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The 10 Best Longboard Brands on the Market in 2022

With the numerous longboard brands you can choose from in 2022, it can be quite hard to decide, much less weigh your options. The myriad of factors to consider include board shapes, board lengths, your current ability level, and your preferred riding style.

It can be hard (and boring) to analyze each one or dive into the details, so to speak. Fret no more, for here are the most popular longboard brands that really deliver.

two of the best longboard brands

These are the best longboard brands on the market right now:

1. Sector 9

We will start with Sector 9, which is one of the go-to, top longboard brands by pros and beginners alike. The company can be traced back to its humble beginnings in 1993, when friends Dave Klimkiewicz, Tal O’Farrell, Dennis Telfer, and Steve Lake founded it in their La Jolla, CA backyard.

It is from that very backyard that the group started making skateboards, encouraged by the growing number of people that found them skating in the area regularly. With time, they were able to hone their skills in crafting top-quality longboards, and they ended up moving to a dedicated warehouse in no time.

Sector 9 longboards have since earned a solid reputation among the skateboarding community. Indeed, Sector 9 longboards are always regarded with a good measure of reverence, and it is not for nothing that the brand dominates the best longboard brand lists. It’s also one of the most accessible brands, with many major stores carrying Sector 9 products.

Their longboards are always able to deliver what their users want in a board, from safety and size to style and quality of materials used. Besides selling complete longboards made of various high-quality materials, they also go all the way in providing equally stellar components for skaters who want to upgrade their boards.

From single trucks and wheels with excellent grips, to sturdy decks with very original designs, Sector 9 is the brand to beat. You can be certain that you will get your money’s worth with practically anything you buy.

That being said, most of Sector 9’s longboards might appear costly, but ultimately, you should not skimp on the budget if you want a good board that will always perform well. Sector 9 Fractal (see on Amazon) is a nice example; it’s particularly popular and has many positive reviews.

2. Landyachtz

The company is well-known for its staunch environmental advocacy as immortalized by their One Board One Tree policy, which simply means they will plant one tree for every board they sell.

Landyachtz is considered as one of the best longboard brands because of their attention to detail and dedication in building the longboards that are more accurate in terms of providing solid overall performance. This is probably rivaled only by Sector 9, and it shows in the quality of their boards.

This dedication to keep improving is still the on-going philosophy of the company. All of their boards undergo strict quality assurance procedures before being released only proves how dedicated this company is to improving their longboard products.

The Landyachtz board we recommend is the Dinghy 28″ (see on Amazon). It is one of the most popular models, and it already comes in a plethora of designs that really make a Landyachtz board stand out. It uses traditional sturdy maple bearing all the best components offered by the Landyacthz brand.

3. Atom

The next brand most deserving to be included on this list is the Atom company. Compared to the two good longboard brands mentioned above, Atom is fairly new (the company was only launched in 2005). But, that does not necessarily mean that it cannot compete against other established brands out there.

Atom aspires to be the best longboard brand by adopting a “bang for your buck” philosophy. They make their longboards more affordable but do not in any way compromise the quality of their boards. They do this by excising all the unnecessary expenses entailed in the creation and selling of their longboards.

And they are more than able to deliver on this promise, as proven by the recognition they have since received in the community.

Their longboards perform particularly well in turns and picks, according to longboard reviews. That said, Atom boards are recommended for experienced skateboarders who want to hone their skills further in these areas.

Atom All-Terrain Longboard
Image credit: Atom

The Atom All-Terrain longboard (see on Amazon) is certainly one board that serves as a paradigm of the Atom philosophy and brand. Its versatility immediately shines through, and many people who have given it a try will not hesitate to say that this longboard performs very well when doing over any surface.

4. White Wave

If there is one brand that crystallizes the marriage of classic and avant-garde, White Wave could very well be that one brand. It can be traced back to the ’90s, spurred by the brand owner Josh’s passion for creating the perfect board. He strived to achieve it by trying out numerous types of boards to find out the exact qualities that should not be missing.

It is all about the feeling, after all, when one rides a board. White Wave boards do their best to simulate that inimitable feeling for anyone who rides them. Once he was able to discover those qualities and incorporated them into the first boards he produced, it was only then that Josh officially launched the White Wave brand as recently as 2014.

Their boards’ design is very minimalistic, to say the least. What they may seemingly lack in that regard, they more than make up for in performance. Appreciating a board’s look is mainly subjective as well; it can be argued. For boarders who like a more natural look to their boards, then White Wave is surely a perfect choice for them.

Strength and durability are qualities you can expect from a White Wave board. They are excellent for carving and cruising, in particular, and provide plenty of weight support.

As far as White Wave longboards are concerned, the go-to choice is the White Wave Bandit bamboo longboard (see on Amazon). This highly efficient beast is a longboard masterpiece of the modern era, as can be attested by the numerous reviews it has gotten. It’s exceptional design is both quality and budget-friendly.

5. Playshion

Playshion is one of the most popular longboard manufacturers nowadays because of their very affordable prices. The brand is based in China and also manufactures scooters and skateboards. Its reputation is not yet that well-established, but Playshion is certainly getting there.

