The 10 Best Longboards – 2021 Reviews

The world of longboarding is a big and exciting one!

Not only are there dozens of options available for every piece of gear that you can imagine, but endless information exists regarding the various disciplines and styles practiced in longboarding today.

The sheer amount of knowledge on the subject can seem overwhelming at first. Even trying to figure out seemingly simple things about longboarding can be hard when you’re a complete newbie.

But don’t worry! I’m here to guide you through your first steps into the wonderful world of longboard skateboarding.


Complete Longboard Buying Guide For Beginners

Here follows a handy guide to give you inside info on the best longboards for beginners, the best longboard brands for beginners, cheap longboards and honest longboard reviews of complete setups that can easily be ordered online.

What Are The Best Longboards and Brands For Beginners?

There is no such thing as the best longboard for starters.

There are so many options available today that no single brand or shape is the universal best for everyone.

Let’s break it down into a few common newbie questions to simplify further.

What Type of Longboard Should I Get?

Before you decide on what (shape/style) longboard to buy, please refer to our recent article discussing the most popular types of skateboards and longboards for more info.

What Are The Best Longboard Brands?

Essentially, who makes the best longboards. Ultimately an argument without a clear winner.

There are however a few brands that are widely accepted as the top longboard brands on the market, but much of it’s down to personal taste – a Mercedes-Benz vs BMW type of thing.

The best longboard brands include:

  • Arbor
  • Rayne
  • Landyachtz
  • Loaded Boards

The best longboards also happen to be the most expensive longboards, but with good reason.

top longboard brands

Not only are their products made of the best materials on the market, they also include the research and development costs that have gone into building some of the best longboards available.

What Are Some Good Longboard Brands?

Good, cheap longboards for beginners can be hard to come by, but a few brands stand out when considering the most affordable options to get started.

Generally good, complete longboards for beginners are made by brands like:

  • Dusters
  • Globe
  • Santa Cruz
  • Sector 9

Products from these brands won’t break the bank and should last long enough to help you learn the basics of longboarding.

After that, it’s up to you to upgrade as you gain more experience/save some money.

How Much Is A Longboard?

Or more accurately, how much does a good longboard cost?

Simply put, there are some dirt cheap longboards on sale out there in the department stores of the world, but it’s best to avoid anything under $100 for a complete if you’re serious about your physical safety.

best beginner longboard - guide

Good, cheap longboards can start from about $130 and go as high as $430 for a top of the range complete setup with specialist components.

For most people, it’s easy to find your own sweet spot within this price range.

What’s It Made Of?

Most of the decks on these cheap longboards are either not made from strong materials like maple, bamboo or fiberglass or they have too few layers of wood in the construction to safely accommodate anything larger than a young child.

They are not designed for serious usage and exist more as a prop for wannabees.

Light usage easily snaps these decks in two, or buckles the trucks after simply being ridden by the average adult.

Why Not Plastic?

The Penny longboard brand is enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

I see the appeal – they’re cute and culty and generally fun looking.

People want them for the sake of having them, despite the fact that Pennyboards don’t provide the best ride or versatility to say the least.

They’re tiny decks, with tiny wheelbases. They’re usually not gripped either, which is not great for tricks and maneuvers in general when it comes to most longboarding disciplines.

What Are The Best Longboards For Beginners?

There is no such thing as the best shape/style longboard for beginners. That depends solely on the intended purpose.

Once you’ve decided what type of longboarding you want to do, then you can decide what shape you need to compliment your style.

I do however suggest getting a symmetrical deck with twin kicks. This means the board can be ridden the same way in both direction.

That might not seem like such a big deal now, but as soon as you’re more comfortable on your longboard, you will  see how useful this can be.

Kicktails help you do tricks, traverse uneven terrain and go over obstacles in your path. Simple as that.

Beyond that, the best beginner longboard is the one you can afford.

When all is said and done, you’ll either have to save up for an expensive longboard, or buy a good, cheap longboard.

