slowpitch softball bats guide

Top 10 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats for 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide

Slowpitch softball is enjoyed by a diverse variety of people across a number of different league associates.

However, all of these people have one thing in common: they all rely on slowpitch softball bat reviews to help them find the best bats to improve their game.

The purpose of this 2019 guide is to help connect players with the information they need to find and purchase the best slowpitch softball bats to elevate their performance at the plate.

slowpitch softball bats guide

Aside from a list of the top 10 slowpitch softball bat reviews, this buyer’s guide will also answer key questions like:

Top 10 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats for 2019 with Reviews

Every player is different in how they approach hitting.

Some find tremendous success in being a devastating power hitter capable of slugging home runs, while others prefer to make line-drive contact into the gaps to produce singles and doubles.

A hitter’s approach at the plate has a lot of influence on the type of bat they prefer.

For this reason, we’ve constructed our selection of 2019 slowpitch softball bat reviews to have options to meet every player’s unique preferences, budget and other important needs.

Without delaying any further, here’s our top 10 picks for the best slowpitch softball bats in 2019:

  1. Best Overall: 2019 Easton Fire Flex
  2. Best Balanced: 2019 Axe Avenge
  3. Best End Loaded: 2019 Louisville Slugger Z-Series
  4. Best for the Money: 2019 Mizuno Crush End Loaded
  5. Best Affordable: 2019 Worth EST
  6. Best ASA Approved: 2019 Worth Wicked XL ASA
  7. Hottest: 2019 DeMarini Flipper ASA
  8. Cheapest & Most Versatile: 2019 Miken Vicious
  9. Most Durable: 2019 Miken Freak 23 Maxload
  10. Best Wooden: 2019 Axe Pro Hard Maple

Best Overall: 2019 Easton Fire Flex Slowpitch Softball Bat

The 2019 Easton Fire Flex has two models to help accommodate more hitting preferences. The two models are: Fire Flex V2 (Loaded) and Fire Flex Gold (Balanced).

The 2019 Easton Fire Flex V2 (Loaded) has a barrel that is 2 1/4 inches in diameter and 13 1/2 inches long.

Fire Flex v2 (Loaded) 2019 Easton Fire Flex v2 Loaded Slowpitch Softball Bat (SP19FF2L)

The end loaded weight is a full 1 ounce, which helps add mass and power behind each hit. And, it features a 240-250 compression, so it is ready to hit the field the second you buy it.

On the other hand, the 2019 Easton Fire Flex Gold (Balanced) has a longer barrel, at 14 inches. Its barrel diameter is the same.

Fire Flex Gold (Balanced) 2019 Easton Fire Flex Gold Balanced Slowpitch Softball Bat (SP19FFGD)

Note: This bat requires around 125 swings to fully be game ready.

By offering both an end loaded and balanced model, the bat becomes more versatile and useable by more players.

Both of these two-piece composite bats have Easton’s EXACT Carbon Composite Barrel that offers consistent performance throughout the end of the bat and has zero dead spots.

This responsive barrel is further enhanced with 3rd Generation Flex Barrel Technology that has the added whip contact hitters look for and the pop that power hitters need.

With Easton’s patented 2-Piece CONNEXION+ Technology, players can swing with full confidence and little worry about any negative vibrations reaching their hands.

This feature has been newly redesigned this year to offer even more vibration dampening for an overall more comfortable feeling upon contact.

These bats feature the 1.20 BPF USSSA Certification Stamp and are approved for USSSA, NSA and ISA leagues.

  • End loaded and balanced models provide more options for players.
  • EXACT Carbon Composite Barrel and 3rd Generation Flex Tech makes for a really high performing bat.
  • Revised 2-Piece CONNEXION+ Technology helps to limit bat sting on mishits.
  • No ASA approval certification.
  • In terms of price, it is on the higher end of the spectrum.
  • The balanced model has a moderate break-in period.

Because of its versatility and impressive performance-enhancing features, the 2019 Easton Fire Flex slowpitch softball bat series may be the best overall bat choice for this year, unless you need an ASA-approved bat.

