The 10 Best Youth Catcher’s Mitts 2021

Even at the youth level of play, catchers have a full workload of responsibilities, arguably more than any other position player sharing the field.

Thus, it stands to reason that they need the best youth catcher’s mitt possible, in order to handle this position.

For many young players behind the plate, this means reading up on youth catcher’s mitt reviews to find the best catcher’s mitt on the market that fits their unique needs and budget.

This comprehensive 2021 buyer’s guide will help you find the best youth baseball catcher’s mitt for your young player, or for yourself.

youth catchers mitt guide

We’ll touch on all the common question that boggle parents and youth catchers alike as they shop for the best catcher’s mitts.

These questions include things like:

  • What is the best catcher’s mitt brand?
  • What size catcher’s mitt do I need?
  • What’s the best catcher’s mitt for an 11-year-old (or any age)?
  • Where is the best place to buy a good catcher’s mitt?
  • What size catcher’s mitt for a 12-year-old (or any age)?
  • And more…

Ultimately, the goal of this guide is to help you understand and be able to identify what is the best catcher’s mitt for you and your needs and budget.

At the conclusion of the buyer’s guide, we’ll take a look at some youth catcher’s mitt reviews for some of the top catcher’s mitts on the market today.

For those of you who want to skip the “boring part”, we decided to put our top pick before the main guide:

What Is The Best Youth Catcher's Mitt?

In our opinion, the Mizuno Prospect GXC105 is the best catcher’s mitt for most youth players.

The glove is quite durable, has a lot of performance-enhancing features and comes at a very affordable price.

For a young catcher the Mizuno GXC105 is a great tool for learning the fundamentals of their position and building confidence behind the plate.

If our choice doesn’t sound like it meets your demands, then we encourage you to read on into our review section and find your best fit.

After the reviews, we’ll select a few mitts that standout amongst the rest for various reasons.

What Ages Are Youth Players?

This is a quick note on clarifying what age range we’re looking at.

boy wearing a youth catchers mitt

While Little League Baseball and other big league associations have divisions for ages as low as 4 and as high as 16-years-of-age, the focus of this buying guide is specifically looking at the best catcher’s mitt for 9-year-olds to 13-year-olds.

If you’re looking for the best catcher’s mitt for high school baseball or the best catcher’s mitt for college play, you’re in the wrong area.

Where To Buy A Catcher’s Mitt?

No matter what you are buying, the choice of shopping online or buying in-store is always present.

Both options have their benefits, but also their drawbacks.

Shopping online for the best catcher’s gloves means two things: more selection and better deals.

For most products, these two benefits make the decision a no brainer, but sporting equipment, especially a baseball glove, is different.

The drawback of buying online (and thereby advantage of in-store shopping) is that you don’t get the opportunity to feel and experience the glove first hand.

It may be one of the top rated catcher’s mitts out there, but it might not feel right once it is on your hand.

Shopping in-store allows you to try out the glove for yourself and see how it looks and feels in person.

The solution?

After doing your research online, visit your local store and check out the models in person.

Then, once you know that the glove is the right size and fit, you can buy it wherever has the cheapest catcher’s gloves.

Does The Type Of Leather Matter?

This is a common question for buying any type of baseball glove, but it is especially popular with catcher’s who need their glove to be extra durable and protective because it takes so much more abuse.

The type and quality of the leather will often determine the price.

leather catchers glove

Cheap catcher’s mitts are usually made from synthetic or pigskin leather, which is softer and less durable.

On the other end of the spectrum, the best pro catcher’s mitts are made from steerhide and full-grain leathers.

Some high-end gloves are even made from leather of exotic animals, like kangaroos.

For a youth player, the quality of the leather isn’t as crucial a component.

If you’re looking for the best catcher’s mitt for a 13-year-old, for example, they are going to graduate to high school play soon and will probably need a new glove in a year or two anyways.

The same can be said about buying a glove for a younger child.

If you buy the best catcher’s mitt for 10-year-old player, they’ll start to outgrow it by the time they finish youth ball.