What Are Good Longboards For Beginners?

As mentioned before, there is no perfect shape longboard for someone who’s new to the sport.

However, pintails seem to be very popular with new longboard riders.

Perhaps it’s the surf-like feeling that pumping and carving a pintail creates. Or their slightly lower price point.

Regardless, I see more newbies rocking pintails than seasoned riders in the wild.

What Longboard Should I Get?

So, which longboard is right for me, you may ask.

There are several types of longboarding in existence today.

They include:

  • Carving
  • Cruising
  • Dancing/Boardwalking
  • Downhill
  • Freeride
  • Freestyle
  • Slalom

Each one of these disciplines favors a shape and style of longboard deck.

Common deck styles include:

  • Cambered Pintail
  • Double Drop
  • Drop Deck
  • Drop Through
  • Pintail with Kick
  • Speedboard
  • Top Mount


A deck with a narrow nose and tail works best for carving.

When carving, the trucks lean severely to one side or the other and a narrow nose and tail can prevent the wheels from coming into contact with the bottom of the board (also known as wheel-bite).

Wheel cutouts can also help to prevent wheel-bite.

Suggested Decks:

  • Drop Through
  • Cambered Pintail
  • Top Mount


Any deck can work well for cruising. I would however suggest a setup low to the ground.

The lower the deck is to the ground, the easier it is to push your longboard over longer distances.

Soft wheels also make cruising much easier and more enjoyable.

You’ll easily glide over cracks and bumps in the road with softer wheels on your longboard.

Please refer to our recent article discussing the best cruising longboards for more info.

Suggested Decks:

  • Double Drop
  • Drop Deck
  • Drop Through
  • Pintail with Kick


Flexible top mount setups are very popular with longboard dancers at the moment.

The flexibility provides a lively feedback when boardwalking and a top mounted deck has more leverage over the trucks as you turn.

Wheel cutouts will help eliminate the inevitable wheel-bite that accompanies this discipline.

Suggested Decks:

  • Drop Through
  • Top Mount
  • Symmetrical


A stiff, top mounted, non-symmetrical setup works well for Downhill skating.

The deck needs to be stiff to avoid generating speed wobbles at high speeds and a top mounted deck gives good leverage over the trucks when leaning into turns.

The deck doesn’t need to be symmetrical as it will only be ridden in one direction.

Avoid kicktails at all costs!

They’ll only create wind drag at higher speeds, which could be potentially hazardous.

Suggested Decks:

  • Drop Deck
  • Drop Through
  • Speedboard
  • Top Mount


Slides are the name of the game when it comes to Freeriding.

A deck with ‘gas pedals’ or foot pockets works best.

These are hollowed out sections at the front and rear of the deck.

This cradles the riders feet, thereby anchoringing them to the board as they use momentum to make the wheels on the board lose traction and slide across the road surface.

Suggested Decks:

  • Double Drop
  • Drop Deck
  • Drop Through
  • Symmetrical


This type of skating combines elements of both freeride and boardwalking.

Some people prefer drop decks for a lowered center of gravity and others prefer a drop through deck to bring the board even closer to the ground for added comfort while pushing.

Regardless, a symmetrical deck is a must as you can easily go from flip tricks to shovits during your run.

Suggested Decks:

  • Double Drop
  • Drop Deck
  • Drop Through
  • Symmetrical


Undoubtedly the least popular form of longboarding in terms of the number of riders who actively practice it.

Slalom setups are extremely fine tuned to the needs of each rider, from the angle of the baseplate on the trucks, to where the bearings are housed within the wheels.

Popular slalom setups consist of a front wedged directional top mount deck with little-to-no flex, offset core wheels, a single kick and a concave profile.

Suggested Decks:

  • Drop Deck
  • Top Mount

Please note that the suggested decks for each style are just that – suggestions.

They are by no means the only way to choose a setup for your chosen discipline.

There are many options available on the market today and deck shapes and styles fall in and out of favour with riders over time.

