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The 10 best men’s golf shoes to buy in 2022

What are the best golf shoes on the market? In this article, we will review the best, cheapest, coolest, lightest, and all kinds of other golf shoes.

Having a comfortable pair of golf shoes is very important for an avid golfer. A round of golf can take 4 to 5 hours with a lot of walking, if your shoes aren’t comfortable, you’ll be miserable and your game will suffer.

best golf shoes

With so many different brands, styles, types, prices, and colors, which are the best for you? Rather than trying on every shoe in every store, after reading our golf shoe reviews, you should have a few pairs that fit your needs.

Some of the most important questions answered in this guide are:

These are the best men’s golf shoes for 2022:

  1. Best Overall: FootJoy Tour-S BOA Golf Shoes
  2. Best Value: Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes
  3. Best Waterproof (Cleatless): Puma BioDrive Golf Shoes
  4. Best Waterproof (Cleated): ECCO BIOM G 2 BOA GTX Golf Shoes
  5. Best Hot Weather Shoes: FootJoy Golf Sandals
  6. Most Comfortable for Walking the Course: TRUE Original Golf Shoes
  7. Most Innovative: Nike Golf Tour Premiere Golf Shoes
  8. Best Under Armour: Under Armour Spieth 3 Golf Shoes
  9. Best for Wide Feet: New Balance Striker Golf Shoes
  10. Best Adidas: Adidas CP Traxion BOA Golf Shoes

Best Overall: FootJoy Tour-S BOA Golf Shoes

FootJoy has some of the best, most comfortable shoes on the market. They are known as the top golf shoe manufacturer to many golfers.

This shoe is the best I have tried on, which should be expected with such a high price tag.

I like to justify my high dollar golf purchases by breaking it down. If I pay $230 for shoes that will typically last me 3-4 years, that’s less than $75 per year. If I get 40-50 rounds of golf in per year, well that’s less than $2 per round! Hardly even noticeable.

What’s so great about these shoes? The BOA system is a cool and easy way to tie your shoes. These shoes have a dial on the back that tighten or loosen the shoe with a wire system that starts at the heel and goes to the toe.

FootJoy Tour-S BOA Golf Shoes

These shoes have a cleated, wide base for extra stability. I compared them to my other shoes, and they seem about ¾ of an inch wider than all of my other shoes. They are lightweight and comfortable.

The only negative (In my opinion) is that these and pretty much all FootJoy shoes are not quite as stylish as a lot of the different brands.

Overall, these are the best golf shoes I have worn. If you’re in the market, and the price doesn’t scare you, give these a shot!

Best Value: Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes

Sporting the classic Adidas black shoe with 3 white stripes, this simple looking shoe will match all your golf clothes.

These shoes are surprisingly comfortable, and at an unbelievable price, any golfer on a budget will be happy to wear these for a round of golf.

Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes

The upper portion of the shoes is made of mesh, which make them breathable and great for warm conditions.

I found these shoes pretty comfortable, but I’ve been playing in Phoenix, AZ and a black shoe isn’t ideal in the extreme heat and sun. Even with the breathable mesh, my feet were hot!

These are available in a few different colors, although I love the look of the black shoe, but if I were making these my everyday golf shoes, I would pick something with a lighter color.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a great golf shoe, give these a try!

Best Waterproof (Cleatless): Puma BioDrive Golf Shoes

Although we all prefer to golf when it’s sunny and 72 degrees out, sometimes we get a little wet on the course.

Even when there is no rain, the course is often wet from dew or sprinklers. Playing 18 holes with wet feet can make for a bad day.

Just because a shoe is waterproof doesn’t mean your feet will stay dry. You still want a breathable shoe and a moisture wicking sock to keep your feet dry from sweat.

Some golf shoes are spikeless, they still keep your feet from slipping while you swing. These type shoes have a pretty aggressive sole, similar to what you find on a hiking boot.

I personally feel I have more stability with a spiked shoe, but I have quite a few friends that like spikeless for a variety of reasons. A comfortable, spikeless shoe can be worn more places than just on the golf course.

