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The 10 best football gloves for youth and adults 2022

Are you on the lookout for the best football gloves money can buy? It can be a hard task to sort out with so many brands and options to choose from, but you can do this by reading this football gloves review.

We will be answering these questions and many more:

With this in mind, let us get started on your journey for the perfect football gloves.

These are the best football gloves for 2022:

  1. Best Overall: Nike Vapor Jet 5.0
  2. Best Youth: Cutters X40
  3. Best for Quarterbacks: Under Armour F6
  4. Best for Defensive Backs: Under Armour Swarm II
  5. Gloves with Best Grip: Cutters REV Pro 3.0
  6. Best for Receivers: Nike Vapor Jet 4
  7. Coolest Looking: Under Armour Spotlight
  8. Best Cheap: Adidas TechFit
  9. Best for Lineman: Cutters Force 3.0
  10. Most Sticky: Battle Ultra-Stick

Best Overall: Nike Vapor Jet 5.0

The Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 Football Gloves are an amazing option for you to consider. As a top-rated football glove, it is made of a breathable and stretchable material. This releases heat from your body for you to play at your best.

The padding is lightweight in nature and helps protect your thumb in high-risk football situations. For the pinky, there are seams that limit twisting. This way, you will not injury yourself.

Magnigrip technology gives you fantastic grip to hold onto the football during the most important times. Adjust the wrist cuff for added stability.

Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 Football Gloves
  • Magnigrip for magnificent catching ability.
  • Airflow is allowed in with a reinforced construction.
  • Fingers are pre-curved.
  • Product has trouble staying in stock.

The Vapor 5.0 is a staple among the football industry. Most people want them because of brand recognition, but these models are much more than a name.

With high-tack sticky grip, you will be able to hold onto the football, no matter what position you play. There are even great graphics on the palm to get you excited about your new football glove purchase.

Best Youth: Cutters X40

If you are looking for football gloves with the best grip, you should look out for these alternatives. With specifications met by the NFHS, NCAA, and NOCSAE, Cutters knows what they are doing with these gloves.

No matter the type of whether you are dealing with, these best youth football gloves will hold up. The C-Tack grip system can still be machine washed and dried whenever they get too dirty to play with.

Cutters X40 C-TACK Revolution Youth Football Gloves
  • Self-restoring grip.
  • Fit-true sizing chart.
  • Perfect for wide receivers.
  • Not warm when the weather turns cold.
  • Cleaning is needed to keep the gloves sticky.
  • Not for quarterbacks.

Even though this might not be a major brand, in the same breath as Nike or Under Armour, Cutters still has its place in the football gloves marketplace. They are perfect for flag football or tackle football.

As the best football gloves for youth players, you can expect these gloves to keep you in the game yard after yard. They may end up being the best pair of gloves you have ever owned in your life.

Best for Quarterbacks: Under Armour F6

The Under Armour F6 Football Gloves are made from 85% silicon and 15% polyester. If they get dirty, that can be machine washed to look like new. The NOCSAE, NCAA, and NFHS have all signed off on football players using these gloves on the field.

As one of the best football glove brands, Under Armour made these gloves with HeatGear, so your hands will stay dry and cool, no matter what down it is. Additionally, you will feel the lightness of these gloves on the field.

With maximum strength and flexibility, the power will stream through your fingertips, as the gloves fit snug around your hand. In terms of stickiness, Under Armour’s revolutionary GrabTack will help you hold onto the ball securely.

Under Armour F6 Football Gloves
  • A plethora of color varieties.
  • Material will wick sweat away.
  • Gloves are seamless.
  • One of the more expensive options.
  • Gloves easily get dirty.

When looking to buy the best football gloves for you and your lifestyle, consider this brand from Under Armour. They have a tight fit, and the gloves are improved even from Under Armour’s F5 option. These gloves are not thick or weighty, so you will be able to play free and fearless.

Best for Defensive Backs: Under Armour Swarm II

Types of football gloves can come and go, but not this version from Under Armour. Made of 7% spandex, 22% polyvinyl chloride, 27% polyester, and 44% nylon, these cool football gloves are some of the best in the business. This imported glove meets stands from the NOCSAE, NFHS, and NCAA.

With ClutchFit tech, you will be able to catch the most important of interceptions. Other technology includes HeatGear, which keeps the hands dry and cool during all circumstances. These GrabTack gloves stay sticky when you need them to be. Made as a one-piece, the Swarm II’s are great for so many reasons.