Best Balanced: 2019 Axe Avenge Slowpitch Softball Bat

A double wall barrel design is a powerful feature that finds itself in many composite bats. With two walls inside the barrel, the trampolining effect undergoes an almost-doubling effect.

An impressive feature, right? Well, it wasn’t impressive enough for Axe’s engineers.

They decided to up the ante in the 2019 Axe Avenge’s Charged Carbon Barrel by creating a triple walled design for even more barrel compression and just a silly amount of pop.

Axe Avenge – Balanced (L154G) 2019 Axe Avenge Slowpitch Softball Bat (L154G)

The performance of this bat doesn’t end at its triple wall barrel, however. The Axe Avenge also has a ridiculous amount of swing speed thanks to the HyperWhip Composite End Cap.

This feature optimizes how the bat’s weight is distributed throughout the barrel, which creates a very balanced and speedy swing.

One of the common drawbacks to fast-swinging bats is they create a lot of negative feedback when contact is made. That isn’t true with this two-piece slowpitch softball bat because of Axe’s latest Vibration Canceling System™.

Between the handle and barrel is an energy absorbing collar that is designed to eliminate any negative vibrations before they reach the handle (and the player’s hands).

As an Axe bat, the 2019 Avenge has the ergonomic Axe Handle, one-sided hitting surface and 30-day return policy that the company is known for.

The hitting surface has been expanded to 270 degrees for consistent contact. It is reinforced to ensure perpetual durability and avoid any cracks.

This 2019 slowpitch bat has a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter that is approved for USSSA, NSA and ISA leagues.

  • Triple wall barrel creates amazing pop for truly explosive hits.
  • Hyperwhip End Cap offers a very balanced swing and excellent whip through the zone.
  • Vibration Canceling System™ allows players to swing without fear of bat sting.
  • Even with 270-degrees of hitting surface, the one directional hitting style of the Avenge may take some getting used to.
  • Not approved for ASA leagues.
  • Has a high-end price for a slowpitch softball bat.

When you combine the awesome pop of the 2019 Axe Avenge slowpitch softball bat’s triple wall barrel design with its fast, balanced swing weight, the results are some very impressive hits.

Best End Loaded: 2019 Louisville Slugger Z-Series Slowpitch Softball Bat

There’s four unique models within the 2019 Louisville Slugger Z-Series, which can be a little confusing when shopping.

We’ll do our best to dissect this series of USSSA, NSA and ISA-approved slowpitch bats and make it clear what the differences between these models are. The four bats are:

Z5 Powerload 2019 Louisville Slugger Z5 Powerload Slowpitch Bat (WTLZ5U19P)
Z5 End Loaded 2019 Louisville Slugger Z5 End Loaded Slowpitch Bat (WTLZ5U19E)
Super Z-1000 Powerload 2019 Louisville Slugger Super Z-1000 Powerload Slowpitch Bat (WTLSZU19P)
Super Z-1000 End Loaded 2019 Louisville Slugger Super Z-1000 End Loaded Slowpitch Bat (WTLSZU19E)

Let’s first explore the similarities of these bats. Each model has a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter with a ⅞-inch handle taper.

The handle is wrapped in a thin, synthetic leather grip with a separate (and removable) pyramid taper over the knob.

These top USSSA slowpitch softball bats all feature Louisville Slugger’s LS-2X Composite Barrel. Not only is this barrel hot out of the wrapper, but it also has great energy transfer when contact is made.

The Super Z-1000 models have a stiffer overall feel to them, despite all of these bats being two pieces. This is thanks to the IST XStiff Technology.

If you’re looking for a one-piece slowpitch softball bat, this may be a nice alternative because it has that stiff, responsive feel that one-piece bats are typically known for.

This feature also puts a little more oomph into balls by enabling better energy transfer upon contact.

There’s a little more under the hood in the two Z5 models. These bats have a COPA End Cap, which is a new feature in the Louisville Slugger arsenal that helps improve barrel compression for better performance and an overall smoother swing.

The Z5 models also have a feature to reduce bat sting; the VCX (Vibration Control Connection) Technology allows for the handle and barrel to move independently from one another.

This creates a really flawless feel as you swing and make contact.

