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The 6 best indoor putting greens for home and office in 2022

Practicing your putting is the easiest area of golf to work on indoors, so we are going to be taking a look at the best indoor putting greens for your home or office.

best indoor putting greens for home

The latest indoor putting greens do an excellent job at replicating the real thing, but you want to make sure you make the correct choice to suit your practice goals.

We are going to be giving our recommendations for different types of mats as well as giving some helpful buying tips so you know what to look out for.

These are the best indoor putting greens you can buy:

  1. Pinstripe Golf Putting Studio
  2. Putt-A-Bout Par 3
  3. Perfect Practice Putting Mat
  4. ProAdvanced ProInfinity
  5. SKLZ Accelerator Pro
  6. PuttOut Putting Mat

Pinstripe Golf Putting Studio

Simple but highly effective

Pinstripe Golf Putting Studio for home and office Image credit: Pinstripe Golf

You will struggle to find a more effective indoor putting training tool than the Pinstripe Golf Putting Studio.

The design itself is relatively straightforward, however the visual effect created by several straight ‘pinstripe’ style lines help you to ensure your putts are starting on target.

You can combine this with a helpful backboard display and arced swing alignment putting stroke mat that are also included for the complete setup.

There might be more fun indoor putting mats on our list, but if your goal is to get better at putting then this one from Pinstripe Golf is a great choice.

The surface of the mat itself is smooth, rolls out easily and designed to run at roughly 10 on a Stimpmeter reading.

You get a helpful silicone putting cup, which is designed to only catch golf balls hit at the correct speed. There is an easy pack away drawstring back to allow for simple storage too.

  • Excellent for working on a hitting consistently straight putts.
  • Perfect for golfers that struggle to visualize where they are going wrong.
  • Silicone cup is a nice bonus feature.
  • Putting surface easily rolls out smoothly.
  • Can probably find similar quality for less money elsewhere, but the value is in the design.

‎Putt-A-Bout Par 3

The best option for a lower budget

Putt-A-Bout Par 3 indoor putting green Image credit: Putt-A-Bout

If you are looking for cheap and cheerful, then look no further than the Putt-A-Bout Par 3 putting green.

Despite costing less than $40 the quality of the surface is reasonable and it rolls out flatly without too much effort.

It is a kidney shaped putting green with hazard cutouts at the back that you want to avoid. There are three separate hole locations for you to test your aim and a slight raise in elevation encourages you to hit your putts firmly.

The Putt-A-Bout Par 3 might not be as premium or have the extras of some options on our list, but at just under 9ft long there is plenty of space to work on your putting stroke at a fraction of the cost.

  • Low cost is ideal for anyone shopping on a budget.
  • Having different hole locations allows you to work on your alignment.
  • Raised hole locations are a nice bonus for practicing an aggressive stroke.
  • Will lie flat and smooth straight out of the box according to the majority of reviews.
  • Does not have the visual alignment aids that many putting greens come with.
  • There is no bag for storage, so we recommend keeping the box it arrives in.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

High quality at a premium price

Perfect Practice indoor golf putting mat Image credit: Perfect Practice

Endorsed by one of the world’s best golfers Dustin Johnson, it is no surprise that the Perfect Practice putting green is a high-quality, premium product.

The material of the surface is made from crystal velvet, designed to give a smooth roll replicating a real-life putting green. Depending on what surface you choose to lay the green on, it could run anywhere from 10 to 14 stimp.

A train track style design highlights flaws in your putting stroke and makes it obvious when putts start off line, plus you can choose to aim for either a regulation or smaller sized hole.

A slight incline before the holes promotes a positive putting stroke and an auto-ball return allows you to keep practice without the need to retrieve each ball.

  • Premium appearance and quality.
  • Train track alignment aids are great for improving your putting stroke.
  • Thinner surface allow you to practice quick putts on a hardwood floor.
  • More realistic non-skid putting surface is excellent.
  • Higher price point could deter many recreational golfers.
  • Does not always roll out as smooth, so recommended to give it an iron before use.

ProAdvanced ProInfinity

Interactive and fun putting green

ProAdvanced ProInfinity home putting mat Image credit: ProAdvancedSport

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive indoor putting green that is perfect for playing with friends and family, then the ProInfinity putting mat has everything you need.

The innovative design and twelve different accessories allow for endless different setups and games that you can play.

You get a metal cage with a singular entry point for added difficulty, ‘Slope Creators’ for adding breaks and you can even change the pace with different brush directions.