Just because the boardwalkers are into top mounts today, doesn’t mean they won’t ride drop throughs tomorrow.

Longboarding Trends

It’s important to find the right fit for you, while also keeping an eye on trends.

When something becomes popular, there’s usually a reason people quickly gravitate toward it.

Maybe a certain deck shape is found to be more aerodynamic for downhill or some wheel manufacturer has come out with a better performing urethane than before.

longboarding trends

That’s valuable information to be aware of as you develop your intuition and grow into a competent skater over time.

Rest assured, your next purchase will likely be a better informed decision.

Just make sure you know what’s up, without becoming a slave to the fashion.

Longboarding can very quickly become a very expensive hobby. You’ve been warned!

What Size Longboard Should I Get?

Longboards come in a variety of sizes, starting from as short as 34”, to extremes of 50” and above in length.

Widths start at about 7” and go up to a 9” average.

Your height, weight and shoe size all play a part in the size longboard that would work best for your.

For instance, this means to say that taller longboarders would need a longer platform to comfortably place their feet while riding.

Shorter riders would be comfortable with a more compact length on average.

Heavier riders more harshly affect the way a deck flexes than lighter riders do when manoeuvring and the width of the deck has to compliment the length of your feet.

All these factors play a part in the amount of comfort you will experience during your ride.

What About Bushings And Bearings?

Bushings and bearings can seem like a bit of a mystery at first, but they’re actually quite simple to figure out.

As far as bushings are concerned, they come in two common shapes, namely barrels and cones.

They also come with a durometer rating like wheels do to gauge how hard or soft they are.

Each longboarding discipline uses their own bushing recipe for success.

You could try recommended bushing setups for your chosen discipline, but the best combinations are found through personal trial and error.

Bearings can either be steel or ceramic. Steel is cheap and commonplace and works well in most situations. Ceramic is expensive and boasts heat venting properties, or so they claim.

Furthermore, bearings can also be easily serviced if you don’t want to replace them as often or at all.

The most popular bearing brand on the market today is Bones bearings, without a doubt.

They’re have a solid reputation and provide affordable products to all types of skaters.

Where To Buy Longboards?

Skate Shops

The best place to buy good longboards and longboarding gear would be at your local skate/surf shop.

It’s always a good idea to support local business and industry whenever possible.

It’s the easiest way to help nurture and grow your local longboard scene – both for your benefit and the benefit of others.

You will also be able to see, touch and test the board’s feel and flexibility in person as well as ask the sales clerk further questions if you require more information about the brands and setups on offer.

However, many people interested in longboarding either live remotely or simply can’t find good longboard brands available at the shops in their area.

Although longboarding has been around for quite some time now, its following is nowhere near as big as that of the firmly established skateboarding industry.

Depending on where you live, many skate shops simply won’t carry longboards or gear.

Sometimes skateboard/longboard politics are to blame for this, sometimes it’s simply distribution.


Truly the most convenient way to shop for the top longboard brands is to shop online.

There’s an awesome variety of complete longboards available for purchase with many setup options to choose from.

It’s hard not to find what you’re looking for online.

Top 10 Best Longboards for Beginners

So, without further ado, here are some brief longboard reviews of models we think you should consider.

Best Longboard Under $50

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find a good complete longboard under $50.

This price point caters only to toys and novelty items. You could buy only a deck if you were so inclined.

One might then be able to buy the right parts over time to finish the setup, instead of buying a complete longboard from the start.

Still, $50 is not really enough for a strong, reliable longboard deck. My advice is keep saving. You’re almost there.

Globe Pinner Classic 40”

Style: This deck has a classic pintail shape. The black and clear colourway looks pretty cool with a skull sunrise linework design at the bottom.

The raw coloured trucks and clear, red cored wheels makes this setup look simple yet elegant at first glance.

Globe Pinner Classic 40” Complete Longboard

Components: The wheels, trucks, bushings and bearings might need replacing, depending on their performance.

They are not from well-known manufacturers and might either not last very long or be very rugged.