They do not skimp on the materials they use. They still use high-quality, traditional maple decks in most of their longboards. Their wheels also incorporate more conventional Polyurethane and very solid bearings, which are also known for the less noise they make.

girl holding a Playshion brand longboard
Image credit: Playshion

Playshion longboards are recommended mainly for freestyle boarders and cruisers. Many Playshion riders attest to the excellent cruising and carving capability of their boards, as well as the relative speed that they can reach.

The Playshion 39″ Drop Through longboard (see on Amazon) is a bonafide bestseller because of its cheap price and high-quality materials. If there is a true testament to the Playshion brand’s competence, this board could very well be it.

6. Retrospec

It is quite ironic that this brand is more commonly known as a bike brand. This is because their longboards are exceptional models and not the average cookie-cutter boards you might expect from a brand that is initially more known for bicycles.

So, what makes this one the best brands of longboards? They are not afraid to innovate. Their boards include technology and designs that are calculated and fulfill specific solutions to issues that boarders usually encounter while on the road.

This is why Retrospec is arguably one of the most progressive brands available today. They also make a point to craft their products as environmentally-friendly and economically as possible.

There is only one Retrospec longboard that you should consider when trying out this brand for the first time, and it is the Retrospec Zed longboard (see on Amazon). It comes in either cruiser or pintail variants and integrates multiple designs already.

Performance-wise, let us just say that you need not look for any other longboard once you give this a try. At the end of the day, that’s all you want from a board.

7. Quest

Quest longboards are usually a fusion of conventional and innovative longboards. Longboard companies tend to focus on what works, deeming it better to stay in the tried and tested route. For Quest, this is a big no-no. And their longboards more than exhibit this belief.

The brand is still a fledgling compared to others in this list, but they are able to compete because of their unflinching dedication to prioritizing quality above everything else, while still introducing something fresh to boarders.

It is backed by the Made In Mars company, which has been pioneering innovation and reinvention of skateboards since its conception. They introduce diversity in terms of performance and design, but the quality is always guaranteed first.

The brand is particularly recognized for its balance, especially when creating boards that can cruise and bomb obstacles with relative ease. This is why it more than deserves to be placed on this spot in this list.

man jumping with a Quest brand longboard
Image credit: Quest

If you want a longboard that quintessentially Quest, then look no further than the Quest Rorshack 34″ longboard (see on Amazon). The board is made of both maple and bamboo, ensuring durability and satisfactory flex. Its design and theme also effortlessly stands out, making it perfect for beginners.

8. Arbor

Arbor is an equally great brand that deserves the spotlight. It may not be that popular but we deemed it necessary to highlight this brand because it is practically a hidden gem. Why? Well, who does not want a low-cost longboard that can exceed expectations? With Arbor, you can expect such gems if you simply take the time to browse through what they have to offer.

The company can be traced back to 1995, but back then they were only focusing on creating snowboards. The owners decided to join in the longboard bandwagon and started creating their own, introducing their own snowboard twist to it.

The result is a longboard that is very versatile. Arbor boards give riders the opportunity to easily perform trick after trick and enjoy smooth cruises.

As far as recommendations go, the Arbor Zeppelin 32″ bamboo longboard (see on Amazon) trumps the competition. Many have praised its unique beautiful design, excellent flex, and top-notch support for carving.

9. Yocaher

Another California-based brand, which was started in 1997, Yocaher is one of the good longboard brands that is made unique by their exquisite designs. Its aesthetics are unmatched, to say the least, and almost anyone (skateboarder or not) will probably think the same thing.

By no means do they concentrate on that aspect alone, though. They are also the recommended option for people who want to opt for a not-too-pricey brand that will be able to deliver in terms of quality, design, and durability. Their boards are made of tough maple, making them ideal for downhill rides and cruising in general.

Yocaher brand longboard at skatepark
Image credit: Yocaher

A heavier skater will not have any qualms when riding thanks to stellar weight support and balance Yocaher boards provide. They make it a point to provide everything a boarder needs, which is almost always a winning formula.

If you are looking for Yocaher recommendations, you should definitely consider the Drop Down Complete (see on Amazon) or the Lowrider Complete (see on Amazon).

10. Volador

Last but certainly not least is Volador. The brand is owned and operated by the Orca Steel Enterprise, and perhaps, this is the reason why their boards have such high durability. For all the amazing features that they are able to add to their decks, they still manage to complement them with very affordable prices. This is obviously the reason why the brand is very popular.

They do not overlook their designs either. Practically all their decks are delicately painted with numerous styles that could fit anyone’s personality. It is also one of the more respectable brands operating at present because of their green policies that encourage sustainable harvesting of wood materials for every board they make.

Want a board that screams Volador every time you lay eyes on it or ride it? Then do not hesitate to consider the Volador 42″ Freeride/Cruiser longboard (see on Amazon).


This concludes the top 10 longboard brands run down. We hope that this longboard brand list will help you in ultimately making your decision. In the end, it all falls to what you are comfortable with, as well as your individual preferences when it comes to design.

Regardless of the choice you make, you will certainly not regret choosing one of the best brands of longboards in this list, evidenced by the sheer amount of positive feedback each company receives.