In terms of end load vs power load, a typical end load is one ounce of extra mass in the barrel. Louisville Slugger states that its Power Loaded bats have an additional half ounce of weight in the barrel.

This creates even more momentum and puts more power behind batted balls. If you’re a true power hitter, this is a great feature.

  • Lots of model options for power hitters to choose from.
  • LS-2X Composite Barrel is game-ready out of the box and has ample performance.
  • Power loaded option for even more swing momentum and mass in the barrel.
  • Multiple models can get confusing.
  • Not approved for ASA play.
  • Hard to truly gauge the differences between the Z5 and Z-1000 models without trying each out in person.

The 2019 Louisville Slugger Z-Series bats are our pick for the overall best end loaded slowpitch softball bats because these bats have great features and a wide variety of options to choose from. Plus, there’s even an option for the heavier Power Load to produce even more mammoth hits.

Best for the Money: 2019 Mizuno Crush End Loaded Slowpitch Softball Bat

Starting with the basics, this end loaded slowpitch softball bat is a two-piece composite design with the typical 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter. Its barrel length is only 12 inches, which is shorter than the average stick.

It is approved for USSSA, NSA and ISA leagues and has an orange/black color pattern.

Mizuno Crush End Loaded 2019 Mizuno Crush End Loaded Slowpitch Softball Bat (SP19CRUSH)

The most notable feature of the 2019 Mizuno Crush End Loaded bat is the 100% Black Onyx Carbon Composite material used throughout the construction.

Mizuno treats the barrel with a Cylinder Seaming Process to eliminate weak points and ensure a perfect barrel. This produces an overall more durable bat that is designed to be ready the second you get it.

The barrel of the Mizuno Crush is particularly responsive because of the multiple barrel walls, which amplify the trampoline effect exerted on batted balls.

At the top of the barrel is an Optimized End Cap that expands the size of the bat’s sweet spot.

When you couple this with the shorter barrel length of the Mizuno Crush, the result is a VERY active sweet spot. It will be hard to miss and you’ll enjoy consistently hitting the ball hard.

And, with the extra end loaded swing, those balls will be soaring to the farthest parts of the field.

In terms of comfort, this top NSA slowpitch softball bat has two key features:

  1. First, the LINK Technology creates a more seamless connection between the bat’s handle and barrel. This helps slightly reduce vibrations, but is really noteworthy because of the great feel it gives when contact is made.
  2. The second notable comfort feature is the Micro-Whip Grip. This ultra-thin grip is nice to hold and doesn’t get in the way of allowing the player to feel each contact.
  • 100% Black Onyx Carbon Composite Design for maximum durability and performance.
  • Cylinder Seaming Process reinforces the already-tough bat.
  • Optimized End Cap and shorter barrel design create an easy-to-find sweet spot.
  • With a short barrel, it may be hard to reach outside tosses.
  • Not approved for ASA play.
  • Has a price that is aligned with its high-end features.

While the 2019 Mizuno Crush End Loaded slowpitch softball bat has a high-end price, its impressive durability guarantees that it will last longer than other bats. Thus, it is arguably the best value slowpitch softball bat out there.

Best Affordable: 2019 Worth EST Slowpitch Softball Bat

If you’re looking for the best cheap slowpitch softball bat, then you’ll want to consider the 2019 Worth EST.

These bats have a lot of the similar performance-enhancing features as the most expensive slowpitch softball bats, yet at a more affordable price. They are easily the best slowpitch softball bats under $200.

Not only do these bats cost less, they are also extra durable thanks to their CF100 Carbon Fiber structure. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy your 2019 Worth EST bat for even longer.

This durability is increased further with the True1Tech Barrel technology. This process eliminates weak spots for a consistent and flawless hitting surface. You’ll never have to worry about losing power because of a weak barrel.

For added performance, the Worth designers made certain to carefully optimize the barrel of the EST slowpitch bats to see peak performance when used with Classic M Extreme slowpitch softballs.

So, if your league uses these balls, then you’ll have a bat specifically designed to crush them.

These bats come in two models. The first is the Worth EST Hybrid XL. As its name suggests, it is a hybrid bat that pairs the CF100 Carbon Fiber Barrel with an alloy handle.