Thus, if you’re working on a tight budget, buying a cheap catcher’s mitt isn’t the end of the world.

In fact, you may be saving yourself some buyer’s remorse when your son or daughter outgrows their mitt in a couple years.

How To Size A Catchers Mitt?

Sizing a catcher’s mitt can be a little tricky.

Whereas a normal glove is measured by the length of the glove, catcher’s mitts are measured by circumference.

This can be a big adjustment, because you’ll be seeing sizes two to three times bigger than you may be used to.

Most youth catcher’s mitt will have a size that is at or below the 32-inch measurement, with an occasional 32.5-inch mitt in the hands of a 13-year-old.

If you’re asking what size catcher’s mitt for a 10-year-old or what size catcher’s mitt for an 11-year-old, you’re asking the wrong questions.

young catcher using a mitt during the game

Sizing a catcher’s mitt is less about size and age and more about the player’s preferences.

Catcher’s mitts often have adjustable straps and other features that will ensure a tight fit.

Some player’s simply prefer bigger gloves, while others like a smaller model.

With a larger catcher’s mitt, you have more surface area to catch or scoop a ball in the dirt and prevent a pass ball.

The drawback, however, is it hurts your speed and visibility behind the plate.

Larger gloves are heavier, which can slow you down just enough to miss throwing out a stealing base runner.

Plus, the larger size may make it difficult to properly survey the infield and catch the small subtleties that can tip you off about a runner getting ready to make a move on stealing the next base.

How To Break In A Catcher’s Mitt?

There’s all sorts of home-remedy-type solutions for breaking in a baseball glove.

For a Little League catcher’s mitt, you want to pay particular attention to the palm and webbing of the glove, in order to develop the nice pocket that catcher’s want.

If you’re nervous about breaking in a glove yourself, some sport stores will steam the glove to give it a professional break in.

It’s also important to know that the type of leather can affect the break in period.

A tougher leather may take a few months of play to really loosen up.

A synthetic or pigskin glove, on the other hand, can be broken in over the course of just a couple hours.

If you have to replace a catcher’s mitt mid-season, this is a really important consideration because you don’t have the time to spend breaking in a new glove.

Top 10 Best Youth Catcher’s Mitts 2021

The following youth catcher’s mitt reviews are a selection of some of the best catcher’s mitts on the market.

They are listed in no specific order and include options for all different types of players.

So, whether you are looking for the best catcher’s mitt for the money or the best that money can buy, there’s an option here for you.

At the end of the review section, we’ll pick a few of the best catcher’s mitts in show to highlight.

Here are the best youth catcher’s mitts 2021:

Akadema AGC 98 Prodigy Series

First appearing on the scene in the late 90’s, Akadema is a fairly new competitor in the youth catcher’s mitt space.

However, they’ve been gaining critical market share in the most recent years.

This means that what they lack in recognizability, they more than make up for in their top-of-the-line catcher’s mitts.

The Akadema Prodigy Series is no exception to this quality of excellence.

This 32-inch pattern glove is made from top quality Steerhide leather in the palm and webbing.

This helps ensure long-lasting durability and better protection to the glove hand.

The back of the glove is made from AkademaLyte synthetic leather.

This helps cut down on the weight of the glove and makes it easier to maneuver and quickly transfer the ball to your glove hand for a fast throwdown.

Additionally, this material makes the mitt easier to break in.

Akadema Prodigy Series AGC98 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

The design of the glove, called the ‘Praying Mantis design, helps promote shock absorption and a more expansive pocket.

The shock absorption power of the Akadema AGC 98 comes from its double-sided slim padding and the patent-pending Stress Wedge, which rests between the index finger and the thumb and helps eliminate the sting from receiving a hard pitch.

The pocket of the glove is enlarged through the triple hammock webbing design.

This youth catcher’s mitt provides a super snug fit for all players thanks to a number of different features.

First, the Spiral-Lock web and open-back design makes it easy for the player to put the mitt on.

Then, the Grasp-Clasp wrist system tightens around the back of the hand and wrist for that secure fit that a catcher needs on their glove.

