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The 6 straightest flying golf balls on the market in 2022

Golfers are always in a constant battle to get their golf ball to travel straighter.

So, to give you a helping hand, why not use the straightest flying golf balls available to you?

straightest flying golf balls

When looking for a golf ball to travel straighter through the air, you should be looking at lower spinning models.

Having less side spin will result in less severe punishment for your wayward shots and you might find yourself in the fairway a bit more regularly.

A lower spin golf ball is not going to fix your hook or slice, but it might help you stay in-bounds a bit more often.

We are going to pick out our favorite straight flying golf balls on the market in 2022 and hopefully help you find your next golf ball.

These are the straightest flying golf balls you can buy:

  1. Bridgestone e12 Contact
  2. Pinnacle Rush
  3. Titleist Velocity
  4. Wilson Duo Soft+
  5. Callaway Supersoft
  6. Mizuno RB566

Bridgestone e12 Contact

Overall straightest flying golf ball

Bridgestone e12 Contact straight distance golf balls Image credit: Bridgestone

When you are looking to hit it straighter, the Bridgestone e12 Contact should be your go to choice. Bridgestone are one of the market leading brands and they have specifically designed the e12 Contact to fly straight.

It has an innovative and unique contact force dimple, which Bridgestone claims gives 38% more surface contact between the clubface and golf ball.

The new dimples on the Bridgestone e12 Contact have been designed to produce better energy transfer and less side spin on long shots, but greater friction on shorter shorts.

The result is a golf ball that flies long and straight, but still feels good on approaches and chip shots.

A lower compression core and active acceleration mantle ensures distance performance for any swing speeds.

Overall, it is still a two-piece construction, so it is by no means a Tour ball, but the performance from tee-to-green should be exactly what most recreational golfers are looking for.

  • Specifically designed to help you hit straighter.
  • Impressive greenside control for a two-piece golf ball.
  • It is also available in bright matte green, red and yellow.
  • Good overall playability should have a wide appeal to varied standard of golfers.
  • Slightly firmer if you are used to ‘soft feel’ golf balls.

Pinnacle Rush

Superb if you are on a tight budget

Pinnacle Rush straight flying golf balls Image credit: Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a brand renowned for producing low spinning golf balls and they have released two great models.

The Pinnacle Rush is the lower spinning model and is an excellent choice if you are looking to get value for your money.

A mid compression rating produces a firmer feel than the low compression cores that make up the rest of our list, but for golfers with a 95 mph or over swing speed this will probably suit you better.

An icosahedral 332 dimple structure helps produce a consistent, powerful and low spinning ball flight.

If you are looking for a soft feel and spin around the greens there are plenty of better options, but simply for longer and straighter shots the Pinnacle Rush is as good as any.

  • Long distances, especially for medium to fast swing speeds.
  • Very reasonable price, perfect if you lose a few too many balls.
  • Low spin keeps your ball straighter.
  • Can be hard to stop on the green.
  • Slow swinging golfers may benefit from a lower compression golf ball.

Titleist Velocity

Straightest and longest Titleist golf ball

Titleist Velocity golf balls Image credit: Titleist

It might not be the number one ball in golf, but if you want to hit the golf ball straighter, then the Titleist Velocity is a much better choice than the Pro V1.

The extremely low long game spin of the Velocity ball helps reduce the effects of your slices and hooks, plus the ball will be travelling further too.

The two-piece construction consists of a large high speed LSX core and NaZ+ cover with a spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimple pattern.

This design is to maximize ball speeds for the longest distances and create a higher ball flight to make it easier to stop approach shots on the green.

If you want to play a Titleist golf ball, but scream internally as you slice another one out-of-bounds, then you should check out the Velocity instead. It is longer, straighter and more cost effective than buying the premium alternatives.

  • Titleist brand is hard to beat when it comes to golf balls.
  • Super low spin is what you need for straighter shots.
  • A higher ball flight does help you with your iron play into greens.
  • Available in three bright matte colours; pink, orange and green.
  • Reasonable feel and control for a distance golf ball.
  • Low handicappers may want a softer feel with more greenside control.
  • You can find similar performing options at a better price.

Wilson Duo Soft+

Ideal for golfers with a slow swing speed

Wilson Duo Soft+ 2-piece golf ball Image credit: Wilson

Golfers with a slower swing speed should look for low compression golf balls to optimize their performance and there are few better than the Wilson Duo Soft+.

Low compression golf balls squash under less impact, meaning they help to generate more ball speed from even the slowest swings.

These golf balls are also lower spinning, making them perfect for getting your ball flight straighter as well as longer.

Wilson claims that their Duo Soft+ golf ball is the softest and longest two-piece golf ball in the world. They have achieved this through new VelocitiCOR technology, which has produced an ultra-low 35 compression rating.

They still are not going to spin like a Tour golf ball, but they feel incredibly soft and have good overall playability for mid to high handicappers.

Senior golfers and ladies, who typically have slow swing speeds, could definitely benefit from trying out the Wilson Duo Soft+.

  • Feel incredibly soft on full shots and putts (also see cons).
  • Helps to get the most distance from slow swings.
  • Good value for money.
  • Decent overall playability for a two-piece ball.
  • Not suited to faster swingers.
  • May feel a little too pillowy for some when putting.

Callaway Supersoft

Superior greenside performance

Callaway Supersoft golf ball Image credit: Callaway

For many years now the Callaway Supersoft has been one of the favorite golf balls for recreational golfers thanks to its solid all-around performance and reasonable price.

A new edition of the Supersoft was released in 2021 with a Hybrid Paraloid Impact Modifier cover produced by Dow Chemicals.

This new multi-material outer layer keeps spin low off the tee for straight and long drives, but offers impression feel and spin control around the greens.

Callaway’s renowned HEX Aerodynamics remain from previous Supersoft models for a higher ball flight with less drag reduction and a low compression core is ideal for maximizing the performance of slow to medium swing speeds.

These golf balls are similarly priced to other leading brands on our list, but given the technology, versatility and overall performance, they represent outstanding value for money.

  • Impressive all-around tee to green performance.
  • Sidestamp design works well as an alignment aid.
  • Comes in five different bright colors.
  • Reasonable price is great value given the quality of the ball.
  • Dimple design and matte-like finish may take some getting used to.

Mizuno RB566

Unique design and one to try

Mizuno RB566 golf balls Image credit: Mizuno

Mizuno makes golf balls, who knew? They might be better known for their forged irons, but the RB566 golf ball has a large lower compression core that produces low driver spin, making it a great option to help you hit it straighter off the tee.

Released in 2020, the RB566 ball also comes with an innovative micro-dimple structure that is designed to help the golf ball stay in there air for longer.

The unique design might take a bit of getting used to, but if you struggle with carry distance they could be what you are looking for.

They are quite firm and lack spin around the greens and when putting, but that is to be expected with most two-piece ionomer balls.

At a competitive price versus similar performing balls on the market they are definitely worth trying out, especially if you are a Mizuno fan.

  • Micro-dimples are an innovative design and do help produce a longer hang time.
  • Overall solid performance for mid to high handicappers.
  • Reasonable price compared to similarly performing balls.
  • Golfers that love the Mizuno brand should try out their golf balls.
  • The quirky design might look a little strange to start with.


That concludes our list of the straightest flying golf balls in 2022. Hopefully this has given a few ideas for the next golf ball you want to try out and, who knows, you might be playing from the fairway a bit more regularly next time you hit the golf course.