  • Dimensions: 40” X 9”
  • Wheelbase: 26.75”
  • Construction: 8 Ply, Hardrock Maple and Resin
  • Griptape: Clear and Black, Broadcast Grip
  • Wheels: 70mm, 78a, Unknown
  • Trucks: 180mm, Slant, RKP
  • Bushings: Unknown
  • Bearings: Unknown
  • Cheap
  • Has a single kicktail
  • Great for cruising and carving
  • The 8 Ply maple deck might be heavy
  • Several components of this setup are unknown
  • This setup might not be able to withstand much wear and tear

It’s difficult to make an educated decision about a product of which you don’t know all the details, but for this cheap price one might risk taking a chance on this good-looking Globe deck.

It holds potential for a younger or infrequent rider that doesn’t intend on really doing tricks or pushing the board to its limit.

Arbor Zeppelin 32”

Style: I can’t help but get a cozy feeling when looking at this deck. The top has a wooden  finish, the Arbor logo in black and clear grip.

The bottom sports a native blanket-type pattern with a symbol that resembles a totem bird.

The raw coloured trucks and orange wheels seal the deal in making this setup look as wholesome as Sunday lunch.

Arbor Zeppelin 32 Complete Longboard

Components: Paris trucks are a big bonus on this setup. The wheels, bushings and bearings might need replacing, depending on their performance.

They are not from well-known manufacturers and might either not last very long or be very rugged.

  • Dimensions: 32” X 8.75”
  • Wheelbase: 23”
  • Construction: 7 Ply, Hardrock Maple, Red Gum Wood Topsheet
  • Griptape: Clear, Recycled Glass Re-Grit
  • Wheels: 84a, Fireball, Scorch
  • Trucks: 169mm, Paris, TKP, Street
  • Bushings: Unknown
  • Bearings: Dragon
  • Stylish
  • Affordable
  • Great for cruising and commuting
  • Arbor products are environmentally friendly
  • No kicktails
  • Non-symmetrical
  • Not intended for users over 225lbs
  • Could be a bit short for taller riders with a wider stance
  • This setup does not have the same parts as original Arbor completes

A compact setup with a quality Arbor deck and Paris Trucks make for a solid choice for a young beginner commuting to school and back or simply cruising the neighbourhood on a lazy afternoon.

Arbor Zeppelin - good longboard under $150

Treat it as your laid-back friend and it should last you through your training phase.

Dusters 38.5” Okto Complete Longboard

Style: Honestly, this deal looks great for a cheap longboard setup!

The tentacle graphics on top and the octopus below the deck have a graffitti feel to them.

The raw coloured trucks poke blue base plates through the deck and transparent blue wheels round it all off nicely.

Dusters 38.5” Okto Complete Longboard

Components: These blue proprietary wheels look great, but might need to be replaced, depending on their performance.

The trucks, bushings and bearings might all need replacing as well.

They are not from well-known manufacturers and might either not last very long or be very rugged to start with.

  • Dimensions: 38.5” X 9.5”
  • Wheelbase: 26.125”
  • Construction: 7 Ply, Unknown
  • Griptape: Clear, Broadcast Grip
  • Wheels: 71mm X 52mm, 83a, Dusters
  • Trucks: 180mm, Slant, RKP
  • Bushings: Unknown
  • Bearings: Dusters ABEC 7
  • Symmetrical
  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Kicktails
  • Stylish
  • Great for cruising
  • Proprietary parts
  • The construction of this deck is unknown

    Even the official Dusters website gives no clue as to what this board is made of. This is could be a problem when it comes to the strength and flexibility it has to offer.

This is a really cool-looking longboard in my opinion.

I know looks aren’t everything and the specs are what count, but this deck certainly is a statement in it’s own right.

The drop through deck brings the board closer to the ground for better pushing and the symmetrical kicks lend themselves to popping tricks when the urge arises.

A good setup for a casual, lightweight rider while they learn the ropes.

