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The Best Slide Gloves and Wrist Guards for Longboarding and Skateboarding in 2022

The best longboarding and skateboarding gloves and wrist guards serve two purposes. The first is safety and keeping your hands and wrists protected. The second purpose is to help with sliding.

slide gloves and wrist guards for longboarding and skateboarding

The best slide gloves have hard plastic on the fingers and palm that help you use the road to create sharp, impressive slides. By placing your gloved hand on the pavement, the friction helps you slow down and slide your board under your feet.

Considering the safety of these products, it’s important to read reviews for the best slide gloves and wrist guards for longboarding and skateboarding and choose the right ones.

These are the Best Slide Gloves and Wrist Guards in 2022:

1. Triple 8 Sliders

The overall best sliding gloves for longboarding

Triple Eight Sliders longboard gloves Image credit: Triple Eight Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

When it comes to downhill longboard sliding gloves, the Triple 8 Sliders are some of the best on the market. They are easily some of the most durable gloves out there. For instance, the fingertips are reinforced with Kevlar material (the stuff they make bulletproof vests from).

While extremely durable, this material still flexes properly and gives you a good range of movement with little restriction. The strap is also reinforced with heavy-duty materials to offer moderate support and protection to the wrist. The strap tightens with a hook-and-loop closure that is easy to adjust to get that snug fit.

The Triple 8 Sliders feature multiple pucks for longboard sliding. These pucks can also help you slow your speed on steep downhills. Neoprene knuckle pads on the reverse side keep your hand protected from road debris.

This sliding glove and wrist guard combo comes in three sizes: extra small, small/medium and large/extra-large.

  • Extremely durable and protective sliding gloves for longboarding.
  • High-quality wrist strap offers adjustable fit and additional protection.
  • You can remove and replace the sliding pucks whenever you want.
  • A fairly high price tag compared to other longboard sliding gloves and wrist guards.
  • Not very breathable.
  • Only available in black.

With quality materials and a great design, the Triple 8 Sliders are some of the best longboard sliding gloves on the market in 2022.

2. Triple 8 Hired Hands

The best skateboarding gloves for safety

Triple Eight Hired Hands wrist guard gloves Image credit: Triple Eight Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

When it comes to protection versus sliding, the Triple 8 Hired Hands are definitely a more protective product. The heavy-duty, impact-resistant ABS splints on the palm and back of hand are removable and replaceable.

This shielding, along with EVA shock-absorbing foam layers, helps keep your hands protected should you fall or need to make contact with the ground, a rail or other object. Additionally, top grain leather and a thick, neoprene strap are quality materials that will stand the test of time.

However, these gloves don’t extend all the way up the fingers, which means they could be dangerous to use for sliding.

The Triple 8 Hired Hands skateboarding and longboarding gloves and wrist guards are available in four sizes that range from youth to adult. There’s even an extra-large size if you need skateboarding gloves for big hands.

  • Shock-absorbing materials and features will protect you during falls and tricks.
  • High-quality materials help guarantee the product’s durability.
  • Doesn’t feature the hard plastic sliding pads of other models.
  • There is no protection on the very tops of your fingers.

3. TYQY Slide Gloves

The most versatile skate gloves

TYQY Longboard Slide Gloves Image credit: TYQY Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

TYQY slide gloves are specially designed for downhill longboarding. They are predominantly made from microfiber leather and polyester, which are extremely comfortable and durable, as well as weather resistant. Ventilation holes and back-of-hand padding add another layer of comfort to these gloves.

The sliding pads themselves are removable and attach with a powerful velcro-like material that won’t pull away during contact. This allows you to choose whether to ride with or without the sliding pads. The pads affix to the palm, thumb and fingers for complete coverage.

TYQY longboard slide gloves have two sizes, medium and large, along with nine color options. This gives you a lot of freedom in the look and feel of your sliding gloves.

  • Comes in 2 sizes and 9 different color patterns.
  • Removable sliding pucks and pads for great versatility.
  • Ventilation system provides airflow in your hands to keep them from sweating.
  • You may misplace or lose one of the removable sliding pucks.
  • These longboard slide gloves offer limited wrist support or protection.