Under Armour Swarm II Football Gloves
  • Weigh less than 5 ounces.
  • Gloves stay clean of dirt and grime.
  • Right fit is expected.
  • The grip will rub off over time.
  • Seam can break at the middle finger.

As some of the best football gloves for defensive backs, you can expect this technology to take you to the Promised Land of the gridiron. Even with all the choices to date, you can trust Under Armour to make a great pair of gloves each and every time. It will almost feel like you have a “second skin” to work with under the stadium lights.

Gloves with Best Grip: Cutters Rev Pro 3.0

Known worldwide, the Cutters Rev Pro 3.0 is one of the best sticky football gloves around. With a bunch of color options, Cutters really knows how to excite its customers. Whenever these gloves get dirty, there is no need to fret. They are easy to wash and dry in an instant.

Best grip football gloves are a category these gloves can stand on. Whether it is sunny or rainy, these gloves will perform nonetheless. At the back of the hand, the construction of these gloves is flexible enough to contour to any hand size. With added support, you can expect these new football gloves to get the job done for you on the field.

Cutters Rev Pro 3.0 Football Gloves
  • C-Tack technology allows for extreme grip.
  • Rev Tack replenishes the grip with a damp cloth wiping.
  • Follows NOCSAE Standards.
  • No padding included with these gloves.
  • Sizing runs small.

Cutters gloves continue to make a name in the sports market. They are perfect for high school, college and beyond. This brand truly makes some of the best football gloves for wide receivers. Even as they wear down, you will be able to see the durability in every Cutters stitching.

Best for Receivers: Nike Vapor Jet 4

Looking for some of the best football gloves for wide receivers? Then, you have come to the right place with the Nike Vapor Jet 4 Receiver Gloves. This imported option is breathable and flexible enough that it will do wonders on your hands.

The mesh knuckles let your fingers move naturally for more control than you ever thought humanly possible. With an adjustable strap, you can hold your hand in place for a customized fit. A silicone palm creation is helpful in keeping the glove lightweight. This way, you can speed around the field in a flash.

Nike Vapor Jet 4 Football Gloves
  • Washable with light soapy water.
  • Perfect for all seasons.
  • Sensationally sticky.
  • No dirt resistant.
  • Thin material.

Best football gloves for catching are a rarity in this day and age. But, you do not have to sweat with this choice of gloves. They are heavy-duty and catch the eye when you are on the field.

Your defender may even get distracted with its cool colors, while you get ahead of the pack for the winning touchdown. No one will be able to stop you with these gloves on your hands.

Coolest Looking: Under Armour Spotlight

Under Armour have always had the highest-rated football gloves. The Spotlight version is no exception. These gloves have all the make-up of winners. They also meet all the standards of the NOCSAE, NFHS, and NCAA.

As a highly compressive model, the HeatGear material will keep your hands feeling dry and cool at all times. With PowerCatch technology, the gloves will limit any twisting of the fingers and add excess support to your precious hands. A neoprene strap will give you added support around the wrist and give you the custom fit you desire.

The GlueGrip is another way you will stay successful in the game. The gloves will be sticky in the 1st Quarter and even if the game goes into overtime.

Under Armour Spotlight Football Gloves
  • Easily washable.
  • Perfect for offensive and defensive players.
  • The gloves will not keep your hand warm.
  • Not the stickiest of options.

These top football receiver gloves will blow your mind when you use them on the field. They are adaptable in all weather conditions and will continue to bring you success. Game after game, you will see what the Spotlight gloves can do for you.

Best Cheap: Adidas TechFit

Some of the best lineman gloves on the market today come from Adidas. The back of each glove uses a breathable material that is also professional grade. It is molded with padding to keep you going strong in the trenches.

With the palm made up of strong leather, your hands will not get beaten up in the slightest. Additionally, the Grip Tack will give you a long-lasting hold down after down. The impact padding also brings comfort to any person using them.

A wrist strap will give an amazing form-fitting feel to your hands, as Velcro will keep the fit secure and snug. Because “high strike” areas can really bring a lineman down quickly, Adidas makes sure you will be on the field with added protection.

Adidas TechFit Lineman Football Gloves
  • True to size gloves.
  • Included thumb padding.
  • Quality-stitching craftsmanship.
  • Not for any other position.
  • Gloves gets pretty smelly over time.

If you are looking for lineman gloves that are truly affordable, the Adidas TechFit gloves are for you. With extra padding all throughout the glove, you will be protected and comfortable with these options on the gridiron.