Puma BioDrive Golf Shoes

These Puma shoes have a combination of comfort, lightweight, and are waterproof. The price is low enough, even to keep these shoes as a second “wet conditions” shoe. The price is low enough to buy if you want to try your first pair of spikeless golf shoes.

These are the perfect cleatless shoe if you frequently play in wet weather.

Best Waterproof (Cleated): ECCO BIOM G 2 BOA GTX Golf Shoes

I have had boots with Gore-Tex, but never a golf shoe. These shoes are just as waterproof as my old work boots, but lighter and more comfortable.

These ECCO shoes rivaled the FootJoy Tour-S shoes and not just on price. These shoes are light and have great support.


The only thing that was a downfall for these shoes, the sole or the insole seems thin. Everything else about these shoes was great.

They have the easy tightening system as well. I am personally always impressed with Gore-Tex, so I stood in a puddle for a few minutes.

While this got my shoes dirty, my feet did stay nice and dry. I actually really like the look of these shoes as well, they have them in a color combo called Navy/Brick, it’s pretty sharp looking.

These are the perfect cleated shoe if you frequently play in wet conditions.

Best Hot Weather Shoes: FootJoy Golf Sandals

That’s right, a golf sandal! If you frequently golf in hot conditions, and regular golf shoes make you feet sweat too much, this could be perfect for you.

FootJoy Golf Sandals will keep good traction with their cleated soles. They have adjustable straps to keep you feet from sliding around inside the sandal.

These sandals are fairly comfortable and super lightweight. Obviously they are plenty breathable, and you don’t need to mess with socks.

FootJoy Golf Sandals

You can find other golf sandals, but none stack up to these by FootJoy. The only downside I have found with these is, they only come in a taupe color. I guess it would match a lot of golf clothes, but they are a bit on the ugly side.

If you play in heat over 90 degrees, or if your feet sweat a lot, these could be perfect for you!

Most Comfortable for Walking the Course: TRUE Original Golf Shoes

I had never heard of TRUE until a buddy told me I had to try them. I took his advice and I am glad I did. These have great traction, but no cleats. They are simple looking and almost have a plain design.

Being a cleatless shoe, I will typically put these on before I leave the house and wear them until I get home. These are not only some of the best cleatless golf shoes I have worn, they are some of the most comfortable golf shoes I have worn.

TRUE Original Golf Shoes

These shoes are super lightweight, and don’t have a particularly thick insole, but they almost feel like they become an additional part of your body.

Many golf shoes get very narrow towards the tip of the toes, these stay wide (like a foot does!) and don’t hurt my feet at all.

These shoes are also waterproof, which is nice. They even have a 2-year waterproof guarantee.

If I had to find a fault with these, it is the sock liner. I have never been a fan of these, but if this is the worst fault, I’ll take it!

If you frequently walk the course, these may be the shoes for you!

Most Innovative: Nike Golf Tour Premiere Golf Shoes

Nike has made thousands of different shoes for different sports. These shoes are a great looking and comfortable shoe.

The have a new system similar to BOA, and when tightened, it tightens the entire shoe. There is a separate release on the side of the shoe. They call this FastFit and it is a strap on the top of the shoe that tightens when you pull on it.

You won’t have to worry about your laces loosening, with the FastFit, these stay as tight on the 18th hole as they were in the clubhouse.

Nike Golf Tour Premiere Golf Shoes

These shoes are quite flexible, especially for being a cleated shoe. These will also come with a 2-year waterproof warranty.

These are by far the best Nike golf shoes available. I was pretty impressed with the looks of these shoes, they almost look like a football shoe. Although I only tested these for 2 rounds of golf, I would happily make these my everyday golf shoe.

Best Under Armour: Under Armour Spieth 3 Golf Shoes

Ok, so I didn’t try these shoes out, but I have tried the Spieth 2. The only reason I haven’t tried the 3’s, is because they just came out in the last day or two. I have seen a sneak peak or two though.

I really liked the Spieth 2’s and these will be improved noticeably. The 2’s have great comfort and excellent stability.

The 3’s will have better breathability, and still be waterproof. They will have some new cleat technology for even more traction and stability.