EST Hybrid XL 2019 Worth EST Hybrid XL Slowpitch Softball Bat (W125EH)

This handle has X-Tro Flex Technology to produce extra bat whip. The bat also has a slight end load for more power behind batted balls.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for the best balanced slowpitch bat, the Worth EST Comp Balanced loses the alloy handle and end load and replaces them with the Flex Fifty Handle Technology.

EST Comp Balanced 2019 Worth EST Comp Balanced Slowpitch Softball Bat (W125EB)

Similar to the X-Tro Flex, this feature generates additional flex and whiplash throughout the player’s swing. This makes for some really blistering hits.

These bats are approved for play in USSSA, NSA and ISA leagues, but not ASA.

  • An affordably priced bat that doesn’t sacrifice performance or durability.
  • CF100 Carbon Fiber material and True1Tech Barrel technology create impressive hits.
  • Hybrid end loaded option for power hitters and a full composite balanced model for contact hitters.
  • Lacks any features designed to eliminate bat sting.
  • Not approved for ASA play.
  • Hybrid XL model is slightly more expensive.

We often associate cheaper with lower quality, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the 2019 Worth EST. It has versatility, durability and decent performance for an overall great bat.

Best ASA Approved: 2019 Worth Wicked XL ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

This bat is the signature model of Ryan Harvey. If you’re unfamiliar with this name, then consider Harvey’s nickname: Thor.

Why is his nickname Thor? Well, let’s just say he hits the ball with the same amount of power as the God Of Thunder himself. (He also looks the part too).

If you’re a natural power hitter like Harvey, then you want a slowpitch softball bat for home runs, and lots of them. Enter the 2019 Worth Wicked XL ASA slowpitch softball bat.

Wicked XL (ASA Approved) 2019 Worth Wicked XL ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat (WKRHMA)

The heart and soul of this bat is its Quad Comp Technology within the barrel. This extends the sweet spot, optimizes the barrels flexibility and makes it all around more responsive.

The barrel itself is made from Worth’s notable CF100 Carbon Fiber. As we’ve seen in the 2019 Worth EST bats, this material is known for its long-lasting durability.

Thus, you can rest easy knowing your bat has what it takes to last all season long and then some. And, it’s ready for game time almost as soon as you’ve unwrapped it.

Surprisingly, the 2019 Worth Wicked XL ASA bat features a three-piece design.

Aside from the bat’s barrel, you also have to consider its ultra-thin handle. Enhanced with Flex-50 technology, this thin handle has a high flex index, which means that, as the player swings, the bat head springs forward for some added pop.

The long, 13.5-inch barrel (typical 2 1/4-inch diameter) has a half-ounce end load at the end to round out the bat.

This adds more mass and momentum whipping through the strike zone with that thin handle design. You’ll really be sending the ball when that heavy, fast-moving barrel makes contact.

This bat is only allowed in ASA leagues and tournaments.

  • Quad Comp Technology improves flex, responsiveness, size of sweet spot and more.
  • CF100 Carbon Fiber is known for its durability, which adds to the lifespan of the bat.
  • Thinner handle creates extra whip through the strike zone.
  • Pro-inspired model.
  • Permitted only in ASA leagues.
  • Price is comparable to other high-end slowpitch bats.
  • No balanced options available.

When you consider the pro-inspired design and top-rated features, it is easy to see why the 2019 Worth Wicked XL ASA bat is the best slowpitch softball bat for power hitters playing in an ASA league or tournament.

Hottest: 2019 DeMarini Flipper ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

We dubbed the 2019 DeMarini Flipper the “Hottest Slowpitch Bat” for a number of reasons. First, these bats just look incredible, no matter which model you choose.

But, what can you expect with DeMarini? That said, these bats are also offer hot performance too.

This hot performance is largely due to the Divergence Composite Barrel that holds a small pocket of air between two layers of material.

The result is a bigger and ultra-responsive contact zone that is optimized for the high-COR balls commonly used in slowpitch softball.

The Divergence Composite Barrel is paired with a ZnX Alloy Handle in these two-piece hybrid slowpitch bats.