Best for Lineman: Cutters Force 3.0

Other football gloves with padding include this mode from Cutters. For around $50, you can get these best football gloves for a lineman. Made of 100% fiber, these top football gloves hold together quite well.

With C-Tack material, they hold onto a football when you need to control it most. Foam padding goes down the lower back side of the glove to keep your hand for being moved in unnatural positions.

Furthermore, the fingers will be protected by a neoprene substance, which allows for ventilation to the hand to keep you comfortable. These are football gloves with wrist support, too, with a double strap of defense.

Cutters Force 3.0 Padded Lineman Football Gloves
  • Force 3.0 gloves are the newest Cutters models to date.
  • Easy-to-use football glove sizing chart.
  • Gloves will last multiple seasons.
  • Some of the most expensive football gloves.

These Cutters Force 3.0 lineman gloves are made for youth and adults. They help protect the hands of players who take a beating at the line of scrimmage.

A football gloves review would be remiss if they did not have this brand highlighted, so make sure you look into these selections. With an option like this, you may have finally found the best American gloves for you.

Most Sticky: Battle Ultra-Stick

Battle is another brand that makes cool football gloves, and one of the top Battle gloves are the Ultra-Stick edition. Created to stay within the legal stick limit, these gloves can be played at the Peewee, high school, college, and professional levels.

For accurate sizing, Battle has a football glove-sizing chart to help you out. With PerfectFit tech, these gloves pack performance, comfort, and breathability all together in one.

Football gloves with wrist support are minimal at best, but Battle has made its way to the top to shield every player on the field. A 90-Day warranty comes standard to prove to you that these gloves will last longer than you ever thought possible.

Battle Ultra-Stick Football Receiver Gloves
  • Stitching will not wear down.
  • Given high grades by the NOCSAE, NFHS, and NCAA.
  • No inner fleece.
  • Limited outside padding.

Battle is making a name for itself in the football glove world and you should take notice. With a variety of cool color options and breathable material, you will fall in love with these best-looking football gloves.

Even though they are some of the cheapest football gloves in this football glove review, do not think that they will not hold up in the harshest of conditions because they will prove you wrong.

Best Football Glove Brands

To narrow down the top football glove brands might seem like a tall task, but we are going to give you the top 5 in no particular order. This way, you can make that decision for yourself.


Founded in 1964, owners Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman started Ribbon Sports to create a sporting brand that would appeal to runners in the Pacific Northwest. Over the last 55 years, Nike is currently valued at almost $30 billion dollars. Also, it is ranked in the top 100 on the Fortune 500 list.

Nike has come a long way from making running shoes and now hits every major sport in the United States including football. Their shoes are also in our list of best football cleats. Still based in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike now reaches across the globe. As some of the best American football gloves, Nike definitely knows what they are doing.

Under Armour

Created in 1996, Under Armour actually got its start with football. Making heat thermal clothing, Under Armour quickly vaulted up the ladder as one of America’s most profitable sporting good companies. Under Armour’s headquarters are not all over the globe, in places like Amsterdam, Mexico City, Paris, and Toronto to name a few.

Currently worth $2 billion in total equity, Under Armour creates jobs for over 15,000 people and has found its way in the football gloves industry, too. With its CEO Kevin Plank running the show, Under Armour will continue to be a major player in the sports industry for years to come.


The brand Cutters has been creating different types of football gloves since 1997. Their most important goal since its creation has been to focus on the grip of each glove created. The construction has been made to be unstoppable each and every down on the gridiron.

Based in the great country of Canada, they care about American football, too. The owner, Jeff Beraznik, started the company when he experienced a football hand injury. He was not happy with the options that were currently available, so he worked on perfecting the best football gloves with padding.

Over time, football gloves with finger protection were added, and now, players are using these gloves at the pro, semi-profession, college, and high school levels.


As one of the longest standing sports brands in the industry, Adidas has been going strong for almost 100 years running. Started in 1924, Adidas, formerly known as the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, got its start in Germany manufacturing shoes of all different types and sizes.

With almost 60,000 employees helping to run company, Adidas makes its mark primarily in the soccer industry. However, over the last couple of decades, Adidas has entered into basketball, football, and even tennis.


In 2009, Battle Sports Science was created to help safeguard football players than ever before. With individuals on staff who have been on the gridiron, they understand the wear and tear football can cause on the human body. However, with the help of science, Battle has created products for ultimate safety.