Under Armour Spieth 3 Golf Shoes

I was pretty impressed with the UA Spieth 2, these are the best Under Armour golf shoes I have worn so far, and I am anxiously awaiting my pair of Spieth 3’s! With free 3 day shipping, I should be seeing these soon!

Best for Wide Feet: New Balance Striker Golf Shoes

For years we (I say we, but I mean me) have associated New Balance shoes with running. They have made quality running shoes for ages it seems.

I know more than a dozen people that work on their feet all day and swear buy New Balance running shoes.

Well, they have golf shoes now. Before I give you my review, I must admit that I don’t have wide feet, so everything I am saying is from my 3 friends, and one golf pro I know with wide feet.

Out of these 4 guys I know that have wide feet, 3 of them golf in these New Balance Strikers. The other guy wears Skechers, and swears by them.

New Balance Striker Golf Shoes

New Balance has a wide shoe and an extra wide shoe. If you are shopping via their website, different colors will have different size and width availability. These are the most comfortable wide width shoes you can buy, from what I am told.

Based on my sources, I would recommend these for people with wide feet. They are also a good looking shoe, and I might have to add a pair to my collection!

Best Adidas: Adidas CP Traxion BOA Golf Shoes

I literally just received these shoes a couple days ago. I have had different versions of the Traxion in the past, and I have liked them a lot. I have to say that after 2 rounds with these Adidas, I really like them.

What’s not to like? They have the BOA system, decent flex for being a cleated shoe, and they have great traction on the course!

Adidas CP Traxion BOA Golf Shoes

They come in two different colors, I opted for the white ones. I am not a fan of white shoes, but the black ones have a contrasting white sole that looks silly to me.

These shoes are lightweight and pretty comfortable. An excellent combination of breathability and waterproof, make these the best Adidas I have tried yet. These are priced at just $110, which makes it easier to justify another pair.

Types of Golf Shoes

There’re two main types of golf shoes: cleated and cleatless. There are certain advantages to each that I would like to tell you about. Hopefully, when you are buying your new golf shoes, this will help you make a decision.

Years ago, all golf shoes had metal spikes. In 1993 the first soft spikes were introduced. Golf courses figured out that the softer spikes did less damage.

Less damage to what, you ask? Almost everything, the metal spikes didn’t do anymore harm to the course, but to the clubhouse floor, wooden bridges, and basically anything that isn’t grass.

Some people say the metal spikes did more damage to the putting green, but a careless golfer can do plenty of damage with both kinds of shoe.

Shortly after 1993 golf courses started banning the metal spikes, and unless you’re a PGA Pro, it’s unlikely you will find a course that allows them. Fast forward 25 years, and metal spikes are a distant memory.

Could spikes be on their way out altogether? It seems unlikely to me, but the popularity of a cleatless golf shoe seems to be growing every year. Many of the cleatless shoes have such good traction, that golfers are not even missing the cleats.

The downfall of cleats could be the comfort. It is a nearly undeniable fact, that cleatless shoes are more comfortable to wear. A cleated shoe is less flexible, and a lot of times, you can feel where the cleats are on your feet.

I personally still like a cleated shoe for the extra stability on hills and in wet conditions, but I have really been impressed with a lot of the cleatless shoes.

Top 3 Best Cleated Golf Shoes

1. FootJoy Tour-S BOA Golf Shoes

Quite simply, the Tour-S BOA are a phenomenal shoe. Everything you could think to love in a golf shoe, FootJoy has incorporated into the Tour-S. With excellent comfort, stability, flexibility, and design, you can’t go wrong with these shoes.

2. ECCO M Golf Cool 18 GTX Golf Shoes

The Danish sure know how to make a golf shoes. They call these “cool” for a reason. The little holes in the soles do a great job of keeping your feet cool.

The comfort and stability of the Cool 18 GTX shoes put them right up there with the Tour-S by FootJoy. One year ago I hadn’t heard of ECCO, but every shoe I have tried are outstanding!

3. Under Armour Spieth 3 (or Spieth 2) Golf Shoes

I would have put the Spieth 2 in this spot, but with the improvements, including the shoe being lighter, Under Armour has locked in a spot in the top 3.