Finally, Akadema implemented two Finger Hammocks inside the glove.

These create a unique finger positioning that is secure and comfortable.

  • High-quality, Steerhide leather where it is needed most.
  • Multiple design features help create a tight, comfortable grip for the player.
  • Double-side padding and Stress Wedge feature helps eliminate sting felt on the glove hand.
  • Only available as a 32-inch pattern, which may be too small for some players, especially older youth catchers that want a larger, heavier glove.
  • Steerhide leather can take time to break in effectively.

The Akadema AGC 98 has all of the fixings of a top youth model catcher’s mitt.

From its fit to its materials, this glove is sure to perform.

Marucci Geaux Series Mesh

Perhaps Marucci’s biggest draws is their Player Advisory Board.

Staffed with some of the game’s best past and present stars, Marucci’s pro-inspired products, from their bats to their gloves, are some of the best in the game.

The Marucci Geaux Series Mesh 31.5-inch youth catcher’s mitt is no exception to this level of excellence.

Despite being a glove designed for youth players, it has many of the features and high-quality design characteristics of Marucci’s adult gloves.

This includes being individually handcrafted, giving each glove a sense of uniqueness.

This attention to detail raises the design of the Marucci Geaux Series to another plateau.

Marucci Geaux Mesh 31.5-inch Youth Catcher’s Mitt

This design starts with the blend of Steerhide and Cowhide leather.

The softer cowhide is used in the finger linings on the interior of the glove, while the more resilient Steerhide is placed in key areas like the pocket and webbing.

The back of the glove is an air mesh material that makes this top youth catcher’s mitt lighter and more breathable.

For performance, the design of the Geaux features a two-piece closed webbing, which makes it easier to snap the glove shut and securely keep the ball trapped inside the mitt’s pocket.

This helps reduce the chance that the ball accidentally pops out of the glove.

There’s added padding surrounding the index finger behind the pocket, which protects the player against the sting of the ball and means your son or daughter can catch the ball with utter confidence, no matter how hard the pitcher is throwing.

  • Steerhide pocket is durable and the two-piece closed webbing makes it easier to snap the mitt closed in an instant.
  • Pro-inspired adult mitt scaled down to a youth version and with many of the same high-quality features and design options.
  • Each glove is individually handcrafted for unbeatable quality and attention to details.
  • 31.5-inch pattern may be too small for some youth player’s hands.
  • Handcrafted youth catcher’s mitt comes at a higher price than some competing models.

The Marucci Geaux Series Mesh youth catcher’s mitt is a pro-inspired glove that blends mesh, cowhide and steerhide leathers together to deliver a mitt optimized for comfort, performance and lightweight agility.

Shoeless Joe Junior Series 3000JR

Shoeless Joe baseball gloves are recognizable for two key reasons:

  1. First, each glove is hand-cut and sewn individually. This makes each Shoeless Joe glove a little unique.
  2. Second, each Shoeless Joe glove is made to look, smell and feel like a vintage glove.

To achieve this, they have a special mixture of “Old Time Ingredients” that they rub into each mitt and they use an Aged Antique Tobacco Leather.

Together, these help create an old-time, game worn feel to their gloves.

Shoeless Joe Junior Series 3000JRR Youth Catcher’s Mitt

Because each Shoeless Joe Junior catcher’s mitt is crafted by hand, they each break in a little differently.

This can cause some issues if your youth player is very particular about the shape of his or her pocket and webbing.

The upside is that the gloves are practically game-ready from the moment you get them.

They can be fully broken in with just some light pre-game catch.

The other small drawbacks of the Shoeless Joe Junior 3000JR are its price and limited 30-inch pattern.

The small pattern makes it a good catcher’s mitt for a 9-year-old player.

Unfortunately, it is hard for many people to stomach the price of this mitt for such a young player that will likely grow out of it after a short time.

Negatives aside, the Shoeless Joe Junior mitt is made from sturdy steerhide leather.

Typically, this ultra-tough material takes awhile to break in, but not with the Shoeless Joe glove aging process.

Its two-piece, closed web offers up a pocket that is nice for catching, retrieving and trapping the ball.

