut 12.5-inch fastpitch softball glove is not cheap, but its incredible durability means you won’t have to replace it for many seasons.

10. Nokona X2 Elite 12-Inch Glove

The Nokona X2 Elite Series fastpitch glove has an expensive price tag, but don’t let that deter you just yet. Its price is well deserved considering the amazing features packed into this fastpitch softball glove.

Nokona X2 Elite 12-Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove (X2-V1200C) Image credit: Nokona Check Price on Amazon

First, the glove is made from top-quality Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers. Kangaroo leather in particular is great for baseball and softball gloves because it is extremely lightweight, yet ultra-durable. The Stampede Steerhide leather only adds to this durability to create an incredibly long-lasting glove.

Next, the Nolera Composite Padding System helps keep the player’s hand protected and helps soften hard thrown or hit balls. And finally, the adjustable back-of-hand closure delivers that ideal, snug fit that players want.

  • One of the most durable fastpitch softball gloves available.
  • Nolera Composite Padding System removes the fear of painful glove sting.
  • Adjustable closure for a customized fit.
  • A very expensive glove.
  • Doesn’t have a number of model options like other products.

Nokona gloves guarantee quality and this glove is no different. While the X2 Elite Series has a high price tag, the durable leathers will keep the glove alive for seasons to come.


We hope that this article has been a valuable resource for you and your shopping needs. Again, our goal in creating this guide was to connect people with information about buying the best fastpitch softball gloves, while also supplying a wide selection of fastpitch softball gloves reviews for players to mull over.

That said, our reviews are simply our recommendations. Every player is unique and looks for different qualities or factors when shopping for softball mitts and gloves. Thus, we suggest that you also look at gloves not included in our list, as you may find that glass slipper fit that you’re after!

With the prices of fastpitch softball gloves reaching as high as $300, we know how overwhelming it can be to find the right, affordable choice for the best fastpitch softball gloves.

Hopefully, we’ve made your buying journey a little easier by providing you with well-researched fastpitch softball glove reviews and answers to commonly asked questions about softball gloves.

We encourage you to check back to this page again, as it will be updated in the future as new products and options for top fastpitch softball gloves hit the market. We also hope that you’ll explore some of our other buying guides for your other softball equipment needs.

As always, we suggest that you try on and test out any fastpitch softball glove products, before making a final buy. Even if a glove looks great on paper, it may not feel so great once you’ve put it on.