Sector 9 42” Bonsai Complete Longboard

Style: I’m not a huge fan of the light wooden finish with clear grip. It gets dirty so quick you’ll soon forget what it looked like when it was fresh.

This pintail has a Sector 9 wave logo on top. The bottom bonsai/seaside graphic is also pretty neat and the transparent orange wheels play right into the colour or the sun/sky.

Sector 9 42” Bonsai Complete Longboard

Components: The black coloured trucks might not seem like much at first, but Gullwings are a well-known brand and very popular amongst longboarders.

The wheels, bushings and bearings might need replacing, depending on performance.

They are not from well-known manufacturers and might either not last very long or be as rugged as you’d expect them to be.

  • Dimensions: 42” X 9.3”
  • Wheelbase: 28.75”
  • Construction: 5 Ply, Vertically Laminated Bamboo
  • Griptape: Clear, Unknown
  • Wheels: 70mm, 78a, Top Shelf
  • Trucks: 10”, 50°, Gullwing, Chargers
  • Bushings: Unknown
  • Bearings: ABEC 5 Greaseballs
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Great for carving
  • Durability
  • No kicktails
  • The 5 Ply Bamboo construction not designed for heavier riders

Sector 9 is one of the best longboard brands for beginners-well known for the general affordability of their products.

This symmetrical pintail with Gullwing trucks is pretty good value for money and a young beginner would be quite happy carving the sidewalk up with it.

Arbor Fish 37” Groundswell

Style: This deck looks expensive, despite its relatively low price point.

A dark wood finish peaks through the clear grip on top, with a bottom graphic of a mermaid with a trident, hovering above a map.

The word Arbor is written in light blue, complimented by the blue water on the map.

Raw coloured trucks and white wheels make this setup look like a modern piece of furniture at your doctor’s waiting rooms.

Arbor Fish 37” Groundswell Complete Longboard

Components: It all looks good, but certain parts might need replacing, depending on performance. You be the judge.

  • Dimensions: 37” X 8.5”
  • Wheelbase: 26”
  • Construction: 7 Ply Hardrock Maple
  • Griptape: Clear, Recycled Glass Re-Grit
  • Wheels: 65mm, 78a, Arbor, Mosh
  • Trucks: 180mm, Raw, Paris
  • Bushings: Unknown
  • Bearings: ABEC 7
  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Stylish
  • Great for cruising and mellow carving
  • Arbor products are environmentally friendly
  • No kicktails
  • Could be a bit short for taller riders with a wider stance
  • No wheel wells or cutouts are visible, which might make this deck prone to wheel-bite during hard turns

A laid-back pintail like this is a great choice for the weekend warrior. It’s as stylish and affordable as they come.

This setup is good for not only beginners, but also seasoned riders with a shorter stance.

Take this beauty down to the boardwalk and go steady.

Landyachtz 35” Switch Complete Longboard

Style: The vibrant red on the wheels, under the deck and also on the top logo, make this freeride deck look pretty fierce.

The double eagle graphic on the bottom just oozes old-school cool.

The dropped deck not only brings you nice and close to the ground for stability, it also locks  feet in to more effortlessly initiate slides.

Generally it reminds me of a little sports car.

Landyachtz 35” Switch Complete Longboard (Eagle)

Components: This deck comes paired with Bear trucks and Hawgz wheels – two well trusted manufacturers in the longboarding industry.

The 9 ply deck might be a pain to carry, but all that weight translates to stability once you’re locked in on top.

The bushings and bearings might need to be replaced, depending on performance.

  • Dimensions: 35” X 8.5”
  • Wheelbase: 27”
  • Construction: 9 Ply, Maple
  • Griptape: Black with red logo, Unknown
  • Wheels: 70mm, 82a, Hawgz, Mini Monsters
  • Trucks: Bear, Grizzly
  • Bushings: Unknown
  • Bearings: SpaceBall
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Great for commuting and freeride
  • Major components from reputable brands
  • Landyachtz products are environmentally friendly
  • Weight
  • Could be a bit short for taller riders with a wider stance

This setup is definitely a great choice for a shorter or younger freerider.