  • A unique, aged look and feel that you can only get with a Shoeless Joe glove.
  • Individually handmade youth catcher’s mitt ensures top-quality construction.
  • Little-to-no break in time required; gloves come ready for gameday.
  • High cost for a youth catcher’s mitt; you’re paying for the look and feel, not its performance.
  • Only available in a smaller 30-inch pattern.
  • The unique structure of each glove makes it harder to control how the glove breaks in.

The Shoeless Joe Junior 3000JR youth catcher’s mitt performs adequately on the field, but it is really the old-timey look and feel of this glove that allows it to standout.

There’s no experience quite like having an aged glove, but the cost of that experience may put it outside the price range for a lot of players.

Mizuno Prospect Series GXC105

For a young catcher that is learning the fundamentals of their position, a catcher’s mitt is as much an instructional tool as it is a glove.

The engineering team at Mizuno really understands this and their Prospect Series of youth catcher’s mitts are some of the best at teaching new players how to succeed behind the plate.

With a 32.5-inch circumference, this top catcher’s mitt for youth play has more than enough surface area to catch incoming pitches.

And, the PowerClose Technology is specifically designed to help snap the glove shut once the ball reaches the catcher’s mitt.

This easy open-and-close design is great for young players that need a little help closing their glove hand.

Mizuno Prospect Series GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

Some young players shy away from the catcher position because, even with the reinforced padding of a catcher’s mitt, the repeated hammering of pitches can really pound the hand and cause uncomfortable soreness.

To remedy this problem, the Mizuno Prospect GXC105 features shock-absorbing ParaShock Palm Pad.

This disperses the impact of a pitch across the whole palm, making the sting softer and more bearable.

Thus, your son or daughter will have the confidence to stay behind the plate longer and catch even the hardest throwing pitchers on the team.

The Mizuno Prospect Series is made from a soft leather for a fast, immediate break in.

The drawback, however, is that softer leathers are less durable, so the glove may not last as long as some of the competing models made from steerhide and other tougher leathers.

On the upside, it is less expensive, which makes this one of the best catcher’s mitts for the money.

  • ParaShock Palm Pad helps eliminate the sting from the hardest thrown fastballs.
  • Affordable, feature-rich kid’s catcher’s mitt that helps improve the player’s performance.
  • PowerClose feature helps a young player slam the glove closed after each pitch and securely trap the ball without dropping or bobbling it.
  • Softer leather won’t last as long as a tougher material would.
  • 32.5-inch pattern may be too large for younger catchers.

The Mizuno Prospect Series GXC105 is one of the best youth catcher’s mitts for a new player to learn the craft and build confidence behind the plate.

Wilson A900 34-Inch Mitt

As one of the largest gloves to make our list of the best catcher’s mitts for youth players, this 34-inch glove may be the best catcher’s mitt for a 12-year-old or 13-year-old player that needs a more adult-sized product.

Remember, the drawback of a larger glove is it can be harder to see around and maneuver behind the plate, even though it gives you a bigger surface area to catch each pitch.

Unlike other mitts on the list that blend different types of leathers and materials together, this kid’s catcher’s glove is made from full, cowhide, dark brown leather.

Not only does this help ensure durability, but it also gives it a nice, classic look.

Wilson A900 34-Inch Youth Catcher’s Mitt (WTA09RB18CM34)

This softer leather helps match the natural curvature of the hand for a better, more comfortable fit.

With its enlarged catching surface, the Wilson A900 needs the ability to slam shut and securely close around each incoming pitch.

To achieve this, the engineers at Wilson developed the Low-Profile Heel, which enhances the glove’s flexibility for easier opening and closing.

The curve of the heel is designed to help corral balls in the dirt and keep them closer to the catcher after a rebound.

The Wilson A900 youth catcher’s mitt is said to require little break in period, which would make sense given the softer cowhide leather.

However, consumer reviews point out that the design of the glove, specifically the internal lacings, finger enclosures and reinforced pocket, actually makes the break in period longer than Wilson claims.