With an alloy handle, the 2019 DeMarini Flipper is able to deliver a stiff feel on contact that exhibits more flex for even greater power and pop.

You really get the best of both worlds with this Half + Half Hybrid Construction.

At the bottom of this alloy handle is DeMarini’s popular RCK Knob, which they feature in the majority of their bats.

This knob is carefully sculpted to match the natural curvature of the bottom of the player’s hand, so it fits more comfortably and provides a better grip at the base of the bat.

There are two models of the 2019 Marini Flipper. The Flipper USA has a 12-inch barrel with a full end loaded swing weight that is ideal for power hitters.

Flipper USA 2019 DeMarini Flipper USA ASA Slowpitch Bat (WTDXFLA-19)

If you don’t quite fancy yourself a true power hitter, the Flipper OG pairs a balanced swing weight with a slight end load.

Flipper OG 2019 DeMarini Flipper OG ASA Slowpitch Bat (WTDXFLS-19)

It is a perfect combination for players that are in between contact and power hitting. This model has a slightly larger barrel at 13 inches.

Both bats are designed for only ASA leagues. They each have a barrel diameter of 2 1/4 inches.

  • Divergence Composite Barrel is noticeably responsive and promotes a larger sweet spot.
  • Hybrid design pairs the benefits of an alloy handle with the power potential of a composite barrel.
  • Two models to accommodate a wider range of players.
  • These bats lack USSSA certification to be used in leagues other than ASA.
  • One consumer review cited that the bat has durability issues and cracked after only a few uses.
  • High price tag may not be in every player’s budget.

If you’re playing in an ASA league, then the 2019 DeMarini Flipper is an excellent option. The OG model is particularly nice because it is a nice middle ground between a pure contact hitting bat and power hitting one.

Cheapest & Most Versatile: 2019 Miken Vicious Slowpitch Softball Bat

It’s rare to find a slowpitch softball bat that is approved for USSSA, NSA, ISA and ASA, but that’s exactly what the 2019 Miken Vicious brings to the table. Plus, it is one of the cheapest slowpitch bats on the market.

The basics for this bat are its an end loaded stick made from a two-piece, aluminum alloy design. Its barrel length is at 13 inches and it has the standard 2 1/4-inch diameter.

Miken Vicious 2019 Miken Vicious End-Loaded Slowpitch Softball Bat (MPV19T)

For performance, the 2019 Miken Vicious brings out a multi-wall barrel, which, as we’ve mentioned before, creates a ton of pop by maximizing the trampoline effect produced when contact is made.

The 100% E-Flex Aluminum alloy that the barrel is made from is also noteworthy for its flex. It is durable enough that the bat is sure to last and continue performing.

A custom Miken bat grip gives the player a comfortable place to hold the handle. It has a slight effect on reducing bat sting. The knob of this bat is standard.

  • Approved for all slowpitch softball leagues and tournaments.
  • Multi-wall barrel creates a lot more power than single wall slowpitch softball bats.
  • Low price point makes this one of the most affordable aluminum slowpitch softball bats.
  • Lacks some of the more impressive performance-enhancing features that high-end bats possess.
  • No features or technology to reduce bat sting.
  • Not available as a balanced slowpitch softball bat.

While the 2019 Miken Vicious may not be the slowpitch softball bat with the most pop or highest performance, it is extremely affordable and holds the rare quality of being approved for all leagues.

It is the best mens softball bat for players that participate in multiple slowpitch leagues and want a bat that can crossover.

Most Durable: 2019 Miken Freak 23 Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat

The Miken Freak 23 is the signature bat of USSSA MVP Kyle Pearson. Whenever you see a signature bat model, you can rest easy knowing that it has design elements and features inspired by someone that has dominated the game of slowpitch softball.

The Miken Freak 23 comes in two models that, by their list of features, are identical. However, the barrels of these bats are carefully tuned for either USSSA or ASA regulations. Thus, you can’t use one bat in both leagues, as you can with the 2019 Miken Vicious.

Freak 23 Maxload (USSSA) 2019 Miken Freak 23 Maxload USSSA Slowpitch Bat (MKP23U)
Freak 23 Maxload (ASA) 2019 Miken Freak 23 Maxload ASA Slowpitch Bat (MKP23A)

This barrel optimization occurs through a number of features. First, Miken’s Tetra Core Technology allows the barrel’s sweet spot to be enlarged. It also offers a little added durability too.

