best women's BJJ gis

The Best Women’s BJJ Gis in 2021

Have you been grappling with the decision of buying a women’s BJJ gi but not knowing what actually makes the best women’s BJJ gi? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a traditionally male dominated sport, has won more and more brave female Jiu Jitsu disciples over...

best MMA shorts

The Best MMA Fight Shorts 2021

Who here has ever used a butter knife to turn a screw?

I have, and while it technically works, it is awkward and has its drawbacks.

There is just nothing like having the right tool for the job.

That’s how I feel about MMA shorts.

best punching bags

The Best Punching Bags 2021

The concept of the heavy bag has most likely been around in some form or fashion for as long as humankind has worked on developing the art of combat. A practitioner would need an object that they could practice and hone their moves on at full power...