  • 34-inch design is the largest youth catcher’s mitt on the list and is great for older, bigger youth players.
  • Low-profile heel helps control balls in front of the catcher and improves the mitt’s flexibility.
  • Large catch area could be seen as a negative because it takes away from the catcher’s visibility.
  • Break in period may not be as quick as this glove company reports it to be.
  • Mid-range price may be a little high for a soft leather glove.

The size of this youth catcher’s mitt is what makes it standout from the crowd.

If you want a large catching area and performance-enhancing features that help make your job behind the plate easier, then look no further.

Rawlings Gamer 32-Inch Mitt

If you are looking for the best Rawlings catcher’s mitt for youth players, then the 32-Inch Pro Taper Gamer is the place you want to be.

This scaled down version of the Rawlings Pro model delivers Big League performance to a youth catcher’s mitt.

The Pro Taper Pattern of the glove has a smaller opening and finger stalls, so it is just right to snugly fit the hands of most young players.

For protection and limited sting, the Rawlings Gamer mitt has reinforced palm padding and back-of-hand linings.

This creates a cushiony, protective bubble around the whole hand.

With less sting experienced, your youth catcher will have an easier time staying in the game longer and enjoying their role as the number two.

Rawlings Gamer Youth 32-Inch Pro Taper Catcher’s Mitt

The leather of this black and red catcher’s mitt is a Pro Soft Leather Shield.

Not only does this give it a soft, comfortable feel on the catcher’s hand, but it also cuts down on break in time.

While softer leather usually means you are sacrificing some durability, thanks to its Tennessee Rawhide leather lacings, this glove actually has a competitive amount of durability and retains its shape well, even after a long season.

The glove features a conventional open back design for the reverse side of the glove, with a one-piece, closed webbing in the front.

This makes it easier for a smaller hand to close the glove comfortably.

  • Standard 32-inch size that is tapered to fit the hand of a younger player comfortably.
  • Despite using softer leather, the glove maintains its shape and integrity with sturdy rawhide laces.
  • One-piece closed webbing makes it possible for a smaller hand to close around the ball more comfortably.
  • Mid-range price may be better spent on a higher quality leather catcher’s mitt.
  • Only available as a 32-inch glove.
  • Pro Taper is great for young player’s hands, but an older, bigger 13-year-old may have a too-tight fit.

The Rawlings Gamer 32-inch youth catcher’s mitt is a great option that offers moderate durability, a standard size and unique design, but lacks some of the performance-enhancing features that competing models have.

Easton MAKO Youth Series Mitt

Easton is a well established baseball company.

Whether it is their bats, catcher’s equipment or mitts, Easton always delivers on quality and top-performing equipment.

When teams gather for the Little League World Series in Williamsport, you can always trust that Easton will be well represented.

The Easton MAKO youth catcher’s mitt is a 31-inch, scaled down pro glove that fits a young player’s hand well.

For added comfort, the finger linings are made from a super soft, sponge material.

Not only does it help provide a more comfortable fit, but that soft, sponginess can even help dampen the ball sting as it pounds the pocket.

Easton MAKO Youth Series Catcher’s Glove

This glove implements Easton’s HYPERLITE technology, which is a lightweight, polyurethane material that works in tandem with the JPro Cowhide construction.

In areas where durability isn’t as important, the glove uses the HYPERLITE material to save on weight and make the glove more balanced.

This better improves the player’s agility and ability to transfer balls from glove to hand.

This combination of lightweight, soft leathers and synthetic materials helps deliver on a very short break in time, so your Easton MAKO catcher’s mitt will be ready for play almost immediately.

While it may hurt the overall durability of the glove, it helps keep its cost very modest.

This is a quality, yet affordable, youth catcher’s mitt.

  • Big baseball name that you know you can trust to deliver a top youth catcher’s mitt.
  • HYPERLITE technology is a performance-enhancing feature to cut down on weight and enhance mobility.
  • Short break in period gets your glove game-ready faster.
  • Affordable price point works within any player’s budget.
  • 31-inch pattern is too small for some players.
  • May experience durability issues because of softer leathers and synthetic materials.

