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Marucci CAT7 Review: Solid, Durable, Powerful

As the weather gets warmer and the season quickly approaches, we are going to start a series of analyzing some of the most popular bats on the market.

We’re going to start with a Marucci CAT7 review. The Marucci CAT7 is one of the most popular bats on the market.

We’re going to look at where this bat exceeds expectations and where it has shortcomings.

Marucci CAT7 Review

An interesting bit of history – the CAT7 gets its name from hurricane season. That is, Marucci decided they wanted a series synonymous with power.

Using that concept, they decided to create the “CAT” series. CAT is short for category as in a Category 5 hurricane.

They’ve held to this concept with every new bat in the series.

So, you can ensure that when you step up to the plate, you’ve got a bat designed for maximum damage.

The Pros of The CAT7

Marucci built the CAT7 with players in mind. Not only does this bat appeal to the general hitter, the bats were made with multiple models (-3, -5, -8, -10, JBB).

One model is a -3 or “drop three” which is for high school and college players.

CAT7 -3
Marucci Cat 7 BBCOR baseball bat

The other model is a -10 (drop ten) that is designed for younger players in “little league”.

CAT7 -10
Marucci Cat 7 (drop 10) baseball bat

There is also a -8 (drop eight) model for players who can handle a little more weight.

CAT7 -8
Marucci Cat 7 (drop 8) baseball bat

If a young player falls in love with the CAT7, they can transition to the -3 model as they get older.

This is, obviously, for players who are more focused on a bat they’re comfortable with rather than having the newest bat.


I’ve discussed this bat with a number of players and parents. They’ve given me consistently positive responses.

Marucci’s design was focused on function. Most players tell me that it’s well-balanced and offers a smooth swing.

Marucci focused on improving the pop of the bat by doubling the sweet spot.

Players that I’ve spoken with agree and say that the bat really helps improve their power.

This means that the CAT7 is specifically designed for players who are looking to add power to their game.

The bat is ideal for players who have some power in their swing and prefer a stiff bat that has little give.

This is largely due to its single alloy design. Having a single-alloy bat eliminates flexion (think of a golf club) entirely.

Single Alloy Design

The single-piece of metal makes the bat feel a bit more look a wooden bat.

As such, it’s the perfect bat for players who are planning to go to the next level.

If you’re looking to buy a good bat for a high school player who may join a wood bat league, or a college player who has dreams of going pro, the CAT7 is the perfect option.

Some would compare it to training wheels on a bike – it gives a hitter the feel of a wood bat without making the switch quite yet.

The new alloy design is called the AZ4X. Marucci claims that this new alloy technology is the reason for the increased durability.

Marucci Cat 7 review

Some players have shared their bat with teammates and estimate that it’s seen over 1,000 hits without any significant difference from its first game.

Marucci also claims that the new AZ4X has allowed them to change the thickness of the aluminum in different parts of the bat.

As a result, the entire bat is thicker than a typical bat, however the aluminum is at its thickest right around the sweet spot.

This significantly adds to the size of the sweet spot and the power that the bat offers.

This also allows Marucci to develop a barrel that is designed to minimize weight.

That is, the taper of the barrel is able to decrease the weight of the bat by being thinner in the areas that aren’t ideal for hitting the ball.

Anti-vibration Knob (AV2)

Players have also told me that the AV2 anti-shock knob really works.

One player said that he hardly feels any difference in feedback when he gets jammed compared to when he hits the sweet spot.

One coach agreed, saying that he would like his players to get more feel for a “bad swing” so that they can learn and adjust their approach.

The Negatives of the CAT7

No bat comes without its own issues, and the CAT7 is no exception.

The cons are few and far between, but players have brought a couple of problems to my attention.

First, some players have stated that the bat is a bit heavier than expected.

While most players say that the bat feels well-balanced, I have had a couple of players say that it feels a little heavier than expected.

The way a bat is weighed during production leaves some room for a change, but it’s generally an insignificant amount.

Slippery Grip

The issue that I have heard from several players is that the bat’s grip can become slippery.

Several players have mentioned that after a full day of practice, or trying to use this bat during a light rain makes it difficult.

Several have suggested that batting gloves and pine tar are a good idea if you’re going to invest in this bat.

The reality is that the grip should be your determining factor for a bat when you can easily replace it.

Finally, parents specifically, have told me that the sound of the bat can be a little off putting.

I find that I don’t focus on the sound very often. To me, baseball is a visual sport, so I watch the contact and then focus on the ball flying, so I haven’t found the sound to be an issue.


A major concern when it comes to buying a new bat is the cost. This bat seems expensive (generally around $250) unless you’re willing to buy it on Amazon or find it used.

The reality is that DeMarini has a bat that goes for around $450 and you can find a host of bats for around $100.

So, it is about middle of the market in price, but I believe that you could get multiple seasons out of this bat if you’re willing to stick with it.

When you search Google for the best aluminum bats on the market, Marucci CAT7 reviews are consistently near the top of the list.

The CAT7 has received multiple awards for being the best aluminum bat on the market. That’s pretty high praise.

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Update: The CAT8 is now available! Check our review to learn more.