It’s pretty decent as is and could be ridden out the box, so to speak.

The Landyachtz Switch also comes in a blue 40” option for taller riders with a wider stance.

The added bonus is that Landyachtz is an environmentally aware company, promising to plant one tree for every deck sold.

Landyachtz Drop Carve 40” Complete Longboard

Style: This Drop Carve looks mighty stylish from the green and burnt orange wave graphic on the bottom, to the the jet black wheels, trucks and grip.

The Landyachtz logo is also emblazoned in orange on top of the deck.

This setup is definitely my favorite on the list when it comes to pure looks.

Landyachtz Drop Carve 40” Oceanspray Complete Longboard

Components: Like the previous one, this deck comes paired with Bear trucks and Hawgz wheels – trusted manufacturers in the longboarding industry.

The bushings and bearings might need replacing, depending on their performance.

All things considered, this setup seems good enough to ride as it comes!

  • Dimensions: 40.35” X 8.6”
  • Wheelbase: 25.9”
  • Construction: Maple, Bamboo Core, Fiberglass coating
  • Griptape: Black
  • Wheels: 86a, Hawgz, Mini Zombies
  • Trucks: 852, Bear, Grizzly
  • Bushings: Unknown
  • Bearings: ABEC 7, Spaceballs
  • Versatile
  • Symmetrical
  • Good for freeride and freestyle
  • The fiberglass coating could become exposed with wear, sticking into your hands as you grip the deck during certain maneuvers

This drop mount deck is a self proclaimed Jack Of All Trades.

The flex is responsive and assists freestyle riders into and out of maneuvers, while the symmetrical shape caters to both freeride and freestyle.

This deck is suitable for riders of all skill levels and also comes in a 37” for smaller skaters with a narrower stance.

Landyachtz 45.5” Stratus Bamboo Complete Longboard

Style: Not the sexiest of colourways, but the diamond shaped yellow and green patches look almost like the leafy layers of a plant.

The Landyachtz name is stencilled in black on top. The black coloured Bear trucks suit the esthetic, but the brown, marled wheels leave much to be desired.

Landyachtz 45.5” Stratus Bamboo Complete Longboard

Components: This setup includes components from established manufacturers and should provide a good ride as is.

The bushings and bearings might need replacing, depending on their performance.

  • Dimensions: 45.5” X 9.25”
  • Wheelbase: 27.5” – 29.5″
  • Construction: Bamboo with Maple core
  • Griptape: Clear, Landyachtz Grip
  • Wheels: 63mm, 78a, Hawgs, Fatty
  • Trucks: 180mm Black, Bear, Grizzly
  • Bushings: Unknown
  • Bearings: ABEC 7, Reds
  • Stylish
  • Kicktails
  • Compact
  • Great for boardwalking.
  • Variable wheelbase length
  • The bushings are unknown on this setup.

    Bushings can play an important part when it comes to boardwalking, though they are cheaply and easily replaceable.

This is a great beginner longboard for an aspiring dancer.

The flat, symmetrical and top mounted deck provides plenty of real estate to walk on.

The components are good and wheel wells help prevent wheel-bite when you’re dancing on the edge of glory.

Landyachtz cares about the environment and promises to plant one tree for every deck sold.

Rayne Whip 41”

Style: The top of this deck has a variety of purple, red, pink, orange and yellow colours with what seems to be either clear or no grip.

The black bottom features a single peacock feather and wheel wells.

Rayne Whip 41-inch Complete Longboard (Peacock)

Components: The wheels and trucks on this setup seem to be of an acceptable quality, but might need to be replaced depending on performance.

The same goes for the bushings and bearings.