For its price, the Easton MAKO youth series mitt is a phenomenal option for any young catcher.

It has performance-enhancing features that allow the player to learn their role as catcher and enjoy every experience they have behind the plate.

Under Armour Framer Series Mitt

Under Armour is one of the few brands that has a reputation outside the realm of baseball.

Their athletic wear is chosen by athletes of all different sports because of its innovative technology and comfort.

When that specialized innovation and quality design is focused into a single piece of sporting equipment, the Framer Series youth catcher’s mitt, the results are fantastic.

This 31.5-inch catcher’s mitt is focused on achieving two primary goals:

  1. The first is a lightweight glove that your young catcher can move around quickly, whether they are diving in the dirt to stop a pass ball or swiping to make a tag at home plate.
  2. The second goal of the Under Armour Framer glove is to help a young player develop better catching skills.

Even though it is lightweight, the PHT Padding Technology makes the glove as protective as the heavier mattress catcher’s mitts.

For its lightweight design, Under Armour uses an open, perforated back, similar to the mesh material of the Marucci Geaux, which adds breathability and reduces weight.

Then, it uses high-quality synthetic material on the glove’s backing.

This helps remove any excess weight in areas where durability isn’t as important.

Under Armour Framer Series Youth Catcher’s Mitt (UACM-100Y)

To help the young player improve their fundamentals behind the plate, the Under Armour Framer features a deep pocket with ample surface area to deliver a huge target to the pitcher and plenty of catching space.

And, the thicker heel and toe pads on the glove helps keep balls securely trapped inside the mitt and can even reduce the distance that they rebound off the inside of the glove.

  • Mitt is built to be lightweight, for placing a fast tag or throwing out a runner, and also protective against the sting of a fastball.
  • Deep pocket, thick heel and toe pads are all helpful features to receiving pitches and securely keeping the ball inside the mitt.
  • Mid-range price is worth the number of performance-enhancing features and design elements available in the Under Armour Framer.
  • Price point may not be in every player’s budget.
  • 31.5-inch glove pattern may be too small for some players.
  • Lightweight materials may not stand the test of time.

The Under Armour Framer Series youth catcher’s mitt isn’t the cheapest youth catcher’s mitt on the list, but it may provide the most bang for your buck, thanks to its many features and reasonable pricing.

All Star Young Pro Series Mitts

The All Star Young Pro Series youth catcher’s mitt is a good option for almost any player.

There are actually multiple models available and each adjusts with a wrist strap, so they fit more hand sizes.

However, all of the gloves have a 31.5-inch circumference, which may not fit every player’s personal preference.

The different All Star Young Pro Series mitts feature different prices that range from the low to the high end.

The various prices of the All Star Young Pro Series is determined by the features and quality of the leather.

For instance, the All Star Pro Series CM1100PRO model is made from top-notch Japanese Steerhide leather and has an extended pocket, padded wrist guard and other features that its close relative, the CM1010BT, does not have.

This cheap-end glove uses a more affordable, soft cowhide leather.

Cheap-End: CM1010BT
Mid-Range: CM1200BT
High-End: CM1100PRO

With the various models and price points, it is easy for a young player to find the right glove that matches their budget and unique needs.

You may not need the added wrist protector that the most expensive model has, but you want that quality leather.

Thus, you can choose the more mid-ranged All Star Young Pro Series mitt.

These gloves offer a flex-action crease and wider heel on the glove.

These features help make the glove easier to close, which is important for inexperienced, younger players that may not have the strength to close tougher gloves as effectively.

The two-piece closed web design also helps make it easier for a young player to receive the ball from their pitcher.

  • Various price options that fit into any player’s budget.
  • A youth catcher’s mitt that is easy to close to securely trap each pitch.
  • Adjustable wrist strap produces a snug fit on almost any youth player’s hand.
  • Despite the different models, they don’t vary in size; they are all 31.5-inch.
  • Break in period will vary depending on the model you choose; more expensive models take a much longer time to loosen up.
  • Cheaper All Star Pro Series models may have durability issues.