Also, with their 90-day money back guarantee, you can use the gloves for 3 months to see if you really like them or not. Battle does this because they truly believe you will like how the gloves look and feel.

How to Choose Football Gloves?

Before you start trying on football gloves, you have to ranks and prioritize what elements of a football glove you think are most important. Here is the top 5 you should study:

1. Fit and Comfort

A sizing chart will help you in this area if it takes precedence. A perfect fit can get your mind off the gloves and back on the field.

2. Position

If you play a certain position in football, look for gloves that specialize to help you in the situation you are in. Currently playing high school ball, where you play a variety of positions? Then, look for an all-purpose glove, or purchase a few that you can switch in and out of easily.

3. Grip

Football players that need to hold and keep the football in their possession really need the best tack on their gloves. Now, flypaper is not the right solution, and neither is a sticky resin. Just find gloves that stay in the legal limit for the type of football you play.

4. Style

Football gloves really have become stylish over the last few years. With National Football League players wearing the coolest and brightest of colors, a lot of people want to wear what the pros wear.

Because of this, the prices of these gloves go up, but you can get awesome graphics on the palms, as well as a multitude of colors all on one pair.

5. Protection

Keep your hands happy and healthy may be your number one priority. If this is the case, buy gloves that have padding around the wrist, palm, and fingers. Your position might also have something to say when it comes to this category.

Receiver Gloves

As you search for receiver gloves, and the best football gloves for running backs, make sure to find some that can hold onto the ball tightly without slippage. Football gloves with the best grip can help you control the pigskin at the direst of times.

These gloves also need to be lights and allow you to get through football traffic with ease. With an enhance palm for gripping, excess tack on the fingers and thumb, and light padding and construction, you will have found the perfect fit for you and your position. Catching tight ends can also consider using gloves with similar construction, too.

Lineman Gloves

On the other hand, a top 10 football gloves list would be negligent if they did not have lineman gloves when it comes to glove types. Some may say otherwise, but linemen, on the offensive and defensive side of the field, actually take the most hits on the field.

So, in turn, their gloves need to be the most padded. Football gloves with finger protection should be of the utmost importance to steer clear from abrasions, hyperextensions, and damage to the muscles or bones.

Make sure you have these features with any lineman glove: limited tackiness, backhand and palm insulation, a heavier construction, and rigid frame design.

Gloves for Quarterbacks

When it comes to high-end football gloves for quarterbacks, there are a few things to think through before you buy your pair. First, what kind of quarterback are you?

Are you the traditional quarterback who only throws the football? Or are you the kind of quarterback that is a dual threat, running and throwing? This will alter the type of football gloves you should get.

Quarterbacks do not really want to have sticky gloves or it will be harder to throw the ball. However, quarterbacks, like New England’s Tom Brady of the NFL, use a glove on his non-throwing hand when handing the ball off or in rare cases when he has to take off and run. This allows for control and stability.

If you are a more mobile quarterback, find a glove has more tack to than the conventional quarterback. But, make sure it is not too tacky or throwing the ball will be a challenge. There are plenty of non-invasive grips out there that will not interfere when you throw the football.

Football Gloves for Linebackers

For linebackers and blocking tight ends, they need gloves with impact safety and amazing padding. The best football gloves for defensive backs can also be found in this category.

Ball grip is not as important for these positions, but there is a wider grip radius to help with any physical contact that will ultimately come your way.

Youth vs. Adult Styles

There are also some important distinctions that you must know when it comes to adult and youth football gloves. Sizing is one of the most important categories to consider both options. Without planning and looking at the sizing chart, you may have glove slippage (more on this later on).

best football gloves

Also, padding varies between youth and adult styles. Youth options usually have a bigger quantity of padding options, while adult options have way more design and color choices for you to sort through, as you navigate through the top football glove brands.

Weathering the Weather

Gloves are also made in different styles for the weather. Some are the best football gloves for rain, while others are the best football gloves for cold weather. While come brand handle the elements nicely, some lose their grip when it starts to get wet on the field.

Depending on where you play this amazing sport, pick gloves that will handle the environment that you play in. It may even be essential for you to buy a few different best sticky football gloves for different times when you may need them at the most important of moments.

Knowing Your Warranty

Depending on the brand of football gloves you buy, it is important to understand and use your warranty, if need be. Now, we all hope you never have to, but this can happen to the best of us who use football gloves. Most football warranty only lasts a few months, while some can last up to a whole year.