The beauty of this feature is that it guarantees your barrel has the maximum pop allowed by your league’s regulations, whether you’re playing by ASA, USSSA or another association’s rules.

The flex index and barrel loading capabilities are also carefully fine-tuned by the bat’s Flex 2 Power Technology.

Again, this is all about bringing the bat’s performance to the absolute allowable limit. Thus, you’re guaranteed to swat the ball fast and hard through the infield or even beyond the outfield fence.

Miken’s powerful 100 COMP material is made from aerospace-grade carbon fibers. So, you know it is built to last and perform for a long time.

The impeccable durability of the 100 COMP design means that the value of your Miken Freak 23 bat will stretch even further.

Additionally, the bat has a shorter, 12-inch barrel length that really compacts the sweet spot into an easy-to-find location.

It has a 1/2-ounce maxload for extra momentum and power behind every swing. The barrel diameter is 2 1/4 inches.

  • Models available for both ASA rules and USSSA/NSA/ISA rules.
  • 100 Comp aerospace-grade material ensures the bat will last for seasons to come.
  • Tetra Core Technology produces a massive sweet spot that is helped by the shortness of the barrel.
  • There are no features to fight bat sting.
  • The bat is durable enough to last, but its price is on the higher end.

With aerospace-grade fibers, a pro-inspired design and the powerful Tetra Core Technology, the 2019 Miken Freak 23 is not only the most durable, it is also probably one of the best 2019 slowpitch softball bats out there.

Best Wooden: 2019 Axe Pro Hard Maple Slowpitch Softball Bat

Wooden bats are not very common in slowpitch softball, but some players simply like that authentic feel and sound of ball against solid wood.

The 2019 Axe Pro Hard Maple Slowpitch Softball Bat is one of the few choices for wood bats available this year.

As a wood bat, it is only approved for ASA play. It has a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter and a drop weight of -5.

Axe Pro Hard Maple 2019 Axe Pro Hard Maple (Wood) Slowpitch Softball Bat (L191F)

It features the untraditional, yet noteworthy, Axe Handle, which has been connected to better bat control and swing speed, as well as enhanced comfort and reduced risk for injury.

Because of the unique, one-sided hitting style of Axe bats, the 2019 Axe Pro Hard Maple wooden bat is carefully built to be stronger on the side making contact.

This reinforced durability is further promoted through Axe’s premium finish, which adds an external layer of protection for the wood underneath.

Maple wood itself is known to be durable on its own. The wood has a very dense grain structure, which helps prevent breakage, thereby extending the bat’s lifespan.

The tighter wood grain also improves performance by producing a stiffer overall feel.

The impact of batted balls actually compresses these grains further, so you may actually experience more performance the longer you use the bat.

The 2019 Axe Pro Hard Maple Slowpitch Softball Bat has a modest price and even qualifies for Axe’s 30-day, no-risk challenge program. The bat can be returned within 30 days for a full refund.

  • Multiple features designed to improve the bat’s lifespan for even more use.
  • Axe Handle and knob have a number of comfort and performance benefits.
  • Sleek, black finish looks great and adds further protection to the bat’s barrel.
  • 30-day, no-risk challenge.
  • Even with the added durability, it is still a wood bat, which means breakage is possible.
  • Wood bats just aren’t that popular in slowpitch softball because they lack pop.
  • Only approved for ASA leagues.

Wood slowpitch softball bats are a rare commodity in slowpitch leagues. Yet, the 2019 Axe Pro Hard Maple slowpitch softball bat is certainly the best in this category because of its impressive durability and performance.

2019 Slowpitch Softball Bat Buying Guide

If this is the first time you’ve shopped for a slowpitch softball bat, some of the information in the above reviews may have been a bit confusing.

Before you leave the page to shop for the right bat, we recommend you browse our Slowpitch Softball Bat Buying Guide, which details key information that you need to know before you purchase the best slowpitch softball bat for your unique needs and preferences.