The variety offered by the All Star Pro Series makes it a good choice for a number of different players.

Some serious players will even use the highest-quality model during games, but a cheaper model during practices.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 32-Inch Mitt

Louisville Slugger is as connected to baseball as the words ‘bat’ and ‘ball’ or ‘peanuts and Crackerjacks.’

While their history may be steeped in the world of baseball bats, Louisville Slugger is also known for their baseball gloves, including youth catcher’s mitts.

The Omaha 32-inch has the conventional open back design that is common in catcher’s gloves.

This glove is made from full-grain steerhide leather, which helps promote long-lasting durability and retains the mitts shape for longer.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 32-Inch Youth Catcher’s Mitt (WTLOMRB17CM)

The unfortunate drawback is a long break in period.

For that reason, if you’re looking for a replacement glove mid-season, this is not a great option.

The primary drawback of the Louisville Slugger Omaha is its price.

For the mid-to-high price that this mitt for youth play has, it really doesn’t deliver on that many performance-enhancing features.

You are really paying for the quality of the leather.

Yet, there are comparable models that have both a great quality leather and performance-enhancing features.

In other words, you’re paying a good deal of money just to have the Louisville Slugger brand name.

This mitt doesn’t have the features to make a young catcher’s job easier and help them develop the skills they need to succeed in future leagues.

  • Quality Steerhide leather construction provides great durability, even during rough play.
  • Louisville Slugger quality that you have come to know and respect.
  • Longer break in period.
  • Mid-range price is high given that the mitt doesn’t have many performance-enhancing features.

This glove will last you awhile and it will deliver on being a sturdy, basic youth catcher’s mitt.

But, for its price, there’s other options with equal durability and better features.

Summarizing Our Catcher’s Mitt Reviews

With the youth catcher’s mitt reviews over, it is an important time to select some of the standout candidates among our list of top 10 youth catcher’s mitts.

Each player has their own individual preferences and money restraints.

Alternatively, a player may be buying a glove in the middle of the season to replace a torn mitt and there isn’t time to break in a tougher glove.

Thus, we’ve picked the top of the class for various categories.

Best Youth Catcher’s Mitt For The Money

It’s hard not to give this title to the Mizuno Prospect GXC105.

It may not be the cheapest glove on the list or use the best materials, but you get a lot of performance-enhancing features for a very affordable price.

Cheapest Youth Catcher’s Mitt

If you are going for a straight money-saving purchase, the low end All Star Pro Series catcher’s mitt (CM1010BT model number) is the least expensive.

Best Youth Catcher’s Mitt For Older, Bigger Player

If you’re looking for a glove that will fit the hand of a larger and older player that is on the cusp of moving on to high school play, the Wilson A900 has the overall largest design pattern at 34 inches.

That said, you should first see if the slightly smaller, 32.5-inch Mizuno Prospect GXC105 is a possible fit.

Not only is the glove cheaper (and you’ll likely need a new mitt for high school soon anyways), but it also offers better features.

Best Youth Catcher’s Mitt For Younger, Smaller Players

On the other side of the age/size spectrum, smaller players need a smaller mitt.

Most players should be able to use a 32-inch glove, which is the typical size.

But, if your son or daughter has particularly small hands, closing a 32-inch glove may be too difficult.

The smallest glove on the list is the Shoeless Joe Junior 3000JR, but its high price puts it out of reach for a lot of players and their budget.

With a 31.5-inch pattern and plenty of features to help the development of a young catcher, the Under Armour Framer Series mitt is a great alternative.

Highest Quality Youth Catcher’s Mitt

If price is no option and you simply want the very best that money can buy, then you’re looking at the high-end All Star Pro Series (CM1100PRO model number).

With specialty Steerhide leather from Japan, a longer pocket and carefully sculpted glove toe, you get quality that won’t quit and features that will improve your game.


2021 is a new year with a new season full of opportunities on the field (and behind the plate).

To capitalize on these opportunities, you need a good youth catcher’s mitt.

But, finding the best youth catcher’s mitt is a difficult task, especially if you don’t know what to look for or where to look.

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