  • Dimensions: 41” X 9.5”
  • Wheelbase: 25.5” – 26.5″
  • Construction: Bamboo Core, Fiberglass
  • Griptape: Unknown, Standard
  • Wheels: 65mm, 75a, Rayne, Joyride
  • Trucks: Unknown, Atlas, Ultralight
  • Bushings: Unknown
  • Bearings: Stoopid Fast
  • Durable
  • Kicktails
  • Versatile
  • Ultralight
  • Compact
  • Wheel wells
  • Waterproof
  • Great for dancing and freestyle
  • The bushings are unknown on this setup.

    Bushings can play an important part when it comes to boardwalking, though they are cheaply and easily replaceable.

The medium firm flex on this deck works well for dancing, as well as mellow freeride.

The lightness of the deck, as well as the double kicks will make popping tricks a sheer delight.

With many pros and virtually no cons, this setup is a good all-rounder for longboarders on any skill level.

On top of that, it’s ‘waterproof’!

Loaded Icarus 38.4” Bamboo Complete Longboard

Style: The top of this deck has intricate black grip cutouts with the Loaded logo in the centre, over a light wood finish.

The bottom is a darker finish, with a cork-like finish, combined with purple, blue, yellow and orange accents.

I’m not really a fan of the bottom of this deck to be honest.

I do however love the purple wheels and black trucks that comes with it.

Loaded Icarus 38.4” Bamboo Complete Longboard

Components: This setup has it all! Paris trucks, Orangatang wheels… This baby is the complete package from the get-go.

As usual, the bushings and bearings might need replacing depending on performance.

In this particular case, I’d suggest you ride it as is and then replace parts as they wear down over time.

Two flex options are available for this deck, depending on the weight of the rider:

  1. Flex 1 – 75kg to 115kg +
  2. Flex 2 – 35kg to 90kg +
  • Dimensions: 38.4” X 8.6”
  • Wheelbase: 28.25”
  • Construction: Bamboo, Fibreglass, Cork
  • Griptape: Black, Coarse, Unknown
  • Wheels: 80mm, 80a, Orangatang, Kegel / 75mm Orangatang, Durian
  • Trucks: 180mm, 50° Paris, Matte Black
  • Bushings: Unknown
  • Bearings: Jehu, V2
  • Versatile
  • Premium brand
  • Great for freestyle
  • The most expensive longboard on this list

The reason I include this setup on a list of mostly cheap longboards for beginners is to present you with a look at the cream of the crop.

This is what to expect from a top-of-the-line longboard that basically does it all (except downhill).

It’s not just a plank with wheels – it’s a thing of beauty, a machine amongst mortals.

It’s technical and it’s pricey – well worth the cost of the Research and Development that went into creating a precision instrument such as this.

This setup is great for commuting, pumping, carving, freeride and freestyle disciplines.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, in this longboard buying guide we’ve looked at good complete longboards for beginners, the best longboards for beginners, good cheap longboards, the best longboard brands for beginners, how much does a longboard cost, and 10 honest longboard reviews of complete setups, as well as where to buy longboards.

All these pointers should help you make a more educated decision about the best beginner longboard you can buy, which longboards are good value for money, what to look for in a cheap longboard setup and how to get the right size longboard for you.

Just remember, longboarding is ever evolving.

Please do your own research to find out what other people have to say about certain products or brands, as well as take the opportunity to inspect and test ride any longboards you come across to build up your general knowledge on the subject.

There are countless cheap and affordable longboards out there that could work for someone new to longboarding.

It’s just a matter of finding the right price and the best components that will serve you well and keep you safe on your journey of discovery.

As you can see by the reviews, certain components might need replacing regardless of the ones you get with your setup of choice.

While good wheels and trucks can be pricey at the best of times, good bushings and bearings are easy to come by and relatively cheap to buy.

Replacing these is undoubtedly the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to upgrade your longboard setup.

I leave you with this: Always wear protective gear!

Sliding gloves, as well as elbow and knee pads come highly recommended for longboarding – especially for beginners.

Apart from that, the most essential piece of gear you will ever need is a good quality helmet.

Keep an eye out for more info on good longboarding gear items and brands in our next article.

Keep it steezy!