The UA Spieth 3’s are a great shoe if you’re looking for the best breathability. I can’t wait until my Spieth 3’s arrive, hopefully next week! The Spieth 2 already had some of the best stability on the market.

Top 3 Best Cleatless Golf Shoes

1. TRUE Original Golf Shoes

With unmatched comfort, flexibility, and being sturdy enough to rival a cleated shoe, these TRUE Originals top the list for me. Probably the best golf shoe that you have never heard of before, TRUE is worth a try.

The TRUE website gives a 30-day trial period for their shoes. If you don’t like them for whatever reason, call them for a return.

If you don’t like the fit before they have wear on them, the return shipping is free! If you try them on the course and don’t like them, all you pay is the return shipping.

If you like a cleatless shoe or if you want to try one, these are a great shoe!

2. Skechers Go Golf Elite V.3 Golf Shoes

Try out this super comfortable cleatless golf shoe. Skechers have always prided themselves on comfort and these are no exception.

At just over 10 ounces, the Go Golf Elite V.3’s are some of the lightest shoes on the market. The cushioned insole makes you think you are walking on clouds!

Although these were not reviewed above, they came in second place in a few categories, including – best cleatless waterproof golf shoe.

3. FootJoy Pro/SL BOA Golf Shoes

Once again FootJoy is in the Top 3. The Pro/SL BOA “cleatless” shoe looks a lot like a cleated, but they are cleatless.

You may be wondering what I am talking about (sometimes I do too). The aggressive traction on the bottom will have you thinking they are cleated, that’s how aggressive they are, but they give all the comfort and flexibility of a cleatless.

Priced just below $200 dollars, they are one of the most expensive cleatless shoes on the market. Give them a try and you’ll know why.

Best Golf Shoe Brands

With seemingly a 100 different brands of shoes, which ones should I trust and try? Some brands have been around for ages while more and more pop out of the woodwork all the time. Some brands only make golf shoes, while some make everything from clubs to basketballs.

Here’s the best brands of golf shoes:


FootJoy was founded in 1857 as a golf clothing company. It’s slogan is “The #1 Shoe and Glove in Golf”. We can talk about gloves later, but as far as shoes go, their slogan might just be fact! FootJoy has so many wonderful shoes including the Tour-S, Freestyle 2.0, Pro/SL, and countless others.

FootJoy is such a respected manufacturer, many golfers don’t think twice about paying $200 or more for a pair of shoes. It seems most golf shoes will last 3-4 seasons before they need to be replaced, but with FootJoy it is not uncommon to get 5+ years out of a pair.


Nike was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Bill was a University of Oregon track coach and Knight a track athlete. In 1964 it wasn’t Nike, it was known as Blue Ribbon Sports.

Originally, all the sales came at track meets, with Knight selling them to athletes from the back of his car. Fast forward 55 years and Nike is one of the most recognizable brand across the world and the top sportswear manufacturer in the world.

Nike not only makes sports equipment, clothing all types of athletic shoes, including high quality baseball cleats, they also make some of the best golf shoes around. Their top shoes include the Tour Premiere, Air Zoom and Lunar Command, among others.


Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory opened in Germany in 1924, and in 1949 would become what we now know as Adidas. Adidas Group is the holding company for Reebok, TaylorMade, and a few other subsidiaries.

Adidas is my favorite sportswear manufacturers, and I own a bunch of their basketball, golf, soccer, and casual shoes. Some of their top golf shoes are the 360 Traxion, Tour 360, and Tech Response.

While Adidas does have shoes in the $200 price range, you can get some great pairs for well under $100. My first pair of golf shoes were Adidas tour 360, they were under $100 and I still have them.

Back when I bought these, they had a pretty narrow toe, and weren’t too comfortable. The last pair of Adidas I bought were Traxion, and they fell like a dream compared to the first.


A relatively new company in the golf world, TRUE was founded in 2009 in Tacoma, WA. True’s main focus is to make golf shoes that are your favorite shoes, not your favorite golf shoes.


