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2018 Easton S650 Review: The Lowest Bidder

We’re continuing our series of examining bats by moving on to the 2018 Easton S650 review.

If you’re interested in this bat, it’s going to be for the price, not the quality.

It’s been somewhat difficult to get player feedback on this bat as it’s considered an “economy bat” (purchased for its price more than anything else), so there aren’t nearly as many hitters using the S650 as some of the other models we’ve looked at.


Easton has a reputation for being innovators in engineering and technology.

Easton was founded in 1922 and became the #1 baseball company in 1972 when they introduced the world to the first aluminum bat.

Easton has always focused on research. In fact, they provided the seismometer for the first Apollo mission.

Easton was also the first company to create a two-piece bat.

Given their history, when you look at Easton, you can trust that you’re getting high quality material with a guarantee of research and development to back your purchase.

2018 Easton S650 Review

The Good

  • Incredible pricing
  • One of the toughest barrels

The Bad

  • Cap durability
  • Vibration (for pitches over 60 MPH)

The Positives of The S650

The Price is Right

This bat isn’t on the list of best youth baseball bats, but you’re getting a huge discount.

In fact, in all the research that I’ve done since the 2018 bats came out, I’ve only found one bat at a better price.

The price tag is what catches peoples’ eyes when they’re in the store.

Tough Barrels

Easton has become synonymous with durability. They use 7050 aircraft grade alloy.

This alloy carries a tensile strength of 74,695 psi.

As a point of reference, one inch of water is about .036 psi and the pressure in the chamber of a pistol tops out around 40,000 psi.

When you think about the fact that this bat can handle that kind of pressure, it’s really, quite amazing.

While you might assume that the strength of the aluminum guarantees harder, stronger contact, that isn’t quite accurate.

What the tensile strength does mean is that you shouldn’t have to worry about the durability of the barrel at all.

Durability is something Easton has been known for two decades now.

They started the high-tensile strength alloy rage with the original Redline series, which is still sold on eBay (20 years after production) for hundreds of dollars.

Consistent Options for All Ages

The Easton s650 is a bat that was created in three different versions. This bat comes in three models: a drop 3, a drop 5, and drop 9.

The drop 3 is a BBCOR style bat that is approved for high school and college.

Again, this bat isn’t going to be the best BBCOR bat for high school or college baseball, but it’s definitely worth a look.

2018 Easton S650 BBCOR Aluminum Bat (-3)

The drop 5 and drop 9 have received the “USA Baseball” stamp of approval, meaning it’s good USA bat option for all little league players.

S650 -5
2018 Easton S650 USA Youth Baseball Bat (-5)
S650 -9
2018 Easton S650 USA Bat (-9)

This is great news – if you’re buying for your children, everyone can have the same bat at the same price.

Later, we’ll discuss how this becomes an issue as the bat doesn’t hold up quite as well to faster pitching.

Personal Preference

Does Size Matter?

This bat was, primarily, designed as a practice bat. The full-aluminum version is also designed as a teaching tool.

That is to say, it’s the “beginner” bat that is intended to help young kids learn how to swing before upgrading to a better Easton bat.

I believe that the fact that this bat was designed for practice has a lot to do with the (around) $100 price tag.

At any rate, the handle is small. This makes sense because its features are intended for younger players.

Easton also seems to be making the bat with the intention of it helping players develop a good swing and good bat speed as well.

A key factor in creating the small handle is a pretty significant taper.

The S650, like many other Easton bats, has a pretty steep taper, meaning that the “fat” part of the bat is short and the bat gets thin pretty quickly.

This could result in the sweet spot being a bit smaller than some of the other bats.


Given that we’re mixing an Easton S650 USA bat review with an S650 BBCOR review, it’s difficult to isolate the quality of this bat when it comes to vibration.

Because of this, we didn’t want to call it a negative. If you’re in the market for the best USA approved youth bat, then this is great.

Most of the youngest players used this bat said that there wasn’t much vibration at all.

They were comfortable holding the bat, and didn’t feel a lot of pain when they mishit the ball.

The issue occurs when pitch speeds increase. As pitches got faster, players mentioned vibration as an issue more and more often.

I’d say that the cutoff is somewhere between 50 and 55 miles per hour.

When you reach 60 miles per hour, players definitely noticed a difference and told me that it, sometimes, became uncomfortable to hit as they could feel some vibration even when they had a reasonably solid hit.

The Negatives of The S650

Cap Durability

To my surprise, I’ve had multiple players and parents point out that the durability of the end cap is a pretty significant issue.

A handful of parents have shown me pictures of a bat that has a cracked end cap and claim that it hasn’t seen more than 100 hits.

A key component is that most of the players who have had this issue admitted to using the bat at cages, which isn’t ideal.

That being said, having your end cap crack is a pretty significant issue.

One parent showed me a bat where the end cap actually separated from the bat entirely.

Clearly, Easton needs to work on the durability of their end caps, because if the end cap isn’t sustainable, then it doesn’t matter how good their barrels are.

The Overall Consensus

The reality of the S650 is that you’re getting what you pay for.

It’s an economic bat which means you shouldn’t expect anything extraordinary. It’s simply something to throw in your bag.

If you’re looking for a practice bat that you’re not going to be heartbroken if it gets lost or broken, then this is where you should look.

This bat is perfect for the young players who are still learning the game.

I would absolutely recommend this for the parents of a young child in his first year of baseball. It’s the perfect bat for someone learning the game.

2018 Easton S650 review

If you’re a player (or parent of a player) who is in their teens, I wouldn’t recommend this bat at all.

At higher speeds, you’re going to notice a significant difference in the bat having average pop rather than being truly built for power.

Higher speeds will also make the vibration much worse.

Not only will it be painful, but a hitter may be receiving negative feedback despite hitting the ball well.

If you’re a player capable of hitting the ball 300 feet, it’s not going to suddenly become 325 feet with this bat.

If anything, 300 feet could become 290 feet.

So, the barrel is durable, but isn’t going to help you improve. Likewise, the grip is pretty middle of the road.

There weren’t any players who loved the grip, but there weren’t many players who hated the grip either.

We’d Love to Read Your Easton S650 Review

As always, we appreciate you taking the time to read our S650 review, and hope that it helps you make an informed purchase.

If you’ve got this bat, we’d love to read your Easton S650 reviews.

We would really love to hear if you ran into the same problems that a few of our players had with the end cap.