Beyond just being a good laugh with friends, the extra accessories can add another dimension to your putting practice by making it less monotonous.

The putting surface is decent quality and the golf ball leaves a trail, which is handy for visual feedback on your previous putts.

  • Flexible setup allows you to find loads of different ways to practice.
  • All the accessories are fun and add extra value to your purchase.
  • The surface is smooth and good quality.
  • Perfect for when multiple people want to use it.
  • When left unbrushed the tracks marks can alter the line of overlapping putts.
  • There are cheaper indoor putting greens, but you do get lots of extras for your money.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro

Solid putting green from a reliable brand

SKLZ Accelerator Pro indoor putting green Image credit: SKLZ

Well known for their multi-sport training aids, SKLZ is a brand that you may have come across before and their Accelerator Pro indoor putting green is another solid performing product.

A simple single hole design incorporates three alignment aids at 3, 5, and 7 feet for practicing your putting stroke from multiple distances.

An upslope before the hole encourages firm putts at the hole and also allows for an automatic ball return system.

The ‘true-roll’ putting surface is a good quality and will vary in pace depending on what surface you place the green on.

At a lower cost than many premium indoor putting greens, the SKLZ Accelerator Pro is good value.

  • Multiple alignments aids are a good feature and help keep your putter square.
  • Ball return is helpful for continuous practice with less wasted time.
  • SKLZ is a trusted brand and you also get a one year warranty.
  • On a hardwood floor the quick pace will be useful for golfers that putt on quick greens.
  • It can be difficult to flatten out the packaging.

PuttOut Putting Mat

For golfers that want the whole indoor putting training setup

PuttOut large putting mat Image credit: PuttOut

Golfers looking to take a few shots off their handicap over the winter months should look to invest in a PuttOut indoor putting setup.

The Pro putting mat itself is excellent quality, rolling smooth and true. However, when you combine it with the Pressure Putt Trainer (link to Amazon), and Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate (link to Amazon) you can take your practice to a whole new level.

Even if you just want the Pro putting mat, you will not be disappointed. A thick durable rubber base ensures a completely flat surface and there are several alignment lines to use for target and distance practice.

A clever design ensures that this is one of the easiest indoor putting greens to roll up and put away without ever creasing.

It is slightly slower rolling than some greens on our list, but it will still get up to around 10 stimp when placed on the right surface.

  • One of the best at ensuring a complete true and smooth roll.
  • Multiple line markings at 1ft intervals are great for distance control.
  • PuttOut brand is well respected and offer loads of putting training tools.
  • Perfect for golfers that want to pack away after each use.
  • Mat does not come with a hole.
  • Slightly slow if you are looking for a faster surface to practice on.

What to look for when buying an indoor putting green


Are you going to be leaving your indoor putting mat permanently in the corner of your office, or do you need to pack it away after every use?

If you do need to store it away, then make sure you look for options that roll up compactly into a small bag.

You also want to look for surfaces that flatten out straight away without the need for ironing.

This will also be helpful if you want to take it with you for practicing your putting on the move.


Probably the first and most important consideration when buying an indoor putting green is how much space you have to set it up.

Check the size dimensions listed in the product description and make sure you have enough room in the location you plan to do your putting.

If space is no issue, then longer or wider putting mats will allow you more flexibility with your practice.

Surface quality and speed

If you are planning to improve your putting skills with an indoor green, then ideally you want the surface to replicate your local golf courses.

Putting mats can range anywhere from 7 to 14 on a Stimpmeter reading, so choose carefully.

You do not want to practice on a super fast surface if you only ever play on slow greens.

For varying speeds, look for options that allow you to brush the nap to alter the conditions.

There are premium surfaces available that do a better job at replicating the real life roll of a golf ball on a grass putting green.

These options are more expensive though, so consider whether that is something you want to prioritize.

Bonus features

Golfers looking for more than a basic putting green, there are plenty of options on our list that come with additional features to help you practice.

Alignment aids are common with many putting greens and a must-have tool to improve your stroke.

You can find indoor greens with slopes, automatic ball return and special distance control holes.

Look out for these types of extras to add more variety or precision to your training drills.


There you have it, we have taken a look at the best indoor putting greens on the market in 2022 and hopefully given you some helpful tips to find your perfect choice.

Whether you want to keep your game in shape during the winter months or improve your handicap with extra practice at home, an indoor putting green is great for quick and easy practice.