Of course, your price might go up, if a company gives you an extended warranty of that timeframe. For example, Nike gives its customers a warranty between 1-3 months on their football gloves, while Cutters and Battle are 3 months standard.

Under Armour has a limited lifetime warranty on certain parts of the football glove. Read the fine print, depending on the model, so you can understand your warranty for this brand. Adidas also has a warranty, but it depends on the model you buy but does include a few months of peace of mind.


Different brands have distinctive materials that they like to use for their football gloves, but there are a few things that stay constant. First, the coolest looking football gloves go around the hand and fingers using a thin, water-resistant material that usually is made from leather.

The fingertips usually are with a rubber material that is rigid enough for protection, but flexible enough for the dexterity of your hands to control a football. Each football glove is sewn together to allow air to circulate through the glove while keeping it warm during the coldest of football games.

How Much Do Football Gloves Cost?

You can expect the prices to range from as little as $25, for the best cheap football gloves, up to $100, for the most expensive football gloves.

Expect the more expensive varieties to have cooler glove designs, as well as added grip in the harshest of football environments. Also, more padding can cost you more, as well.

How To Size Football Gloves?

Sizing your hands for football gloves is no easy task, but it is essential for every football players to find the right ones for them. Start by measuring your hands. By measuring your hand circumference, you will be on the right track.

Wrap a measuring tape around your hand, by going over your knuckles. Also, you can measure from the bottom of your palm to the top of your middle finger. If you are not sure what the base of the palm actually is, look for the first wrinkle at the base of your palm near the wrist of your body.

Read the measurement and record the statistics. Then, connect it with the brands measuring chart for the best grip football gloves you are looking for. Adult sizes ranges include small, medium, large, extra larger, and extra, extra large. For youth, small, medium, and large are the traditional sizes.

According to the company Foot Locker, most major brands fall in line when it comes to measurements for football glove sizing. For example, small gloves are 7 inches, medium glove assortments go from 7.25 to 7.5 inches, 7.75 to 8 inches are for large gloves, extra large gloves extend from 8 to 8.25 inches, and anything above 8.25 inches is for double extra large gloves.

After you have found the best gloves for you, it is time to try them on. If you purchase gloves online, make sure that you can return them if they do not fit you. Better yet, go try them at a local store and then buy them online. Or just purchase them from a sporting goods store direction.

When you try on football gloves, you will get a feel for the feel. With some brands running smaller than expected, see how they work for you. Going down a size may work for you, so your hands are snug rather than slipping too much out of the gloves. Having the right size will really make a difference on the field.

Now that you have tried on the best football gloves for catching, it is now time to select gloves that are larger or looser depending on what you think is best. Do not let anyone tell you any different.

You will be the one wearing the gloves, so you have to be happy with your choice. If you are not 100% satisfied with the way the gloves fit, then do not get those gloves. Keep looking for the right ones, even if you have been at it for a while. The right glove is out there for you. Lineman gloves are bulkier, but over time they may shrink, so keep that in mind, too.

Can You Wear Baseball or Softball Batting Gloves for Football?

Before we can answer if you can use batting gloves for football, it is very important to know the differences. Football gloves are specifically used for the game of football. They have bumps and traction lines that are precisely designed to help catch and control a football.

For baseball or softball gloves, it is important to know that these options are padded heavily to absorb the shock that the hands take when hitting a ball. Usually, baseball and softball batting gloves do not have added grip, as football gloves do.

With this in mind, even good-quality batting gloves will not be as efficient when catching a football. If you are in a bind, you could use batting gloves, but you should try to get a good pair of football gloves as soon as possible. Batting gloves are not a long-term solution, but rather a short-term one.


No matter if you are looking for the best football gloves for cornerbacks or for another position, it is a great feeling when you finally find the gloves that are best for you.

Remember to navigate through the minefield that can be football gloves. Understand the top models and brand. Figure out the style you are looking for, and answer any questions that may cross your mind during the process. Then, it will be time to purchase and use your gloves. This is when it will be time for you to shine.

Whether you are trying to be like Cleveland’s Odell Beckham snagging a one-handed catch, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodger, or Denver’s Von Miller taking down a quarterback, your football gloves can help you achieve your hopes and dreams.

Go out there and perform by working hard and not cutting corners. This way, your gloves will help you be great on the field. Good luck finding the right football gloves for you this upcoming season.