Founded in 1963 on the premise of making quality shoes. Today ECCO’s standards have not changed. From what I have experienced, ECCO only makes a premium golf shoe.

Every shoe they have, golf or otherwise, is made from premium leather from one of their 4 tanneries around the globe. Any golf shoe you get from ECCO will be a highly durable product.

Some of their best sellers include, the Cool 18 GTX, Cage Pro GTX, and BIOM Hybrid 2. These shoes are expensive, and aren’t for every golfers budget. If you can afford them though, you will be happy with your decision.


Like Adidas, Puma was first started in Germany, in 1924 by the Dassler Brothers. In 1948 the brothers split, one started Adidas, and the other Puma.

Puma is the world’s 3rd largest sportswear company (and my Wife’s favorite). Puma also owns Cobra Golf, makes of some of my favorite golf clubs. The best beginner sets of golf clubs are also produced by Cobra.

Puma makes some pretty good golf shoes including, PWRSPORT, Ignite, and the Suede G (that look like the old school shoes we all had in the 90’s).


Founded in California in the early 1990’s, Skechers is a still fairly young company, and has only been making golf shoes for 5-6 years.

Skechers is known primarily for two things. First – comfortable shoes, and second – those silly shoes that claimed to firm up your tush just from walking around.

Well after settling a class action lawsuit for $40 million dollars, now let just focus on the comfort thing. Some of the best golf shoes they make are the Elite V.3, Max, and Mojo Elite.

Under Armour

Getting its start in 1996, Under Armour was created with the first moisture wicking shirts. Eventually the company grew and grew. Today, you can find them making all kinds of sport apparel and the golf shoes worn by Jordan Spieth.

With the release of the Jordan Spieth 3 golf shoes, look for Under Armour to become quite a force in the world of golf shoes.

These are just a few of the best and most popular brands of golf shoes. There are many more you can explore, some great and some not so great.

With big brands like FootJoy, Nike, Adidas, and smaller brands like True, and Ecco, you really can’t go wrong.

The improvements in quality golf footwear over the past 5 years has been remarkable. It’s a good thing to have all the competition pushing all of the manufacturers to improve their standards.

How Much Do Golf Shoes Cost?

Golf shoes, in general, don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. You can buy quality shoes for under $100.

Online, you can usually find deals on last year’s shoes and shoes that have been discontinued. For example, you can go on Amazon and grab a pair of Adidas Tech Response 4.OWD for around $50. These are no FootJoy Tour S, but they are a comfortable golf shoe that will likely last you 3-4 years.

Although, great shoes cost more, they have better materials, better craftsmanship, and will typically last longer than the less expensive shoes.

Bottom line is, the more you play, or want to play, the higher your budget should be. As a 1-2 times a week golfer, I typically keep it around $150, and buy a pair a year.

What Materials Are Golf Shoes Made Of?

Whichever shoes you’re shopping for, you will want to look for the material it is made from.

Leather is typically the best material. Leather is breathable and naturally waterproof. Leather will also expand and help for to the foot.

Synthetic leather is not bad, but not quite as good of quality. Polyester is a cheaper but lighter material, and Gore-tex is a great waterproof material.

A lot of times you can look at the shoe and have an idea of quality. For example, a shoe with stitching will be better than a shoe that is glued together.

Quality materials and workmanship could be the difference between not only 1 and 5 years of use, but $50 to $200 in cost.

Final Thoughts

In a sea of different shoes, different manufacturers, different cost and different materials, buying golf shoes can be a daunting task.

The most important thing to do, is try your shoes before you buy them. Often times, you can try on golf shoes even if you don’t plan to buy them from that store.

If you see a good deal online, get out to a store and try them, or buy them online from a place with free returns and shipping on the shoes.

Just because I think a shoe is great, you may have a different fit. Trying them on is especially important because golf shoes are notorious for being sized incorrectly. Many golf shoes run small, so read reviews or ask the online store.

If you find a golf shoe that you love, or hate, or anything in between, go to the manufacturer’s website and leave a review. People like you and I rely on these reviews.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps to guide you along the road of all the golf shoes.