Slowpitch Softball Bat Measurements

The first thing to know when shopping for top slowpitch bats is their basic measurements.

The general slowpitch softball bat sizing profile for these bats is a barrel diameter of 2 1/4 inches, a length of 34 inches and a weight between 26 ounces and 30 ounces. The length of the barrel itself will often be between 12 and 14 inches.

Thus, the weight of the bat is the only aspect that is left up to the hitter to decide.

Larger players that are looking to crank home runs each trip to the plate will want a heavier bat, towards the 30 ounce side, while more average-sized players want to pick a midrange or low weight.

Types of Slowpitch Softball Bats

Aside from the measurements of slowpitch bats, you also have to think about the different types of bats.

The first question to ask about slowpitch softball bats is balanced vs. end loaded. These different swing types affect how the weight of the bat is distributed.

There’s also different materials that the bat can be constructed from, such as wood, aluminum alloy or composite.

End Loaded Bats

Slowpitch softball bats are predominantly end loaded. Since slowpitch is, well, slow, it’s easier for batters to swing these heavier sticks because they don’t need the bat speed to catch up to fastball pitches.

End loaded bats are weighted more heavily at the end of the barrel, which puts more mass behind the bat’s sweet spot and adds momentum to your swing. On contact, this extra heft produces more power for farther hits.

Balanced Bats

The added weight in end loaded bats can make them difficult for some players to swing comfortably.

Other hitters just prefer a more balanced bat because they prefer swinging for contact, rather than power.

Balanced bats are weighted more evenly, which achieves an easier, faster swing.

Average and smaller players may find a balanced bat yields a more enjoyable batting experience.

Composite Bats

The majority of slowpitch bats are made from composite materials. These bats are engineered with durability and consistent hitting in mind.

Composite bats also tend to be a little friendlier on the hands.

While bat sting is much rarer in slowpitch softball, as it’s easier to make good contact, mishits can still occur.

Alloy Bats

Slowpitch softball bats made from aluminum alloys are rarer to find.

Generally, alloy bats are stiffer and the batter tends to “feel” more when they make contact. The big appeal of alloy bats is they tend to be cheaper.

When combined with a shorter barrel, the pop and performance is consistent with that of a composite stick. They also make a much louder “ping” on contact.

Hybrid Bats

Hybrid bats are constructed with both alloy and composite parts. For example, they may have an alloy handle, with a composite barrel.

This would partially deliver the feeling of an alloy bat on the player’s hands, while they get a more performance-driven composite barrel.

Wood Bats

Some leagues ask that only wood slowpitch bats be used. Alternatively, some players simply like the feel and sound of wood better.

Wooden slowpitch softball bats don’t have the performance-enhancing features of many composite and alloy bats and they are a little more prone to breaking.

You may want to buy two bats a time. Luckily, they are much more affordable than metal bats.

ASA vs. USSSA vs. NSA vs. ISA Leagues and Bat Certification

Once you’ve determined the right style of bat, you also have to consider the level or league that you’re playing at.

If you aren’t sure what type of league or tournament you are playing in, consult a teammate, coach or league official.

USSSA, ISA and NSA Leagues

These leagues have their own unique stamp marks (usually found at the taper or collar of the bat), but their requirements for certification are so similar that most USSSA-approved bats will also carry the NSA and ISA stamps.

Wooden bats are allowed in both leagues, but they also should carry the league’s stamp mark.

ASA Leagues

The Amateur Softball Association issued a new stamp in 2013, when they adjusted their league rules. Under these new rules, ASA leagues use .52 COR 300 Compression softballs.

These are engineered to be safer to play with, so players aren’t at risk of serious injuries from line-drive hits.

Bats with older stamps that were manufactured prior to this new standard cannot be used in today’s ASA leagues.

On the topic of wooden bats, some ASA leagues call for only wood slowpitch bats; these sticks must also carry the ASA certified stamp.

All slowpitch softball leagues look out for severely damaged, cracked bats. If your old bat shows a lot of tear, an umpire or other league official can remove it from the game. That’s why bat durability is so important!

It is also illegal to alter a slowpitch softball bat in anyway. If any league believes you are tampering with the bat, they can ban you from the sport for 2-5 years.

