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Marucci CAT9 Connect BBCOR Review

The Marucci CAT9 is a two-piece model that is hot out of the wrapper. It’s a quality bat that provides some solid pop.

Marucci CAT9 Connect BBCOR bat review
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CAT9 Connect: General Impression

The 2021 model of the CAT9 Connect is a two-piece model that is a fairly end-loaded. Its weight distribution makes it a power hitter’s bat. You may remember that we really liked the one-piece model of the CAT9. The build is fairly similar. For that reason, this is a great bat.

What Have They Changed?

Marucci added their AZR Alloy to the CAT9 Connect. It’s a harder alloy than they’ve used in the past and it offers a high level of forgiveness on mishits. The AZR, soft grip, and connection the Outer-Locking System significantly reduce the vibration.

CAT9 Connect BBCOR Overview

Build 5.0

The CAT9 has a great build. The AZR Alloy is designed to offer a better feel on contact. Marucci claims that the Longitudinal Groove System is used at the fattest part of the bat. The grooves are designed to reduce some weight while increasing the flexibility slightly. The outer-locking system makes the bat feel significantly stiffer than most two-piece models. While it’s a two-piece model with a composite handle, players tell us that it swings like a one-piece model.

Players are really happy with the grip on this bat. They say it’s comfortable in their hands and has just enough tack to help with their grip, but not become an issue.

Comfort 5.0

The comfort of this bat is something that really stands out. The AZR Alloy offers a bit more forgiveness than some other models. The ring-free barrel cuts down on dead spots meaning that it also cuts down on the vibration. The soft-touch grip also soften the barrel in a hitter’s hands.

The design that stands out is the ergonomic handle. Some players have said they love the feel of the handle. They tell us that it feels more natural as the handle isn’t one specific length. Some players have said they don’t like the feel of the handle.

What really stands out with this model is the reduction in vibration. It seems like a key point of focus for Marucci. The AZR alloy manages to reduce vibrations on its own. The outer-locking system collar seems to eliminate vibration entirely. Several players said that this bat handles mishits really well.

Durability 4.0

The durability of this bat has had some concerns. One player told us that the bat failed pretty significantly within the first month of use. Others have pointed out that it seems to show signs of wear pretty quickly. While there haven’t been a ton of complaints, they do exist.

Marucci stands by their product and will replace your bat with their 12-month warranty. When you’re paying this much for a bat, the warranty isn’t something that you want to be a key feature, but at least they’ll take care of you if you have any issues.

Pricing 4.0

The CAT9 Connect is a great bat, but it’s priced a bit higher than it probably should be. The one-piece model is priced at $350, which we really like. This model is priced at $400 and we believe that’s a bit too expensive.

Unfortunately for Marucci, The Goods has the same price point as the CAT9 Connect and that means that the Connect just can’t compete.

Pop 4.5

The CAT9 Connect offers solid power. The AZR alloy is designed to maintain a hard barrel that makes the ball jump off the bat. The Longitudinal Groove System allows for the barrel to be reinforced without creating unnecessary weight.

Compared To Other BBCOR Bats

Let’s take a look at the competition. You can also check our final recommendations for the best BBCOR baseball bats.

CAT9 Connect vs. Louisville Slugger Meta

The Meta is a bat that we have difficulty comparing. If we ignore the price, the Meta is significantly better than the Connect. But, the Meta got a 2/5 on pricing because it’s the most expensive BBCOR model on the market. It has more pop and durability than the Connect.

Ultimately, the question is, would you rather a good bat at a good price or a great bat that’s expensive? If you’ve got the money, the Meta is an easy upgrade.

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CAT9 Connect vs. Victus Nox

We’re probably a bit higher on the Victus Nox than most of the other reviewers you’ll find. It’s a great bat at a reasonable price. Both bats are designed to minimize vibration in a hitter’s hands and both succeed. The Nox gets the edge in pricing and durability.

With both of these bats grading out really well, the price becomes a huge consideration. At $350, the Victus Nox is probably the better option.

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CAT9 Connect vs. Rawlings Quatro Pro

The Quatro Pro is a solid comparison to the CAT9 Connect. The Quatro scored a 21/25 while the Connect scored a 22.5/25. The Connect offers a bit more pop and a much better price. While both earned a 5/5 on comfort, we believe the CAT9 has a slight edge.

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Our Verdict On The CAT9 Connect BBCOR

The CAT9 Connect is a solid bat that offers a quality performance. It’s not going to blow you away like some of the other models we’ve reviewed. You’ll find that this bat does everything well. What really makes it stand out is how comfortable it will feel in your hands. The vibration is almost non-existent and it has some padding to make it feel even better in your hand.

Ultimately, we think it’s a bit over-priced, but that’s in the eye of the beholder. We would recommend going for the cheaper Nox or upgrading quality and choosing the Meta. But this is one of the more middling models, so you could do much worse.

Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon