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The 7 best football visors in 2022

Any football player knows the value that the best football visor can bring. A good football review has visor information because of the way that athletes can protect their eyes from any injuries with this product. Pokes and blows to the eye will not be a problem for you with a great visor option.

But, the challenge is knowing how to get started in the buying process. Check out this review for more visor information.

These are the best football visors to buy:

  1. Barnett Football Eyeshield Visor
  2. Oakley Football Shield
  3. EliteTek Colored Football Visor
  4. Under Armour Football Visor Clear
  5. Unique Sports Clear Football Eyeshield
  6. Barnett Tinted Football Helmet Visor
  7. Nike Gridiron Eye Shield 2.0 with Decals

1. Barnett Football Eyeshield Visor

A brand that continues to grow in prominence is Barnett. With positive reviews from the public, this best-selling visor is one of the clearest on the market. Though this is not a tinted product, high schools and youth football approve this option, as it is legally acceptable.

Since this visor is compatible with youth and adult-based helmets, you can expect an easy attachment with its 2-clip construction. With ultraviolet (UV) protection, the blue light will be blocked.

With a product like this, you are investing in a visor that checking many of the boxes people are looking for in today’s football industry.

Barnett Football Eyeshield Visor Image credit: Barnett Check Price on Amazon

What we like (and don’t like) about the Barnett Football Eyeshield Visor:

  • Simple installation.
  • Anti-scratch technology.
  • Coating for anti-fog protection.
  • The clear visor will help you see what’s in front of you.
  • Adjustments must be constantly made to keep the visor connected to the helmet.

Though this might not be the most popular brand on the market, Barnett makes a quality product that does not disappoint. You should expect a fair price and sturdy construction.

2. Oakley Football Shield

If you are looking for some of the coolest football visors around, Oakley does the job done right. One thing you will notice about this product is the fact that it is extremely durable. Made of plutonite, an extra-strong synthetic material, you will not have to worry about this product breaking.

Additionally, Oakley visors eliminate any distortion, which is a problem for other visors that are constructed of polycarbonate. The blue light will also not be an issue for you. UVA, UVB, and UVC rays will be no match against your quality visors.

Oakley Football Shield Image credit: Oakley Check Price on Amazon

What we like (and don’t like) about the Oakley Football Shield:

  • Anti-fog & Anti-resistant technology.
  • Clarity wherever you are looking.
  • Visor contours to any helmet.
  • Stylish design.
  • Difficult instructions to comprehend.

Oakley has a name that is trusted by many people across the world. This is also the case in the football industry. Rest assured that if you buy this product, you are joining a with a company that has a long-standing track record with its customers.

3. EliteTek Colored Football Visor

What you will first notice about the EliteTek PRIZM Visor is its amazing color scheme. They are some classy visors that have received a plethora of positive ratings. As a universal fit, you can expect this visor to work with youth and adult helmets alike.

With a 2-clip installation, you will be able to install and remove this visor with ease. It is durable enough to withstand the toughest combat on the gridiron.

This tinted football visor blocks out the harshest of UV rays and annoying blue light. Added anti-fog technology will not have you worrying about your visor, but rather allow to focus on the play at hand.

EliteTek Colored Football Visor Image credit: EliteTek Check Price on Amazon

What we like (and don’t like) about the EliteTek Colored Football Visor:

  • No glare issues from lights.
  • Visor controls light intensity.
  • Made of optical polycarbonate construction.
  • Resistant to scratches.
  • Difficult installation.

If you are looking for a visor that is convenient for you and durable for the long haul, EliteTek has you covered. It has pulled out all the stops to help you find the best visor for you.

4. Under Armour Football Visor Clear

Good football visors do not grow on trees, but if they did, Under Armour would probably have a visor or two hanging from its limbs. Over the last few decades, Under Armour has been gaining traction against other football brands in the American market.

Since it is visor has a universal fit, you do not need to worry if the visor will work for you or not. The fit will be perfect every time.

No tools are needed during installation, which means you can release or attach the clips with ease. As a lightweight product, they are 10% lighter than other competing brands. This means you will fly around the field without even knowing you are wearing a visor.

But, do not think for a minute this visor is weakly made. Polycarbonate construction is what Under Armour uses, and this will hold up as long as you play the game you love.

Under Armour Football Visor Clear Image credit: Under Armour Check Price on Amazon

What we like (and don’t like) about the Under Armour Football Visor Clear:

  • Made with an anti-fog layer.
  • American Youth Football approved.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Made in the United States of America.
  • Can’t be used if you play ultracompetitive football.

Though Under Armour is relatively new to the football market, compared to other well-established brands, some would argue that they may be the pinnacle of football brands in this day and age. Their quality products and fair pricing are going a long way for athletes these days.

5. Unique Sports Clear Football Eyeshield

Unique Sports products might not be the most well-known youth football helmet visors on the market, but they make a great option. This clear visor uses 3 millimeters (mm) of polycarbonate for a strong construction.

You will never have a problem with distortion, and the visors are covered with coatings to fit against fog and scratches.