Best Slowpitch Softball Bat Brands

Due to the unique style of slowpitch softball, there are some brands that focus exclusively on producing the best slowpitch bats.

Even if you’ve played fastpitch softball or baseball before, there may be some brands that you aren’t familiar with seeing.

Getting the inside scoop on each bat maker and what they bring to the table can help you determine who makes the best slowpitch softball bats for your individual player preferences.


In the softball and baseball worlds, DeMarini is pretty well known. They pay a lot of attention to detail, both in terms of the performance and the appearance of their bats.

If you really want to look your best at the plate, DeMarini is likely your best option, especially with their custom bat design tool, which allows players to customize the color scheme of the best DeMarini slowpitch bats.


Easton is a leader in the bat industry, no matter the league or style of bat. They have created some of the technologies that are now commonplace amongst all alloy and composite softball bats.

Their engineers are arguably the most innovative in the game and are always pushing the envelope with new performance-enhancing features.

Easton slowpitch softball bat reviews are always filled with positive player experiences.


Composite bats may be all the rage now, but there was a time when Miken was one of the few slowpitch softball bat manufacturers with a strict focus on these types of bats.

That focus has allowed them to drive innovation and routinely create end products that push the limits on the power potential of composite slowpitch softball bats.

For this reason, the best Miken slowpitch softball bats are typically some of the best composite bats available too.


The corporate mission statement of Mizuno is simple:

“To contribute to society through the advancement of sports and quality sporting goods.”

Mizuno achieves this through a dedication to quality, high-performing sporting equipment for slowpitch softball and other games.

Mizuno is well-respected in the bat making industry for their ability to combine new technology with century-old knowledge and expertise to know what works and what doesn’t.


If you’ve spent any time around the game of softball, then the name of Worth is not a foreign one.

They are one of the leading manufacturers of softballs. They’ve also been in the bat-making game for over a half-century.

For the 2019 lineup of the best Worth slowpitch softball bats, you’ll notice some signature models of professional, competitive, slowpitch softball players.

Since Worth is so invested in the world of softball, they typically have a number of pro players offering insight into the design and performance of their bats, which gives them phenomenal, pro-inspired products.

Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger is the oldest bat maker out there. They were there at nearly the start of organized baseball.

They’ve now begun to focus on producing bats for slowpitch softball, in addition to their impressive baseball bats.

The best Louisville Slugger slowpitch bats utilize many of the same features and qualities that have made their composite and alloy baseball bats so immensely popular.

Similar to companies like Easton or DeMarini, Louisville Slugger slowpitch bat reviews are always overwhelmingly positive.

How Much Do Good Slowpitch Softball Bats Cost?

On average, the top rated slowpitch bats will run you no more than $300, if you’re going with a composite or hybrid bat. Alloy bats may save you some money; you can find some good slowpitch softball bats for around $200 in the alloy department.

Wooden bats, on the other hand, are some of the best cheap slowpitch softball bats at around $100 and won’t break your bank.

The price you want to pay for your bat is really dependant on your investment into the sport.

If you are just playing recreationally with a group of friends or coworkers, you don’t need to splurge on a high-end bat.

However, if you are looking to compete and excel at the sport, then you really need the best slowpitch softball bats that money can buy.

That’s why the most popular slowpitch softball bats each year are almost always the most expensive.

Last Bit of Advice for Buying the Best Softball Bats for Slowpitch

Now that you’ve read this buying guide for the best 2019 slowpitch softball bats, you know one thing for certain: there’s a lot of options!

Not only are there tons of slowpitch softball bat reviews out there, but there’s also different types of bats, materials and more.

That’s why it is good to test any bats out, if you can, before making a final purchasing decision.

Online bat vendors may have a lot of deals and opportunities to save money, but only a sporting good pro shop will give you the chance to try out some bats before you buy.

It can be tough to judge what level of end load you need or how the different types of wood bats feel, unless you try them firsthand.

Again, you won’t always have this luxury. But, if you can visit a sporting good store and even hold a few of the hottest slowpitch softball bats that you’re thinking of buying, then you have a better idea of how the bat will perform for you at the plate.