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best freestanding heavy punching bags

The 10 Best Freestanding Heavy Punching Bags 2021

The classic heavy bag is one of the best ways to boost striking power and quickness, but there is a big downside to it. Sometimes you’ll need ages to mount it, especially if you plan to train at home without a garage. But don’t worry, we have a lovely solution for you. A freestanding heavy bag gets...

best sparring boxing gloves

The 7 Best Sparring Boxing Gloves Of 2021

Sparring is a critical aspect of the game when it comes to competitions. You must spar and change partners from time to time if you want to prepare well for your upcoming bout. You might have the greatest gas tank in the world, but the technically better opponent will outwork you.

best boxing gloves for heavy bag training

The 7 Best Heavy Bag Boxing Gloves 2021

If you plan your heavy bag training sessions properly, you might become one of the most powerful punchers in the division very quickly. But those kinds of training sessions are pointless without the best heavy bag boxing gloves. You could hurt your knuckles and wrists badly, and it might keep you...