For the best precision money can buy, blind spots and glare are eliminated. This way, you can focus on the most important things to help your team win. With a curved lens make-up, this visor will fit over any football helmet. A two-clip system will help you spend less time on installation and more time practicing with your new product.

Unique Sports Clear Football Eyeshield Image credit: Unique Sports Check Price on Amazon

What we like (and don’t like) about the Unique Sports Clear Football Eyeshield:

  • Can be shipped anywhere in the United States of America.
  • On-time shipping.
  • Protects against eye injuries.
  • Visors are shatterproof.
  • Approved for high school and collegiate football.
  • Scuff marks will start to present themselves over time.

If you are looking for football visors that fit as expected, Unique is an option you should consider. You will never get poked in the eyes again with this visor, which will protect you every down.

6. Barnett Tinted Football Helmet Visor

People might think that high-quality football visors are a dime a dozen, but this could not be further from the truth. To get the best visor money can buy, you are to dive into the brands, construction, and quality of a visor.

Barnett fits the bill in this case. With a tinted visor, you can be sure the sun will stay out of your eyes, and you can focus on that crucial 4th down.

One of the first things you will notice about this product is quality. Fog and scratches do not stand a chance with this visor. You will see better than ever with this visor because glare and UV rays are eliminated whenever you have them on.

A universal fit is another great thing about this visor. The 2-clip technology allows you to attach and detach the product in seconds.

If you are looking for approval, high school, college, and youth leagues all give two thumbs up for this product. So, you will never be using this product outside the rules of football.

Barnett Tinted Football Helmet Visor Image credit: Barnett Check Price on Amazon

What we like (and don’t like) about the Barnett Tinted Football Helmet Visor:

  • Constructed of shatterproof polycarbonate.
  • Only weighs 4 ounces.
  • Opponents will not be able to see your eyes through the tint.
  • Can be clipped on any kind of football helmet.
  • Instructions for installation are not included with your purchase.

This visor truly does come with all the bells and whistles. With tinting, durability, and stylish construction, nothing will go wrong for you on the gridiron with this pair.

7. Nike Gridiron Eyeshield 2.0 with Decals

Cheap and affordable options do not come around very often when it comes to football visors, but Nike may fit in this category. Starting with its construction, Nike Max is made fully from Polycarbonate, but you will stay under $100 when checking out this visor for good.

The lenses use optic technology, which means you can see from any angle on the gridiron.

With beveled edges, distortion and glare will be no trouble for you at all. When installing your visor to a helmet, you will also notice that the attachments are easy to install, as well as remove.

As you play on the field, shock-dampening technology will provide the greatest protection, even as you take or give out a hit.

Lastly, this is one of the few visor packages that allows for customizable decals. A multi-color package allows for you to be you, as you color-coordinate with the rest of your uniform.

Nike Gridiron Eyeshield 2.0 with Decals Image credit: Nike Check Price on Amazon

What we like (and don’t like) about the Nike Gridiron Eyeshield 2.0 with Decals:

  • Visor fits on all Riddell model helmets.
  • Product only weighs 6.4 ounces.
  • Allows for clear vision play after play.
  • No reflection issues.
  • Eyeshield can get scratched up over time.

Nike has been in the football game for a long time, so you should know what you are getting. This is a major brand that wants to keeps its customers for life. So, go ahead with this product if you have grown to love this company and the products they make.

How to Choose the Right Visor

There are a few things you should look for when finding the best football eyeshield for you and your playing style. These include purpose, fit, lenses, and price point.


The first thing you need to know is what you need a visor for. People buy visors to protect their eyes from the sun, to see the field better, or to protect eyes from opponents poking them. Figure out why you want a visor and then push ahead with the next thing to consider.


Many might assume that all visor fits should be created equal, but this is not true at all. This can be the biggest money waster of all. To make sure the visor works, check with the helmet model first. This could be the best way to work towards a perfect fit. Next, see if the league you play in allows for the visor you want.


Lenses should be another thing you should figure out before you make your purchase. When it comes to lenses, there are different levels of visibility. For example, if you find a visor that you like, look through them and see what your peripherals can view.

best football visor

The purpose of this exercise is to make sure you can use your peripherals without turning your head to the left or the right. Polarized football visors should not inhibit your view of the football field. Your vision is one of the greatest weapons you possess in football.

Price Point

Having a budget before you start searching for a visor is a big deal. This way, you will begin to limit your options, allowing you to enjoy the process of picking the right visor for you. However, don’t budget too low or you will have a poor quality visor.

In the same way, if you have too high a price point, you may get ripped off, when you could have bought something for cheaper that was still the same quality.


Now that we have come to the end of the visor review, it is now time for you to get your hands dirty. Do your homework and get to purchasing the right visor for you.

Think through all the factors that you want in a visor and do not settle for less. There is a visor out there for you. When you find it, the results are going to be worth your while.

No matter if they are tinted or the most stylish thing around, just make sure that you like your purchase. There is nothing worse than buying a visor that you do not like using in the long run.

So, happy trails and good luck finding the right visor for you on the gridiron this season.