With removable sliding pads, the TYQY downhill gloves are a very versatile product that serves to protect your hands and offer sliding, hand braking and more.

4. Linghangst Skateboard Gloves

The best skating gloves for night riding

Linghangst skateboard gloves Image credit: Linghangst Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Linghangst skateboard gloves look awesome with their bright color scheme (perfect if you’re skating at night and need some bright, reflective clothing) and are some of the best longboarding gloves for downhill sliding and braking.

The back of the gloves have the bright and reflective yellow coloring that makes these gloves look great. It also has moderate shielding and anti-impact benefits. The palm-side of these longboard slide gloves feature removable slider pucks that are easy to adjust and replace when they wear down.

These top-rated longboarding gloves tighten with an adjustable strap that is slightly padded for moderate wrist protection.

  • Fluorescent TPR material is great for night riding.
  • Protective back-of-hand and palm padding reduces pain from falling.
  • Removable, adjustable sliding pucks give you a customized fit.
  • Made for adults, meaning there are not smaller youth sizes.
  • Limited breathability means your hands may get sweaty.

The Linghangst skateboard gloves are great for night riding, safety, longboard sliding and more. They are some of the best skateboarding gloves for multiple purposes!

5. Imporx Longboard Gloves

The coolest-looking gloves

Imporx longboard slide gloves Image credit: Imporx Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The Imporx slide gloves make our list of the best skateboarding/longboarding gloves for a few reasons. First, they look awesome, like old school driving gloves, but with sliding pucks. Second, these gloves are made from premium materials, including goatskin and cowhide leather for durability and nylon mesh for breathability.

The leathers of these top-rated longboard sliding gloves are extra padded for both comfort and protection. A sponge-like material is stitched into the leather to reduce external impact. The overall design and structure of the gloves allow for excellent durability, while also remaining flexible and comfortable.

Each longboard slide glove has three pucks: one in the palm, one on the thumb finger pad and a final one across the remaining fingers. These pucks help you slide, brake and more as you longboard. The pucks are bright yellow, which could help others see you at night.

There is also a small, reflective strip across the back of the wrist that will also help you stay visible at night.

  • An awesome-looking pair of longboard sliding gloves.
  • Extremely durable, flexible and comfortable to wear.
  • Multiple sliding pucks help you control your body and board during a slide.
  • Some longboarders prefer individual sliding pucks for each finger.
  • While these sliding gloves do have some reflectors, it’s only a moderate amount.

The look and feel of the Imporx longboard slide gloves are a cut above the rest. The sliding pucks make it easy to slow down and take long, sweeping curves on downhills.

6. Bosoner Wrist Guards

The best wrist guards for beginner skaters

Bosoner wrist guards for skateboarding Image credit: Bosoner Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The Bosoner wrist guards for skateboarding are not gloves, but only wrist guards. Their simple design is intended for new skaters that will fall frequently.

The natural reaction is to put your hand out when you fall, but this leads to wrist injuries. The Bosoner wrist guards will protect you from potential injury as you learn how to skateboard and/or longboard.

It is a simple design with a ABS plastic shell shielding on the palm-side of the hand. This impact-resistant material will protect your hand and allow you to slide after falling, instead of hitting the ground roughly. There is no protection for the back of the hand or wrist.

  • Inexpensive skateboard wrist guards that are great for beginners.
  • ABS plastic shielding will prevent you from hurting your wrist and palm.
  • Adjustable strap system and comes in multiple sizes for all ages.
  • While the ABS plastic will “slide” on smooth surfaces, it isn’t meant for longboard sliding.
  • Very limited protection for the rest of your hand and wrist.
  • Fingers are completely exposed and may jam or otherwise get injured during a fall.

If you want basic, inexpensive wrist guards, the Bosoners are a good option. Are they the best skateboarding wrist guards? No. But, they get the job done for beginners.


That ends our list of the best slide gloves and wrist guards for skateboarding and longboarding in 2022. Whether you want protection, sliding capability or both, this list has glove reviews to fit your preferences.

We’ve done our homework on sliding gloves and wrist guards so that you don’t have to!

The market is full of products, but these six best slide gloves and wrist guards are the top models to pay attention to, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider.

Remember to always stay safe when longboarding or skateboarding!